i love every piece of it

✨💗for my girlfriend💗✨

when you call me yours, comfort floods the walls of my heart with no limit, and when I call you mine I feel as if it’s only u and me on a planet filled with fruit trees of every kind. our conversations remind me of thick honey, they are sweet and come from only originality. I embrace all of you, even the things you tell me you don’t want to talk about, I’m telling you now princess that your voice is strong, as strong as a Viking ship, it sails onwards and never fails to reach the true destination, that being my heart. Im learning so much about my self loving you. That being broken can be stitched up by thread that loves every broken piece. Believe me when I tell you, we are learning. There’s is no pressure to be anything apart from where we are now, I will help you grow and I will talk you down when you need me. Don’t be scared my light is always on for you, tell me your darkest feelings and your precious moments, tell me the things I’ve done wrong and the things I’ve done well, and when for the times you feel broken, know that I’m your fence in order to grow and blossom on. Please baby don’t think u are going to break what we have, the stitches are too tight. I love you angel🌹✨💘💕💓💓💗💗✨🌹💘🌛💗💗💘❣️❣️✨✨🌹🌹✨💓

I Knew I Didn't Love You

Do you remember
The way my eyes
Were soft and warm
Like sunset, like
When I looked
Into your face?
Do you recall
The way I’d lace
Your fingers into
Mine, marveling
At how we fit?
I remember
Laughing so hard
My ribs cracked,
Suffocating with
How much I thought
I needed you.
I remember when
You made me
Feel like an
Errant child,
Full of mistakes
And disappointments.
I remember the tone
When another dish
Was shattered,
And you reminded me
Of every time I
Let you down.
I knew I didn’t love you
When you saw that
I was falling apart
And you threw
Away my pieces.

I’m sorry I can’t stay together and im sorry I cry nightly..im sorry for every failed attempt to get clean and every lie I said to hide my high….I’m sorry I’m falling apart and that you love me enough to try to put me back together again when in reality my pieces will never fit
—  5:21 am

anonymous asked:

DO NOT imagine Dean and Cas slow-dancing to Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You", Cas's arms around Dean's neck, Dean's arms around Cas's waist, not so much dancing as swaying to the slow, sexy beat together, pausing for a long kiss or to remove a piece of clothing every few minutes.

HECK HECK HECK do you know how often I imagine this exact scenario? And I blame that ancient post I’ve been trying to find again for literal actual YEARS that read like a spec script for a cold open SET TO THAT SONG in the bunker and Dean’s in bed and the camera pans across his clothes scattered on the floor and up his arm and to his face and he’s CLEARLY ENJOYING HIMSELF IMMENSELY and then he says something to the person in bed with him and Cas crawls out from under the blanket and plants a kiss on him and Dean’s kissing him back…

And then RECORD SCRATCH as Dean sits bolt upright in bed, sheets tangled around him– he’d been dreaming… Oh sh–



I would dearly love to find that post again so I could caress it and whisper endearments and maybe make it a mix tape…

But now I can imagine the BEFORE stuff… like the slowdance stripping… I am not complaining here. :P


anonymous asked:

Why do you think Phantom of the Opera is such a worldwide success? Why do you think it has been running for such a longtime in both Broadway and West-Wend? What makes it so loved by all the fans? It seems dumb that I ask this, but I think you have such a wide/full/constructed opinion of how everything works inside almost every production, so yeah. In your opinion, What makes the Phantom such a great piece of art?

Well… I think “popular worldwide success” and “great piece of art” are not necessarily the same, first of all. (Sorry, I love Phantom, but I’m not sure I’d go as far as calling it a great piece of art, ha ha ha.)

But as for its success, oh man… I think a combination of initial popularity, longevity, and catchy music, spectacle, and high emotion, which made a musical that has something for everyone. (I always love of the quotes, I think by Gillian Lynne about how all the show’s factors just came together so successfully at the right point and the right time, “like catching lightning in a bottle” or something like that.)

I think Andrew Lloyd Webber’s string of successful musicals, and the media attention behind his marriage with Sarah Brightman and her starring in the musical, definitely helped make the musical popular when it first opened. Like, this wasn’t a show that gradually became more well-known, it was a pretty big hit almost when it began, to the point where I’ll read about “Phantom Fever” on descriptions of bootlegs, where audiences will be clapping after every song or, occasionally, in the middle of ‘Music of the Night’.

