i love english but i hate english you feel

Is it okay to feel empty after you stop loving someone? Is it okay to be fucking afraid of opening up again? Is it fucking normal that you could break me the way you did? Because it’s been a while since we’ve talked and it feels like it was yesterday that you said you were leaving, that I wasn’t enogh for you, well at least it felt that way.
in regards to hate (remix)
Anto feat. Einaudi
in regards to hate (remix)

Have you ever thought about love?

If he were to ask me now, I’d know exactly what to say. I’d describe the slightest up and down motion of his chest - still bare, a wasteland - the muted colour of his hair that reminds me of the moon, is it stupid to think that he’s really handsome? Like, do I sound pathetic? Is it ok if I really like the quietest whistle from his nose as he breathes in? Is it stupid maybe to think I don’t want anyone else to ever hear it?
Am I childish if I am still unable to process the fact that he thinks I am beautiful and I want him to tell me again? Like, over and over? Everyday? In front of everyone?


“Fine, I’ve had enough of this game. You want to know the truth, Yuri?”
“No, I want to go home with you”
“No you listen to me. I like him. Do you hear me?”
“Take me home”
“I’ve liked him from the first damn second I laid my eyes on him, no, from the video on YouTube, I was watching him dance and it seemed like everything suddenly connected, I felt inspired, dropped everything and came here because I knew I’d regret it forever otherwise. I found my muse. And I came here because I need to understand what this feeling is, I’ve never felt it before, Yuuri has awakened something in me I didn’t even know existed. I can’t stop thinking about him day and night. And I don’t want to, either, because for the first time in years I feel motivated. I need him, I want him to want me. This is it, Yuri. This is it.”


“I have ruined him. He said he wanted us to go home and what did I do? I spat my own selfish feelings in his face. He’s just a kid. He’s just a kid on his own. He needed me and I abandoned him. If I had stayed in Russia all this wouldn’t have happened.“

"You left because you fell in love. That is a good enough reason, don’t you think.”


( extracts from in regards to hate, a fanfiction by antonsenpai )

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Your grammar is honestly so bad it makes me want to write an essay on why it is so bad.

From the moment one is born, one is forced to adapt into a society founded by the constructs of the gift that is the English language.

Today I will be writing about why it is so important to have proper grammar. For starters, when one is on the internet, he or she will feel superior. I identify as a classist and racist. I hate immigrants because English is their second language and their grammar makes me physically vomit even though it is none of my business. I should probably see a doctor about that. I should also probably see a doctor about why no one will love me. Why did you leave me, Susan? Why was I never hugged as a child? Why?

In conclusion, h*ck u binch get out my face.

Skinny Love (Cover)
Me and my awful voice
Skinny Love (Cover)

When I’m sad, I sing and play. Sometimes I just sing. 

I’m feeling pretty sad today and I’ll not lie, these past few days have been awful to me. And when I feel like this, I try to lose myself in the music. Music is the thing that makes me feel less hurted, less broken. 

So here it is my first cover. It’s not twenty one pilots related but I wanted to post it here because the Clique has always supported me and this is something so huge. It means everything to me. 

Sorry about my voice. I hate it a lot, but I feel like if I don’t sing, I’ll explode. And sorry about my accent and about my English. They suck, I know. I pronounce many wrong words because my English gets even worse when I’m feeling down. But I don’t post it to get famous or to be a professional singer. I just post it because my heart tells me to. I’m actually so anxious about posting it, but I feel deep down that I should. And I kinda want to.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great night. Love you all.

I am not ashamed to be an English-speaker.

And no-one should be, ever. The English language is perfectly as ‘valid’ as all other languages in the world and it is very, very disheartening to see people constantly vilify and attack the English language.

Yes, I understand why. It sucks that English was forced upon people during colonisation; but please do not act as if no other language has ever, ever, ever done this. Even the original romance language, Latin, did this. So don’t try to single English out here because many languages did the same thing. It was a shitty thing that happened in the past but now we must try and move forward.

And yes, I know it sucks that if you’re born in an English speaking country you get a major advantage because it’s your native tongue. But any attempt to design a universal language would end up benefiting and disadvantaging countries in different ways (depending on grammar, phonetics, script used, whether you have tones etc.) so even if you were to advocate for Esperanto as a universal, those speaking languages from Africa and Asia etc. are still disadvantaged. It’s unavoidable.

I’ve also seen many people that have now started to hate English once they start learning a foreign language, as if it’s somehow trendy to do this. You don’t need to hate English - I love German with all my heart, but it doesn’t make me love English any less?

