i love ellie so much omg


In which Ellie Miller needs a smaller font

I’m making this a series of some short now, I guess xD. Another small doodle (this one slightly bigger) of Gajeel. I really enjoy making these tiny colourless portraits, it’s pretty relaxing, especially during finals season. It kinda takes the stress out. I may do some more, they’re pretty fun^^

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Guys (all) + s/o having a cat she loves like Jumin loves Elly ? (I LOVE my cat Pirate <3)

(same omg i love my cats lola and pancha? we would all die for our cats)


  • he loves animals?
  • but doesn’t think he has the time or money to, y’know, take care of one
  • leave alone a cat
  • he knows cats require lots of love but also space and litter boxes and??? his wallet can’t
  • but seeing MC pour so much love into their cat…
  • that’s how passion looks like. hot damn. MC is willing to die for that cat
  • he tries to make the cat love him right away
  • and succeeds because he just has an aura that makes animals happy
  • he freaks out every single time he walks into a room and the cat has light reflecting off its eyes
  • especially if it’s in the bathroom at night and he just walks in and those eyes are shining YEAHAKJAYHJKAFHG
  • MC finds him with the cat sleeping on top of him as he sleeps multiple times


  • hhhhhhhhhhhh
  • at first she’s just at a loss
  • the hair…. it’s going to… get everywhere,,,
  • she’s dead-set on not getting close to the cat
  • she’ll tolerate it in her house- but MC has to clean up after it
  • that means the litter box every day, the c-hair, and making sure the cat stays out of the bedroom
  • this resolve lasts about, what, five days?
  • before she knows it she finds herself petting the cat
  • actively enjoying the cat’s presence
  • she doesn’t say it, but it’s clear she’s accepted the cat?
  • wholesome


  • brings a professional to help introduce the cat to Elizabeth 3rd
  • if there’s to be a second cat in the penthouse he’s gonna make sure that Elizabeth 3rd is the best friend ever
  • MC is obsessed with Elizabeth, and Jumin is now obsessed with MC’s cat
  • The Cat Parent Team
  • seriously, the amount of cat photos is ridiculous
  • MC is actually dizzy whenever they think about asking Jumin, roughly how much money he has spent on the cats
  • but like… ok, maybe the whole mini-house for the cats is cute…. and sure Elly and their cat sleeping next to each other in there is cute….
  • it’s all expensive and cute gOSH


  • *sniff sniff* aacHOO
  • i can already physically feel the sneezes
  • it’s such an internal conflict for him…
  • does he want to do this… he loves MC…. but the cat…
  • it’s such a weird arrangement
  • constantly vacuum cleaning the carpet and couches
  • and Zen constantly stuffed with allergy meds
  • but it works ok
  • he doesn’t dislike the cat? he thinks it’s honestly cute and lovely
  • he just hates the sneezing
  • but he’s honestly more than willing to die for MC so a bit of allergies? he can stand those


  • y e s
  • Y E S
  • vanderwood now hates him and MC great
  • MC has to make him promise to be good
  • that means no swinging the cat, tossing it and catching it, chasing it, or biting it
  • Jumin keeps telling MC to take the cat away from Seven, but…
  • he seems to be so happy?
  • whenever he’s in a low mood, and MC doesn’t know what to do, the cat seems to make him happier
  • MC can hardly contain a happy squeal when they walk in and see Seven snuggling the cat with pure glee on his face
Proposal HC's (MM Edition)

• Really nervous about it
Lots of stuttering
•Takes all night just to find the ‘right moment’
“Rika would’ve been able to tell me how to get this perfect”
•Drops ring multiple times
•Is genuinly surprised when you say yes or no
•Probably cries more than you
•Was done in some sort of scavenger hunt/ Game style

•Has been planning for weeks
• m u s t b e p e r f e c t
•Proposal sounds like a script from one of his performances
•Is surprisingly nervous, but he sure hides it well
is secretly thinking 'of course MC said yes’
•Is also fangirling like a teenage girl on the inside
•Rubs in Jumin face in the chat room later

