i love editing her for some reason


Someday I’m gonna let this go I’m never going to let this go, but this is another reason Mary’s behavior was so jarring in s12. Look how gentle she is in Dean’s memories. I know Dean’s not four anymore, but at some point, if Mary accepted that this was her child, she couldn’t dredge up any parental feelings or care? No signs of affection at all? Not even after she watched him in tears once, and almost in tears another time? After she heard him say he was never a child? After she listened to him pouring out his heart and telling her how painful his life was? I just… I can’t accept it. 

Reassurances in the Dark

Morning drabble based on a post by @blowmiakisscolin regarding this lovely image from Sunday’s episode:

Emma obviously snuggles her man at night, but I also noticed the location of the Captain’s leg.  Things could…you know, happen with such strategic limb placement.  

Dedicated to @blowmiakisscolin who really is a very sweet duckling and I wish her only the best.

Un-edited and under the cut for my normal smutty reasons…

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Finest girl I ever met in my whole life, wanna take her home, make her my wife.
Knew she was a freak when she started talking…


my eyes are open wide
i’m racing to her side
there’s nothing that i
won’t do for her


iris west week 📰 day seven
iris + au ⚡ a barista by day, iris west teams up with superheroes cynthia reynolds and linda park to fight crime by night. she loves what she does, but she hates keeping it a secret from her best friend stacy conwell.


Submitted by @yourqueenofyaoi

I felt like she needs more love. Because based on the sketches from earlier, she really is one hell of an artist.


Rea quickly apologizes to the young lady for breaking down into tears. She was very moved by her uplifting words of kindness.

Quick Girl Front Analysis

So just a couple things I noticed. Kim Lip and running has some significance [EDIT: I think it’s a connection to Love & Live because 1/3 was on a track team. More specifically ViVi because Kim Lip also does not get tired from running]. Don’t know if they’re hinting at some sort of power, but the reason I say that is because JinSoul has the ability to teleport. Each time she turns around she’s in a different location. And Choerry really is the link between OEC and 1/3. The video shows another Choerry signaling to her, but it is actually Hyunjin and Haseul. They actually show Hyunjin for about a second in the video and Haseul is hinted at by the Yellow Dodge Truck (similar to the one in Let Me In) and the paper airplane.

Flowers (E.D)

A/N: My first Ethan Dolan imagine. Ethan is in love with his bestfriend and doesn’t realize until her boyfriend cheats on her that she loves him as well WARNINGS: mentions of abuse, extremely fluffy towards the end

Ethan’s POV

It was a regular Saturday night, Grayson hit the hay earlier since he was up all day editing. I was currently relaxing in our living room, scrolling through twitter on my phone, following a couple of fans and retweeting some stuff. A yawn etched upon my face as I glanced at the clock. 2:34 AM.
I should be getting to bed by now, there was no reason for me to be up, but the constant vibrations radiating from my phone told me otherwise. I exited the twitter app, switching to my messages, eager to see why my bestfriend kept blowing up my phone.

Y/N: Ethan.
Y/N: Ethan I need you.
Y/N: Now. Where are you?
Y/N E, Im scared.

My fingers got to work on a reply, darting across the keyboard quickly. But I wasn’t quick enough since I heard a faint knock against the door. I shoved my phone in my pocket, dashing towards the door. Was it Y/N? Why was she visiting me at 2 AM?

I opened the door and felt as her tiny hands wrapped around my neck, pulling me towards her. Her head rested in between the juncture connecting my shoulder and neck, tears soaking my sweatshirt. Her cries were muffled by how hard she was pressing herself against me. All I heard were the words she repeated: “Ethan..He..Ethan..”

“I’m here. Its okay.” I said as I brung my hand up to her waist, steadily holding her up. I slowly brought her inside while holding her small body delicately. I shut the door quietly and turned to take in her appearance.