I understand the sensitivity around this topic, but this really does just to go out to all of the people who constantly feel the need to shame the English language; because by doing so you’re trying to make every English speaker feel like shit and it’s just not right. We are not responsible for the mistakes of the past and nor is our language. English is just as phonetically marvellous as French, just as grammatically complex as German, written in a script just as beautiful as Cyrillic etc.

I love the English language and I am not ashamed to be an English-speaker. I adore my mother tongue and I am entitled to do that just as a German/Italian/Romanian/Russian/Serbian/Korean etc. is to his/hers. English is a wonderful language and I raise my glass to anyone who can speak it; fluently or not.

I fell in love with Over to Gravity Falls by skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff, and this is our love child. :D

No, but seriously that stuff is brilliant, go read it if you haven’t already! :^)

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Hello I can you make a reaction when they realize his crush has small hands? Please? Thanks for reading my request and do it (if you do) and love your blog (that's what it's called? If not sorry)And I'm sorry for my English, I translate in a translator, I'm brazilian (and I hope you don't hate me for this) and again sorry for stealing your time

I have large hands - for a female, at least - so I couldn’t really relate but I hope hope you like it anyways~ And your English is FINE don’t worry I’d never hate you ^-^ English is a dumb language anyways xP

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would stare at your hands after noticing just how small they were, constantly wondering what it would feel like to let his hands engulf yours. And, when you noticed his stare, he would just smile and compliment you as sweetly as he could.

Yoongi couldn’t understand how your hands were so small; was it hard for you to play instruments or do other similar things? So, when you noticed his stares, he’d just ask whatever question was on his mind at the time.

Hoseok would hold your hands “playfully” almost constantly; he’d like the way he could completely cover your hands with his, and so he’d do it as often as you allowed him to, acting like he was teasing you while he did it so that you - hopefully - wouldn’t notice his blush.

Namjoon was always staring at your hands, but even though he was only thinking about holding them, every time you pointed out that he was staring he’d get greasy flirty and tell you that he was thinking about your hands holding something else.

Jimin was constantly comparing his hands to yours, as if his hands grew or yours shrank every day, though he only compared them so often because it meant that he could pretty much hold your hand at least once a day for “no reason.”

Taehyung would want to hold your hand a lot - as “friends,” of course - claiming that your hands fit so perfectly in his that it just felt natural. Plus, your hands were small, so they probably got cold often, even in the middle of the summer, right?

No matter how many times he got caught, Jungkook would stare at your hands if he wasn’t distracted by something else. And every time you caught him, he’d get embarrassed and look away quickly, only to return to looking at them once you’d stopped paying attention.

Asks!After a loong long time ;;w;;

Anonymous said: Okay but your coloring… HOW?!

Anonymous said: I love your bright colors! If it’s not a bother would you consider making tutorial posts on coloring? Thanks! (If you’re busy and can’t do it it’s okay too^^)

Since many people asked already…

rest of the questions under the cut OwO:

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things that (mostly foreign kpop fans) need to stop: [particularly about male kpop groups or idols (particularly particularly talking to ARMY’s]