This means that not only did lots of people watch it, and get other people to watch it (which would increase its spread), but that there could be more productions, so now people around the world were seeing it, and that means that the show would continue running and running and running, and this made Phantom like a tourist spot - “Oh, you’re going to New York City? Be sure to see Phantom!” And people who saw it would have kids and bring them to see it, and the cycle would continue with oodles of money for Phantom. The fact that the 2004 movie came out was probably really helpful too. From discussions on forums, it sounded like Phantom’s popularity was beginning to die in the 2000s, but the movie basically injected a giant stream of new fans, and until the 2011 RAH concert came out (which probably also brought in a bunch of fans), many new fans came to love Phantom from that. Not many musicals are lucky enough to get that, if we’re to be honest.

But why do people remember it? The music is very gorgeous, and will get stuck in your head. (This probably contributed to the cast album rocketing to the top of sales charts.) The grandeur of the show is another: everyone remembers the chandelier and gondola, placing it in pop consciousness. Of course, the costumes and sets designed by Maria Bjornson, which contributed to Hal Prince’s “black box” effect, and Prince’s direction, and Gillian Lynne’s choreography, all of that probably contributed. And for dedicated fans, and even casual ones, the drama and emotion of the show catches them: unrequited love, redemption, love triangles, that’s stuff that has almost universal appeal.

There’s probably more, but that’s basically my thoughts! Just a lot of different things coming together to make a musical that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

You’ve everything that captures my heart.

You’re my favourite piece of god’s art.
“Who’s he to you?” They ask.
“Just a friend.” I say.

But even so,
I blush on hearing your name.
My gut does jumping-jacks seeing you wave.

You’re a friend I’m in love with.
Hurt is all I got loving men.
But this once I’m enjoying every bit of it!

My second digital painting. As if happens, I’m trying to apply what I’ve learned in class towards my art and not rely too much on lineart/undersketches for my paintings.

I changed the nose, eyes and lips like every five minutes. XD

If someone could give me a full piece of criticism on this work, I would greatly appreciate it. I am looking to improve and delve deeper into digital painting. Thank you!

Just the Way You Are

Pairing: Cisco x Reader
Requested: Yes
Warnings: people being dicks
Song- Try Colbie Caillât
(Every time I listen to this song I freaking sob)

All your life you had been on the heavier side. It was just something that you were born with. You knew that you weren’t the only one that looked like that, and that brought you piece of mind.
It was when people made comments about your weight that made you feel like you weren’t enough.

Then he would look at you, with this stupid smile that melted you straight to your heart. And everything that people had said didn’t matter anymore, because he loved you. And you knew that.

So yeah. You may not be the size two runway model, but you walked the run way of your life. And Cisco was always the one there cheering you on and saying that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.

HOPE YOU LIKED THIS @captainhopelessromantik-808

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Okay but every time I see positive gifs/photos/posts about Hayden at the Star Wars celebration I get so emotional because that man was torn to PIECES by the media (and he was never angry about it, he just focused on what he loved: how it made kids happy, and how much fun it was) and now he comes back, a decade later, probably a little nervous if not scared out of his mind (he looks a tad nervous in the pics of him first walking to the event) about how the people are going to react to seeing him again, and he gets a STANDING OVATION and a girl yelling “I love you Hayden” and I can barely imagine how WONDERFUL that must have felt to realize “hey, WE still love you, despite all the haters” and I’m just ugh THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WELCOMING HIM LIKE YOU DID I HOPE HE IS TREATED AS WELL AS HE WAS AT THE CELEBRATION FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE

Darling, I hope that you’ll meet someone who always knew what you deserve. From the things you wanted to feel to the words you needed to hear. I hope you will meet someone who will not mock you—laugh at you when you started blurting out all the crazy things that touched your heart. Someone who will not walk away from you when you started telling them about all the precious things—that runs through your mind. I hope you will meet someone who will not only promise you to stay, but also do everything just to keep you with them. I hope you will meet someone who will embrace every little piece of you. Someone who understands your passion and supports you in loving it . And if you meet that someone, I hope that there will be mutual feelings between the two of you. That even if you are the moon and he is the sun, both of you will always remember that you always light each other’s life. That when you get tired, he will always be there to lift you up—and the same thing as for you to him. I hope you will find someone who will make you feel all the best things you deserve to experience. Because like other people in this world, you deserve to be genuinely happy, even if you thought that you will never be.
—  ma.c.a // Sunlight and Moonlight, Makes a Day
why you should stan namjoon: his ability to manipulate and play around with the korean language

A little while ago, I asked a question about whether Korean music sounds like gibberish to non-Korean speaking listeners. Majority of those who answered said yes and for the most part, many just try to recognize certain phrases or the overall gist of the song when you are listening to it. Now this sort of got to me because as a bts fan, the members play around with words in their songs and they honestly have some of the most poetic/complex lyrics in the industry and it’s really interesting for me, a Korean-American, to be able to hear and distinguish that. But for non-Korean speakers, you guys can’t really do the same. An awesome example of this is Namjoon because well- he is just a genius, a modern-day poet. So, I’m going to try my best to try to point some of the word play in his lyrics out because I think you guys would find it just as interesting as I do!

1)  흥탄소년단/Fun Boyz

저 위 정상들이 보이지
일상에 상을 하나 더해 난 이상해지지
정상인 상태로는 정상에 못 가요 baby

trans:  “You see the peak over there, right? Add one more prize to my daily life, I’ll get weird. You can’t reach the top by being normal baby”

In this verse, Namjoon uses the word “정상” which can mean two different things depending on whether you use it as an adjective or a noun. As a noun, it means “the peak” (like the highest point of something). But as an adjective, it means “normal”. In the first line, he uses it as a noun- asking a question if you can see it. But in the third line, he uses the word in both ways. If I were to translate the last line stiffly it would be something like: “in a normal state you can’t reach the peak”

In the second line, he also does another word play.  일상 is a noun that means “daily life” while 이상 is an adjective that means “weird” or “abnormal”. However, he also makes a math pun in the line. The first syllable of  일상 is  일 which is the number 1 and the first syllable of  이상 is  이 which is the number 2. So literally, if you “add one more” to  일상 you get  이상. Add “one more” to daily life, you get weird.

Also! Note the repetition of the syllable “상” (sahng) through out his verse!

2) 고엽/ Dead Leaves

모든 낙엽은 떨어지듯이
영원할 듯하던 모든 건 멀어지듯이
너는 나의 다섯 번째 계절
널 보려 해도 볼 수 없잖아
봐 넌 아직 내겐 푸른색이야
마음은 걷지 않아도 저절로 걸어지네
미련이 빨래처럼 조각조각 널어지네
붉은 추억들만 더러운 내 위에 덜어지네
내 가지를 떨지 않아도 자꾸만 떨어지네
그래 내 사랑은 오르기 위해 떨어지네
가까이 있어도 나의 두 눈은 멀어지네
벌어지네 이렇게 버려지네
추억 속에서 난 또 어려지네

trans:  “As if every autumn leaf has fallen, as if everything that seemed to last forever is falling away, you’re my fifth season. Even if I try to see you, I can’t. Look, you’re still blue to me. Even if our hearts do not walk, they walk instinctively. Our lingering affections, like laundry, hang piece by piece. Only the crimson memories fall above my dirty self. Even if I do not shake my branch, it keeps on falling. Sure, for my love to ascend- it falls. Even if I’m near by, my two eyes grow further- they’re falling away. Like this, I’m being thrown away. I become young again inside my memories.”

Not only is his entire verse extremely poetic with his usage of analogies and personification and overall language but another thing that you have to make notice of is the fact that he raps in alphabetical order.

From the line 마음은 걷지 않아도 저절로 걸어지네 down, the verbs at the end of the lines follow alphabetical order.

The part of the Korean alphabet he uses is (from left to right) ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇ. Order-wise, and not by actual sound, its equivalent to the English alphabet would be abcdefgh.

Now pay attention to the first consonant of the first syllable of the last word of each line.