•Worked forever on the details
Possibly asked Zen for help
•He definitely became bridesgroom(?)-zilla
•She was so flustered omg
•It was probably extra thanks zen
probably reverted back to meeting mode
•Stumbled over her words so much

•Took you to some fancy ass restaurant
It was so extra
•So much sap (for Jumin that is)
•Engagement ring flashier that Fashion Week clothes
It’s brighter than my future
•So much sex afterwards
Now who’s the cat abuser
•Nobody would look him in the eye the next time he was at C&R

•Probably something elaborate
•Goofiest speech ever
•*cough*Ringpop as engagement ring *cough*
•"I love you more than little Elly"
•"and Honey Buddha Chips"
•Tears were shed that day
God Seven indeed


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Aside from Deckerstar (BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY OMG) what do you like most about Lucifer?

Oh my heavens, so much???

I adore the humor and the way they’re endlessly aware of all the ridiculous possibilities to play Lucifer off (which Tom Ellis does so wonderfully, whether it’s Lucifer being Captain Inappropriate or Lucifer breaking down at the piano and slaying our feelings, and everything in between). I’ve said before I love how they tackle the questions of evil and belief and God’s existence and free will and choice and human morality, without ever being preachy or boring about it. They’re subversive but also respectful and that’s really hard to pull off well and to be complex and engaging about it and yes?

The writing is really smart and really tight and rarely misses a beat. Yes, they’re solving a crime-of-the-week in between whatever larger stuff is going on, but I enjoy that too. I love them as a kick-ass odd-cop team and the way they have learned to trust each other and the way Chloe just goes with his weirdness by now and relies on it. I love how they set the tone in s1 and then kicked it into emotional high gear with the wing episode; 9-13 was nothing but bombshells and amazing character moments, and now we’re only 6 episodes into season 2 and DAMN it’s taken us from broad-comedy Devil-in-LA to this deep and crushing and really compelling exploration of Lucifer’s character and where he can possibly go from here and just???

Also, the supporting cast. I love pretty much everyone?? I love that in s1, Lucifer and Linda’s relationship was played more or less for laughs, look at him sleeping with her because she’s thirsty and he always ignores her advice. But they’ve stuck with that and allowed Linda to be the one to decide to END it, and in the last episode when he drunkenly made a move on her, she very forcefully shut him down. Now she’s been the first one to see his real face and she gets to seriously deal with that and the consequences.

Same with Maze. In S1 obviously she functioned as a sidekick/servant for Lucifer, and now she’s getting her whole arc about pushing back on that and finding her own life. She’s friends with Linda not because of Lucifer, but because of herself, and that’s going to come into play. She gets to be inappropriate stepmommy Maze (who I LOVE) with Trixie. She gets to be emotional when Trixie accepts her. She’s a badass openly bisexual woman of color and nobody blinks a damn eye. None of her storylines revolve around her being hurt or put down. She’s always in charge and always awesome. Likewise with it hinted that Lucifer is bi or at least heteroflexible/up for almost anything. Nobody ever makes a big deal of it, it just is. I love that Maze and Linda could have been so easily and unfortunately left as two-dimensional female props for the male main character, and they pushed back on that and complicated them and developed them past that initial association/angle.

I love that the show looks like L.A.; there are black, Hispanic, Asian, etc characters in every role and in every episode. Don’t even get me started on how much I adore Tom Ellis and DB Woodside being cast as biological/blood brothers and pulling it off so flawlessly. I LOVE THEM.

I love how Dan and Chloe’s relationship hasn’t been dragged out for drama. They made an adult choice to divorce and they’re going forward and no pointless “will they get back together??”, they’re work partners but they’re not married anymore but they’re still focused on being great parents to Trixie and they do still care about each other, their marriage just didn’t work out. SO REFRESHING. And Dan’s grown on me. A little. After he was a douche last season, ahem.