  • Being crass, disgusting, perverse, overly sexual, rude and all around unnecessary towards idols on a platform where they are allowed to see your comments. I can’t believe this needs to be explained but EXP: you look so good oppa i want to rape you // Fuck me oppa // you’re so sexy i hate you for making me feel this way. // *idols posts picture of them doing a peace sign and smiling* comment: GOD i want to fuck you so bad right now…  this needs to stop especially because some of yall are like 14 years old. Also, this is just tasteless and it’s actually called sexual harassment tbh.
  • Infantising or judging idols for saying things, dancing to things, that are adult or sexual when they are grown ass adults. Like, for example, Jimin & Jeongguk dancing to a song with mature lyrics about having sex basically, and so many comments like; do they even know what this song is omg this song is so sexual, i can’t believe they’re doing this….1; it’s just a song, lyrics don’t even matter, it’s not a big deal. 2; these idols are old enough to dance to whatever they want to without someone telling them they’re too young or assuming that it’s crude or weird or they don’t know. 
    • please note: this does not mean just because they are grown ass adults that you can then proceed to sexually harass them or only comment overly sexual and disgusting things.
  • Commenting the second idols post things on twitter with some unnecessary random ass english bullshit. First off all, even if they could understand over half of it, which Kim Namjoon may just be able to (or other fluent in english kpop idols) they probably don’t want to read so many unnecessary comments. NOTE: this does not mean don’t say: i love you! this means don’t say some shit like: jhope posts a picture: where is taehyung. jimin posts a video doing something random: first 8 comments are shit like: I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS WAY, why do you always do this, kiss jungkook, where’s taehyung? how is taehyung doing oppa? yall need to learn some manners honestly…
  • PS. please understand that messaging things like: I HATE YOU FOR THIS, for a foreign idol, does not look good and is not advised. Your favs probably do understand the word hate in english, and they do not know it as a good thing. Your weird tumblr or otherwise socially obtained sarcasm does not read through text. it sounds like you’re just yelling that you hate them. Use some common sense and if you’re going to yell at them don’t use sarcasm in a separate language from their mother tongue and a sarcastic, culturally separate from their own at that.
  • stop flooding the VAPP lives with 100000 english comments of a similar nature as well tbh. If you have nothing nice, relevant and simple to say just don’t. or just send a heart emoji. sometimes the level of obnoxious that the foreign fans reach is actually out of this world.
  • show support for whole groups not just your favs. if another member if out on VAPP for instance, please don’t constantly in english ask where your favorite member is, pay respect to the member currently there. This goes for twitter and everything as well…
  • literally stop going onto everything all of the time and talking shit about how it isn’t bts. just stop. like, i feel like i could go to a beyonce video tomorrow and find 4 comments about bts and at least 2 would be like; BTS IS BETTER, and the other 2 would be like ARMY here supporting beyonce let’s stick together, some of all are wild, calm down we already have a bad reputation tbh….i’m not saying don’t be proud to be ARMY or love bts (because i’m sure that’s what people will try to get out of this post and they’d be wrong) i’m saying don’t act like crazy people???
  • have some respect for BTS and all idols, and remember that they are PEOPLE. and if you’re a foreign fan, remember that they do not share the same culture as you. You may not understand their culture entirely, just as they don’t understand yours. Don’t fetishise their culture or their people, don’t fetishise their language. Don’t act like you understand their culture if you don’t. Especially if you’re new to kpop and BTS brought you in, it’s okay that you don’t understand but …at the same time, understand that their culture is nothing like ours. It really, really, really isn’t. Don’t mistake that it is. Learn the culture that you’ve been thrust into and don’t try to bastardize it. 
  • If you see them in your foreign country or town (on vacation especially…) don’t crowd them, chase them, yell at them, try to touch them.
Feeling Real (Jack J Imagine

A/N: This is my first imagine so don’t judge… Imagine that the Jacks are both in high school again. Thank you :) xx

Word Count: 806

Warning:  None, slight self harm and tiny sexism  

Originally posted by milkshakemendes


I walked into English class with Y/B/F/N by my side, the thing is I hated my English Table… I had a douche called Tyler Gordon, he was the class clown but also the moron of the school.  All the populars loved him, but the rest of the school hated him, and he knew it. Because we were only a table of three, the last person was the rapper of the school, Jack J, he was sweet and kind and he had good grades, although I had developed a crush on him since middle school, he tended not to talk, except from mouthing across the classroom to his best friend Jack G.  So then I was left on a table by myself and dreaded English every day, but hey, I had to be here or else I would fail the class.

As soon as I sat down I glanced around my table to see both boys glaring at each other, but to be on the safe side, I took a seat next to Jack.  

“Okay in today’s class, we’re going to be talking about where you want to be in your future life, so I’d like you to work in table groups,” the old teacher, Mr Clarke babbled on.

“In my future life,” Tyler started and I rolled my eyes, which he answered with a stern glare. “I’m going to be the man of the house; no women should ever lead the house.” My temper slightly rose, how dare he.  Man of the house, that’s the olden days, we’re now in the 21st century douche bag.

“Tyler that’s how they lived in the olden days,” I muttered.  "Women have just the rights as men do now.“

“Not in my house,” he huffed.  "No! If a women dare thought she ruled my home, I’d just beat her.  Good job I won’t marry you, because I’d have to beat you every night.“ I was totally taken back… How dare he… I grabbed my bag and ran out of the class, jogging to the toilets as tears tumbled down my cheeks.

Jack’s POV:

As soon as Y/N left the room my eyes fell on Tyler.  I listened to their conversation, and I thought Tyler was becoming more of a douche - which I don’t even know is possible.  I knew about Y/N past, because I lived in a neighbourhood with her, their family was kind and caring and her mom use to send us cookies.  When I found out what was actually happening in her house I was shocked and confused, her father use to beat her and her mother because he was a monster.  I created a crush on Y/N, which is why I never talked to her because I was too shy, promising myself which ever women I married I would never beat her, especially her.