She was soaking wet, of course she was. She was outside while it was raining, on the contrary Y/N always did love the rain. She told me countless reasons of why it was so great, I never understood it. How could something so gloomy seem so beautiful to someone. I shouldn’t judge though, it was her perspective of things and I had to respect that. She wore my old hoodie, it engulfed her small body but I found it quite adorable on her.
The truth was that I was in love with Y/N. I had been for a long time. Ever since we were kids. I remembered exactly the moment I fell for her..


“Ethan!” Y/N shouted, skipping along the feilds covered in endless sunflowers and dandelions. My head immediately flew back to the direction my name was being called from. And there she was. She held a flower in her tiny hand, she shot me the cutest grin as she stood on her tippy toes to reach my height. “For you.” She smiled warmly. I took it from her grasp, not even bothering to question why she had given it to me. Y/N was weird like that, but I loved her for it. “You’re not going to ask me why I randomly gave you a flower?” Her voice sounded surprised as she stood up confidently, hands on her hips, sunglasses perched on the bridge of her nose, I simply shook my head and shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” I replied bluntly. “So it doesn’t matter if it..had a certain meaning to it?” She asked softly as she took a step forward. She pushed her sunglasses back on her head as a small smirk played on her lips. I gulped as my eyes scanned her face. She was extremely gorgeous, Y/N was the type of girl to not care what others thought - she was a free spirit and embraced each and every one of her flaws. I was amazed at how someone could look so beautiful without putting any effort into how they looked. I was pulled out of my daze when Y/N waved a limp hand in my face, “Ethan?” She giggled, tucking her bottom lip under her teeth before flashing me a bright smile. I forced a small smile as I brought my head down to stare at the flower in my hand. “And what meaning would this flower hold?” I finally asked, my eyes darted back up to meet hers. She smiled kindly, “I think that’s for you to figure out on your own.” She turned on her heels, but not before pressing a chaste kiss against my cheek. She left an imprint, the imprint of her pink, cherry lipgloss on my cheek and an imprint on my heart.
That’s when I finally realized, I was in love with my best friend.

I could never admit it though, she was currently dating some guy named James who was partaking in law-school. She would never choose some semi-famous youtuber over that. James was any girl’s dream guy. Perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect job, perfect eyes, I could go on and name every single thing the was so perfect about James Mathews even if it killed me because that’s who Y/N loved. Not me, I had to get that through my head and push back the urge of needing to kiss her every time I saw her.

“Y/N..” I mumbled softly as her sobs grew louder. She slowly but eventually pulled away from our hug, wiping away at the wetness of her eyes. They were bloodshot red, her skin was pale and not the vibrant, sun-kissed glow it usually was. She slouched, she didn’t stand confidently like she always did, shoulders back, chest puffed out. Her usually loose hair was sloppily tied into a bun. The smile that was always stretched upon her face was replaced with a frown, a frown that I couldn’t stand to see.
She yawned softly, bringing her hand up to her lips, her eyes slowly shutting and fluttering open once again looking worse than before. She adjusted her glasses, the ones she didn’t even need to wear because her vision was perfect but she thought they were cute so she wore them anyways. And of course she was right, they were cute. On her.

“Tell me. What happened?” I asked softly as I led her back to my couch. I sat down and folded my hands together waiting for a reply patiently, even though I just wanted to stand up, grab her by her shoulders and shake her yelling: “Who did this to you?! Why would someone do this to you?!” But I knew I couldn’t. Damn..I couldn’t do a lot of things I wanted to do.

Sitting down onto my couch, Y/N buried herself into my sweatshirt, inhaling the familiar scent of my cologne as she brought her knees up to her chest snuggly. She opened her mouth, hesitating to speak before shutting it again.
She wiped the tears that were still gliding down her cheek and sighed. It was amazing, she’s been crying so much, it was amazing how she still even had energy left to cry.

“James. He..I caught him cheating..” Y/N breathed. I felt instantly angered. My blood was boiling. So, Mr. perfect wasn’t so perfect after all?
I couldn’t even consider that fact that Y/N was now single and find joy in that because my whole body was overcame with anger and frustration. They were dating for 4 years now, who knows how many times Mr. Perfect had been cheating on her. Poor, innocent Y/N. All she did was love him, she asked for nothing else but for love in return. And what’d she get? A cheating scumbag, that’s what. And a broken heart..

