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Astrological Evaluation of Charles Manson

This is a simple analytical case study of Charles Manson in which I will focus primarily on the astrological explanation behind certain quotes of his. You may need basic knowledge of Manson’s life and crimes in order to understand what he’s saying. (It’s a pretty long post so I put it under the cut.)

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YoI ABO Fic Prompt

I want Yuuri to be a lawyer and Viktor to be the judge.

A high profile case where an omega was raped by an Alpha (wow so original).

Yuuri, as the omegan lawyer of the omegan victim, asked that the audience, the jury and the judge be all Alphas, only the guards to be betas. Omegas and Betas watch the live feed on a large TV in the adjacent room.

People told him it was a suicidal decision.

As soon as the Alpha’s enter the room, they notice the smell. Like a flowerfield, not too sweet to hurt their senses, but strong enough to fill the whole room. They could not pinpoint where its coming from, but they figured it must be a new spray fragrance. Nothing big.

Judge Victor himself, who arrived a little later, didn’t pat it any mind. Its nice when they have budget for something as simple as spray perfumes.

After the usual pleasantries, the alpha is the first on the stand. The same arguments (No I did not rape the omega. He seduced me. He was in heat. It’s Alphan instinct to mate with an omega in heat. I could not stop it He enjoyed it too etc.)

Naturally, as the room is full of Alphas, majority of them could symphatize. Judge Victor was neutral until the plaintiff could deliver their arguments.

When Yuuri stood in front of the alphan suspect (AS), his face was neutral as well. Quiet. Determined.
AS smirked at him. He believed that his case was won.
Yuuri looked at AS, walked around the audience, in front of the jury, in front of judge Victor, and again stood before AS.

Then he dropped the bomb.

“I’ve been in heat since this morning. I have not taken any scent blockers, or any sort of inhibitors. When you walked inside this room, I have been releasing my scent for a while and I imagine all of you have sensed it. Some of you even commented on it. And yet here I am, untouched, and none of you ‘lost your senses’ and jumped on me even when I walked around the room and deliberately released more.”

He looked at AS, “when you came accross my client, he had scent blockers. He was covered from neck to toe with scent inhibiting clothes specially bought from a manufacturer from Thailand. More importantly, his heat was not due for another week because he used pills the month before which delayed it.

You claim that your alpha took over and you couldn’t stop yourself from touching and harrassing my client, but here I am, unbound, wearing normal clothing, in heat and releasing heat scent with abandon, yet your Aplha and everyone else’s alpha is calm.”

You could hear a needle drop in the courtroom.

Yuuri then proceeded to apply scent blockers and almost imediately the smell of the flowerfield subsided.

No Alpha in the room could contest.

And Judge Victor might just have fallen in love.

**edit** if anyone wants to make a full fic go ahead. I dont need to be credited or anything just please send me a link so i can read it too thank u

Tiny detail that someone has probably mentioned already BUT…
This scene, Blue Diamond made everyone in the courtroom cry with her aura, including Steven.
We’ve seen this when they first encountered Blue diamond



Part 11




As Y/N walked into the courthouse the morning of the trial with her daughter, she passed him. It was obviously well-orchestrated by the opposing side to throw her off balance. Abel smiled silkily as she averted her eyes from his and walked straight into the courtroom and toward the members of the BAU. 

Over the months of getting to know them, or rather getting to know them again, Y/N had learned that Penelope Garcia was not used to being up close and personal with cases in this way. She was better behind a desk. That’s why Y/N asked her to stay out of the courtroom. “As you can imagine, I don’t trust many people at this point in my life,” she said, as Penelope’s smile emerged. “But I do trust you, and I desperately don’t want Ilaria in the courtroom. Would you take care of her while I’m in here?”

Penelope sighed and clutched her hand to her heart. “Of course I will. Ilaria, you want to spend some time with me while Mommy is in court?” The little girl nodded almost imperceptibly and climbed willingly into Penelope’s waiting arms. Before leaving, she lifted her hand to the side of Y/N’s face, her thumb gently caressing her cheek as she whispered words of encouragement for the fight ahead. “You have already lived through so much. I can’t imagine what this is going to be like for you, but no matter how tough it is, you are stronger than it. Okay?”

The bile rose again in her throat. She was getting closer and closer to having to look him in the eye and recount in vivid detail what he’d done to her - the most vivid detail she could given that some of her memories still hadn’t returned to her. “Do you hear me?” Penelope asked. 

“Yes, I hear you. And thank you Penelope.” She turned to the rest of the BAU, Spencer included, all of whom said they weren’t going anywhere until this trial was over. They’d be with her every step of the way. “All of you. I can’t thank you enough for being here for me and allowing me to come to you at my own pace.”  Looking around, her eyes rested on Spencer, who smiled softly before being interrupted by the bailiff calling for everyone to make their way into the courtroom.

Ilaria motioned toward her, reaching for a hug before she left with Penelope. “I love you, Mommy.”

Y/N took her strength and multiplied it. This was all for her. “I love you, too, little girl. So much. You are my strength.” She kissed her on the cheek and thanked Penelope again before walking into the courtroom and sitting at the front behind the prosecution.

