i love every single one of the players!


1.) “Why’d they blow the play dead?”

2.) “How is that even a penalty?”

3.) “What is ‘goaltender interference’?”

4.) “How the shit is that goaltender interference?”

5.) “That was the weakest penalty call I’ve ever seen.”

6.) “What the fuck are you even doing ref?”

7.) “ThAt’S nOt A pEnAlTy YoU bLiNd FuCk.”

8.) “Shut up Pierre.”

9.) “I hate every single one of these players, why are you even in the NHL.”

10.) “I can’t actually believe I’m watching beer league players.”

11.) “Wait…. When did he get traded? Who even are these people.”

12.) “I hate hockey and the players hate me.”

13.) “Oh there’s gonna be a figh–false alarm, they just hugged.”

14.) “Our goalie is going to kill every single one of his teammates and I might actually help.”

15.) “What the actual hell is our coach even doing? Can he be fired pls.”

Bonus: “I miss hockey.”

“What’s it like?” Bittle asked one evening as they settled on Jack’s couch with their nightcaps: red wine for Bittle, chamomile tea for Jack. “Being bi?”

Jack chuckled. “That’s a complicated questions, Bits.”

“Oh, c’mon,” Bittle said, taking a small sip of the petite syrah Jack’s parents had sent them after Jack announced their relationship. “You’ve heard all my bellyachin’ about growing up gay in Georgia-” He was cut off momentarily by the beginnings of Jack’s protests, but waved him off. “Fine, my completely legitimate struggles. Better?”

Jack grinned and nodded. Bittle rolled his eyes fondly.

“But you rarely talk about your experiences. When did you know you weren’t straight? How did you realize you liked girls and boys? Was it harder or easier or just different being bi in Juniors?”

“You’ve thought about this a lot,” Jack said mildly, blowing at the steam rising from his mug.

“Of course I have,” Bittle said with an exasperated look. “I think about you a lot.”

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I keep seeing post after post about the Choi twins getting into a love triangle with the player character and every single time one of them just takes her or straight up lies to the other and honestly it makes me so tired. People want the High Drama of a love triangle between two broken, cute red-headed twins to fawn over the same girl and fight over her and every time I see one of those posts I lose years off my life. Let the Chois learn to love each other again because they deserve a caring, cooperative relationship with the deep bond that only two twins can share with each other. Let the two of them mutually agree to not pursue her. Let MC be aware of the issue and maturely not pursue either of them. Let Saeyoung try to lie to let Saeran be happy with her just for Saeran to shout and get mad at him for trying to pull a stupid stunt like that because he assumed being with her would make him happy despite Saeyoung’s misery. Let Saeran develop feelings for MC while Saeyoung is already with her, forcing his brother to decide that he is more important than a romantic relationship with someone else because dammit it’s not like he didn’t literally dedicate his existence to the idea that Saeran was happy without him only for that to be made clear that it wasn’t true. Let them both realize that the other is his brother and he’ll always come first. Let them be brothers; they have enough to push the two of them apart without throwing a woman between the two of them. Saeran and Saeyoung need each other far more than they need girlfriends.

Look Away

I totally wasn’t inspired by @hellohaechan‘s Jeno basketball au

Not at all

Anyway just a little oneshot I cooked up in my spare time; RIHY 2 will be out probably sometime this week? Maybe the next week if I’m really busy or really lazy

Also this keeps happening to me with my irl sort of crush so this is kinda based off personal experience lmao

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: fluff (bc do i really know how to write anything else)

Word count: 4.4k

You’re pretty sure the star basketball player and campus heartthrob, Mark Lee, thinks you hate him for some unknown reason. 


Every single fucking time you catch his eye, you look away on reflex.

Little does he know that you’re actually head over heels for him.


Originally posted by fullsunhaechan

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I used to be the nice guy type when I was young and while I wasn’t the fedora/neckbeard type, I did carry a lot of their ideals. Now that I know how twisted that mindset is I’d like to say something.

Every single one of these assholes is a god damn liar. “I just want a loving, faithful waifu (lol) that I will treat like a princess.” No. The truth is that that nice guy is going to try to get you too blow him and then ignore you the same as the dick head jock will. They yell “friend zone” as often as possible, not because their heart is breaking but because they now have to confront the fact that they simply aren’t attractive enough to be the player they wish they were.

This victim complex doesn’t come from unrequited love, it is a selfish need to stack numbers that will secure their place on top of the masculinity hierarchy. When they fail to get enough trophies they realize something is wrong and it can’t be their fault so all women must be frigid bitches.

Don’t feel bad for them. They aren’t sincere, misunderstood, and sensitive, they’re just working an angle.

Ok like I said in my last post, today we’re talking about this cinnabon right here

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SPOILERS FOR CH261 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok but for real, the newest chapter has hit me in all my Ryuu-chan feels ok? So without further ado..

Tanakaaa! I swear Furudate-sensei sure took his sweet time giving us a Tanaka-arc showing us how much he’s grown as both a person and a player. In this chapter, however, we get to see the outsiders’ perspective of him. Sure, we know he’s a great player who is capable and reliable on the court, but the spectators/other teams don’t see him that way. In a way I can kinda understand this though. Just think about it; the other starting players are capable players in their own right: the geniuses Kageyama and Nishinoya, the reliable and strong Daichi and Asahi, the calm and collected Tsukishima who was able to block the freaking Ushijima Wakatoshi, and the wild card with endless stamina Hinata with his super freak quick. With this kind of lineup it is easy to overlook someone like Tanaka. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s not weak. 

He has shown himself to be great at both offense and defense, being an all-around player (like Daichi and Asahi - who aren’t switched out the whole game unless for extenuating circumstances), and his mental strength is top-tier. Here’s the thing though, the other teams are so busy trying to counter Hinata and Kageyama’s quicks, being pressured by Tsukishima’s blocks, trying to avoid both Nishinoya and Daichi’s receives and being on the lookout for Asahi’s spikes that the spectators are kind of driven to be on the lookout for these things as well. Here’s the thing about sports, if the players make it seem like something - either a skill or a play or a rule - is more important than another, the spectators will follow the flow of the game/players’ reactions so they also become too aware of these skills. 