My fists balled up and I felt the heat rising on my face. She delicately placed her hand on mine and I slowly lifted up my head to face her. “I’m not done..”
“He hit me.”

I immediately jumped up from my previous position, faster than the speed of light and stormed towards the door. I fumbled with the lock before Y/N rushed over to me, hands flying at my biceps in an attempt to hold me back. “Ethan! Wait!” She yelled, tears streaming down her face. She placed her hand on my arm and winced as I turned around.

Was she..was she scared of me? Actually scared? Of ME? Her bestfriend since childhood?

“Y/N..you’re not scared of me..are you..?” I asked, as my hand fell back from the door knob limply. I’d never lay a hand on her, ever. I thought she knew this? Actually I didn’t think she’d even consider it..
“No, I’m not, not of you.” She said confidently. How could she be so confident, while tears were still streaming down her beautiful face?I was surprised she had any tears left to be honest.
“I’m scared of him.” She said solemnly. I flinched. She was scared of him. Her ex boyfriend of 4 years, she’s scared of him.

“What the fuck did he do to you?” I asked as calmly as I could’ve, I could literally feel the vain pumping on my forehead as I inhaled a deep breath. “Just..sit down E, I dont want you doing anything crazy.” Y/N grabbed my hand and led me towards the couch. I sighed as I took a seat besides her. She gripped my hand tightly, exhaling a deep breath. “He’s been cheating on me for a while now. I found out 3 days ago, when I did, I slapped him and told him to get out of my apartment. Then he..he hit me, he’s been hitting me ever since. I slapped him back a couple of times, it’s a habit.” She explained, I mentally rolled my eyes. Of course she’d hit back. Y/N wasn’t one to be messed with, no, she fought back. I remember when my ex girlfriend slapped me because she thought I was cheating on her with Y/N and let me tell you, Y/N gave her a piece of her mind and my ex never brought up cheating. Well not until I found her cheating on me..but that’s another story.

She sighed. “That only made him hit back harder. Thats how I got this.” She pointed to a bruise under her right eye, I didn’t even notice it..
I grabbed Y/N by her waist gently and pulled her over towards me, I gently cupped her cheeks and angled her head so I could get a good look at her bruise.

He fucking punched her. I took a deep breath before gently kissing her forehead. My lips lingered for a bit longer than they should’ve but she didn’t pull away. No. She didn’t even hesitate .

She shuffled back into her seat, still holding my hand. “Today I caught him cheating again but this time..it was with my best friend. Not you of course.” She sniffled with a laugh. I loved that she could still have a sense of humor right now..she was so strong.

“Um it was..Y/BFF/N, remember her?” I nodded and bit my lip to keep myself from going ballistic and saying something I’d probably regret later. “Yeah, I slapped her.” She laughed. “He slapped me and stormed off to a bar or something. I called him told him I was done and..yeah came here.” Y/N sighed.

“Fuck them.” I breathed as I hugged her tightly. She sniffled and softly laughed. “Yeah, fuck them.” She smiled, wiping her eyes. “Ethan..?” She whispered into my ear softly. “Yes, Y/N?” I asked as we pulled away from our hug. “Is that..the flower?” She asked pointing to a framed, old wilted flower that was hung above the fireplace. “How’d you know…?” I asked, getting up to trace my fingers lightly against the edges of picture. “It’s the same exact flower - look it still has the slight tear in one of the wilted petals it had when I gave it to you.” Y/N pointed out as she gently removed the picture from its place on the wall. Her dainty nails played with the glass that covered the flower, shielding it from the dangers of the world. I focused on how she smiled softly, head lifting back up so her eyes could meet mine. She wiped a tear that had fallen from her left eye as she shook her head, setting it back onto the coffee table as she turned to grab her phone that laid carelessly on the couch. “Wait, where are you going?” I asked as I reached to grasp her hand. She retracted it away from me and stifled a cry. “Y/N what’s wrong?” I asked softly. “You still haven’t figured it out have you?”
“Figured out what?”