Each second stretched into minutes, hours and days. Opening arguments were made on both ends. Nikita made an amazing speech about the ability to consent - that it had never been given, and even under the guise of Rebekah, could never have been given because Rebekah was not who she was. Her speech left Y/N feeling hopeful about what was to come, but then the defense went and made an equally impassioned argument that left her feeling sick to her stomach. She knew this was going to be difficult, but the reality of it was proving even more punishing than she imagined. 

Sitting next to Spencer had become more and more comfortable for her, so she sat at his side and waited to be called. Grant Matherson, Abel’s lawyer, leaned over to talk to Nikita, and then she turned around to talk to Y/N. “Mr. Matherson has asked if Abel can go first despite what we’d originally agreed upon. I think we should.”

“Why?” Spencer asked hotly. Y/N echoed his statement.

“There may be a certain advantage to going first, but I truly believe we’d be better off going second. It would allow us to have the last word whenever the trial concludes, and leaving the jury with your voice and not his would be best for us.” Nikita had wanted this originally, but Y/N had insisted on getting her story out there. However, now that the time had come, Y/N wasn’t so sure she had the strength to stand up, and if her lawyer truly thought that going second was best, she would oblige.

“Okay,” Y/N replied, nodding as she sat back in the seat and started to shake. Spencer looked down to see the tremble in her hand and offered her his, allowing her to take it if she needed to, or not, if she didn’t feel comfortable. They had had a few moments of physical contact in the past few weeks and it was becoming easier for her, so she laid her hand on top of his and took a few deep breaths.

Nikita Costas was nothing if not thorough and tenacious. “This is going to be difficult. He’s going to say things that make you sick to your stomach, but I am confident that I can win this case. Can you trust me?”

“You’ve never given me a reason not to.”

On the other side of the courtroom, Mr. Matherson called Abel to the stand. Y/N silently begged for the fire in her eyes to burn him on the spot, but she wasn’t so lucky. He sat down and swore on the Bible, something he claimed to live his life by, that he would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The first few questions were to establish background for himself and for “Rebekah” - where they met and how they fell in love. It was all a lie. Everything sound that dripped from his mouth was tainted with venom and deception. “Do you know of anyone named Y/N?” Matherson asked.

“I do not.” Abel said it with such certainty, Y/N began to question everything. 

“Who is this woman?” He asked, pointing to where Y/N was sitting. 

“Rebekah, the mother of my child.”

Y/N’s body shuddered forcefully. She was looking at the ground, her hand still resting on top of Spencer’s, but she managed to look up and stare him down for a moment. That last bit was true. Unfortunately, he was her child’s father. “And the child, Ilaria, is your daughter?”

“Yes, she is.” The pride in his voice made Y/N want to vomit, but she held herself together. Matherson asked a few more questions, very basic ones that didn’t get into the meat of the issues that brought them here, before allowing the prosecution to call their first witness - Y/N.

With a deep breath, she made her way up to the stand and sat down, swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. “State your name,” Ms. Costas said. 

“My name is Y/N Reid.” She spoke shakily, wishing she didn’t have all eyes on her. At the mention of her true last name, she looked at Spencer; he smiled and nodded. “Can you tell the court how you came to be Mrs. Reid?”

Her extensive therapy had allowed her to ease her mind and unlock additional memories. “I met Spencer at a coffee shop down the street from where he worked. At the time, I lived above the shop by myself. I was just graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree. We dated for about a year and a half before we got married, and we got married fairly quickly.”

“Now, can you tell the court about the events of April 23, 2014?”

She swallowed hard and turned slightly in her chair, making direct eye contact with Abel. “I was coming home from work and I called my husband, Spencer, to ask if he wanted me to bring home dinner.” She resisted the urge to give flowery details about the relationship. It was unnecessary to the details of the case and would be called into relevance, so she stayed on track. “He picked up and we settled on getting Chinese food and watching a movie when I returned home. Before I could hang up, I heard tires screech behind me. One person was driving and then Abel came up from behind me, put one hand around my waist and the other over my mouth and pulled me back into the car.”

“Objection, if she was caught from behind, how can she even be positive it was my client who grabbed her?”

Nikita’s eyes bore into Matherson; it was honestly a pretty stupid question to ask, but the judge allowed him to ask it. Y/N had an answer prepared for that - one that was both truthful and scarring. It would leave an impact on all those who heard. “Mrs. Reid, tell the court how you know the person that grabbed you was Mr. Matherson’s client.”

“I noticed a deep scar in between his thumb and forefinger on his right hand.”

Nikita then asked for Abel to raise his right hand, where the scar was now softer and healed, but very much still visible. “It was the hand that did most of the beating over the next few months of my life.”



“Your witness,” Nikita said, before turning to Y/N and giving her a supportive smile. 

“Mrs. Reid, how many sexual partners have you had?”

“Objection!” Nikita said, standing up immediately, her eyes filled with vitriol. “Relevance?”

