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Do you still believe in jonsa? :( I really want them to be together :( I want to believe jon is playing daenerys i can't just accept he would bend the knee easily!

Hi sweet anon,

I do still believe in Jonsa. I’ll always believe in it, until the last ASOIAF book comes out to prove me wrong.

Jon and Sansa’s relations have been set up and written to be romantic – both in the show and in the book in my opinion. Not for a one-night stand, not for sexual tension, not for political marriage; but for finding comfort in each other, safety, trust, peace, love and family, something that nobody else in the World could give them. All they long for is the North, the Starks, their family and their home, and who could understand that better than they do themselves? Who else could understand their pain?

Let’s look back:

They had the most emotional reunion out of all characters on the show. None of the men in castle black have looked at them and thought they were siblings. They all must’ve thought they were long-lost lovers. 

The stare™ and the cheesy smile:

When was the last time Jon or Sansa laughed like this? Who else makes them happy like this? 

LOOK AT THIS!!!! For god’s sake if my sibling looked at me like this I would’ve called the police by now

Now, the letter from Ramsay. Look at how he looks as Sansa to check up on her before reading the letter. 

When it got to the r*pe bit, Jon threw it away and looked away in anger.

When Sansa carries on reading, look at his face. Look how gently he lookes at her.   

He loves her.

Now, for the fur-coat scene. This is important - Sansa tells Jon “You are a Stark” without really saying anything. 

For god’s sake look at him

Then the heated argument in the tent. (can you imagine if this was Jon with another specific character arguing in a dark tent while breathing heavily? the internet would go crazy) Jon was really trying to be angry here, but couldn’t. He still looks at her like this: 

“I won’t EVER let him touch you again. I’ll protect you I promise”.

We all know Jon’s reaction to Ramsay mentioning Sansa in his bed *kill bill sirens* Have you ever seen Jon being so protective over anyone like that before? 

I also found interesting how Jon found and was looking at Sansa when the Vale’s army marched in:

After the battle, Sansa was the only reason he didn’t beat Ramsay to death. 

And then the forehead kiss. 

This is not a brother showing affection to his sister. This is something else. This is far too loving, far too intimate, far too long.

And then another stare.

Then, she makes him laugh once again, like nobody else does.

And she finally looks happy. 

And when Jon becomes the King in the North, he looks at her. 

Continuing into season 7, we’ve got this gem, where Littlefinger says he loves Sansa and Jon gives us one of his angriest moments in the show:

He entrusts Sansa with his kingdom and his people

and he tenderly looks back to look at her one last time before he sets off

And lastly, the thought of her is the only thing that stops him from killing Theon.

I know this got long, sorry, but there are so many little moments, touches and looks that are so important. We know they’ve been rushing the show, they’ve been rushing J0nerys, but they haven’t rushed this. Why? Why haven’t they rushed Jon and Sansa and concentrated on them building trust for each other? Their affection for each other? 

Because, dear anon, I believe that Jon and Sansa will end up together. And you should too! 

Character Analysis: Velvet Crowe

I know I shouldn’t be adding more fuel to the whole Berseria discourse that’s been happening since it’s definitely been beaten to death like a dead horse. Yes, there is misogyny and sexism prevalent in the game. Yes, I agree that it’s quite irksome at times and it gets me annoyed at certain characters as well. 

But put all that bullshit in a blender, shit on it, and pour it into the sewer and put it aside, then honestly, in my own personal opinion, Berseria has one of the strongest and memorable cast I’ve seen in a Tales game in a pretty long time. Plus, I’ve been itchin’ to do Berseria character analysis’ for awhile now.

I don’t speak for everyone or anyone other than myself for this one but I want to start off with how much I love Velvet.