I don’t know what came into me though this lesson, my fist clenched and I rose from my seat, swinging a hard punch towards Tyler.

"If you ever dare to hurt any women, I will leave you for dead,” I spat and stormed away from the room.  Not knowing where Y/N was, I walked down to the toilets, because I knew whenever a girl felt heartbroken they went to the toilets, something I watched on TV I guess.  I reached the female toilets and gently rapped on the door, “Y/N, are you in there?”

“Go away,” I heard her mumble and I just pushed the door open to see her crying, blood trickling from her wrist.  

“Y/N,” I cried, jogging over dropping my bag and falling on my knees.  I pressed her head to my shoulder as she wept and securely wrapped an arm around her back.  "Why did you do this?“ I asked as her head faced mine.  Her shoulders shrugged slightly.

"Because he made me feel small and I don’t know… I hate him,” her hands cupped her face and I pulled them away.

“Don’t do this, because of him.  He’s never going to deserve a girl, especially one like you, you deserve someone who will love you.  And doing this,” I motioned to her wrist.  "Is not right because you should never harm your beautiful skin.  I know it sound weird but I have loved you since I found out what happened to you and your mom and I don’t want to ever see you like this….,“ After that I was cut off with her lips on mine.

"Good because I have loved you too,” her eyes looked up at mine, sparkling with tears.

“Will you be mine?” I asked and she nodded, pulling me for another kiss.  And I felt real for once…

I think I need British sub-titles

Hey all, American here. Your posts are sunshine to my rainy days.  To add to the sunshine, just quick reminder (to emphasize a good post from few days ago; bless you and you know who you are), list of “English terms Americans wouldn’t [use/know]”, such as “Action Man” (John’s quip from S01E01) is the English G.I. Joe. Military kink, anyone?

(submitted by anonymous)

(referencing this post)

Yeah, I had NO IDEA that Action Man was a GI Joe either (and it’s in TRF, not ASiP :D). LIKE:

JOHN: Nicked all his Smurfs? Broke his Action Man?


AHHHHH. I hate them.

Those lips that Love’s own hand did make
Breathed forth the sound that said ‘I hate’
To me that languished for her sake.
But when she saw my woeful state,
Straight in her heart did mercy come,
Chiding that tongue that ever sweet
Was used in giving gentle doom,
And taught it thus anew to greet:
'I hate’ she altered with an end
That followed it as gentle day
Doth follow night, who, like a fiend,
From heaven to hell is flown away.
'I hate’ from hate away she threw,
And saved my life, saying, 'not you.’
—  ~William Shakespeare- Sonnet 145
(The Sonnets and A Lovers Complaint)

Hi My Sunshine AKA Taylor Alison Swift;
My name is Ezgi. I am 13 and I live in Turkey. I’ve been Swiftie since 09.13.2010. And tomorrow its anniversary. I’m so exctied. You are my best 6 years Taylor. I love you so much. My dream is hugging you. I hope I will do. We were both young when I first saw you. I was only 7 and you are 20. Do you ever notice when I was born you were 13. Yes thirteen. It is magic.
First I’ve saw your Mine music video. Then I’ve started love you. My English wasn’t good when I’m 7. So I really wanted to know your songs. Since then I’ve started learn English. And good for me. I am writing this letter myself.
My favourite album is RED. I love your other albums too. They are Amazing and gives life. When I feel like nobody I listen “The Lucky One”. When I fall in love I listen “I Almost Do” knows I fell in love before. But now I should study. I don’t know he loved me. Maybe he hate me. But it doesn’t matter. Because you’ve been always next to me.
Some of my friends are really rude to me. First time I heard that they hate me. I was starting crying. While I was singing “Mean” loudly. “YOU DON’T KNOW BUT YOU DON’T KNOW” ahaha. Then my mother spoke with my friend’s mum. She is really good friend and she’s never been rude to me. I am the lucky one. She is my Abigail.
I have a brother. And you have a brother. He is younger than me. He is only 8. When he was born I was only 5. Can you believe it? When I grow up, my mom sometimes went her job. And me and my brother are alone in a big house.
I remember, one day he wanted to sleep. But he was baby and we don’t know how can he sleep. Then I thought “Maybe I should open Taylor Swift’s musics.” When “Last Kiss” played my brother slept. This is Magic. You weren’t there but you helped us!!!
My brother is Swiftie too. His favourite song is Out Of The Woods and Shake It Off. He is like “I stay up to FAKE got nothing in my BABE” Because he doesn’t know English and this is funny. He is cute and he loves you so much, you are in our family. My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister AKA Taylor Swift, and me.
My mom and dad love your songs too. My mum loves Blank Space and Clean. My dad loves Bad Blood and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
My favourite songs are All You Had To Do Was Stay, Mean (you know why) , Better Than Revenge (the same reason of Mine), I Knew You Were Trouble (the same reason of Mine), Perfectly Good Heart and Mine. Because I’ve Iistened your Mine song first.
Whatever your lyrics give a hope to me.
I’m 13 and I don’t want to grow up.
My favourite colour is Red. Wish I was born in 1989. Taylor Swift is my queen. I should be Fearless. I Speak Now because you are my best.
From the girl who said never cry anymore.
Yours truly