“The meaning of the flower you dummy..” She mumbled walking up to me. “What..?” I gasped as she shook her head. “And you say I’m clueless..” She scoffed. “Ethan, I’m in love with you. I have been ever since we were kids. I only started dating James because I thought you just gave up on us..” Y/N confessed. “Yeah, It was stupid of me to think confessing my feelings through a dumb flower would actually work-”

I cut her off, hands flying up to grasp the sides of her face, at this point I didn’t care anymore. Screw it. Im doing what I want now and no one could tell me otherwise. Our lips melded together as if she was water and I had just finished walking through the hot, dry, desolate, desert. She hummed faintly against me and I pulled away with a soft sucking sound that made Y/N’s cheeks creep towards a light shade of pink. “I’m such an idiot.” I mumbled as I rested my head against hers. “I love you too. I have ever since you gave me that flower. But not to sound rude or anything but I’m so glad James cheated on you.”

5 Years later:


I stood in front of our mirror, my dress swung from side to side as I stood on my heels, spinning around a few times to get a good look at it. Today was the day I was going to break the news to Ethan. We’ve been together for 5 years now, Ethan proposed about a week ago and our lives couldn’t get any better. Well, after my news Im sure it would. I placed a hand onto my stomach lovingly and smiled. “Hey baby, tonight we’re telling daddy about what a miracle we’ve made together.” I whispered. I smiled and turned to the door, my hand reaching out to grasp the knob before someone opened it before me. “Here! I got them!” Grayson gasped, extending his arm out towards me. I giggled as I took the daffodils from his grasp, “thank you Gray.” I smiled and pecked his cheek before he collapsed onto Ethan and I’s bed. “You should’ve told me sooner so I didn’t have to practically run to the flower boutique.” Grayson huffed as I applied a bit of lipstick. “Im sorry Gray,” I giggled. “The idea just came to me.”

“Well go tell him already! He’s in the kitchen.” Grayson waved his hand towards the door limply before his eyes fell shut. I laughed at his exhaustion before making my way into Ethan and I’s shared kitchen. “Hey princess.” He smiled as he wrapped bis muscular arms around my waist. “What’re those for?” He asked with an eyebrow raised, gesturing towards the bouquet of flowers in my hand. I smiled and handed them to him. “For you.”
He raised both of his eyebrows this time before looking at me questionably. “Baby, do you know what daffodils stand for?” I asked softly as I wrapped my arms around his torso. “No, what do they stand for?” Ethan asked cluelessly. “They stand for birth, new beginnings and unrequited love.” I explained, a smile growing on my face as each word left my lips.

“Birth..new beginnings..” Ethan muttered to himself before gasping loudly. He dropped down to his knees and softly pressed his large hands against my stomach. “You’re..pregnant?” He breathed as I nodded. “Oh my god..you’re pregnant!” He exclaimed as he lifted up my dress to pepper my exposed stomach with soft kisses. “I’m going to be dad!” He cried, tears streaming down his cheeks. “And a hell of a good one at that.” I smiled softly as I wiped at his tears with my thumb softly. “We’re framing this.” Ethan gestured towards the bouquet of flowers laying carelessly on the tiled kitchen floor. “Of course we are.”

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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 14 – Ohana Means Family (And Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Murd– Oh).

In which we are treated to part 2 of Fun Suspicious Club Times, Andreil has Important Moments™, Nicky has thoughts on family, and I have all the feels. Guest starring: Murder!

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read – and finish – The Foxhole Court.

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I’m over the entire fandom right now. I’m over the idea that shipping something or not shipping something makes you racist/homophobic/lesbophobic/etc. 

I’m over y’all having entirely different standards by which y’all judge everything, but most especially Bellarke. 