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@izzybabewoods imagine them the morning after 2x20 tho

magnus and alec are be wrapped up in each other, limps tangled together under royal blue sheets. they’ve been talking for a while, whispers hanging in the air between them, but for the last ten minutes, they’ve just been lying there, looking into each other’s eyes. alec’s thumb is sweeping gently across magnus’ cheekbone, his eyes so full of love. but there’s something else. something magnus can’t quite read. “a penny for your thoughts?” he asks, one hand drawing lazy circles where it’s resting against alec’s side. “i’m just happy to be here with you,” alec answers, blunt as always. magnus wantd to answer, to tell alec that he’s happy too, more than happy. but he can tell that alec isn’t done yet, so he waits. “yesterday, when i asked if we could talk,” alec begins to explain, eyes straying from magnus’ for a moment before continuing, “i thought you were gonna tell me that we were done, for good, that this wouldn’t work out, no matter if there’s a war coming or not.” there’s a flash of sadness in his eyes, only for a moment, only for a short second before looking back at magnus with only love and happiness shining in them. “i just love you so much, and being here, with you, i don’t think i’ll ever be happier.” and magnus laughs, a short breathy laugh, because he had the exact same fear going into that alley the night before. and now this man, who never fails to amaze him, who keeps fighting for them, who keeps fighting for magnus, who loves magnus just as much as magnus loves him, this man is looking at magnus like he hung the moon and the stars and all the planets. and magnus thinks to himself that it’s very possible that he’ll never be happier than he is right now either.

A slow-floating boat on the river de-Nial.

    One of my best pals on earth is married to a man who was the Sherriff of a small town in Georgia for over 20 years.  His name is Roger.    I love to get together with them because you can imagine the stories Roger tells.  One of the things he talks about the most is after 20 years how he can tell pretty quickly whether a person is guilty or not and one of the more obvious tells according to Roger is something he calls aggressive denial.

         I think it was Freud who said: “Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing”.  This dynamic plays out every day on a small level in each of our lives, but more often than not we pay the most attention to it when it happens on a larger scale.  Remember Clinton, Monica and that cigar mess (sorry for the reminder but I’m trying to make a point here) not only did he deny, deny deny, but he was arrogant about it.  How DARE anyone think he did it, blah, blah, blah…and he was guilty as sin.

        More recently we have the case of Brad Pitt, accused of child abuse by Angelina and investigated by child services.    Did Brad go all over the place to talk show after talk show spewing a cloud of denial?   Nope.   I think he made one statement and then went quiet. And you know what?  Brad was cleared of any and all wrongdoing in the investigation.

      See Brad Pitt didn’t have to stand behind a verbal barrage of denial – he was innocent whereas Clinton was guilty with the ONLY thing he had to stand behind was denial.  That’s the tell that Roger sticks with.  Innocent people usually deny only once if at all, then let the truth speak for itself.  It’s the guilty who keep up the denials.

      Now before I go any further, I do have a question. Who in the hell is Liz Warner?   I hear I’m being accused of being a lot of people and if it causes any problem I do apologize to them.  I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m just little ole me. I’ve got  20+ years in the PR business (I will admit, mostly professional sports related but with a LOT of contacts elsewhere), in fact, that little old Starz publicist job ad I posted was sent to me via Glass Door BECAUSE of the resume I have posted on my LinkedIn.  I would give you my LinkedIn profile, but after seeing the nastiness of some people, I think I want to keep my Clark Kent secret.   But back to this in a minute – I want to talk more about denials.

    I laugh every time I get a lot of “hate response” from one of my blogs.  It simply means I’ve hit a nerve with them.  The more they talk about how I am figment of someone’s imagination or stupid or idiotic or not in PR, the more I know that something I said has upset them.   If they truly found what I said to be idiotic and stupid, they’d go “meh” roll their eyes and go on with life, BECAUSE IT WOULDNT MATTER!  Seriously, its pretty much what I do every time I read something they’ve posted!

    The only reason anyone reacts angrily is that they see something that logically refutes their position.  It makes them mad not because they see it as something silly, but because they see it as something that makes their truth look silly!   Remember a few blogs ago when I talked about how most people will respond more quickly in anger than if they’re pleased with something.   This is the same thing.  And nothing makes a person angrier than getting caught or looking stupid.