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Hey I m the same anon who asked u about the Suarez and messi stuff haha. I was talking about how like people are going around hating on Suarez because of his previous actions. How do u feel about that? I personally love Suarez as a player but not so much as as person BUT I think it's kinda dumb how people portray him to be the only racist player in football like there r plenty more right? Not like it's a competition cuz a racist is a racist I hope u get what I mean. (Pardon my english)

Your english is wonderful, never apologize for it :) 

Well, I’ll first refer you to an article by my favorite Barça blogger, Kevin Williams. The article is called Luis Suarez and the Act of Forgiveness. Take what you want from it. 

As for how I see things, I don’t have a concise answer for you, unfortunately. When Suárez first came to Barça, it was off the cusp of his world cup fiasco and of course just knowing his history with racist charges, I was not happy about him coming to Barça. The dominant thought was that he wasn’t in line with our philosophy as a club. What Suárez needed was discipline. He needed to be surrounded by good people who would take the time to help him, Leo and Masche. He needed to be surrounded by people who would call him out on his misbehavior, Geri and Dani. He needed Lucho’s no-nonsense approach. He needed Barça more than Barça needed him (at least, that’s how I see it). It wasn’t an over night transformation, but from where I stand, he has come a long way. I believe people can change, and if you are someone who doesn’t, I completely get that and see where you are coming from with the Suárez issue.

With the biting…I don’t personally see biting as worse or better than kicking or punching. I think they are all bad and if you watch football it is clear that Suárez isn’t the only offender. He has seen a psychologist (or psychiatrist, I can’t remember) and he hasn’t bitten anybody since coming to Barça, so I’m accepting that he has changed until I’ve been given evidence to the contrary. Any player who bites, kicks, or punches needs to be reprimanded. The end. 

As for the racist charge, look I can’t go talk to Suárez. I can’t ask him what he said or why he said it. I can’t hang out with him and find out if it was from a place of ignorance or actual, deep seeded racism. I have no capacity to tell you whether or not he is a racist. The issue I face with our generation is that we try to educate people about racism, we call people out on racism, we provide videos and diagrams outlining what is racist and what is not racist (which is amazing and hopefully going to change the world in the long-run), yet we are unable to accept that people who are racist can change by using the resources and environment that we have provided. We say “STOP BEING RACIST!!!!!!!!” and when someone does stop being racist we go “NOOOO GTFO YOU RACIST”….so, what? Our efforts are futile? There is no logic or rational for that. Yes, there are people who are racist and will remain that way. But if you are telling me that people can’t change and learn, then I have to disagree. I have been called parsik, ayotollah, terrorist, and have been unduly sequestered in airports. These are racist terms and acts, but I educate those around me. Yeah, some don’t change, but some do. Some learn. This was a tangent, but hopefully it gives you an idea of where I’m coming from in terms of how I face racism and racists.

In terms of Suárez, all I know is that the person who I look up to, Lionel Messi, is friends with this person. The person I have been following for pretty much a decade, is close friends with Suárez. That my hero hangs out with this person out of choice, not just because it’s part of his job. That Leo and Suárez’s kids hang out. So, for me, I’m trusting Leo’s judgment.

In saying all that, if someone doesn’t accept Suárez because of the racist charges, I am not going to tell them they are wrong to do so, because they are not. There is no right or wrong. I have decided to judge for myself along the way.

And to answer your other question, yes. Many players have been charged or accused of racism, but as you said yourself, a racist is a racist, no competition.