“Goes to the credibility of the witness,” Matherson stated. This was one of the things Y/N had been warned about, but the judge had taken her off guard.

“Sex and credibility do not go hand-in-hand, Mr. Matherson. We are here on murder charges.” In a split second, Abel’s eyes lost a bit of their venomous sparkle. He had been banking on discrediting her through her background. “Switch to another line of questioning or sit down.”

“Yes, your honor,” he said. “Can you tell us who was driving the car the day you were allegedly taken?”

“Her name to me was Eva to me.”

“To you?”

“Her real name was Natalie Jenkins.”

“But she wasn’t with you when you were taken from your home?”

“When I was rescued you mean,” she replied, her confidence building as she spoke. “No, she wasn’t. She’s dead.”

“Who told you that?”

“Agent Derek Morgan of the BAU.”

“Friends with the man you claim to be your husband, Spencer Reid?”

“Objection, again, relevance?” Nikita growled. 

“I’ll allow it.” The judge didn’t like that she had to allow this line of questioning, because she, as well as the entire courtroom knew where it was going. “Answer the question, Y/N.”

“Yes, Agent Morgan is friends with my husband. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Could it be possible that Agent Morgan lied to you on behalf of your husband who was trying to get you back after you left him?”

“I didn’t leave him! I was taken! I was abducted!” Y/N screamed, fighting ever urge to leap up from the seat. “Abel abducted me off the sidewalk!”

“And who told you that?”

“I did!” She shrieked. “I remembered!”

“After your numerous EMDR treatments?”


“How can we be sure Dr. Wasser didn’t plant those memories herself?”

“Objection!” Nikita screamed. “The defense is grasping for straws because they couldn’t use the witness’s sexual history to demean her!”

“Silence!” The judge cried, banging her gavel against the bench. “If you want to continue this line of questioning, you can call Dr. Wasser to the stand next. Move along and continue your questioning.”

Again the questions continued until Y/N was allowed to return to her seat and Abel was called for re-direct examination. She’d been asked about Ilaria. Her conception and birth. Abel was going to be allowed the right to tell his version of the story. The bile in Y/N’s stomach burned its way upward and nestled itself in her throat as he told his story of the night Ilaria was conceived. He claimed it was the night that he and his other lovers had welcomed her into the fold, about a month after she’d been taken. “Ilaria was born nine months later. She’s my youngest child at almost three with the exception of Catherine, who is still with child. Once this trial is over, I plan to be reunited with all my children.”

“You will never get your hands on my daughter!” Y/N screamed.

The judge silenced her, yelling for her to remain quiet or she would be removed from the courtroom. Nikita immediately turned around, her demeanor slightly too upbeat considering what just happened. “I request a recess.”

“Granted. We’ll reconvene in 20 minutes when, Mr. Matherson, you can call your first character witness.”

Y/N shook with anger as she walked out of the courtroom, her lawyer and the BAU behind her. “What are you so happy about?” Y/N yelled. “What could possibly be causing you to smile at a time like this?”

“Ilaria was never tested for paternity,” Nikita stated.

“No,” Y/N replied. “Abel told me she was his and I believed him. Her age fits.”

Her tears were hot against her skin as Nikita spoke steadily. “Did anyone else catch what I just heard in there? About when Ilaria was conceived?”

“I did,” Hotch said. As a former lawyer, he was the only other person who’d caught it, including Spencer. They’d all been too angry. “He claimed she was conceived a month after you were taken. Fast forward nine months to her birth, that has it ten months after you were taken. It was just over three years until we found you again. That would have her at just over two years old now, about 26 months. But he just said nearly three years old. That’s a 10 month difference. You could’ve been pregnant when you were taken, but after he’d…” He hesitated, swallowing his words, “broken you, he decided to pass her off as his. The timelines don’t meet up, plus if she is older, she’s small for her age. He could’ve lied about her age to fit his needs and you would never have known because you didn’t want to subject her to the poking and prodding of testing after all you’d both been through. We have to have her tested. Ilaria may not be Abel’s daughter.”


A/N: Do I know the ins and outs of trials? I do not, so gimme a pass.

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School shooter Thomas ‘TJ’ Lane committed the Chardon High School shooting where he shot and killed 3 students, injuring a further three, one of whom became permanently paralysed as a result of his injuries.

When police asked Lane why he had committed the shooting he reportedly replied with a simple ‘I don’t know.’

Lane’s sister, Sadie, was just as shocked at the mass shooting as everyone else, after he was sentenced to life imprisonment she stated:

'It may be hard for some to understand, but I love my brother, and hope that wherever the sentence and life takes him in the future that he can touch others’ lives in a positive way from a point of view that only he can give. The brother in the courtroom and the one that did this is not the brother I knew.’