     I find it funny that none of them are rebutting the CONTENT of what I said…they’re trying to refute me as a person.    So here I am putting out some truths about PR that they CAN’T refute so the only avenue left for them is to discredit me by claiming I’m a non-person or an invention by someone else?  Well, I have an idea that might help some of these people realize they’re dealing with a real gal that I would be more than happy to participate with.

      DragonCon is happening here in Atlanta in the next few weeks and a certain “Captain” is scheduled for attendance, I would assume his “handler” will be there as well.   I’ll have friends that have a booth there so I’ll be happy to show up.  If you want to know if I’m real and verify my credentials, why don’t we just meet and have a nice little chat, I’d be happy to buy lunch even.   I could bring along a couple of players – maybe a couple of the big old linebackers whose personal PR I handle from time to time – I’m sure they will have no trouble convincing you I’m a living, breathing, experienced PR exec.

 Or you could just keep on floating down your river of de-nile…    

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I need tony and other characters with steve and bucky jealousy Like tell me how are they when jealous. Give me facepalming everyone and oblivious tony

Unfortunately most times when they’re jealous it’s people they cannot just threaten to beat up. They have to be diplomatic about it. Mostly they just turn bright red and look mulish. Honestly everyone’s more amused by it than scared.

There is, of course, Loki when he comes of age. He’s always been touchy-feely with Tony, since he was ten when they met and Tony didn’t think to set up boundaries as Loki got older (why would Loki be attracted to an old maid, Tony would be thirty with children by the time Loki came of age after all). So Loki continues to be touchy-feely, holding Tony’s hand, touching his arm, giving him little gifts from their homeland. Tony is super flattered by it all and thinks Loki is the most wonderful friend. It drives Steve and Bucky out of their minds with rage because Loki doesn’t even try to be sneaky about it; he does it in front of everyone: visiting dignitaries, other royalty, Queen Sarah. It’s embarrassing but they can’t really do anything about it because whenever they accuse him of anything Loki always looks at them with wide, innocent eyes and says, “But Tony is just my dear friend!” (They’re pretty sure he’s sincere about that though because Tony always looks surprised and pleased when Loki says that and Loki looks at him fondly.) ((“I swear on my son’s life if you ever try to sway Tony’s affections toward you,” Sarah hisses after she pulls Loki aside, and lets the threat hang there because she’s found it works better than actually saying what she’ll do. Loki is terrified because no one fucks with Queen Sarah and also his parents and Thor will be super upset if he starts a war with the Rogers. “Tony is just my friend!” Sarah continues to squint at him suspiciously. “I only do it because Steven and James’s faces turn red!” Sarah can accept that, she supposes.))

Then there’s always T’Challa, who has no designs on Tony at all but Steve and Bucky still kind of hover whenever they talk anyway, scowling petulantly. Tony always looks so enthused when they talk, usually about things that Steve and Bucky don’t understand even though Tony’s tried to explain it to them. Plus, Bucky and T’Challa have kind of a weird relationship where they hate each other but politically they agree with each other. It gets even worse when Shuri wanders over and joins the conversation because they’re both so smart and Steve and Bucky aren’t oh no oh no what does Tony even see in them???? (“Kindness?” Shuri says, raising her eyebrows. “Love and affection?” T’Challa adds, rolling his eyes. “Tenderness,” Shuri adds back, because even though she’s an alpha Tony still gossips with her like she’s an omega. “Gentleness,” T’Challa finishes, nodding. “Okay I get it shut up!” Bucky snarls, and then he and T’Challa glare at each other.) ((Tony wanders over from talking with Dame Margaret and smiles at them because they’re all getting along. “What are we talking about?” “You,” Shuri says before anyone else can. Tony blushes and covers his face. “Surely you can find something more interesting to talk about!” “That is absolutely one hundred percent not possible,” Steve insists, wrapping his arms around him, and Shuri and T’Challa roll their eyes.))

