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@justanartsysideblog I did the Akatsuki no Yona one too ;w; and I don’t know if it’s obscure for anyone or not but ye i really like this anime/manga.

I really like the style of the Wind Tribe.. also if I were in that universe I think I’d be more like Hak rather than Yona… 

If I were a dragon then I’d probably be like Jae Ha? But Hak is my fav character so I went along his lines~


In light of Earth Day, thousands of scientists and and science supporters gather worldwide to protest against trump’s plans to cut science programs, such as the EPA and the National Institutes of Health. Climate change is a very real thing, and science research is needed more than ever. We can’t let the orange puff take that away from us, WE NEED SCIENCE! 



All other husbands have to step up their game.

Because this is what Werepenguin just gave me. He saw the commission that the amazingly-sweet and wonderfully-talented @yliseryn did for me of Allura in my wedding dress, and this idea began to form in his mind.

And this? This isn’t just Allura in my wedding dress. It’s Shiro in Werepenguin’s suit & tie. That’s OUR cake with OUR cake topper. And then Louise, being the utter sweetheart she is, added the b&w images. And then Werepenguin asked her for color versions of THOSE.

And, on top of all of this, I now have a 20x30 METAL PRINT of that top image that I can hang in our home so everyone can see it. Because this is how happy the memory of our wedding day makes him, even 8 years out. (Well, almost 8 years; he gave this to me as an early anniversary present because he couldn’t stand to sit on it any longer.)

I cried when he gave it to me. I’m crying a bit now. I married the most wonderful man and he is absolutely the best thing in my life and if there’s anything that proves that it’s that I cannot come up with the words to describe how I feel.

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“The Raven Queen is actually good good buds with Lady Istus.”

the power couple among the gods, to be honest

yo I feel like including loki in thor: ragnarok as neither a hero nor a villain was marvel’s way of saying “we know you still love this psycho after all that he’s done, so let’s ease your conscience a bit with this movie” and I really appreciated that

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“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
(pay attention to everyone’s reactions)