My point being, since Tanaka is often overlooked by the opposing teams (not because he is weak - but because the rest of Karasuno are their priorities to stop/avoid) the spectators get the idea that  he is not a crucial part of the Karasuno lineup. As a player myself, I can assure you that this is often the case, no matter if all of your opponents are strong or above average individually, there is always that one or two players who you’re extremely aware of because they stand out amongst their teammates. Unfortunately, I believe that is the case for Tanaka. No matter how good of a player he is, his teammates capture their opponent’s attention and try to focus their plays around them, leaving Tanaka in a place where he is strong enough to be a starting player, but not enough to be considered a huge threat by Karasuno’s opponents.

Also, in the panels above, the spectators are saying that Tanaka hasn’t been doing much this game and that sometimes happens. Although Tanaka has been doing his fair share of plays, so has the rest of the team. And again, as a player, I can relate to the fact that you’re not on your top game 100% of your games, some days just aren’t your days if you get what I’m saying.

And here it is again. Tanaka being targeted by their opponents isn’t anything new. Oikawa did this during their match too. It isn’t rocket science, you always aim for the weak link of a team so they fall apart. In this case, Inarizaki is also trying to bring Karasuno down by aiming for Tanaka - the seemingly average player in the current lineup. It’s an awfully effective strategy and I can see where Inarizaki is coming from; during this match Tanaka hasn’t stood out, therefore he is the weak link, pull him down and he’ll drag the rest of Karasuno down with him.

I’m not saying this always works, but most often than not the player being targeted notices they are being targeted. This puts so much stress on a player, knowing the ball is coming towards you is one thing, but being able to react every single time the ball is being aimed at you is a different story. Also, knowing you are being targeted leads to the player realizing that their opponents think they are weak, talk about pressure am I right? But then..

This is honestly kind of a bittersweet panel for me. It shows Tanaka’s mental fortitude by him not backing down from the challenge, that he won’t back down from a fight and I love that side of his character. But this also shows that Tanaka knows. He knows he is constantly being targeted. He is aware that other players view him as the weak link. I can’t imagine what that would feel like for him, he isn’t being taken seriously by his opponents. But yet he smiles. He knows all of this, but he’s willing to prove them wrong. But then what happens? Nishinoya received the serve that was meant for him. Yet again putting his teammates in the spotlight while Tanaka is in the background..and how does he react to this?

He sucks it up. He realizes that his opponents are aiming directly at him because they think he is weak and has the perfect opportunity to prove them wrong. But then that chance is taken away from him. This is the first time we see Tanaka doubting himself if I’m not mistaken (if I’m wrong do tell me). He thinks he’s being lame during this game. And although Nishinoya took the chance for him to prove his worth to both Inarizaki and himself, he’s not resentful. He doesn’t sulk about it. He clenches his fists, sucks it up, and praises Noya’s receive. This says so much about his character and his sportsmanship and it’s pretty self-explanatory in my opinion.

And then the final panel! Call me a nerd (lol) but if this isn’t foreshadowing I don’t know what is. And as I said in my last post, I am willing to bet my heart and soul that Furudate-sensei has something planned for Tanaka in the next chapters. Whether it be development or angst I’m extremely looking forward to it! I absolutely love Tanaka’s character! He’s such a great person on and off the court and it has been shown throughout the series how much he cares for his teammates and everyone he knows in general.

In conclusion, Tanaka is about to have major development and I just hope Furudate-sensei goes easy on him. He deserves the best.

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Hey hey heeeey!!! (Heh) I'm addicted to reading your top 5s! Can you please do a top 5 for the most underrated characters in your opinion?

Top 5 underrated Haikyuu characters!!

can you please do the top 5 most underrated characters in haikyuu? love your posts

Due to popular demand…here we go with the top 5 most underrated characters of Haikyuu. I mean, there are LOTS of underrated characters, mostly all the secondary characters are, but some of them deserve way more love and recognition. 

I would like to clarify that of course this my opinion and it’s heavily influenced by my fandom experience but, after all, anyone could see who are the fandom favorites (yes this list is based on fandom recognition, otherwise it would have been impossible to make). 

1. Ennoshita. I could sit here and talk all night about how Ennoshita Chikara is just…the most important person. His backstory broke me in half and, because of all his suffering, he’s gonna be an amazing captain, the embodiment of his parents best features: strong and reliable like Daichi, loving but yet sassy af like Suga. I can’t wait to see him in action

Originally posted by tetsuruo

2. Tanaka. He’s one of the most consistent member of the team, he basically always scores, he would die for his team, he’s one of the funniest and most supportive characters ever and yet no one seem to notice him. I mean, I know we ALL love him, but just have a look at the tags of my top 5 reasons to love Tanaka and you’ll see what I’m talking about

Originally posted by akaneko-san

3. Asahi. Our glass heart ace deserves all the love possible. He’s one of the characters that had the most character development in Karasuno, he grew up so much during this three seasons and I’m infinitely proud of him. Starting at his very bottom, almost quitting volleyball for good and then becoming a supportive senpai and an always reliable ace. It’s so heartwarming to watch how quietly confident he is now :’)

Originally posted by tsugumi

4. Yaku. I’ve talked with the #1 Yaku fan out there (my dear @haikyuuliberos) and we agreed on the fact that Yaku is so much more than what meets the eyes. For sure he’s sassy and and angry little kitty, but still he’s an incredible player, he’s extremely passionate about volleyball and he has a huge heart in that tiny body of his. After all, he’s the one in charge of training Lev…he deserves an award just for that

Originally posted by mairieuxs

5. Ukai Keishin. I have a gigantic soft sport for him, he’s a hard worker, he’s competitive, he’s determined and will literally die for his crows. Even if they truly manage to get on his every possible nerve, no one loves them as much as he does. Overall, every single thing Karasuno accomplished, they own it to him.(the fact that he’s a fine piece of pastry too it’s another story….or is it?)

Originally posted by enncshita

- bonus: of course my thoughts go to Narita and Kinoshita, to Konoha and Komi, to ALL Dateko, and to all the other secondary characters out there. You’re all amazing and we love you very much a lot. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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Ahhh! I've been looking for a blog with open requests thank you thank you! Can I have RFA +Saeran walking in on MC playing an instrument like really well? Like she'd been hiding it but they Caught her? Thank you! I would love you 5ever lololol

Maybe this isn’t as fluffy as you wanted, I tried to give MC some motivation for not wanting to play, and some of them are kinda sad, but I hope you still enjoy this!