Playing Ace Attorney games

Starting Any Ace Attorney Game:

  • Ok but where’s Edgeworth
  • Hey pal
  • Yeah i know how to play this game lets get this show on the road
  • no please let me skip the TUTORIAL TESTIMONYUGHH
  • *skips all the text*
  • *doesn’t remember how to play for a good ten minutes*


  • Hey pal
  • *presents lawyer badge to every possible person multiple times*
  • *examines same piece of evidence over and over to point out a typo* 
  • who the shit -
  • where the shit-
  • *grins like an idiot over god awful puns*
  • *mock uber-sad client in their interrogation rooms*
  • *get really upset over client and develop fierce attachment *

On Trial

  • Ok he totally did it
  • Dont you sass me Mr. Big Pants Prosecutor
  • *get angry at own incompetence*
  • I’ve so got this
  • *saves before every single objection*
  • I don'tgotthisIdontunderstandwhat;
  • HOW WAS THAT the evidence!?!?!!??
  • *listens intently for silence after each objection*
  • Hey pal
  • *continue to shout obscenities at everyone in the courtroom like im there*
  •  bullshit.
  • bullshit
  • *undecipherable noises of anger*
  • *shut ds i give up*
  • *open ds a second later*
  • * yell objection in to the mic loud enough to wake the whole house*

Winning the Trial

  • Total piece of cake i had it the whole time
  • *desperately relieved laughter*
Lost Children

An expert from Draco’s trial

Luna was the next called to the stand. Things were going quickly enough that there was time to fit in one more witness before Kingsley called for the trial to be put on hold. Harry was glad it was Luna who went last. She told Fields that she didn’t believe she had been the only one trapped in Malfoy Manor during the war, and that Draco had been just as much as a prisoner as she had. She told them how Draco had done his best to look after her, and then at the end of her testimony she turned that disarmingly innocent smile on the court and told them to stop looking for the boy they wanted to see and to see the boy that Draco was becoming.

“I think his soul is beautiful. It used to be so dark, and now it shines silver. Don’t you see how cruel it is to remove his soul when it still has so many colours left to learn?”

Kingsley rubbed his temples as Luna was escorted off the witness stand. She paused by Draco and smiled at him.

“There’s a handsome streak of green if you look closely, just here,” Luna mused, leaning in closer. The Aurors went to stop her, but then decided that she was too crazy to do any damage. Draco just stared back at her dumbly. The entire court had lost the ability to speak after witnessing Luna Lovegood. Harry loved her for that.

Sighing, Kingsley flicked his wand. “I think that’s a good place to leave it. We will continue the trial of Draco Lucius Malfoy tomorrow morning.”

Everyone started to file out of the courtroom, and Harry followed. He wanted to try catch a word with Draco outside. However, Harry quickly realised that Draco was being led straight back to the holding cells.

Harry knew he wasn’t thinking straight as he barged through the crowds, stopping short just in front of Draco. Harry could feel all the reporters’ eyes on him, but he didn’t care. He didn’t care because Draco was looking at him, and there was hope shining back in those silver eyes.

Harry certainly wasn’t thinking as he surged forward and pulled Draco into a harsh, desperate kiss, his hand knotting in Draco’s prison robes.

A loud cough sounded from beside him and he turned to see one of the Aurors, who was blushing and refusing to meet Harry’s eyes.

“If you don’t mind, Mr Potter, we, urm, need to return, the prisoner, urm, Mr Malfoy here to his cell…”

Harry nodded, letting go of Draco, who was biting his lip and trying not to smirk. Harry grinned ruefully, “Of course.”

“You don’t mind me being dragged off to a cell?” Draco sniffed, but Harry could see the amusement in his eyes.

The Aurors shot Harry panicked glances, and he shook his head at them. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Draco,” he promised.

“I’ll see you, Harry,” Draco nodded, letting the Aurors drag him away. Harry smiled at the sound of Draco’s plummy voice snapping, “Honestly, I can walk by myself.” If Draco were being rude it meant he had hope.

Harry couldn’t believe his life had come to a place where he was glad to see Draco sodding Malfoy being rude.

“What’s so funny?” Ginny asked as he wandered back over to them, a smile on his lips.

Harry shook his head and followed them out of the court, “Nothing.”

They were going to win. If they could overcome Nott’s argument, then they’d be able to take on Goyle and whatever negative things Neville said. Plus, Harry was excited to see Fields go up against Pansy and Blaise. Hope thrummed through Harry as he left the Ministry. They were going to win.

The fic is complete!!


the bank job/crime & punishment

alright. let me start off by saying i’m sitting here with a cup of tea because i think i’m in shock. ugh. like last week, i’ve just bulletpointed again because so much happened and i’m sorry for the language and the amount of capitals but i wrote this in real time watching the episodes and they have messed me up man. if u guys wanna share thoughts with me or ask questions pls do because we’re all in this together(i luv hsm). here we go.

the bank job:

  • “do i even have quads?”
  • rosa looked so funny “wagging her tail” with a serious look on her face
  • “if my desk phone rings just ignore it i don’t answer it anyway”
  • “she’s a smooth criminal, M.J, RIP”
  • adrien pimento king of casual one liners, case in point: “i won’t do kids, that’s a rule. but that rule is negotiable if the kid’s a dick”
  • amy is honestly the least subtle person when she’s trying to be chill i luv her
  • “come on fetus, let’s bounce" 
  • ok but like…jake beating up pimento did things to me like not to be out of line but it was highkey rly hot i was into it big time
  • "brother to sister, you’ve never looked sexier”
  • sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet 
  • “women can be drug dealers too hashtag i’m with her” jake is all about that equality even when drugs are involved

crime & punishment:

  • r they having a candlelit vigil for a dead rat??? is that?? am i seeing this right????
  • jake’s mugshot lmaoooo
  • a la la land singalong WHO IS THIS ROSA
  • “don’t lose” thanks holt real motivational!!!!
  • charles with white hair does NOT look right
  •  "you need to get your crap in order!“ "okay, yeah you’re right. i’ll take a nap” me when i wanna ignore my life
  •  "i love you" “i know, han solo. love you too”
  • rosa’s wearing piiiiiiink
  • charles having the realisation he’s not a crippled old man was such an uplifting experience
  •  oh man suddenly i want some onion rings real bad
  • “ames how would you like to take a romantic trip to the town of horse ditch, pennsylvania” yah jake ~*so romantic*~
  • holt and rosa’s relationship in this episode is so important
  • amy called jake babe and it really gave me the tiniest bit of life
  • “i’ll wait for you, i’ll keep fighting for you and so will everyone at the nine nine” i cried GET MARRIED
  • rosa’s wearing pink agaaaaaaiiiinnn
  • “you guys are so cute and i love you” pregnancy made gina nice
  • ok the moment they figured out where the money had been transferred from - my entire body just drained
  • gina putting her hand on amy’s shoulder was like the sweetest thing ever it made me happy for 0.03 seconds
  • has anyone counted how many times jake said “cool” because that’s a damn achievement @ andy samberg how did u do that

in conclusion: i am sad.

Michaela is my favorite and here are some of my reasons why:
  1. She set the bar for what needed to be done to win the trophy, and continued to work her ass off for it throughout the entire first half of season one.
  2. She doesn’t let others invalidate her feelings. The very first line we hear from her is, "Do not tell me how to feel right now!“
  3. She has the best outfits. I especially love all her dresses and jackets. 
  4. She makes dramatic courtroom entrances.
  5. Even though she was terrified out of her mind on the first murder night she was still able to come up with the perfect lie to get the campus security guard off their backs. 
  6. She’s a sloppy drunk with ridiculous dance moves and apparently no filter.
  7. She’s a leader. She lead the charge against Rebecca in season one, got everyone to gang up on Bonnie demanding answers in season two and lead the walkout on Annalise. 
  8. She cares about the others. She was concerned about how looking into Asher’s father would affect him, and was the only one to think to offer him condolences when his father died. She also was the only one upset about Nate’s arrest. She spent 3B looking after Laurel (though not for totally unselfish reasons) and has been there for Connor more than he deserves. I wish she had shown more concern for Wes though. 
  9. She can be petty and childish, mimicking people and telling them they can’t sit with her. 
  10. She knows how to shut people down. It’s a wonder Drake still shows his face on campus after the dressing down she gave him, and the pawnshop owner didn’t know what hit him. 
  11. She’s courageous. She stayed in the house with Rebecca on murder night 1.0 (and even tried to talk down Sam when he was trying to breakdown the bathroom door) and put herself in danger trying to protect both Laurel and Connor. 
  12. She knows when to put herself first, and isn’t afraid to walkout on those demanding more of her. 
  13. She tried to use Sam’s death to get out of a final. 
  14. She goes after what she wants, both in her professional and personal life. She’s so driven. 
Fic: Closing Arguments

Title: Closing Arguments
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jaded defence barrister Mr Gold finds himself inexplicably drawn to the Crown Prosecution Service’s rising star, prosecutor Belle French.

AO3 link

A/N: Written for @rumbelleorderinthecourt​, and posted five minutes before the deadline! Fair warning, you’re going to learn a few things about the UK court system, since this is set in London.

A few starting points:

  1.  A barrister is a lawyer who stands up in court and argues, wearing a wig and robe (at least in the criminal Crown Court, where this is set). Barristers work in Chambers, solicitors work in firms. Both Belle and Gold are barristers in this. If you want a laugh, look up the wigs and robes, then imagine being sexually attracted to someone wearing that.
  2. The CPS stands for the Crown Prosecution Service. They’re the people who represent the prosecution in criminal trials. Basically the UK version of the District Attorney
  3. All the case law in this is entirely fictional, if you can’t tell by the names, so don’t expect to learn any actual law.

Gold had made any number of mistakes in his life.

However, the one that haunted him this morning was not his failed marriage, or his estranged relationship with his son, or how easily he’d let work and greed isolate him from the rest of the world.

This morning, Gold lamented one thing: telling Mal Vincent, in a moment of weakness, that he was not a morning person.

At the time, Mal had been a colleague, another QC working out of his Chambers who was disgustingly capable and put-together first thing in the morning. He’d been heavily hung-over that day, as far as he recalled, and she had breezed into Chambers in her pristine grey pantsuit, her hair coiffed and make-up perfect, and scoffed at his five o’clock shadow and dependence on his coffee cup.