걸 어지네 , 널 어지네 , 덜 어지네 , 떨 어지네 ,떨 어지네 , 어지네 , 버 려지네 ,어 려지네



*ㄸ is a double consonant, meaning that it’s the stronger sound of ㄷ. In some alphabets, the double consonants come after its single consonant- meaning that Namjoon was still technically following Korean alphabetical order

One more thing to note is his repetition of the verb ending “-네”. This is typically used when the speaker is just taking notice of something and it implies that they have been taken aback by whatever has happened. For example, if you haven’t seen somebody in a long time, you might say something like “You’ve gotten prettier/more handsome”. In Korean, you would use the verb ending “네” for this situation and say something along the lines of “__ 예뻐졌네” or “__ 더잘생겨졌네”

So similarly, in this verse, it’s as if Namjoon is first discovering that hearts will walk instinctively, that his lingering affections hang piece by piece, that his love must fall in order to ascend, that he is becoming young inside his memories, and so on and so forth. It’s slight, but it adds a new level of depth to how you interpret his lyrics.

3) Always

난 세상을 이해하기 위해 사는데
세상은 날 이해한 적이 없어 왜
아니 딱 절반이 모자라
날 해하려 하잖아

trans: “I live to understand the world, but the world has never understood me- why? No, precisely one half is missing. It’s trying to hurt me.”

In this verse, Namjoon uses the verb 이해 which means “to understand”. When he says “precisely one half is missing”, he literally meant one half of 이해 which is 해. The verb 해하다 means “to hurt/injure” which is why he’s saying that “it’s (the world) is trying to hurt me.”  The world lacks one half of understanding him, which is why it’s trying to harm him.

Again, another thing I’d like to talk about is how he says 날 해하려 하잖아. Typically, the verb ending “하잖아” is used when you want the person/people you’re addressing to take notice of something. So, for example, if you’re craving something when you just ate- typically your friend would say something like “but we just ate!” And if you’re talking in Korean, it would be here that your friend would use the verb ending 하잖아 and use the phrase “방금 먹었잖아!” (you just ate!)

By saying 날 해하려 하잖아, it’s as if Namjoon is asking us to see that the world is trying to hurt him, it’s as if he’s implying “can’t you see this?” So it adds a whole entire new spectrum of emotion to his lyrics and I just wanted you guys to clearly hear the song the way he wrote it.

Sometimes I’m scared that I’ll never be good enough, that no one will ever truly love me. I’ve been torn apart by countless people and I have yet to figure out how to put the pieces all together. I’ve tried, I really have, but every time I do, it feels like I just make everything worse. Someone, please tell me how it is possible to fix someone so broken, so hopeless.
Here’s all the things that I’ve been working on. (Have fun scroling.)

1st: The people that I follows A.K.A my senpais:

@nekophy - First and for most, you’re amazing. Your art is beautiful in every piece. Your OCs are cute and adorable. You YOURSELF is amazing a hyperactive. Keep on being a cute little stick cat! Also I want to draw you as a cat and not a stick cat so sorry for that

@angexci - I can’t say how wonderful you are in any way possible. Your traditional are perfect, but your digital art is so awesome! You are amazing, everytime you post something, either a shitpost or an art piece, I love it all. So continue being a cool bird!

@jakei95 - One question, HOW. THE HELL. ARE YOU. SO FREAKING CALM?? Okay, you’re really, AWESOMELY cool. Your characters are cool, cute, awesome at the same time. Your art is TOO COOL, OKAY?? Also, you’re funny, like EXTREMELY FUNNY. Please continue on being a funny and cool potato! :3 I dunno I drew the background galaxy

@gabi4chan-akatsuki - I know your blog is not art related but I like Vocaloid and your Vocatale AU. I ADORE your Vocaloid covers, it sounds amazing. So just keep on tuning!

@wilyart - I know you don’t post much, but you are still amazing. I don’t have much to say aside from that your art are fabulous.

@kyashee-art - I. LOVE. EVERY. PIECE. OF ART. YOU MAKE. THAT’S ALL I COULD SAY. I can’t say anymore than compliment your art. I made this before you changed your mascot so oops.

@trashy-artzy-me - You’re one of the best traditional artist I’ve ever know. Personaly I feel that you’re cool :). Keep on being amazing!