I love that every single character on the show, pretty much, can plausibly be shipped with everyone else and they’re such a messy crazy family (because I am a bIG FAT SUCKER for the “oddball gang finds family and home in each other” trope). I mean. CHLOE AND MAZE LIVING TOGETHER AND MAZE CO-PARENTING CHLOE’S KID IT’S THE BEST.

I love the supernatural elements, of course, and am extremely thirsty for more. Because the procedural part is fun, but everyone watches the show because, you know, he’s LUCIFER and that is hopefully going to keep coming more and more into play.

And yes, yes I adore Deckerstar. I love how they’ve gone from belligerent flirting to so totally emotionally raw and deeply connected to each other, because Lucifer will flirt with anything that moves, but what he has with Chloe is so unique and different and stronger. I love that they’re not just rushing them together for the sake of them being together, but taking the time to explore each of them so individually and face their shit/issues/hangups as characters. Tom and Lauren’s chemistry is ridiculous and I live for every single one of their scenes, no matter what they are doing. And when they FINALLY do get together, which we know is coming eventually, Imma scream for days.

So yes. It’s a fucking awesome show. And we are (ironically, obviously, considering the protagonist….) blessed to have it. Ahem.

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Just imagine Luke knowing you had the worst headache so he makes you some tea (or something you like to drink) and he lays down with you in bed and just pulls you into him so your both completely tangled in each other's arms and he starts humming little melodies and telling you how much he loves you and then you fall asleep like that and he just smiles like a little goof because he can't believe how lucky he is to be with you

if he brought me tea and hummed me to sleep rn i would honestly be the happiest person alive omg (=゜ω゜)

                              Lara and Sam, Real Life Version.

You’re the light, you’re the night
You’re the color of my blood
You’re the cure, you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find
Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire

So love me like you do, love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch me like you do
      What are you waiting for?” 

                                Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do”


You guys…I’m 99% sure that’s the same ring as well. And I’m having lots of feelings.

Even though Aunt Ellie may have broken her promise, I like to think that Pamela didn’t stay mad at her forever. She didn’t forgive her completely, of course…But I’m sure they had a special bond.

I think she’s the one who made her the woman she is today, for the biggest part. She was the perfect rolemodel of the strong woman her mother never was.

earlgreydodie  asked:

ahhhh congrats bby !! i honestly love when they like subtly touch each other, and i love how dan goes along with what Phil says now instead of like laughing at him in stuff, that's what I call Character Development™

ah thank you ellie! and dan’s such a pushover when it comes to phil now and i love it so much it’s so cute

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OVERALL RATING: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

send men an ask with your favorite dnp moment and i’ll rate your blog!

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Omg now i want to see the moment when Jules gives Ellie the painting! I just love their sisterly bond. Ugh I just love them all!

lol… I have so much trouble managing fluff of any length and I’m already definitely doing a fluffy one for a week from Monday. But this is an awfully cute idea. And I do actually have gorgeous fairy paintings my mom did for my daughter before she was born as inspiration…

tiddie  asked:

champagne and faux fur 💖

CHAMPAGNE: what topic could you talk about for hours?
omg if its the right person any topic, but like generally: filipino politics, filipino cryptids, kuroshitsuji, my friends n how much i love them, being gay pffft, n i guess like political correctness too but i tend not to blab on abt that esp if i dont know where the person im talking to stands lmao

FAUX FUR: describe your wardrobe.
lmaoo lots of shorts, like short shorts (they arent meant to be high wasted but i make them so half my ass is always out lmao) and like either loose white t shirts or tight crop tops in like, muted colors… if i had to describe its like, kinda beach looks? but also not really hahaha 

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could i request some cute halloween yoosung/seven if that's okay? i love them so much!

Omg yes yes yes I love them too!! Funky mobile formatting ahead again sorry~ (also lots of emojis bc let’s get festive)

~✨Mod Honey✨

🍫🍭🍦✨⭐️SUGAR RUSH⭐️✨🍦🍭🍫
🎃Like there’s just a constant sugar high.