Keep reading

Trigger Happy Demon (11)

You immediately snapped your head to see Konekomaru, who was frozen in shock, staring at Suguro’s limp body as it swayed softly with the soft breeze from the air conditioning.

Then, his eyes went wide, and he screamed in fear, and ran away.

Mephisto came waltzing back into the courtroom. “Gosh! Mr. Suguro put up quite the fight for his life! I just love executions!”

“You god damned demon!” Rin growled. “I’ll kill you, I swear!”

“Oh?” Mephisto put a hand over his mouth in mockery. “Is this supposed to be a challenge, boy?”

Ami put a hand on Rin’s shoulder. “Rin, just let it go. He’ll kill us if we attack him.”

Rin, despite being angry, managed to calm down. Ami sighed in relief.

“If it’s any consolation, here,” Mephisto tossed the flower pin, and it fell. Everyone but you and Yukio scurried away from it in fear.

“Get that thing away from me!” Shima cried. “It’s killed everyone who wore it!”

He ran after Koneko.

You picked up the hairpin, and put it in your pocket. “Are you guys serious?”

“(Y/N), no! Put it down!” Yoriko panicked.

“Quit being a baby! Just go upstairs!” You snapped.

“But it’s cursed! I don’t want you to dieeeeee!” He cried and hugged you tightly.

You sighed and hugged him back. “It’s alright. I won’t wear it, I’ll just keep it in my pocket.”

He sighed in relief. “Thank you.”

You nodded and pushed him away softly. He sulked.

“We need to prevent anymore deaths from happening. We went from a class of 18 people, to a class of 12 people! In under a week!” Ami complained.

“I agree. This shouldn’t be happening,” Aya hummed.

“I third that,” Rin added.

“Perfect. Then, if we want to get out of here, let’s come to an agreement,” You started. “I will use my laptop, and solve the mysteries of the school, such as who trapped us here.”

“I’m sorry, I think you meant my laptop,” Yukio pushed up his glasses.

“Funny! I won the bet, it’s my laptop!” You hissed.

“I’m clearly better than you! It’s mine! You’re not even a True student!”

Ami broke you two up nervously. “Why not just share?”

“Fine, but it’s still mine.”


Yukio’s dorm was very clean, aside from a few books littered around. You two had found the laptops charger, and agreed to keep it in Yukio’s dorm.

“Okay, any idea on how to get into the schools main network?” You spoke.

“Nope, but I’d assume that there is a way. It won’t be easy. If only Haruto was here…” He sighed dejectedly.

“I hope that snake stays dead,” you growled.

“Weren’t you two in love?”

“Shut up!”

Name: Old Habits Die Hard

Summary: Defending clients was more than a full-time job – throwing a love life in there would just be straight-up murder.

(a/n: i was so surprised at how much love i got for my last story, so thank you guys SO MUCH for that! god this one took my SOUL to write – I had to start over with different topics about three or four times because I just wasn’t satisfied with the way they were turning out. BUT I LIKE THIS ONE so please enjoy <3)

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//Happy Halloween everyone!! Rafael and I are spending today much the same. Going to work/school as usual, coming home at 6, and hoping no trick-or-treaters show up.

Fics for Friends 1/59: for @valueturtle


The first time you meet him, he is drunk. 

You will learn that this is not unusual. You will never learn to like it, even after you understand the why of it.


He wears a tie-pin in the shape of a lion in motion, a golden stretch of grace and power across the exquisite red silk of his untidy tie.

It is the lioness who hunts, you tell him, reaching over unconsciously to tap a finger against the flowing mane of his little lion. The male may be king, but he is ruled by his women.

He looks thoughtful when you say it, and a little queasy, and mutters something about knowing the truth of that.

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'Grey's Anatomy' Star Jessica Capshaw on Alex-DeLuca Drama, New Love Interest | EW

Arizona finally returns to Grey Sloan during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but she’s coming back to quite the predicament.

While Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) was visiting Sofia in New York, her former mentee Alex (Justin Chambers) beat her roommate DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) within an inch of his life. Suffice it to say, Arizona will be torn upon her return. But good news is on the horizon as Arizona will finally be getting a new love interest. EW turned to Capshaw to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Arizona comes back to hospital in the midst of a lot of drama. How does she feel about what happened between DeLuca and Alex?
I think ultimately — and why it’s such a great story — is that everyone feels conflicted. That’s the best part, there’s nothing conflicting about someone being hurt, so everyone feels for DeLuca because there’s nothing to not feel for. But at the same time, for such a beloved character with such a complicated history and tone to him, for Alex to be the one who assaulted him is just so heartbreaking, because you know him, so you know it was a mistake. Of course that causes friction and creates the drama. That’s what Arizona feels at the beginning — her love of Karev, their friendship, their professional relationship and having helped him at the beginning, and then her compassion and how she feels for Andrew, it’s her roommate, and just caring that he was so badly hurt.

