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“What if you’re unaware of the color around you, and you’re just walking through or leaning against the wall, and you don’t realize how electric it is? what if you are how everyone sees you and you don’t realize that the world is exploding in colors behind you?”

And he was like, ”I love that idea.“

Love You Anyhow

Title: Love You Anyhow

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Words: 3,655

Summary: Benny finds reader injured after a hunt only for her to discover that he is a vampire. After bandaging her up and making her breakfast, the two realize they aren’t so different after all. But love and a hunter’s life aren’t exactly a good combination.

Prompt: “Please, point your gun at me if it helps you relax.” for the SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge.

Warnings: Reader is had some bad injuries. Sad themes. Suggested character death.

A/N: This broke my heart to write… Sorry. 3

“I’m never going to know you now

But I’m going to love you anyhow”

- Waltz #2, Elliott Smith

Love You Anyhow

You swayed on your feet, feeling both dizzy and numb before your body sagged to the floor. Your legs had given up trying to support you and let you crumple down in a heap among the bodies you’d left scattered there. Blood was seeping through several wounds, particularly a deep gash on the side of your stomach and you couldn’t be certain that there were no broken bones. Chest heaving with exertion, you tried to drag yourself from the barn and back to your car where you had a first aid kit.

“I thought I heard some commotion in here” a deep Southern drawl announced from the doorway.

Feeling panicked you reached for your gun, the fatigue and blood loss weighed heavily on you and made the actions stiff and laboured. The figure ran towards you regardless, dropping down beside you and hesitating before touching you.

“Hang in there, Sug. Let me help you up” they said before slowly helping you to your feet.

Stars danced before your eyes as you stood, leaning heavily against the man that was supporting you. Whether he didn’t notice the bodies littered around you or chose to ignore them you couldn’t be sure, but you were grateful for the help regardless.

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//this scene gives me goosebumps every time//

“There’s a certain language people use when they’re talking about music, to make it more marketable, by narrowing down what it is until it has one name and price tag. That’s sort of necessary, I guess, if you’re trying to sell things to people who don’t know what they are. It’s got to have a name like a car or a suit. You can’t say, well, it’s sort of like this and it’s sort of like that and you should try it, because no-one will buy it. It has to have a name, so people go to great lengths to sell themselves into a tiny little situation. Sometimes it’s cool when people get locked into a style, but I can’t stand it.”