i love eren with everyone

Nice things of SNK S02E12

1. Seeing Hannes again ;-;

2. Eren’s rage quit before proceeding to bro-fist the fuck out of the smiling titan

3. Mikasa’s kink for Eren wrapping her scarf around her neck

4. Erwin-I-Give-No-Fucks arm or no arm I will still fight for humanity

5. Armin jumping out of his horse, while trying not to fall to get to Jean

6. Armin waving his blade while clinging on to Jean to protect him

7. Krista regarding herself as Historia Reiss now

8. Just Yumikuri being freaking canon and one of the most beautiful ship

9. Ymir’s sacrifice

10. Armin being narrator

11. Erwin’s smile

12. Jean and Armin theorizing


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I ship Levi with everyone because he needs love! Levi x Eren? Yay! Levi x Erwin? Yay! Levi x Mikasa? Yay! Levi x hanji? Yay! Levi x Connie? Yay! Levi x shrek? Yay! Levi x armin? Yay! Levi x Petra? Yay! Levi x Jean? Yay! Levi x moblit? Yay! Levi x farlan? Yay!

Take notes kids.

Headcanon #21

I love how everyone forgets, Eren isn`t all alone in that cell every night. There`s always a guard outside his door, so when Levi decides to come down for the night, they hear everything. And since Squad Levi are the most qualified, they`re the ones on night watch, and they know, Oluo is traumatized, Petra can`t look them in the eyes, Eld cringes when he sees them disappear somewhere and poor, poor Gunther had to be there when they tested out kinks.

The best part is Eren and Levi think they`re real smooth, think they`re invisible, when really they`re just making everyone else uncomfortable with how obvious they are, because innuendos aren`t subtle when everyone knows what`s going on.

Hinata and Orihime were both hated on. They were both body shamed, called names, and treated like garbage by many people in their fandoms. They both were called weak, had their own horrible pasts, faced their own demons, and held strong. Now they are married to the man they love and have always loved most; who they had beautiful children with. They are finally happy and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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SNK Sausage Movement
  • Sasha: Everybody say "sausage" keep it going! Potatoes, bread, meat, and SAUSAGE!
  • Connie: Shorter than Heichou, got a bigger SAUSAGE!
  • Annie: I showed him rock hard when he showed me his SAUSAGE!
  • Krista: Queen of the World, don't need that SAUSAGE!
  • Ymir: Freckles likes ladies, I don't want the SAUSAGE!
  • Armin: Aryan Coconut with a foot long SAUSAGE!
  • Erwin: Eyebrows so huge they're thick like a SAUSAGE!
  • Mike: Miles away I could smell that SAUSAGE!
  • Reiner: I'm a beefcake that likes pork SAUSAGE!
  • Bertholdt: Really damn tall, so I got a big SAUSAGE!
  • Marco: Got bit in half but I kept my whole SAUSAGE!
  • Jean: Horse face, yeah, but I got a horse SAUSAGE!
  • Pixis: Drunk on the job, just might whip out my SAUSAGE!
  • Levi: Mock my height and I'll tear off your sausage.
  • Hange: Stare at Titans or Levi's SAUSAGE!
  • Nile: MP Life - can eat real SAUSAGE!
  • Eren: Shift into a Titan, no longer have a SAUSAGE!
  • Mikasa: I really love Eren, let me sit on his sausage.
  • Everyone: sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-SAUSAGE!



Izzy and Levi are settled around the kitchen table, glass cups filled with brightly colored dyes and gently floating eggs spread out in front of them.  They’re a bit too old for it now, but it’s become something of a tradition for the two to dye Easter eggs at the Jaeger house.

Eren is resting against the the cabinets with his arms folded across his chest, studying the slow progression of their work.  He’s got a bit of melted chocolate at the corner of his mouth that keeps distracting Levi.  

It’s just a smudge, a darker brown spot resting at the corner of his pouty lips, but it’s enough to get Levi’s heart beating faster.    

He wants to lick it off, wants to slide his tongue slowly into the warm heat of Eren’s mouth.  He wants to taste Eren for the first time, wants to savor the feeling of Eren’s tongue sliding languidly against his own.  It would be sweet and a little rough, but all-consuming, like a wildfire in a high wind.  

“DAD,” Izzy says sharply, after Levi nearly cracks an egg open against the table, his mouth dry and his thoughts scattered.  “You’ve got chocolate on your face.”

“I do?” He responds, his eyebrows gathering together as he raises a thumb to rub at the corner of his mouth.  Levi watches, swallowing hard, as Eren brings his thumb to his mouth to suck it clean.  The way his lips wrap around his finger,  slow and sensual, leaves Levi’s groin feeling tight and hot.  

“Better?” He asks after a moment, and the light in the kitchen catches the damp skin of Eren’s thumb before he rubs it absently against his shirt.   

Izzy purses her lips and shakes her head.  

“Yes,” Levi cuts in, a bit breathless.  “Yes, very much so.”

why is mikasa’s initial reaction to eren’s “death” still being used a a reason to hate her?? in the year of our lord two thousand and fifteen?? good grief?

yes, she is shocked, and she has a moment of despair. she believes the person she loves most in the world is dead. some people are going to react that way. like. you’d think that’d be understandable.

and then almost immediately (and maybe ppl purposefully forget this??), mikasa gets up. she promises to carry on without him, and she keeps fighting. she goes to make sure armin is okay, she helps them all carry out their mission. she is heartbroken, but she is surviving. she is not, as i saw in her tag this morning, nothing without eren.

and yet people continue to focus just on her wanting to give up, because heaven forbid a female character show weakness for even a nanosecond

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Do you recommend any of your favorite Sherlock blogs? Also, I love your blog and your art!

This list is pretty long but YESSS.


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This ended up really long but umm.. hope that helped? LOL. The ones bolded are people I actually talk to a lot  =B Tho everyone on the list is wonderful and make my kokoro go doki doki tbh.

Not all of these blogs are solely sherlock blogs, but has sherlock in them a lot.

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: i lo-

everyone: yes, you love Eren Jaeger, we know, you love Eren so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Eren Jaeger, we KNOW, you love Eren you fucking love Eren ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE EREN JAEGER. WE GET IT.