i love emotional fulfillment!!!

o btw my twitter is literally just awesomesonze and its p much just me retweeting the entire freud tag so. look at that if you want the utter flood of freud content my blog would be given a larger tungle following i guess

I’m beautiful.
I’m funny.
I’m intelligent.
My energy is warm.
I bring love, light, and peace into other people’s lives.
I can make people laugh.
I can make people smile.
I can ease the pain of others.
I’m a wonderful friend.
I am imperfect.

I deserve love.
I deserve fulfillment.
I deserve happiness.
I deserve emotional satisfaction.
I deserve to be okay.
I deserve to acknowledge and vocalize my emotions and thoughts, whether they are good or bad.
I’m allowed to hurt.
I’m allowed to cry.
I’m allowed to be vulnerable.
I’m allowed to stay, or walk away.

I’m allowed to be me.
I’m allowed to love all that makes me who I am.

I am not and never will be a bother or a burden.

I am enough.


“Easy for you to say, you don’t care about anything.”

“Yes, I do!”