i love emotional fulfillment!!!

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Anon from before: I KNOW RIGHT?? like I just love the idea of sam finding the emotional fulfilment/vaildation in the ryder twins he never got from alec. Bc I'm sure Alec was great or whatever, but like he clearly wasn't all that great on the emotional side of things. Just, sam learning to people and growing as a person. Being included in ryder family tradions and joining their tiny family. Idk, I just have a lot of feelings about ais.

Ah yeah but since Alec’s not great on the emotional side of things with basically everyone, including his kids, it’s possible he viewed SAM as a part of the family but wasn’t able to show or tell SAM that? Meaning there might not have been as much distance between them as we might think, only a lot of things unsaid.
I do think Alec talking to SAM out loud when people are around is not the same Alec talking to SAM on their “private channel”. There were probably intimate and beautiful moments between them, where there was real growth for SAM, that we didn’t see.
But it’s also heartbreaking, because SAM was created to save Ellen. This was Alec’s obsession… And then SAM gets to know the people that Alec “ignored” or “lied to” in order to achieve his goals.
SAM must understand a lot about Alec himself through Ryder, which is probably why he’s able to explain Alec’s choices or feelings. Later when he’s with Ryder, he says it himself. He gains a new understanding of relationships and emotions. It probably helps that Ryder is not focused on using SAM as much as Alec was?
It’s very much up to interpretation, of course.

One thing that I especially like about SAM’s place with the Ryders is when we switched from one Ryder to another. That moment worked thanks to SAM: he was still there and he was still talking to us (the players) and that was a HUGE relief. He’s a sort of anchor. 
When he’s not available, you panic. I think both Ryder siblings feel like this?
At this point I think they need SAM, and not just as a Pathfinder.

I’m beautiful.
I’m funny.
I’m intelligent.
My energy is warm.
I bring love, light, and peace into other people’s lives.
I can make people laugh.
I can make people smile.
I can ease the pain of others.
I’m a wonderful friend.
I am imperfect.

I deserve love.
I deserve fulfillment.
I deserve happiness.
I deserve emotional satisfaction.
I deserve to be okay.
I deserve to acknowledge and vocalize my emotions and thoughts, whether they are good or bad.
I’m allowed to hurt.
I’m allowed to cry.
I’m allowed to be vulnerable.
I’m allowed to stay, or walk away.

I’m allowed to be me.
I’m allowed to love all that makes me who I am.

I am not and never will be a bother or a burden.

I am enough.


“Easy for you to say, you don’t care about anything.”

“Yes, I do!”