How do you think this changes her relationship with Alex?
Maybe this is art and life coming together, but Justin Chambers is such an incredible actor, and such an incredible human being. The nuances that he layers into his acting and the way that he portrays things, I don’t know that Arizona necessarily interprets of him going back to his thuggish days. My understanding was always how upset she was for having done it and jeopardized his career. Ultimately she knows, on some level, the pain that he has and the mistakes that he’s made. You can’t kick a dog that’s already down, and he is down. It’s not like he’s gotten away with it.

As the trial nears, how will the Alex-DeLuca situation further divide the hospital?
It becomes wondering who’s on whose side, who has to pick, if someone has to pick, and if someone has to pick, who that someone is, and what they mean to both of those people.

How is Arizona dealing with co-parenting across country?
I really do think that at the end of last season, there was such a dramatic episode where it was about the tug of war, the push-pull of the relationship, fighting over their child, and having to go through that courtroom stuff. It was really intense. By the end of it, when they stood back, I think that Arizona did this really compassionate thing, which was that she tried to make it work for everyone. Ultimately, I think that we are meant to be left with the idea that that was a lovely thing for her to do, and there’s a lovely place in New York that she paints a bit of a picture of when she returns where things are good, that in the land of Grey’s, in that universe, there exists a New York where Sofia, Callie and Penny live that Arizona gets to be a part of and shares in. You’ll see Sofia coming back and forth, and that relationship still exists and is healthy.

After years of working together, is it weird for you to come back to set and Sara Ramirez not be there?
I know! That’s the thing, I’ve been there for — I actually think this month marks my eighth year in real time. I remember doing my first episode and it was in October. I was thinking about that the other day. “Oh my gosh, eight years!” On some level, I actually still feel kind of new to it all, because our stories change so much and we get fresh starts all the time. There have been quite a few people who have come and gone while I’ve been there. Of course, you absolutely feel it. I think you feel it most at the table reads and feel it obviously in the scenes. Sara and I didn’t work together all that much last year, towards the end we did, but they were on to telling different stories. But yeah, you always feel it when someone is not there anymore.

We’re going to be seeing Arizona dating. What can you tease of her new love interest? How is this relationship different from the one with Callie?
I don’t really know, but the conversations that we have had, I think that — again, eight years later, I think you’re a whole other person. Of course, if you start actually looking at all the things that have happened to Arizona over the past eight years — she’s lost a marriage — there have been so many things that have happened. I always think of it, when we get these fresh starts, I always go back to who she was in the beginning, because I think it says so very much about her — that very dedicated, unwavering, this is who I am, there is no apology for it person. Inherent to that is an ability to really enjoy your life in a real way. So many people walk around feeling conflicted about who they are, and it obviously lends to self doubt and a bit of murkiness about who they think that they are. I think Arizona has never had that. She always seemed really clear to me. I love that about her. I think that’s actually a really exciting person to start teaming up with other people and seeing how that relates to other people. I hope that she ends up getting into a relationship with someone who can feel really confident, totally full, funny, sexy, exciting and excited. There’s a lot fertile ground for that bloom in.

There was some trepidation about getting back into the dating pool at the end of the season, which provided a lot of comedy. Do you think that will be the case again this season as Arizona dips her toe back into the dating pool?
Since we already played that, I think it would be exciting to imagine, over hiatus, she was coming back at this with lots of wind in her sails. It should be a little bit more fun. It’s always been fun for me, because it just makes me giggle, but every time you learn a little bit more about Arizona’s sexual history, there’s always been this very brash, committed and fully confident type person. It’ll be fun to see what that is like now. The relationship between Arizona and Callie was so wonderful when it was wonderful, and then another element came into play, so we were playing all the things that were about the grief and the post traumatic stress of crashes and divorce and all that. There’s now more of a blank slate and a little more room to have fun without feeling sorry that you’re having fun. I think that’s what ends up happening — you get divorced and you almost feel guilty for having fun with someone else, because aren’t you supposed to still be married? She’s not married anymore. Not only is she not married, but her person is now happily with someone else and in a whole different state. It feels to me that there’s completely free rein to have a very, very exciting step off into a new life.

With that in mind, do you think there’s hope for Callie and Arizona or is it time for them to move on and find happiness?
I’m lead to believe that yes, that is where we’re at. I think everybody wants to see — I don’t even think it’s up for debate, right? I felt very much that the Penny and Callie relationship was so lovely, and they’re such incredibly talented actress — watching them, their chemistry and the relationship they created was really wonderful. Again, in our Shondaland universe, they exist somewhere being happy, and so I think there is definitely room for Arizona to be happy as well.

Justin mentioned he’d like to see Arizona and Alex working in the clinic together. Is that going to happen?
Oh, he just wants to work with me more. [Laughs] We all love working together. We wouldn’t want to miss out on being able to work together just because he’s not able to be on the peds floor. That’s actually really fun. I’m so grateful. I wasn’t necessarily sure what Arizona’s medical evolution was going to be, but it’s so cool now because I think it’s true, but I’m not completely positive, that she’s actually the most certified doctor of them all with more specialities and does more things than anybody. That’s exciting. She gets to be able to step in on the peds ward, she can step in on the OBGYN ward, the fetal medicine ward, so it’s fun. Maybe she’ll head over to the clinic.