RFA + Saeran reacting to MC playing an instrument really well


  • You told him you used to play violin as a kid, but never showed him, alleging you were rusty
  • It was one of his rehearsals on stage, you were watching this in your seat
  • When there was a problem with the sound system, the pre-recorded soundtrack from one of the song wasn’t working
  • He immediately looks at you and tells somebody in the staff to get a violin asap
  • “Come on, babe! You’ve got this!” “Zen, it’s been too long! It will sound awful!” “So my melodic and soothing voice will muffle any bad sounds. Please? I just need something to set the mood for my solo!”
  • How can you say ‘no’ to his pleading eyes? You agree hesitatingly. The staff guy hands you a violin.
  • Zen starts to sing as you gently move the bow on the violin’s chords. It starts a little rough, but you get used to it pretty quickly.
  • Everybody is staring at you, and Zen stops singing to watch you. Shit! Is it that bad? You stop immediately, puzzled.
  • “Babe, it’s wonderful!” he hugs you, and all the staff go “awwwww”.
  • Now he never rehearses his songs without your violin soundtrack.


  • You showed him photos of when you used to be on marching band at school
  • Yeah, he always wondered why there was a big tuba hidden on your closet, he never thought you actually played it, this thing seems so big for you
  • He begs you to play a little for him, you refuse telling how long has it been, you probably don’t even know how to do this anymore.
  • So he takes the tuba and tries to blow, it’s so cute because he’s so red and it can’t even make a sound.
  • He tries and tries, but bless his heart, he’ll pass out due to lack of oxygenation on the brain if he keeps going with this.
  • So you gently take the tuba and give him a few tips about how to properly breathe and how to place your lips correctly, showing him to do it in the process.
  • Then you realize you’re actually playing the tuba, and he’s watching you with all the attention in the world.
  • Did he just trick you to play to him? Oh, behind that cute face, there’s a mischievous brain…
  • “Oh, I think I got it, MC. Let me try again!” Nah, not really, he really just wanted to learn how to play.
  • He manages to make a very weak sound to come out of the tuba, and you aren’t even able to tease him as how much he’s celebrating to his little improvement.


  • She notices you have the tendency of drumming your fingers on the table, you always apologize if it’s annoying her
  • But it’s never annoying, because it sounds really rhythmical, as if you knew exactly how to drum.
  • She asks you and you shyly explain you used to play drum, actually, you were on a band in high school
  • You showed the photos and she loves it, you looked really cool back then, she would never say it out loud, but you looked “badass”
  • She wants to see you play so much, but you brush it off telling your old drum is at your parent’s place and you’re very rusty.
  • But she keeps begging, and you’re such a sucker when she pleads you just like that. Also, it’s a great excuse to take her to meet your parents lolololol
  • So there you are in your old room, she can’t hold back a chuckle seeing all the rock band posters, you were so different back then…
  • But yeah, probably not that different when you hit the drumsticks against each other says: “1… 2… 1, 2, 3, 4!” and start playing.
  • You even get a little cocky twirling one of the drumsticks in the palm of your hand before hitting the drums. You just really want to impress her.
  • Your father knocks at the door telling you to shut it down, and you immediately stop, he thinks you’re obeying him, but you just stopped to make out with your girlfriend.
  • Yeah, nothing much changed since you were a teenager, after all.


  • C & R just bought a record company, the fist artists to sign up are this rock band
  • Even though he hates it, Jumin is doing PR and meeting the guys, he brought you along to make this bearable
  • You’re trying so hard not to fangirl, you love this band and are so happy they are making a comeback under your fiancée’s label record!!!
  • Jumin is bored as shit, but he keeps smiling and posing to the photos with the band.
  • One of the photographers suggests he should hold the bass, he refuses and passes it to you. “Here, why don’t you do it?” you look at him, puzzled.
  • You awkwardly take the bass and run your fingers on the chords, it’s been a while… “Do you play?” one of the guys in the band asks.
  • “She used to.” Jumin answers for you “See how it feels natural on her hands?” you’re blushing hard, it’s too hard to handle this interaction between your fiancée and the guy you used to have this huge crush when you were younger, and they’re talking about you!
  • The guys keep encouraging you to play a little, and how wouldn’t you do it? All the men you love are expecting this from you! So you play a famous bass line from one of their band’s songs.
  • The guys are cheering you and Jumin smiles softly. You told him how you had to sell your bass to pay a few bills and how much you missed to play it.
  • Luckily enough, now you’re earning this bass with the autographs from all the band’s members a a gift. Jumin can’t hold back his own smile seeing you so happy.
  • But his smile fades away as the guys get too excited about you, telling they want to take you on tour and everybody would pay attention to a bass player like you.
  • You smile politely, step away a little and hold Jumin’s hand. He’s not the rock star of your teenage dreams, he’s just… something even better. And you’re more into private jam sessions right now, with just you fiancée as your audience.


  • Due to the background check, he is pretty aware of your passion for jazz and how you used to play the sax when you were a teenager.
  • He didn’t find any videos of you playing, though. What a shame…
  • But he knows you keep a sax on your closet, and he’s dying to watch you perform a little to him.
  • You are not sure what you’re looking at when he invites you to come over. He’s wearing a black beret, round shaped glasses, a black turtleneck sweater and black pants.
  • “MC, I would be so glad if we could inspire each other. I wrote this spoken word piece, would you play a little?”
  • “Saeyoung, it’s been so long.” “Oh, but what is time, MC? If nothing but this old man holding his pocket watch, watching us through his thick lens of despair, despairing at how much time he lost without living the fullest…” he talks dramatically, doing some contemporary dance moves with his arms.
  • Yeah, you have nothing to say, better put your lips on the sax’s mouthpiece and go along with whatever he’s trying to do.
  • As he keeps reciting something about space cats and salty and sweet flavors of HBC and Dr. Pepper dancing in his mouth, you just focus on playing the sax.
  • Why did you ever stop doing this? Yeah, maybe you couldn’t be a pro as you wished, but playing just for fun is awesome too, you shouldn’t have been so hard on yourself.
  • Saeyoung apparently agrees, as he’s watching you, mesmerized. He even stopped reciting his great poem just to listen to you and be transported to New Orleans, circa 1922.
  • When you finish, he’s applauding you. This will definitely be the main subject on his next poem.