Like…y’all hate Bellarke, but when Cl/xa does the exact same shit, it’s “love” and “soulmates”:

Why is the scene on the left acceptable, but the one on the right not? Is it because Cl/xa is two white women and Bellarke features a man of color, because like….abuse is abuse is abuse is abuse is abuse. No matter who the perpetrator is, no matter who the victim is. If the scene on the right is horrible, toxic and abusive, then so is the scene on the left. 

I’m tired of y’all pretending that Niylarke is actually a “relationship” relationship to justify calling Bellarke shippers homo/lesbophobic, even though the show in canon has Niylah states she’s not looking for anything more after Clarke gets up from a bed they obviously just had sex in and most Bellarke fans actually like Niylah and had no problem with her having a sexual relationship with her (the problem with the 4x11 scene is that Clarke is literally justifying locking out Niylah’s people to Niylah and then for some reason that turns into a cuddling scene? Remember when Niylah tried to attack Bellamy after discovering he killed her father in 3x11? But I guess that doesn’t matter to y’all.)

I’m tired of y’all yelling “Bellarke isn’t romantic!!!!” and then turning around and using Bellarke scenes in your Br/ven, Cl/xa, who the fuck ever edits. 

I’m tired of y’all yelling about how much Br/ven care about each other when they share no scenes together and most of the time when y’all are providing examples of why Br/ven love each other, it’s always about how much Bellamy is willing to do for Raven. Never what Raven has done for Bellamy. You know why? Because you would be hard pressed to find times when Raven has stood by Bellamy as much as Clarke has. 

I’m tired of y’all judging people for shipping whatever the fuck they want. Like…ship and let ship is a thing for a reason and as long as people who ship problematic things recognize and point out when the ship is problematic, then they shouldn’t be called a horrible person for their shipping preference. 

I remember joining the fandom because nobody in my every day life talked about the show and I was in love with it, but now it’s not fun anymore. I’m tired of being attacked. I’m tired of being angry after watching an episode because all sides of the fandom have lost it. I’m just tired of it all. 

I’m done. 

Voltron Positivity Blog Recs

I’ve been excitedly anticipating @stargazershiro​‘s wonderful Voltron Positivity Day, because I love telling people how awesome they are, even if I don’t know them that well. So! Thank you, Amy, for giving me the perfect opportunity to shower praise on some of the great people in this fandom! These aren’t really in any particular order, nor is this list comprehensive of the sheer amount of great people in this fandom.

