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canon divergent rec list

canon divergent is my favorite genre of fanfic, hands down!!!! lemme show u my faves <3 (as usual, please look at the warnings per fic) leave comments and kudos even if some of these r old af, they deserve all the love.

1. Bear Your Soul on the Ice by @diedraechin. Mature, WIP, 143k.

childhood!!! friends to lovers!!! coming of age!!! i love love love this fic. the portrayal of the friendship between yuuri and viktor (and chris) and the way they grow up and change together is So Good. i’m so invested in this fic 😩

2. Just Hold On (We’re Going Home) by @kiaronna. Mature, Complete, 23k.

VIKTOR FORGETS THE BANQUET BUT YUURI REMEMBERS. i swear, god, this gave me so much feels, and i’ve been dreaming of a fic like this and kiaronna just shows up and exceeds all my expectations and ajldjalskdjas. (sometimes i reread this and i cry)

3. Impossible Year by lainadraws. Teen, Complete, 6.7k.

short and sweet AU where they meet when they’re younger <3 their personalities are still on point. i love their story and the beautiful simplicity of it.

4. i know my madness by @astoryaboutwar. Explicit, Complete, 14k.

pretty sure i read this once a month lmao, this is the kind of story u don’t mind reading over and over bcos it’s So Good. I feel like almost everyone’s read this, but it still deserves to be here. i love Viktor here ❤️ friends w benefits ish that turns into more.

5. You can have everything….. by @shysweetthing. Teen, Complete, 12.6k

AHH THIS IS SO ADORABLE??? i love their flirting, and this is so sweet, it’s honestly such a great pick me up if you wanna read something feel good. yuuri finds vik’s phone before Sochi and !!!

6. les chemins by shakeskp (translated into English by Edgedancer). Teen, Complete, 12k.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. misunderstanding at the beginning by media that yuuri and viktor hate each other, but obvs the angst doesnt last long because they’re them and they love each other and so so sweet <3 (original fic is in french, linked in the english translation i gave!)

7. feel like i win when i lose by @2iren. Explicit, Complete, 8k


8. turntables by Vitali. Teen, Complete, 4k.

short and sweet and so so so cute :(( their Yuuri is so good. vik tweets out a ‘date me’ tweet and yuuri replies w his pic AND OF COURSE VIKTOR WOULD WANT BANQUET BOY.

9. Viktor Effing Nikiforov by @shysweetthing. Explicit, Complete, 13k.

Yuuri goes to World’s, sees Viktor, and Viktor is obviously In Love but Yuuri doesn’t remember lmao. AHH this was such a fun read, laugh out loud funny and you really feel for Viktor.

check out my other recs. the social media rec list also includes great canon divergent fics that i left out in this one since it’s already featured there HAHA, namely stay close to me, Setting Sun, we’ll always have paris, and the Rivals series.

as always, i’m open to more recs <3


English Sub - Cure Macaron, Cure Chocolat - Macaronage of Love and Excitement (愛とときめきのマカロナージュ - Koi to Tokimeki no Macaronage)

“The reason for protecting is just one–because I love you.”

English translation/sub by me :D
Art by Futago Kamikita (yesshh I love official material too)

Feel free to correct me, because I’m still learning both languages (Japanese/English)

Rambling time!

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I’ve seen so many posts about how latinxs that don’t know spanish are valid. And it’s true (even tho spanish is not the only language in latinoamerica) you don’t need to know spanish to be latinx! 

But, i want to make a post for the latinxs that are learning/had to learn english. Not because we really wanted, we HAD to. We don’t need to be in USA to be obligated to learn english, because we are used to hear “you are nothing if you don’t know english/you need to know english to be someone in life” in our own country. I know that it can be frustrating, even in your free time when you use tumblr, english is everywhere. Sometimes when i’m here, i have to talk to myself in spanish because my brain is tired of english. I know that i make mistakes all the time, i hate when i need to say something and i don’t know how, i don’t like being so insecure. I see you, i feel you, i’m proud of you. 