  • He also has a background check of you, and he knows you play piano! He even managed to get some videos of you doing recitals as a kid and as a teenager.
  • He lost count of how many times he watched those, and every single time, he whispered to himself: “So… fucking… cute!”
  • He would love to watch you live, but how could he manage to get a piano?
  • You’re organizing a RFA party, the first one since he officially joined the organization, he doesn’t care about anything , he just wants a piano at the party.
  • As the party is happening, you keep watching the piano player, Saeran notices and observes your fascinated face, you look like you’re on a trance.
  • “You alright?” “Yeah, sure, it’s just… I used to play piano to my sister when she was alive. I… didn’t feel like playing when she left. Is this silly?” oh… now he feels like an asshole, this piano is giving you bad memories!
  • “No, It’s not silly, I guess…” “Yeah… so hey, let’s get back to work!” and then everything felt wrong about that piano there. Shit, what was he thinking? He really thought you would just see the piano and feel this urge to play it? Stupid! That’s what he gets from daydreaming so much about you.
  • When the party is over, you two are working on make sure everything turned out as planned. He sees the empty room, and the piano there… ugh, he feels sick! And he can’t even look at you.
  • “Hey, what’s wrong?” “I’m sorry about the piano thing, okay? I thought you would like to play as soon as you would see it, I didn’t know, I…” “Hey, it’s fine! Don’t worry!”
  • You chuckle “That’s why you were so insistent on the piano?” he’s blushing. And he’s even redder when you sit on the bench. “Any requests from the audience?”
  • “Hey! You don’t need to do this for me! Come on!” “Nah, I want to, it’s been a while I don’t play to someone who’s so willing to listen. So… got any request?”
  • He loves everything you play, and he catches himself sitting beside you, completely hypnotized by your focused eyes and your agile fingers.
  • But what he really likes is when you teach him to play a few notes of “Three Blind Mice”. Your sister always smiled when you played this one, it was almost like the smile you’re receiving right now from him. Turning bad memories into good ones is so overwhelming.

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yo so like.......how much do you love mitch marner?

okay, so the game is over and i’m on my laptop which means that i can give this the full attention it deserves.

how much do i love mitch marner? that’s a damn good question.

this boy grew up in toronto with dreams bigger than him. since he was a kid he wanted to play for the maple leafs. did anyone really think he could do this? no, not even he did. mitch thought his career was over before it had even begun. he went on a pointless streak during the first year of his draft eligibility and this kid thought that that was the end of it. he got so down on himself that his dad had to take him home for a bit.

did he give up here, though? well, obviously not. he worked his ass off and he got back to where he was, maybe even better than where he was. and then he went fourth overall to his hometown team. this kid, who went far lower in the ohl draft than he should have because of his size, got drafted by the toronto maple leafs, the team he’s loved since before he could tie his own skates. he then went on to dominate the ohl, winning numerous awards and the ever so coveted, memorial cup as co-captain of the knights.

and now? now he’s one of the most important players on the team. he puts in consistent work every single game - he even plays when he’s sick - and doesn’t give up or ever really get discouraged. he’s like this ray of sunshine for the leafs. also, he’s in the leafs record book now, during a rookie season no one thought he’d play. plus, he’s surround by other amazing rookies, yet he still manages to hold his own and prove his skill, night in, night out.

now, enough about his accomplishments, which even though they’re a huge part of why i love and admire him as much as i do, they are not the only reasons.

mitch marner can light up an entire fucking stadium when he smiles and damn, is it a contagious smile or what? everything he does it to make his parents proud and there’s no one who’s opinion matters more than his dads to him. after his family home caught on fire and they had no idea of the damage, his first question was about his pets and never about all of the important mementos from a childhood spent playing hockey. he used to wear number 93 because it was the year his brother was born, yet turned it down when his childhood idol, doug gilmour, offered it to him. he cuddles his teammates and loves them so much. he’s always praising them and is so proud of their success. he gets just as happy as a fan would, maybe even more, when he or anyone else on the leafs scores. he’s just got this complete and unadulterated joy when he plays and he doesn’t let anything ruin that.  he’s a hometown boy who got to go home and you can see in the way he plays how grateful he is for that.

all in all, mitch is sunshine on skates and i love him more than i could possibly put into words. he’s an amazing and accomplished guy with a massive heart and i would literally have to spend hours trying to string together the 26 letters of our alphabet to explain my love for him and it still wouldn’t be enough.

tldr; i love mitch marner more than i love anything else in the world and yes, yes, i would write an essay for him.

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the s and m daughters being turned into pocket vampires!

AHHHHHHHH THIS IS ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT LOL. @diabolik-reacts Look! You trendsetter, you. <3 Excuse the dad jokes here.


Shu: When Shu wakes up from a nap on the couch, he wonders where his daughter ran off to. It wouldn’t be good if he lost her again, so he decides to get up to search for her. Walking through the kitchen, he hears a plate smashing to the floor and pauses. Could it be a mouse? When he takes a closer look, his daughter had turned into a pocket!vampire, and he picks her up with his fingers to grab her attention. He can’t help but wonder if Reiji tested on her again.

“You’ve certainly taken on your mother’s troublesome traits, little one…”

Reiji: Looking through his books, Reiji had left his daughter to her own devices until she had suddenly disappeared from the room. Raising an eyebrow at the situation, Reiji calls out for her. When she doesn’t respond, Reiji decides to leave the room, only to have a marble thrown at him when he touches the door. He looks back at his table to find his miniature sized daughter, pouting and huffing cutely. Reiji can’t help but grin slyly and remark how he didn’t see her.

“At least your attitude and temper have shortened to a good size, my dear.”

Ayato: Ayato had taken his daughter out to play basketball, and when he scored once again, he turned around to boast to his daughter, only to see that she had shrunk into a pocket!vampire. Confused, Ayato picks her up and asks her why she’s so tiny now. But when he realizes that there are flying basketballs everywhere on the court from other players, he panics and runs off with his daughter in his palm. He didn’t want her to get squished into a pancake!

“Hey, at least I can call you ‘shortstacks’ now! Isn’t that funny?”

Kanato: Kanato was having a wonderful tea party with his adorable daughter until she took a bite out of a cake and shrunk into a pocket!vampire. He screams out of shock and asks her why she had suddenly become Alice from Wonderland. It was a maddening situation, and Kanato’s daughter would try her best to calm her father down. Kanato eventually becomes absorbed with the idea that he can dress his daughter in actual doll clothing, so his temper ends.

“Ne Teddy, don’t you think she would make a priceless and lovely little doll?”

Laito: A diligent piano player, Laito’s daughter practiced playing the piano every day so that she can be an amazing player like her father. When Laito hears his daughter plucking single notes on the piano one day, Laito finds it strange and intrudes the room to see what she was doing. He’s later stunned to find her as a pocket!vampire, struggling to reach all of the right keys. Chuckling at the amusing sight, Laito gently picks her up and tells her that it’s enough for today.

“I don’t think you were at your usual height with the piano today, little dove.”