  • @stargazershiro- Obviously, Amy is the first on this list cause beyond being the reason for this lovely day, she is a wonderful star of a person. I’m pretty sure she’s descended from actual angels, like honestly. So sweet, a total goof, a very talented writer and edit maker, and just all around wonderful person. 11/10 would follow again.
  • @ace-pidge - Sarah’s is one of my favorite blogs, tbh. She always posts quality content and is just a really great person. When the fandom gets very Yikes™, her blog always helps to remind me why it is I love this show so much. She also runs @quiznakchronicle​, which is just amazing, I don’t know how she does it, but I’m always so grateful. If you aren’t already following her, then you should definitely go and hit that follow button, I promise you won’t regret it!
  • @officiallysheith​ - Jehaaaaaaaaaan. Gifted. Talented. Amazing. Seriously, go check out their art. BUT ALSO, JJ is an awesome person, beyond their awesome art. I’ve enjoyed many of our conversations over on Discord, and I also just love following their blog for the content. JJ deserves much love, so go and give it to them.
  • @shieth - Ryan!!! I miss you!!! We haven’t talked in a while, and I’m honestly missing it cause you’re just such a great guy. A quality blog by a quality guy. Ryan is just a really awesome guy that I really love following and chatting with. Also, a fellow Allurance lover, there is never enough Allurance, tbh. Also also, as his url suggests, he posts quality sheith content, too. Go and follow Ryan!!
  • @hello-my-stars - Can you say gorgeous art? Cause WOW. Also supplies me with that quality Galra content I need. Especially Zarkon and Kolivan, I love those two and love how he draws them. He’s such a talented dude, and also a really rad person. He also once made me a list of Hunk headcanons?? For no other reason than he’s amazing??? #Blessed. If you aren’t following him, you’re really missing out, lemme tell you.
  • @bosstoaster- I’m gonna repeat tipsy me’s sentiment here, cause I stand by it. Boss is a Magic Writer Wonder Woman. How does she write so much Quality Content™? Cause she’s just that good. I also love all her headcanons and just chatting with her cause she’s such a rad person. She’s also the author of my all-time favorite Shunk fic All About that Space, and a bunch of other really awesome fics. Like I said, Magic Writer Wonder Woman.
  • @fenrhitriestodraw- Idk how I came to be so #blessed, but they have drawn several things based on my posts/tags??? For no other reason than I suspect they’re an actual angel??? #giveshiroacapybara2k17 and some quality kolivunk content. They’ve also made other really cute art!
  • @cryopods​ -  Makes truly amazing edits, like WOW. They also make awesome icons and is all-around a really great blog. I really enjoy all the stuff they post!
  • @kcgane - A blessing to this fandom, tbh. Makes some of the BEST fandom-inspired music ever, I’m honestly blown away every time they post something new. Also just a quality person and blog, in general, beyond their astounding talent.
  • @planced - Makes great edits, and also is probably the main reason I love Plance so much now. I don’t really know you, but you seem like a cool person and I dig your blog a lot!
  • @aradiiaa - Angie!! A wonderfully talented person, and also just super sweet and fun to chat with!! She deserves tons of love and appreciation!!!
  • This is hardly all the awesome people in this fandom, or even that I follow, so know that there are sooooo many amazing people in this fandom, so much talent and enthusiasm and it’s honestly all of you that keep me here when things get Yikes™, cause y’all remind me of what I love about this show and this fandom. I’ve had a really great time in this fandom, and have (obviously) met some really rad people, and I’m just really glad that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of you and see some of the amazing content y’all create. I hope all y’all have a really awesome day!!!

By Tavi Gevinson

August 2013

The general public has managed to make Taylor Swift’s greatest strength seem like her greatest weakness, and it makes me feel sad and angry and like people are really missing out on something great. By “general public” I mean email-hosting sites and sometimes Fancier Publications, and by her “greatest strength” I mean Taylor’s unique ability to focus in on one detail or exchange and magnify it completely in this way that makes it feel at once universal and deeply personal. I don’t want to devote too much of this holy ink and paper to haterz, but I do want to free your mind from any reservations about the Swift Power in order to fully prepare you for a MAGIC-CARPET ROLLER-COASTER RIDE across this CANDY LAND BOARD of a DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from BRITAIN(= NOT LIKING TAYLOR SWIFT).

Swifties see the characteristic at hand for what it is: writing. Her songs are her point of view, making it her job to blow up the most minor event into something that more accurately represents the way she experienced it. As Tay quoted Neruda in her Red liner notes, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” This is basic Nabokov shit, right? Everything hits harder in memory. Everything changes color. Her first album will tell you she is a natural crusher, daydreamer, hopeless romantic. Obsessing over the briefest of encounters is what we do. She was just born to translate it for millions of people. And I don’t think her commercial responsibilities detract from her genuine passion for her craft. Have you ever watched her in interviews when she gets asked about her actual songwriting? She becomes that kid who’s really into the science fair. Her hands go crazy and she explains all the different categories she breaks emotions into and how they all have their own individual sounds. Then the interviewer totally doesn’t get it because it’s 60 Minutes and they were hoping for a pleasant little soundbite instead of, like, an Andrew Kuo–style verbalization of the human psyche. And Taylor smiles, perfectly aware she just weirded them out, perfectly aware it’s the same weirdness from which she pulls all these beautiful songs.

So the fact that people think they’re, like, Nancy Drew for claiming that none of her relationships have lasted long enough for her to be able to write a song about them really proves only that she has this uncanny talent for dressing up an experience until what happened matches how it felt. I don’t care that her relationships aren’t long-term—she’s a little busy running a goddamn empire! I don’t care if she only dates guys to write songs about them, like people say—she dates people, she writes songs about her life, naturally many of these songs are about people she’s dated, and many of them aren’t, as well. Mostly, basically: I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT.