For the latines in USA that had to/are learning english, hold on. You are probably so tired, not only of english but also…people, the culture, the differences. Hold on, breath and remember your country…está en tu interior. In your memories, in your culture, in your language, in your accent. It’s hard, but don’t hate your accent, you need to love it. You’re taking english and mixing it with yourself, with your identity. That’s your accent, a beautiful thing that you created.

For the latines in USA that don’t know/are not confident in the ‘other language’, it’s okay. You don’t need to learn, but if you want to i know that every latine here that knows that language, would be so happy to teach you/talk to you to practice. We get it, we undestand how awkward it is, how insecure you can be but we already love you because you’re trying. 

Para todos aquellos latines que no están tan seguros de su inglés o directamente no saben, también quiero compartir este post. Tu validez como persona no pasa por el hecho de saber o no inglés, ni cuán perfecto es. Tu idioma, tu forma de hablar, las expresiones de tu país son hermosos, nunca lo olvides.

Para todos os latinos que não estão tão seguros com seu nível de inglês ou não entendem, também quero compartilhar esse post. Sua validez como pessoa não depende do fato de saber inglês ou não, nem quão perfeito é. Seu idioma, seu jeito de falar, as expressões do seus país são lindas, nunca se esqueça. (thank you @keith-koganes for the translation!)

Is it okay to feel empty after you stop loving someone? Is it okay to be fucking afraid of opening up again? Is it fucking normal that you could break me the way you did? Because it’s been a while since we’ve talked and it feels like it was yesterday that you said you were leaving, that I wasn’t enogh for you, well at least it felt that way.

hawajulayman  asked:

Why do u love Richonne ? And as a black woman how do u feel about the way Michonne is written in the show and they way Rick is with her? I'm black too. By the way Lemonade is in my top5 Richonne's fanfiction. A masterpiece i hated and loved Rick. When i finished i was like " girl Richonne is fine, Richard didn't do that in the show ". Well done ! Gimple needs to take some advices form you. Excuse my english, I'm french.

Aww, thank you so much! 🖤And no need to apologize for your English, it’s perfect. 

Oh man, why do I love Richonne. For so many little reasons, but broadly speaking, because it’s a healthy, mature relationship that stemmed from a bond of friendship and trust and mutual respect. They went from almost enemies to bringing one another back from the brink of death – both figuratively and in some cases literally. And in those moments and their connection to Carl, they became this family inside the bigger family. They became intimate. And they’re just so well-written. No unnecessary drama, no badly executed tropes or stereotypes. Just two really beautiful people whose worlds were turned upside down, but they saw what they wanted and needed in one another, and they made a relationship out of it. Finally. I can’t believe this zombie show gave me one of the best onscreen relationships I’ve ever seen, but… here we are. It probably helps, though, that they aren’t the focus of the show. Just a really great byproduct of it. 

As for Michonne, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the way she’s been portrayed. When she first showed up, I was so enamored by her mere existence. This dark-skinned woman with dreadlocks and a sword saving white ladies in the woods. I was in. Then she refused to talk to people, even when she had important shit to say, and it got on my nerves. But… I was still in because she wasn’t dead yet. And then Scott Gimple came along and shattered all of my fears about her any longer being just the angry black woman who refused to cooperate. In season 4, her relationships with Rick and Carl were fleshed out, and the reason behind the guard she had up became clearer as the season went along, pretty much at the same time that the Grimes boys had managed to knock it down. Finding out she was a mother and how she lost her first family and seeing her break down in After was all so heartbreaking but necessary. It all went a long way to showing her as an actual person. And the subsequent seasons, while not as heavily focused on her at all, did reinforce that. They gave her the full range of the human experience, from loss and anger and heartbreak to love and sex and fulfillment and happiness. So seeing her journey and watching her relationship with Rick blossom into what they have has just been so satisfying for me. That’s not to say it’s been perfect by any means, but when I look at the picture so far, I love what I see.

I fell in love with Over to Gravity Falls by skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff, and this is our love child. :D

No, but seriously that stuff is brilliant, go read it if you haven’t already! :^)

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I just finished Unbelievers and I need something new, what're some of your favourite fics?

