i love everyone here laura too

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, how about I list the ways everyone here would probably confess their love for someone.

Ghost: writes a love letter because she’s too shy to say it up front (what she’d do if her boyfriend wasn’t the one to confess first)

Jared: cheesy pickup lines that will most definitely involve puns

D: sings their favorite love songs until the other person gets it/vaguely and not-so-subtly hints at being “super gay” for them (that’s more or less what they did)

William: writes a super romantic poem in old English and nervously recites it to them… or just records himself reciting it and sends it to them, but then deletes it before they get a chance to hear it (in other words: too anxious to actually confess)

Laura: Writes a letter, signs or just straight up kisses because she can’t talk

Bill: suggests doing something fun and not romantic or sexual because he’s aro/ace

Miero and Ted: straight-up hug and “I love you!” (In a platonic context because they’re both a bit young for that)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether you’re spending it by yourselves with someone special: enjoy the discounted chocolate and look forward to it being on sale tomorrow!

-everyone in the outcast family