i love editing her so much


Did she lose anyone in there? Herself. May used to be different. She was always quiet, she was just… she was warm. Fearless in a different way. Getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules were meant to be broken. Sound familiar? But when she walked out of that building, it was like that part of her was gone. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn’t tell me what went down in there.


#HappyTzuyuDay [ 990614 ] ♥ happy birthday to TWICE’s long-legged maknae, the yoda with a high fashion pose, the savage princess Chou Tzuyu! You are so incredibly strong and brave in everything you do and I have admired your strength and determination from day one. You are amazing and talented and deserve the whole world, always know ONCEs and TWICE love you very much! Always be happy, baby chewy ♡