Now that you’re in season 13, is there anyone you’re getting to work with more this season that you haven’t before?
She’s a dear friend of mine, so it’s actually really fun: Camilla [Luddington]. I haven’t really worked with Camilla as much in season’s past, but I have been able to work with her quite a bit this season. I’ve loved it. I love working with her, she’s fantastic.

Have you heard the online rumblings that fans are pushing for Sasha Alexander to play Owen’s sister?
Yeah, I know! I thought you were going to say pushing for her to come on and play my love interest, and it’s funny because we have laughed about that. There are certain lines you cannot cross when you’re best friends. I just do not think you can be making out! [Laughs]

No, as Owen’s sister!
Yeah, it would be amazing. You know what? Kevin [McKidd] and Sasha are friends too, so that would be super fun.


And then they took the time to add this lovely little part of Mia and Phoenix leaving the courtroom and Mia giving this lovely little speech to Phoenix, encouraging him and setting him on the path of his career. Which is so perfectly Mia that I am just moved.

Also you’re goddamn right lots of people will need his help given the ATROCIOUS MURDER RATE OF THIS COUNTRY.

Arrow Death Theory

Alright, I’ve made little to no secret of my theory that LL will be the one to die come season’s end. I even posted at great length about my reasoning for that belief earlier this year. What I haven’t totally settled on is the how.

I’ve read the theories circling out there, and I love the theory that Anarky kills her. I would be perfectly happy with Laurel dying to protect Thea against Anarky. It makes sense. However, given recent events, I’ve come up with my own theory and thought I’d share.

The following is based on spoilers and teasers for upcoming episodes. If you do not want to read spoilers/teasers, don’t read under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

don't act like you have a right to be a bitch just because you didn't get enough sleepybye time. If you're gonna be rude to people, kill yourself and do the world a favor.

       Oh, hey, Nonnie! It’s great to meet you. I see you’re from Australia, have an Australian IP! You see, that’s just great, ‘cause I seem to happen to be from Australia too and, well, you know — I love law. You know my favourite law?! Well, it’s great, actually: 

2) Where:

(a) a person incites or counsels another person to commit suicide, and

(b) tha t other person commits, or attempts to commit, suicide as a consequence of that incitement or counsel,

the firstmentioned person shall be liable to imprisonment for 5 years.

       You know what that says, sweetiepie? It says I can have you thrown in gaol for five years. You will rot in the memory of me and you likely won’t see your family, likely will never get a good job, likely will never have a nice life. And sureeee, the punishment for the crime is the being put in gaol, not being subject to the conditions inside the gaol — but I mean, c’mon. Australia doesn’t have that many progressive gaols; there’s one here, right in the ACT, with women and men separated entirely and living in cottages. That’s cool. You won’t. You  will be left to sit in a cell, barren and cold, bars acting as the feature wall. You  will rot, I’ll make sure of it.

And if you don’t think this sort of law applies to you then let me just cover the majority of the land area of Australia: 
Section 31|© of QLD’s Criminal Code
s.6B of the Victorian Crimes Act,
s. 17 of the ACT’s Crimes Act and 
s.288 of the Western Australia Criminal Code Act
s31C(2) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)

      and remind you ever so kindly that because I live in the ACT, you’re gonna be using my jurisdiction! Doesn’t matter if it’s not a crime in your state, it matters if it’s a crime here. After about, ohhh, four months or so of criminal proceedings that will bleed your wallet dry, you’ll be sent up to the ACT so you can be trialled for the crime you commited here. Away from your family, away from your friends, away from everything you even potentially have a chance of still loving you after you messed up and told a minor to kill herself when she’d already posted about feeling bad, and did so maliciously and anonymously with what appears to be zero mitigating factors. And then after another 7 or 8 months of criminal proceedings to rob money from you, and that’s if you plead guilty, you’ll be thrown in a cell! Probably a NSW one, we’re so lazy here. Only have two gaols. 

        And, you know, during your time in the courtroom— that’ll be a problem, because they’re hardly going to let you out on bail. Generally, people are held in prison awaiting a trial for their own protection and, honestly, the thing is that with this town, I know just about everyone there is to know in it. And just about everyone loves me, so you’re gonna be living down in the prison below the Supreme Court. They have a trapdoor right where the accused sits, they pull it up if it’s needed. I’ve seen the place — not very happy, let me tell you. 

       So what am I gonna do with this new power you’ve given me, Nonnie?
                I could have you thrown into gaol for five years. 
                You have given me the power to tear you away from your family and drag you up into a territory you’re completely unfamiliar with, to have you rot in gaol for five years and maybe more, if they press the charges to manslaughter. 

                                          I can r i p you apart,
                                          all ‘cause of this one message. 

       And I’m not going to.
       I’m going to choose to be kind, and not try to kill myself 
       so I can protect your sorry arse from all of that. How nice 
       of me. 

                               I suggest you never do it again.