🎃At least one of them is hyped up on candy at any given point in time.

🎃Seven is either Elly, a bag of Honey Buddha Chips, a can of Dr. Pepper, or some horrific combination of the three

🎃Yoosung either has. Really. Good. LOLOL cosplay. Or some store-bought costume he thought was cool. (I’ve also seen lots of hc’s about him just grabbing a sheet and cutting holes in it and bam ghost costume lol)

🎃 there is definitely trick-or-treating

🎃 there is also trying to convince the other RFA members to go trick-or-treating

🎃 they get invited to a Halloween party by Zen

🎃 he refuses to let seven in so long as he’s wearing that abominable cat-chip-soda monstrosity

🎃 Yoosung just ends up sulking by the snack table bc 1) he feels like a nerd in his costume 2) mufuckin snacks man this punch is really bitter ew better eat some more candy and 3) he doesn’t know like anyone here and they’re all good looking and oh god did that girl wink at me crap crap crap gotta hide

🎃 someone ends up with bits of popcorn ball stuck in their hair (how that happened remains a mystery for the rest of their days)

🎃 seven gets tipsy and dares Yoosung to eat an entire bag of candy corn

🎃 seven ends up tending to a puking Yoosung bc spiked punch + an entire bag of candy corn = a Bad Time

🎃 Yoosung can never look at candy corn ever again

🎃 seven continues being a terrible influence and they end up going on TP/egging raids

🎃 Yoosung is actually good at it????? Maybe all that gaming isn’t such a bad thing after all, kid’s got good aim

🎃 Jumin is “fashionably late” to the party (he forgot then tried to avoid going bc he’s a party pooper) and got egged in the face

🎃 Yoosung is HOWLING with laughter as Jumin rips Seven a new one, smearing the egg on him and rubbing it into Sev’s hair

🎃 like he is doubled over on the sidewalk clutching his sides GASPING FOR AIR BECAUSE SEVEN IS BEING THREATENED WITH ARREST FOR THROWING AN EGG AT JUMIN

🎃 TRICK-OR-TREATING ROUND 2: Seven’s Neighborhood

🎃 They run into Tom who joins their party. Yoosung throws up on the street.

🎃 Yoosung flushes with pride when kids openly admire his costume

🎃 children run away from seven shrieking because whaT IS HE SUPPOSED TO BE MOMMY HELP

🎃 eventually Yoosung just kinda dies so Sev piggy-backs him back to his place and dumps him unceremoniously on the sofa

🎃 wakes up the next morning very confused, very sticky, very stiff, and very nauseous

🎃 nurses a bottle of ginger ale and a box of soda crackers all day

🎃 seven is dead to the world so Yoosung just goes back home and hops in the shower bc he feels gross and smells like vomit and OH GOD WHAT IS THAT STICKY STUFF IN HIS HAIR IS THAT GUM OH MY GOD WHERE DID THIS BRUISE ON HIS SHOULDER COME FROM HOW DID HE CUT HIS LIP WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED LAST NIGHT

🎃 when did he take so many pictures??? The night was surprisingly well documented.

🎃 he sets a photo of an eggy Jumin strangling Seven as his background. He changes it back to his normal one bc what if Jumin finds out he’ll be dead within an hour

🎃 forgets about seven until the evening and calls to make sure he hasn’t died from all the sugar

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THE IDEA OF LUKE IN THE MAC STORE BUYING YOU LIPSTICK MAKES SO GWNAHANSUWNSH LIKE HIM TRYING TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE COLORS OR CHOOSING A COLOR Lady: "What color do you want for her?" Luke: "uhhhhhh red" Lady: :\ "like Russian Red or ruby woo red??????" Luke: "what's the difference" lady: "I can see why she's pissed at you."

imagine him trying to understand the difference between the finish too omg “does she prefer matte?” “Matt who?” i wanna see it so bad