Subaru: Subaru was at a musical that his daughter starred in, and he sat in the front row with his wife, watching his daughter shine. When she disappears on stage, Subaru becomes suspicious and after someone screams and points at the spot where his daughter disappeared, Subaru is surprised to find her as a pocket!vampire. Let’s just say Subaru was no longer allowed to attend PTA meetings after he threw a huge fit and collected his tiny daughter from the stage.

“Tch…Whoever did this to you will have a short-lived life now…”

Kino: Kino had his ghoul army take care of his daughter while he was out running errands with his wife. After returning home from a long day in the human world, Kino would ask the ghouls where his daughter was, only to have them apologize and inform him that she was missing. Enraged by their words, Kino would bark orders to his ghouls to find his daughter. It’s not until his wife discovers her napping in a teacup does he eventually calm down.

“Ah, a teacup, huh? At least you’re not short and stout like a teapot…”


Ruki: Ruki was quietly reading in an armchair when he heard his daughter burst through his room and call out to him. But as he turns to glance at her, she was no longer there. Thinking that it was perhaps an illusion, Ruki returns to his book and continues on with his day until he feels something tugging at his pant leg. Setting his book down, Ruki is flabbergasted to see his daughter as a tiny pocket!vampire. He’ll have to find a way to bring her back to normal.

“I guess some things in life do come in fun-size packages.”

Kou: It was a day off from work for Kou, and he had decided to spend this time cooking his daughter’s favorite meal. The two of them would have so much fun cooking with each other, and their bond would strengthen in the process since Kou doesn’t get to see his daughter often. When he tells her that the food is ready, Kou spots her on the floor as a small pocket!vampire. He’s internally screaming, but he smiles and tells her not to worry. He can fix it soon!

“Don’t worry, small fry! You can still eat the fried shrimp we cooked!”

Yuma: SWEET JESUS, Yuma would be pissed when he couldn’t find his daughter in the garden. It’s not until he sees something tiny waving at him does he realize that his daughter is now a tiny and helpless pocket!vampire! Yuma would have his daughter ride on his shoulder for the entire day around the Mukami mansion, always making sure that she was there and that she was safe and away from harm. He’s gone into protective papa bear mode at this point.

“You’ve always been my little nugget, but now ya literally are!”

Azusa: Azusa was playing hide-and-go-seek with his daughter, but it has been 2 hours since they started, and he couldn’t find her anywhere! He becomes worried and fearful, and he can’t help but wonder if his nightmares about losing his daughter were starting to come true! It’s not until he hears his knives collection fall down in his room that he finds his daughter alive and well, but in a pocket!vampire form. Thinking he was crazy, Azusa would faint from the sight.

“Eve…I’m sorry…our daughter…is now a…tiny chibi…”

-Admin Yuuzuki

End Of Season Appreciation post

Hey guys! I know not all of you are hockey blogs but i wanted to take this as an opportunity to say thank you for following me and show some appreciation to all of you! Since all my teams (NHL and Junior with the glorious exception of Hershey) are no longer in the playoffs I wanted to take this moment to give some lovin to the community on tumblr! If i could i would tag every single one of my followers and people i follow (and also give them the biggest hug ever) but alas i cannot so here goes. Even though I’ve been following hockey for three years now this was my first season as a part of hockey tumblr and I’m so grateful! I’ve been introduced to so many new players and teams! I’ve met so many wonderful people and everyone here is so lovely! I’m definitely going to be keeping my blog going over the off season, especially since I’m super invested in this years draft class so be prepared for me to yell about the boys a lot! I know this is about hockey but I couldn’t help tag my non-hockey mutuals as well, I love you guys! Without further ado, here we go!

[Also short PSA, just because i haven’t tagged you doesn’t mean i love you any less! I love every single one of my followers, mutuals and blogs i follow! I apologise! I probably forgot or ran out of room!]

This is for all of my blogs [ @santa-fes / @ohhischier / @peppermint-writings / @goalieheartthrobsensation ] so if you’re confused as to why you’re being tagged in this by some strange blog you don’t follow that’s why

I totally stole this idea off @andrebearakovsky and I have no shame

First off! There are a lot of people I’m not necessarily mutuals with but I see you all the time in my notifications and I love and appreciate you!

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Okay! Some blogs I follow that always make me smile and produce some wonderful content! Thank you for a wonderful season of gifs, videos, tectposts, edits and all round great stuff!

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Thank you all for a wonderful first couple of years on tumblr and first season with hockey tumblr! I can’t wait for October!

Pink- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by thornescratch

You will all be happy to know I have 9 Andre requests pending after this one XD I love you all and your love for our Swedish bean! I’ll post an updated queue list tomorrow to update everyone on where we stand! Ok so here we have Andre with children! Try to keep your heart in one piece! Good luck! Once again let me know what you think!

Warnings: Overload of fluffiness

Anon Request: all of your imagines are sooo good!!! i usually only read ones about players that i’m interested in but yours are so good that i just read every single one you post :) would you mind doing one where andres gf/wife/whatever is at practice with their 1 or 2 year old and the baby and gf skate with him after? so kind of like how cute and fluffy the jamie benn one was!! thanks for writing for all of us :) honestly though if you dont like this prompt… anything w andre and babies/children will do lol


              You had brought your and Andre’s daughter to the morning practice because Andre had been dropping hints for the past month that he wanted to start teaching her to skate.

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D&D 30 Day Challenge

Day 9 - Favorite Character You Haven’t Played

Probably this rogue played by one of the students in my social skills group last year.  The build itself was nothing special (typical sneaky skill monkey) but I got a major kick out of the way this kid played him.  Due to some personality quirks and a deep seated fear of taking even a single point of damage, this player never participated in combat with actual combat checks.  He’d use every skill check in the book to give him and his teammates an advantage, but he almost never used violence himself.  

As much as it altered the flow of things, I loved this kid’s creativity.  He’d use disguises to set up flanks while pretending to be the enemy’s ally (or to lure monsters away from teammates).  He’d pickpocket important items off of people in the middle of battle.  He’d set up simple traps, make knowledge and perception checks to help his allies, use intimidate to demoralize foes, or bluff to confuse them.  He’d even set up pranks while his allies fought.  His ideas didn’t always work, and some of them were complex to set up mechanically, but it was refreshing to play with someone who thought so outside the box.

anonymous asked:

Smut fic recs please

Duuude. You’re in luck because a really really good smut rec list went around our corner of the fandom this week. Here is a link to it and I’ll add a few that they didn’t list as well. I’m trying NOT to duplicate any of them… but I might - because I have literally no self control.