Ive answered an ask similar to this a while ago but i can’t seem to find it so i don’t know if i am repeating myself but…

Here you go:

Hate Me To The Moon by harrystylesandstuff [ 8/8 | English | 83,616 ] ***

AU where Harry is a sexy nerd, Louis is a great actor, and they both pretend to hate each other’s guts to convince themselves they’re not feeling things future step-brothers shouldn’t feel.

Right By Your Side by mezziedemo [ 21/21 | English | 154,446 ] ***

Marine Biologist Harry Styles works at SeaWorld Australia and conducts dolphin therapy sessions for people suffering trauma or fear of water. He loves his job and his life in Australia, but it all gets turned upside down when a beautiful blue eyed boy from the UK is sent down under for therapy after a near drowning incident.

Fading by tothemoonmydear [ 32/32 | English | 202,393 ] ***

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

Who Knew by sincewewereeighteen [ 20/20 | English | 130,323 ] ***

Or: the one in which my mind goes to a really dark place thanks to this ridiculous reality we’re living right now and Louis cheats on Harry and gets a girl pregnant.

Coax The Cold by MediaWhore [ 14/14 | English | 86,166 ] ***

England, 1897. English Professor Louis Tomlinson’s passion for the occult has been a source of mockery and derision for most of his life. When he hears whispers of a travelling freak show newly established in London claiming the existence of a monstrous sea hybrid, half-man, half-fish, Louis sees it as his ticket to credibility amongst his peers. The summer he spends undercover working on the show, however, gives him much more than that.

Flightless Bird by DonnaHywardsHead [ 35/35 | English | 97,723 ] ***

AU where Louis Tomlinson is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival from ballet school, moody dance prodigy Harry Styles joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company’s production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late?

Just A Flower Boy by Larryruinedme [ 15/15 | English | 70,087 ] ***

Fate is thrown out the window the day that Harry and Louis find themselves partnered up for a history project. Harry starts to receive notes from a secret admirer, Louis starts to get jealous of Harry’s budding friendship with senior Nick Grimshaw, Zayn and Liam develop a thing for each other, and Niall is the best mate anyone could have asked for. And suddenly, Harry’s crush on Louis doesn’t seem so utterly hopeless anymore.

The more darker side to me likes…

Sinister by ModestlyHomo [ 19/19 | English | 54,066 ] ***

Louis Tomlinson, head psychiatrist of Violet Quarters Mental Rehabilitation Center is faced with the most difficult case of mental instability his career has ever given him. In a mirage of rape, and seven gruesome murders, Harry Styles’; with his dangerously wicked smile, can still manipulate even his strongest contenders. Yet the accused killer has a past that not even Harry himself can remember correctly.

Birds In Gilded Cages by graveyardwitch [ 20/20 | English | 157,001 ] ***

After being kidnapped as a teenager, Harry Styles was forced into high-class prostitution by the evil Mr Cowell. Louis Tomlinson is heir to his father’s corporation, set to inherit millions…But engaged to a woman he doesn’t love and deeply unhappy. When they meet at a party sparks fly and they embark on a passionate and dangerous relationship…But can it ever be true love when one of you is being paid? And can Louis ever rescue Harry from The Bird Cage Hotel?

Hope these are okay and that you enjoy them as much as i did! Make sure you look at the tags before reading especially for the last two! - Happy Reading :) 

ID #44631

Name: Gabriela
Age: 16 (17 in July)
Country: Argentina

Ooook, as you can see up there, I’m a 16 year old girl from a rather small city in Argentina. I love movies and series, theatre and musicals (I go to a musical theatre academy), books (big Tolkien fan) BUT on top of it all, I love music. I play guitar and I’m mostly into rock and indie, but I appreciate any type of music. My favourite bands are The Beatles and Arctic Monkeys. I would love to talk to anyone from any country around the world, I’m very interested in foreign cultures, and I wish to move to a different country someday, and to travel, so I’m learning German (I can speak a tiny little bit of it), but I’m fluid in English and of course, Spanish. I’m a biiiiig nerd, into sci-fi, biology, phisics and medicine, as well as politics. I’m a sensitive person, I love helping others and making them feel happy, and making them laugh! So, if you want to have a nice chat and create a good friendship, contact me!