These are some of my favorites, severely edited down for word count. I almost didn’t want to publish it, because her music is so close to my heart, but I also really wanted to publish it because her music is so close to my heart. Please handle with care.

Album: Taylor Swift

“Our Song”

Somewhere in the dark depths of deleted YouTube videos is a circa-sixth-grade recording of my childhood best friend and me singing this while I play guitar. Taylor’s one of the reasons I learned guitar (along with some vague image I had of ROCK STARS and PEOPLE IN COOL HATS), and I was very serious about imitating her country twang. While Taylor is not technically an exceptional vocalist on this first album, she knows exactly how to make each word sound on an emotional level. Her instincts are just right, her cadence is so her. Like, it’s not just that her lyrics perfectly match up with the music and together they accurately capture a certain emotion—you can also just hear it when she’s smiling, or looking up, or thinking. This, I would argue, is more important than technically good vocals, and it’s also very rare.

“Picture to Burn”

So much sass! Pickup trucks! Dads who are gonna beat up ex-boyfriends! I’LL TAKE IT.

“Stay Beautiful”

This song KILLS me because I only ever listened to it a few times way back when, which means rediscovering it was like seeing someone you didn’t even know you missed but you’re suddenly so grateful they’re in your life. The lyrics totally apply to young Taylor: “Don’t you know, you’re really gonna be someone. / Ask anyone.” UGHHH. I think I get so emotional listening to her first album because it’s just so heartening to think about where she was when she wrote these songs (lonely, bullied, awkward phase, bad at boys, country-music nerd) and where she is now (BFF to PLANET EARTH). She’s a prime example of how you can turn a middle-school-rooted inferiority complex into beautiful, relatable art. She’s like Chris Ware, except not, except totally.


Books That I Love: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

When Cath’s eyes closed, her eyelids stuck. She wanted to open them. She wanted to get a better look at Levi’s too-dark eyebrows, she wanted to admire his crazy, vampire hairline—she had a feeling this was never going to happen again and that it might even ruin what was left of her life, so she wanted to open her eyes and bear some witness.

Fanart of @popo-merrygamz mutant Kanaya! I loved her so much I just had to draw her, I hope you don’t mind! I’d like to draw more fanart of your edits if that’s alright with you if course! EDIT: If someone reblogs this can you please @ them for me? For some reason it’s not letting me @ them correctly :\

Flu - a Newt/Tina fic

Tagging: @pinkdiamonddolphin

Prompt: Hey I am sad anon again. Can it be a worried Newt over sick Tina (it can be morning sickeness or just a cold). Thank you so much!

This started with Newt taking care of Tina and then became sick!Tina helping Newt with the new edition of his book, and then back to sick!tina followed by fluffy!newtina so…? I hope it’s alright!

This is quite early in Newt and Tina’s marriage, so I hope you enjoy!

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You’re Too Much

A/N: I started writing this scenario at the same time as Part 4 of the Three Bears series and for some reason I could not finish it until now. I’m not 100% on board with the final edit but I’m not in the mood to change things around so sorry in advance.


“I can’t wait for our date tonight.”

“Yeah me too, babe,” Dok2 answers her, “I’ve been craving sushi all week.” 

“I’ll see at 7 then. Love you,” she said, enthusiastically. 


She was in her bedroom getting ready when she heard the doorbell ring. It must be her boyfriend, she thought. She got up from her vanity table and headed out to the open the door. Once she opened the door and instead of being greeted by her boyfriend, she was greeted by big, brown bear plushie. She laughed as the person holding the bear did an imitation and waved to her, “Hi there, pretty lady. Can I please come in?” 

She was still laughing as she took the bear off her boyfriend’s grasp, “I don’t room for anymore toys, babe”. Her boyfriend entered her home wearing a fancy dress shirt and for once, a pair of khaki trousers. “It’s nice that you decided to wear long pants tonight. I would’ve made you go home and change if you were wearing shorts and those ugly ass socks”. 

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