I found this really hard actually - because a lot of fics that I love just happen to have smut in them. They aren’t smut for the sake of smut (or PwP - Porn without Plot) - and I wanted to give you a wide variety of the smuttiness. I hope this list works out for ya.

If you are under-age in the fandom (I’m looking at you, dearest Fabienne 😉) don’t tell your mother where you got the recs from…. I will deny it. 😉

Okay - to start. I love @cooperjones2020. She writes awesome plot driven fic but her dark!smut is my most favourite thing in the world - so you’re getting that linked very very first. It’s seriously dark though - so if you’re not into that, move on to the next rec!

The Beast Within (series) by @cooperjones2020 (3/3)

Word Count:  17,699 / Rating: E

Summary:  In which Jughead is a creep, Dark!Betty and Dark!Juggie are goals, and Dom!Juggie is heavily hinted at.

My Body’s Broken, Yours Is Bent by @jugandbettsdetectiveagency (1/1)

Word Count: 5,022  / Rating: E

Summary:  Carve your name into my arm, instead of stressed I lie here charmed.

What’s Past is Prologue (series) by  ShirlyGallagher (3/3)

Word Count: 86,212 / Rating E

Summary: A chronicle of firsts…A tale of discovery…A story of love…

Believer. by OldEnoughToKnowBetter (3/3)

Word Count: 7,713 / Rating: E

Summary:  Takes place between Episode 10 and Episode 11. Jughead says “narrative”. This is a very dirty first time story.

Spill by wonderwoundedhearers (1/1)

Word Count: 5,145 / Rating: E

Summary:  Post S1 finale, in which a promise is made and Jughead won’t be interrupted again.

home by @heytherejones (1/1)

Word Count: 4,167 / Rating: E

Summary:  If Jughead had gone to live with the Cooper’s instead, and Betty has no restraint. a.k.a these two idiots being horny and sneaking around.

Bizarre Love Triangle (series) by my girl @ficmuse 

WIP / Rating: M

Summary:  When Jughead stumbles upon the yearbook from the Class of 1991, secrets are revealed that will forever alter how the teens of Riverdale view their parents.

Library Calls by @hella-bi-and-ready-to-die (4/4)

Word Count: 5479 / Rating: M

Summary:  Betty was just doing her homework…until a certain boy started to call her. Betty obviously got distracted. Sexy times ensue…

When I wake up all alone(and I’m thinking of your skin) @juggydunes (1/1)

Word Count: 2050 / Rating: E

Summary:  “There’s a need between her legs and inside her heart. A craving of being impossibly closer to him until she couldn’t discern their bodies apart. ”

Four Times Before the First Time by slantedsunlight (1/1)

Word Count: 4703 / Rating: E

Summary: Betty and Judghead’s first kiss leads her to a stroke of inspiration, but was that a fluke, or a very specific super power? There’s only one way to find out.AKA four increasingly steamy moments between Betty and Jughead and then gratification for everyone.

Twisting tradition by @mothermaple (1/1)

Word Count: 2256 / Rating: M

Summary:  Betty and Jughead take advantage of happenstance at Veronica’s wedding.

Then you could pretty much read every @lazydaizies fic there is - because somehow or another Bughead gets naked in all of them. Here is her Ao3.

bughead through the decades (series) by @sopaloma

WIP / Rating: M

Summary: Bughead through the decades… (this is pretty self explanatory) 

and of course…

(my youth ain’t) tangled up in bad decisions by @lessoleilscouchants (16/?)

WIP / Rated: Not Rated

Summary: There is a Fleetwood Mac album playing on Jughead’s record player. Won’t you lay me down in the tall grass. Betty is hyper-aware of every single part of her body, from her toenails to her eyelashes.–Tired of fitting herself into uncomfortable moulds, Betty trades Jughead a milkshake in exchange for a very personal favour.

** this could in fact be a rec for every one of @lessoleilscouchants fics… because I love them in a complete and unabashed obsessional way. Read all of them - there is smut in them… but they’re definitely not /about/ smut - if you know what I mean. Read them all!

Okay so I literally have to stop myself because I could rec fics to you all afternoon, Grayface. I hope a few of these you’ve not read yet. But check out the linked list from up at the top too. All of them are wonderful and fabulous as well. Happy Reading! <3 Jandy

small-summer-child  asked:

So, I really only discovered ice hockey this season, and I FUCKIN LOVED IT, but I feel like I'm really missing out for not knowing who all the pens boys are, so if you have time/inclination to take pity on me and maybe give me a quick rundown on the who's who of the pens in terms of name, nickname, number and maybe fun facts? Also, the boys won and I'm so proud I can't even <3

alright i’m gonna try to keep this short but i love every single one of them with my whole entire heart so srry if it gets rambly

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Excited rant about Run BTS! 19

- Oh my Gawd it’s a bowling episode. Finally, Jungkook can shine. Obviously BTS thinks this, too, wondering if they’re there for maknae to show off.

- as a punishment they will need to bow to Jungkook, Namjoon’s not happy but Jungkook has this muffled smirk on his face („HEHEHE JIMIN-HYUNG WILL DIE BECAUSE OF THIS.“).

- Taehyung has his glasses on. Taehyung. Has. His. GLASSES ON.

- Jin is also not happy about bowing to Jungkook. We see that lil’ shitseagull’s smirk more prominent this time. He’s so ready for this.

- Pls someone explain to me why is Jungkook suddenly writing lyrics to Spring Day with his butt in the air. How? How he even came to this idea? More importantly, how it went when he showed it for the first time? Was he like: “Hey hyungs, guess what song’s lyrics are these,” and they were like “Obviously, it’s Spring Day, bogoshipda!” or did he tell them from the beginning and they still approved? I need answers.

- “JK, buy us dinner.” After this request we learn that Jungkook’s favorite eating places are convenience store and Gimbap Paradise (something that’s not too luxury-like). I find this very cute and hilarious. JK is protecting his pride; he would never buy hyungs food from some cheap place. *I scream*

- Tae is afraid of JK’s bare arms. Poor Taehyung must’ve been scared through all game because Jungkook had his sleeves up most of the time.

- Us humans play bowling. (Well, not me, I played it once and repeatedly threw the ball like a basketball. Also did you know that the balls are not only different colors, but different weight, too? DID YOU? Probably yes. I didn’t.) Anyway, BTS are not playing bowling! They roll a heavy ball. To hit pins. See the difference?