Preferences: I’m willing to talk to anyone! Any gender, nationality, age (although I guess I get along with older people ‘cuz of my siblings), etc., just be willing to form a good friendship, and please oh please no hating. 

in regards to hate (remix)
Anto feat. Einaudi
in regards to hate (remix)

Have you ever thought about love?

If he were to ask me now, I’d know exactly what to say. I’d describe the slightest up and down motion of his chest - still bare, a wasteland - the muted colour of his hair that reminds me of the moon, is it stupid to think that he’s really handsome? Like, do I sound pathetic? Is it ok if I really like the quietest whistle from his nose as he breathes in? Is it stupid maybe to think I don’t want anyone else to ever hear it?
Am I childish if I am still unable to process the fact that he thinks I am beautiful and I want him to tell me again? Like, over and over? Everyday? In front of everyone?


“Fine, I’ve had enough of this game. You want to know the truth, Yuri?”
“No, I want to go home with you”
“No you listen to me. I like him. Do you hear me?”
“Take me home”
“I’ve liked him from the first damn second I laid my eyes on him, no, from the video on YouTube, I was watching him dance and it seemed like everything suddenly connected, I felt inspired, dropped everything and came here because I knew I’d regret it forever otherwise. I found my muse. And I came here because I need to understand what this feeling is, I’ve never felt it before, Yuuri has awakened something in me I didn’t even know existed. I can’t stop thinking about him day and night. And I don’t want to, either, because for the first time in years I feel motivated. I need him, I want him to want me. This is it, Yuri. This is it.”


“I have ruined him. He said he wanted us to go home and what did I do? I spat my own selfish feelings in his face. He’s just a kid. He’s just a kid on his own. He needed me and I abandoned him. If I had stayed in Russia all this wouldn’t have happened.“

"You left because you fell in love. That is a good enough reason, don’t you think.”


( extracts from in regards to hate, a fanfiction by antonsenpai )

indigo la End / 想いきり / Omoikiri / The Desire  LYRICS ENGLISH + KANA + ROMAJI

“Which turn am I?”
You asked looking with eyes that are unable to laugh,
about to cry but eventually *sigh*.
The worst part about you,
is that you talk a lot.
However that is the only part that I want to love.

There is a painful feeling.
And the more it increases,
the more you become dear to me.
It can’t be helped~.
My favorite part of you is small,
compared to the other parts that I hate.
Which I felt I would like to feel more about you.

Every minute when I got used to falling down,
I picked it up.
And then the next moment,
oh well never mind…
Even if a cross become a triangle,
it can never be a circle.
Once in a while I would have liked it to become a circle.

There is a painful feeling.
And the more it increases,
the more you become dear to me.
It can’t be helped~.
My favorite part of you is small,
compared to the other parts that I hate.
Which I felt I would like to feel more about you.

An equivalent exchange,
isn’t it just an extension of playing with fire?
Forgiving the one you love,
you don’t know it right?

There is a painful feeling.
And the more it increases,
the more you become dear to me.
It can’t be helped~.
My favorite part of you is small,
compared to the other parts that I hate.
Which I felt I would like to feel more about you.







‘watashi ga nannin me na no?’
warawanai me de miteru no o
nagasou to shita kedo kekkyoku tameiki
iya na bubun no hō ga sa
kuchi o tsuite takusan deru
demo soredake aishitai bubun ga fueru yo

setsunai kanjō ga hora
fuereba fueru hodo
itoshiku natte ku
shōganai n da
sukina bubun wa sukoshi
hoka wa kirai na hō ga sa
kimi no koto omoikireru ki ga shita

mai bun koboreochiru no
nareta koro ni hiroiageta
sore mo tsugi no shunkan ni wa
mā ii ya
batsu ga sankaku ni natte mo
maru ni naranai no ga tsune de
tamani maru ni naru to sarani itoshii

setsunai kanjō ga hora
fuereba fueru hodo
itoshiku natte ku
shōganai n da
sukina bubun wa sukoshi
hoka wa kirai na hō ga sa
kimi no koto omoikireru ki ga shita

tōka kōkan nante
hiasobi no enchō desho
yurusu itoshi kata
shiranai n desho

setsunai kanjō ga hora
fuereba fueru hodo
itoshiku natte ku
shōga nai n da
suki na bubun wa sukoshi
ta wa kirai na hō ga sa
kimi no koto omoikireru ki ga shita