@blogthegreatrouge - I can’t say you’re cool and amazing enough. You’re the first person i followed, the person that I made my blog for, the first person that I actually motivates me to post on Tumblr. Your art are all from the heavens. Except those sin art. So I hope you never give up and continue on!

@renrink - *inhales* YOU ARE SO COOL. Especially your AU, Reapertale is so cool and I’m waiting for your stuff. Your art are so goddamn wonderful, like DAYUM. I once tried to color like you but I failed so bad, I deleted it. :P. Just continue on being a cool dude gal!

@walkingmelonsaaa - I can’t say your art is amazing enough. Your lines, your coloring, your porotions! It’s beatiful! You are an art goddess to me, to everyone who knows you. So keep on making amazing art! I didn’t know what to draw for the background so I tried and it sucks >:(

@zarla-s - To be honest, I know you from Quotev XD, I read your fanfictions and I’m still waiting and I read the comics and I compared it and I’m surprised. Anyways, your art are so cute, espescially the skelebros! I want to say you’re great! Continue on!

@golzy - I know you’re on hiatus but I wanna say that I want feels too :3.I love your art, you’re talented at a young age. I’m cheering for you! I drew you in your Gay Daddy outfit with some fixing—

@camilaart - Through all the things that happened, you pushed through and fly up above! I wish you would never give up! Ever!

Sapphire by @sapphirescarletta123

Rey by @reyindee

@yugogeer12 - You’re from a cool gal to cute bean. AN ADORABLE BEAN!!! Your art are so goddamn cute!! So cute man! Your Epictale AU is great and EPIC! Keep on being a mixure of a cute and EPIC!!


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Sharky by @myebi

@ania-da-peasant - Though those idiotic people send hate, send you ask that lacks inteligence. You still pushed through. You was pushed down before but you stood up and face them. So never lose hope! Stay DETERMINED!




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Perf by @perfectshadow06

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@thekawaiichibigirl - You are a great friend, though you’re depression is bad, you’re pushing through!! I was– I mean EVERYONE was very worried, so don’t do that ever again. Those people are still hating but you’re answering them in a bad a$$ way!! Sorry Arty Just keep being who you are!!

@anndreemurr - We talk for like once and some how became friends X’DD So just wanna say that your art are everything! It’s so beautiful! So continue being cute and cool :D

@ithinkiamanartist - You’re the one that I talk to the most XDDD omg okay umm.. *inhales* YOUR COOL. You’re just like a cool big sister to me. Da coolest were cat big sister I’ve ever nyew. Your art is coot and cool just like you! Continue on being coot and cool kay sis? :) 

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Ha! I can do something better with my birthday than writing and doing this. Only llike 3 or 4 people wish me “Happy Birthday”. This joke is so lame.

Dear Heart,

I apologize for all those nights I stayed soaking up tears into my pillow case for a boy who couldn’t have cared less. For all the times I put you in positions you should not have been put in, which ended up draining every last bit of you. There were choices I solely put you in charge of that you should have had no say in, I realize now how badly that hurt you. Finally, I’m sorry I broke away pieces of you and handed them to friends and lovers who shattered you until you decided to shut completely off. I never wanted you to build those walls, I never meant it. I should have put you first, I should have listened to your every pulse. I realize now that of all the faces I will ever meet, you’ll be the only one I know will be there unconditionally. So, for the first time in my life, it’s time I put you first.

—  A promise to my heart

Now let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling I’ll be late for school tomorrow…

(spoiler alert, she couldn’t even sleep, she squealed in her bed until her alarm went off… and so did he) 

it took me…. so long…… to finish this….. it wasn’t supposed to get this long, holy shit……….

ANYWAY, ANON WHO REQUESTED A REVEAL, I hope you like this… I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for but it’s what i could do. also please pretend you can’t notice i had no idea what i was doing 

EDIT: the text is a bit hard to read, so I wrote it down under the cut: 

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That song didn’t say anything about the real you. You could plug any name into that song and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

I like to think that raindrops are teardrops of a star for a special someone on Earth. I like to think that on rainy days, a person is deeply loved through every drop that falls from above.
—  Lukas W. // The cry of a star