- Finally. This is Jungkook’s moment. Vivaldi plays in the background in Jungkook’s mind. He still acts all shy and modest, BUT HE’S NOT. Remember the way Jin rocked the DDR few weeks ago (I’m still convinced he played it when he was younger)? THIS IS THE SAME SITUATION. IT’S JUST MORE TREMENDOUS SINCE IT’S JUNGKOOK.

- “I just started learning.” Lies Jungkook. Members say nothing as they know he wasn’t even being serious. Plus even if he started learning yesterday, he would still be good at it. This kid.

- Justin Seagull is on it. Pro posture, almost ballerina-like. BAM. He clears all of them in two moves. He looks very smug about it. Members are excited. Wow, Jungkook is so good! They don’t know that amongst them are some very pro players, yet. Soon they’ll find out. “He looks so cocky,” says Taehyung. I agree. I see you Seagull, you can pretend all you want.

- Evil Jin knows this ain’t no DDR now, so he will at least interrupt Jungkook. Jimin finds it very funny. How teasing. (JIMIN IS SO CUTE WHEN HE HAS HIS HOODIE ON). “PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE”, Kim Seokjin, about friendly match at bowling with his bros, 2017.

- Ok hyungs, that would be enough. “Should we start now?” Jungkook just can’t wait. He starts and members start with their “warfare”. Scared Tae tries to convince Jungkook to not show his abs. He fails. Ok, so all BTS has bare arms now. Am I complaining? (Am not.)

- Suga’s turn. His posture is literally what I did when I went to bowling that one time. But the difference is, it works for him.

- Meanwhile Jungkook has one chance to beat Suga’s score. Yoongi is a supportive hyung and blabber words of courage to Jungkook like: Bad move. Bad. Move. …but Jungkook is still like a boss.

- Tae’s turn. Once again BTS proves to us they are the best commercial partners for Puma. Very extra. For some reason Jimin destroyed my heart at this moment with the cutest laughing voice, stating that “Tae threw the ball with strength.” I don’t see the joke in that, but that doesn’t matter since I’m dead.

- Jungkook’s not going well in this turn, we see that typical Seagull disappointment. Who’s not disappointed is Jin, yelling at Jungkook in the voice of 72 years old grandpa, his encouragement really similar to Yoongi’s. “Not a good move.”

- Jimin’s turn. I was dead already and I tried to crawl outta my grave. JIMIN-HYUNG USED TO PLAY WITH ME!!!!!! SAYS JUNGKOOK IN CUTE VOICE AND I’M DYING AGAIN.

- God of Destruction’s turn now. Jungkook laughs evily – same way as he did when he parted Jimin’s hair back at Season’s Greeting 2016, pls tell me you know what I mean :D . Anyway Namjoon hits full, zero pins. But that’s just the beginning.

- Jin holds the ball weirdly. Jin laughs in windshield laugh. Jin hits the same amount of pins as Namjoon. Just Namjin things.

- “I will throw without trying,” says Jungkook. Your face says something else. Don’t forget I’m watching you, Justin. AAAAAND it’s strike. As an expert, JK states “Hobi hyung will be good, once he’ll learn.” He sounds like he’s in bowling businessu ever since 1997. J-Hope grabs watermelon and hits 6 pins! Next move and he hits all. Yoonseok is strong in this Run, Yoongi jumps to high-five Hobi.

- Taehyung literally throws the ball 3 meters away. I feel you Tae, I did that too. Repeatedly. Not because my fingers got stuck. Just because I’m a bowling noob.

- All BTS connect their powers to sort out the Po-in dilemma. Do we need to stand like it? How do you even spell it? Jin turns with this problem to V, who spell it like a pro. Still no one’s sure if it’s right. Is it an English word? Doesn’t have to be, wonders Namjoon, philosophy major. Members join him. It can be Japanese or Chinese. They are having fun while Jungkook tries to ignore them, but he fails. Namjoon is very happy about their “psychological warfare” working.

- Wondering about words continues. Is bowling made of “bowl” and “linga ling”? Ringa Linga Ringa Linga. Jungkook gives in. He’s starting to be so done with hyungs. Why won’t they leave him alone? HE EVEN TRIED WITHOUT TRYING BUT STILL KNOCKED THE PINS DOWN EARLIER, WHAT ELSE HE HAS TO DO?

- J-Hope smashes it again. Suga’s complimenting on his skills. Huehuehue. Anyway, Jungkook wins despite psychological warfare. That look on his face when he demands his bow is hilarious. Yoongi calls him “big brother”, one would believe him. For a second. But still.

- They all bow to Jungkook. As they’re doing that, HOBI PUTS HIS HAND DOWN ON YOONGI’S BACK. Yeah, you might think I won’t see you J-Hope. But I’m a JiKook shipper. I see everything. Detective mode 24/7.  Hobi also grabs Suga’s hand and does that wave. So. Awesome.

- New Puma accessories in this game. BTS shows us the flexibility of that piece, I have no idea what it even is. But it can be used as a belt, headband, wristband and basically anything. Just Puma things™.

- Jin + V + JK vs JM + NJ + YG + JH. How will this end? We don’t know, but Jimin misses the pins and cheers with enemies. After that he’s serious and clears all the pins. His team is astonished.

- Watermelon farmer is on it again. He’s really good. Jungkook, a.k.a ‘been in bowling business since 1997’ might be right. Next is Tae, effortlessly dope.

- Yoongi cleans the ball. I know, I’ve said it like 5565 times already, but Yoonseok game in this one is strong. Hobi starts singing: “Suga’s hand is a good hand.” (His back is good too, right? >:) )

- Yoongi cheers on Namjoon and Rap Mon really hits almost all of the pins. Suga continues his psychological warfare and screams: “Jungkook practiced for MONTHS BUT HE’S NOT TOO DIFFERENT.” They laugh about it and Jungkook laughs, too. It’s Eomma Jin who, now in Jungkook’s team, looks shockingly pissed. Sthob it. No more fun. Jin takes down just 2 pins. Disappointment on his face intensifies.

- Jimin precisely avoids all the pins. Tae takes off his glasses and suddenly is a bowling star. Stabbing Jungkook in his heart with mocking his bowling abilities continues. J-Farmer is on it again. Philosophy major Namjoon wonders again: Is it watermelon? What about zucchini? Hobi knocks down 9 pins. Yoongi loses his damn mind.