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Hello I can you make a reaction when they realize his crush has small hands? Please? Thanks for reading my request and do it (if you do) and love your blog (that's what it's called? If not sorry)And I'm sorry for my English, I translate in a translator, I'm brazilian (and I hope you don't hate me for this) and again sorry for stealing your time

I have large hands - for a female, at least - so I couldn’t really relate but I hope hope you like it anyways~ And your English is FINE don’t worry I’d never hate you ^-^ English is a dumb language anyways xP

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would stare at your hands after noticing just how small they were, constantly wondering what it would feel like to let his hands engulf yours. And, when you noticed his stare, he would just smile and compliment you as sweetly as he could.

Yoongi couldn’t understand how your hands were so small; was it hard for you to play instruments or do other similar things? So, when you noticed his stares, he’d just ask whatever question was on his mind at the time.

Hoseok would hold your hands “playfully” almost constantly; he’d like the way he could completely cover your hands with his, and so he’d do it as often as you allowed him to, acting like he was teasing you while he did it so that you - hopefully - wouldn’t notice his blush.

Namjoon was always staring at your hands, but even though he was only thinking about holding them, every time you pointed out that he was staring he’d get greasy flirty and tell you that he was thinking about your hands holding something else.

Jimin was constantly comparing his hands to yours, as if his hands grew or yours shrank every day, though he only compared them so often because it meant that he could pretty much hold your hand at least once a day for “no reason.”

Taehyung would want to hold your hand a lot - as “friends,” of course - claiming that your hands fit so perfectly in his that it just felt natural. Plus, your hands were small, so they probably got cold often, even in the middle of the summer, right?

No matter how many times he got caught, Jungkook would stare at your hands if he wasn’t distracted by something else. And every time you caught him, he’d get embarrassed and look away quickly, only to return to looking at them once you’d stopped paying attention.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't wanna be rude or anything, but I just wanted to ask if there is any chance, that you will post the original teopm. Maybe after you will release the book or something. I just really loved teopm and I think you are a wonderfull author. If not then thats ok too. (Ps: sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany)

your English is perfect! but no, i’m afraid i’m not reposting TEOPM. 1) it’s terrible and i hate it now so i would be embarrassed to ever repost it at this point, and 2) i wouldn’t want to take away from my novel. maybe that sounds selfish but other people are allowed to make money off their art, so i feel like fanfic writers should too, once they take the step to turn fic into originals, if that’s what they choose. but i appreciate that you read my work and enjoyed it enough to want to read it again, thank you. i just hope you’ll give my original work a try as well!

Those lips that Love’s own hand did make
Breathed forth the sound that said ‘I hate’
To me that languished for her sake.
But when she saw my woeful state,
Straight in her heart did mercy come,
Chiding that tongue that ever sweet
Was used in giving gentle doom,
And taught it thus anew to greet:
'I hate’ she altered with an end
That followed it as gentle day
Doth follow night, who, like a fiend,
From heaven to hell is flown away.
'I hate’ from hate away she threw,
And saved my life, saying, 'not you.’
—  ~William Shakespeare- Sonnet 145
(The Sonnets and A Lovers Complaint)
Skinny Love (Cover)
Me and my awful voice
Skinny Love (Cover)

When I’m sad, I sing and play. Sometimes I just sing. 

I’m feeling pretty sad today and I’ll not lie, these past few days have been awful to me. And when I feel like this, I try to lose myself in the music. Music is the thing that makes me feel less hurted, less broken. 

So here it is my first cover. It’s not twenty one pilots related but I wanted to post it here because the Clique has always supported me and this is something so huge. It means everything to me. 