- JK’s turn. One of my favorite parts is the way Taehyung casually stands up and goes sit next to Jin instead of between Jin and Jimin, making space for Jungkook. To sit next to Jimin. Ehehe. Suga scores the same as Jungkook. I really wonder what Jungkookie did to piss Yoongi of at this point, because he continues to insult JK’s bowling abilities. “NO NEED TO PRACTICE. HAHA.”

- Namjoon strikes. World is over. Time stopped. Fireworks. Jin looks out of it, like he can’t believe it but at the same time he feels proud at the leader. Oh, all the confusion. J-Hope is looking the best when he’s celebrating his or his team’s victories. Every. Single. Time. I love you Hobi.

- Seagull’s team is losing. J-Farmer’s team decide that Namjoon will be their last player. “No pressure.” His own team’s biggest fan and Seagull’s hater Yoongi says in very serious manner: “I won’t look at you, if it’s pressuring!” And he, indeed, turns his back to Namjoon. Now it’s a tie. One pin is separating them from the grand victory. J-Farmer will finish it. His biggest fan is cleaning the ball for him (ahahaha how does that even sound? :D)

- THEY DID IT AND EVERYTHING EXPLODES INCLUDING ME, IN MY GRAVE. Jungkook is clapping as a madman, he’s so happy the other team won, like… what are you doing Jungkook, you just lost!

- Suga throws his last ball. He didn’t even want to mock Jungkook. But he strikes. So who is the real pro here? Yoongi or Jungkook? I’m so confused.

- It’s bowing and spanking time! Hoseok smashes Tae’s poor butt, he needs to sit to silent the pain :D Jimin praises Jin’s humor, it’s a sly move: sweet talk before the unavoidable pain. The last is Suga and Bowling Master. Despite mocking him through all game, Yoongi smacks his butt with much less force than other two.

- Jungkook states that Yoongi’s bowling was “cute”. Everyone was good in his eyes and I trust him. After all, he’s into bowling businessu since 1997.

- This episode is over just like this rant. I’m so sorry it was this long, but I was overly excited once again. Now I’m gonna try and glue the pieces of me together and come back to life. K, bye.

Home Base

A/N: Rucas one-shot that just popped into my head one day. 
Summary: It’s the semi-finals. One win away from advancing to the State Championships. The bases are not loaded…but Riley Matthews sure is. 
Word count: 1,346

His shoulders were heaving with unsteady breaths. Lucas could feel the heat of the sun bearing down on him as a bead of sweat slowly made its way down the tip of his nose. The crowd was screaming incomprehensively, the cheering squad blowing their horns. His eyes glanced at the scoreboard. It was the bottom of the 9th, the visiting team from Eleanor Roosevelt High leading by one, as the Patriots of Abigail Adams High were out to bat, with 1 out and a player on first base.

Nerves were settling in as he watched his teammate and best friend Zay on home plate, waiting for the next pitch. His gaze then scanned over the crowd, coming to a halt in the front row bleachers when he met Riley’s eyes. He suddenly forgot how to breathe as the rest of the world fades away. She smiled at him and waved; motioning to the jersey she was wearing. It was his old baseball uniform from last year’s season.

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One of the things I love about Elder Scrolls Online is that everyone gets to be the Chosen One and its canon. This is true of every single Elder Scrolls game. Every player who ever played the game and every character they roll up (including those they don’t finish the game with) are canon. All the endings are canon. The only difference between ESO and a regular Elder Scrolls game is that you get to see the other players, because Meridia is less subtle then Azura. The Wayshrines are you moving between different fractured pieces of reality finding the one that fits for you.

It is canon that not only did the Vestige punch Molag Bal in the face to get their soul back, but a hundred thousand Vestiges punched Molag Bal in the face a hundred thousand times.


Game canon is that a god smashed her foot into reality and fractured it into itty bitty pieces to bust up the plans of another god.

The only difference between this and another Elder Scrolls game in terms of lore is that you get to see the other versions of the Vestige free roaming, and team up with them to punch Molag Bal in the face.


And Xavi Simons is just that - something special. In Barcelona they say he’s a kid who plays like a veteran. There is no doubt that he is talented but that is nothing new for any La Masia player. On top of that talent, Xavi has everything you need to become a fine footballer. He is hard working, competitive, constantly running where the ball is both in attack and defense, and has been a leader and captain ever since he arrived at the club. In general, his enthusiasm is outstanding. He gives his all every single time. This is what makes talents stand out and all this together makes him one of the most talented players we have at La Masia. He controls play well and adds a bit of his own flair, but his style doesn’t actually resemble that of Xavi Hernández, nor does he evoke thoughts of Andrés Iniesta. Despite having fantastic technique and vision, Xavi Simons is aggressive and plays with an intense mindset. The way he works for every single ball is astonishing, especially given his somewhat delicate physical stature. He’s a fighter, but a majestic one.

so there are many (many) reasons that ff12 is my favorite game, but this is one of the biggest.

the opening of ff12 makes it clear that this is a high fantasy story. the localization sets that tone even further. it’s clear that there’s magic and flying ships and all that (after all this is final fantasy) but it’s grounded in some realism given the heavy tone of the opening. you might raise your eyebrows when you get a mission to kill a living tomato, but it’s a fantasy RPG, that can be forgiven.

except then you step out into the very first area of the game after the tutorial and THERE’S A FUCKING T-REX.

even for final fantasy it’s completely bizarre. it’s not a t-rex that’s been made all fantasy or whatever, it’s just LITERALLY A T-REX THAT LIVES IN THE DESERT RIGHT NEXT TO THE CITY.

to make it even more surreal, you’re sent out to kill a tomato that’s been terrorizing the desert and keeping people from getting in and fucking no one mentions the t-rex. NOBODY. SERIOUSLY NOBODY. NOT A SINGLE NPC. believe me, i’ve talked to every single person. every. one. no one mentions it.

and this is why i love ff12. you are at the start of the game and it is already showing you that hey man, things are gonna get a little weird here. the t-rex is there for an important gameplay reason – it’s meant to show the player that there are many high-level enemies out in the world that you have no hope of beating when you first encounter them – but there is no fucking reason whatsoever that it had to be a T-REX of all things. seriously they could have picked anything else. (yes i know there are several hunts with more t-rex enemies around rabanastre, but that only furthers my point. why are dinosaurs even in this game.)

i love it. i fucking love it. a t-rex. what the fuck.

(of course i tried to fight it the first time i played the game. of course i died. of course i hadn’t saved. it did exactly what it was supposed to do: teach me not to fight the fucking t-rex. but how was i supposed to resist?)