Sorry about my voice. I hate it a lot, but I feel like if I don’t sing, I’ll explode. And sorry about my accent and about my English. They suck, I know. I pronounce many wrong words because my English gets even worse when I’m feeling down. But I don’t post it to get famous or to be a professional singer. I just post it because my heart tells me to. I’m actually so anxious about posting it, but I feel deep down that I should. And I kinda want to.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great night. Love you all.

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't mind me asking this, but wht movement of Judaism is would you align uourself with? I haven't been to a shul in years either, mainly bc I'm worried abt hashem hating me for being trans even in reform😞 I'm wanting to go to a reform shul to see if it will change the way I think I feel I can fit but the nearest one is in another city:// also sorry for my bad English and sorry if you don't wanna answer this i get it could be a perosnal question

i’m not aligned with any particular movement at the moment because i haven’t had a chance to properly find my footing in jewish communities yet. i can tell you with certainty though that Hashem does not, will not, and has never hated you for being trans. lots of love also your english is perfect don’t fret

anonymous asked:

Heyy, I'm no native english speaker, but after reading so many of yours stories I felt bad not giving any feedback at all. So I can't really express what I've been feeling well, but your writing style's fantastic. I love every little bit. My favorite story this moment's Aru'e Tio'r, because it's what I've always wanted. I hated how the Umbara Arc was and reading your version gives me hope. Also i just love Rex, Kix, Hardcase and Dogma, so there can never be anough stories about them^^

No worries about English, you’re doing fine! 

You have no idea how much reading this warms my heart! Seriously! The fact you’re a constant reader is already amazing, and that you’ve been enjoying my stories means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

I am so happy to hear you’re liking  Aru'e Tio'r! I just hope you continue to as it goes along (but I will try and work in a lot more we could have had from the Umbara Arc) 
I really, really hope you’ll like where the story goes and that you stick around for all that’s to come! =D

Thank you again for taking the time to give me this feedback - it gives me so much more energy to continue writing. Hope you have a great week! 

Originally posted by audreylaine-nalley

things that (mostly foreign kpop fans) need to stop: [particularly about male kpop groups or idols (particularly particularly talking to ARMY’s]

  • Being crass, disgusting, perverse, overly sexual, rude and all around unnecessary towards idols on a platform where they are allowed to see your comments. I can’t believe this needs to be explained but EXP: you look so good oppa i want to rape you // Fuck me oppa // you’re so sexy i hate you for making me feel this way. // *idols posts picture of them doing a peace sign and smiling* comment: GOD i want to fuck you so bad right now…  this needs to stop especially because some of yall are like 14 years old. Also, this is just tasteless and it’s actually called sexual harassment tbh.
  • Infantising or judging idols for saying things, dancing to things, that are adult or sexual when they are grown ass adults. Like, for example, Jimin & Jeongguk dancing to a song with mature lyrics about having sex basically, and so many comments like; do they even know what this song is omg this song is so sexual, i can’t believe they’re doing this….1; it’s just a song, lyrics don’t even matter, it’s not a big deal. 2; these idols are old enough to dance to whatever they want to without someone telling them they’re too young or assuming that it’s crude or weird or they don’t know. 
    • please note: this does not mean just because they are grown ass adults that you can then proceed to sexually harass them or only comment overly sexual and disgusting things.
  • Commenting the second idols post things on twitter with some unnecessary random ass english bullshit. First off all, even if they could understand over half of it, which Kim Namjoon may just be able to (or other fluent in english kpop idols) they probably don’t want to read so many unnecessary comments. NOTE: this does not mean don’t say: i love you! this means don’t say some shit like: jhope posts a picture: where is taehyung. jimin posts a video doing something random: first 8 comments are shit like: I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY, why do you always do this, kiss jungkook, where’s taehyung? how is taehyung doing oppa? yall need to learn some manners honestly…
  • PS. please understand that messaging things like: I HATE YOU FOR THIS, for a foreign idol, does not look good and is not advised. Your favs probably do understand the word hate in english, and they do not know it as a good thing. Your weird tumblr or otherwise socially obtained sarcasm does not read through text. it sounds like you’re just yelling that you hate them. Use some common sense and if you’re going to yell at them don’t use sarcasm in a separate language from their mother tongue and a sarcastic, culturally separate from their own at that.
  • stop flooding the VAPP lives with 100000 english comments of a similar nature as well tbh. If you have nothing nice, relevant and simple to say just don’t. or just send a heart emoji. sometimes the level of obnoxious that the foreign fans reach is actually out of this world.
  • show support for whole groups not just your favs. if another member if out on VAPP for instance, please don’t constantly in english ask where your favorite member is, pay respect to the member currently there. This goes for twitter and everything as well…
  • literally stop going onto everything all of the time and talking shit about how it isn’t bts. just stop. like, i feel like i could go to a beyonce video tomorrow and find 4 comments about bts and at least 2 would be like; BTS IS BETTER, and the other 2 would be like ARMY here supporting beyonce let’s stick together, some of all are wild, calm down we already have a bad reputation tbh….i’m not saying don’t be proud to be ARMY or love bts (because i’m sure that’s what people will try to get out of this post and they’d be wrong) i’m saying don’t act like crazy people???
  • have some respect for BTS and all idols, and remember that they are PEOPLE. and if you’re a foreign fan, remember that they do not share the same culture as you. You may not understand their culture entirely, just as they don’t understand yours. Don’t fetishise their culture or their people, don’t fetishise their language. Don’t act like you understand their culture if you don’t. Especially if you’re new to kpop and BTS brought you in, it’s okay that you don’t understand but …at the same time, understand that their culture is nothing like ours. It really, really, really isn’t. Don’t mistake that it is. Learn the culture that you’ve been thrust into and don’t try to bastardize it. 
  • If you see them in your foreign country or town (on vacation especially…) don’t crowd them, chase them, yell at them, try to touch them.

tatzelwyrm  asked:

book meme: 3, 7, 21, please. :)

Answers to this list


(Feel free to ask me more!)

3 A book you found overhyped, and why

Well, it would probably be cheating to complain about Hyperion again, wouldn’t it? Oh, here’s one. About 7 years ago when I changed jobs at the library where I worked and it suddenly became imperative that I know more about popular, mainstream fiction, I asked a couple of coworkers for a rec. They both suggested Sarah’s Key. Most of the staff read it and loved it. All of my patrons adored it. But I have rarely hated a book with such a thorough passion. Ugh!

7 If you’re not a native English speaker, how much do you read in your native language versus how much you read in English? How do you feel about that? // If you’re a native English speaker, go find a book in your second/third/etc language, or in translation, to add to your to-read list.

English is my native and only language. (I’ve tried learning German twice, and failed miserably. I think my brain just isn’t wired for a second language or something.) Anyhow, I’m more than happy to read literature in translation. Currently, I’m listening to The Red and the Black, because I’ve read so little French lit. As far as what to add to my TBR pile….hmm. How about this—first person to rec me a book not originally in English that I haven’t read, I will put at the top of my TBR pile. (Aside—I’ve read very little French lit, almost no German, some of the Greek classics but not nearly as many as I should, and a fair amount of Russian.)

21 The book you gave up on, and the reasons why.

I give up on books all the time. It was truly the most liberating thing ever when I decided that I didn’t have to finish books I was reading for pleasure if they were giving me no pleasure. Because I don’t think it’s fair to rate or even list as read books on Goodreads I don’t finish, I’ve actually started a Bailed shelf.

(Oh, hey, people wondering what I’ve read in translation can feel free to go poke around my Goodreads!)

Thanks for the questions!

I think I need British sub-titles

Hey all, American here. Your posts are sunshine to my rainy days.  To add to the sunshine, just quick reminder (to emphasize a good post from few days ago; bless you and you know who you are), list of “English terms Americans wouldn’t [use/know]”, such as “Action Man” (John’s quip from S01E01) is the English G.I. Joe. Military kink, anyone?

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(referencing this post)

Yeah, I had NO IDEA that Action Man was a GI Joe either (and it’s in TRF, not ASiP :D). LIKE:

JOHN: Nicked all his Smurfs? Broke his Action Man?


AHHHHH. I hate them.