Sometimes they get jealous of Pepper, but Pepper has made it clear that Tony is, first and foremost, her leader, and second, her friend. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember that when Pepper reaches out to delicately fix Tony’s hair or the way his clothes are falling on him, especially when she leans in and kisses his forehead afterward. (“This is irrational, boys,” Pepper tells them. “We know,” they answer meekly. “I have never seen Tony in a romantic way.” “We know,” they repeat meekly. Pepper sighs loudly. “Would it make you feel better if we fought it out?” “…Yes,” they reply meekly.) ((“…What,” Tony says when Steve, Bucky, and Pepper limp into the castle, covered in dirt and grass stains and–is that blood?! “Alphas,” Sarah sneers, and then drags him away before he can ask more.))

They always get jealous of Rhodey. They’d challenge him to a fight but one time he heard Tiberius was nosing around again and before Steve and Bucky could do something about it, he wheeled himself out, knocked Tiberius down, and then crawled out of his chair so he could beat him with it. He broke his chair. Rhodey does not fuck around about Tony ever. (“He’s not my type,” Rhodey tells them when he notices them hovering. “Also if you ever even look at him wrong I’m going to heave myself out of this chair and strangle you.”) ((“Why are you so scared of Rhodey?” Tony asks guilelessly. “Rhodey wouldn’t hurt you. You’re my husbands.” “My precious sunflower,” Steve says, cupping Tony’s cheeks. Bucky shakes his head slowly, reaching out to wrap his arms around Tony’s waist. “That is precisely why he would murder us.”))

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#282 and Lance! Congrats on your followers, love! You deserve each and every one of them! -🍋

Originally posted by sensualkisses

282. “The way you flirt is shameful.”

“Please tell me you’re not wearing that” Lance scrunched up his face leaning against the doorframe of your room.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” you asked, spinning to see him shaking his head.

“Lose the cardigan, guys love boobs” he says nodding to the sensible blue cardigan covering your dress. You opened your mouth to argue but he raised his brow and you knew he was right. You sighed and took of the cardigan, throwing it to the bed. You were left in the black tight dress and you adjusted it slightly before putting your arms out.

“Better?” you asked. Lance’s gaze roamed hotly over your body and for once in his life Lance was speechless, so he simply nodded.

He cleared his throat before walking over to you. “Now, show me how you flirt” he prompted. You appreciated his help but he was also your best friend. “I can show you how, if you don’t know” he looked down at you.

“The way you flirt is shameful. I think I could show you a thing or two Tucker” you teased, eyes twinkling.

“Doubt it” he countered, a smug smile on his face which you returned.

The silence in the room was heavy as you stared at each other for several moments. You reached out and slowly touched the curve of his bicep, biting your lip with a smirk. You watched as his pupil’s dilated, breathing becoming heavier. You moved your hand down to his abs, stroking softly. “I think you look really good tonight” your voice was low and husky.

“I mean it’s just-just a white t-” you watched as a blush coloured to his cheeks and he stumbled over his words.

You rose to your tippy toes, lips a whisper away from his. “Got ya” you grinned, before pulling away.

For the second time in his life Lance Tucker was speechless.

ok but can we talk about their hushed voices in the alley scene???

bc they were deadass almost whispering to each other. like, that was their moment and nothing else mattered. it was just the two of them in that alley, literally, but also in the sense that there was no one else in the world that existed to them in that shared stoppage of time. everything revolved around them and it was just the two of them and their grand statements expressed through hushed murmurs and i honestly can’t sleep thinking about this. they are so in love y'all and i’m so honored to be alive at the same time as them to witness this form of love in its purest, most profound way possible

‘jon and daenerys is forced and ooc’
'jon and daenerys romance is too fast’

wtf do you expect them to do? have coffee, share life stories, and tell each other their favourite colour? they’re in the middle of war. plus. they met and disliked each other at first. they didn’t exactly hit it off and no one expected them to. you see. feelings happen whether you want them to or not. that’s the reality. if you want real life then some people fall fast in love and some people fall slowly.

jon and daenerys is very much a gradual build up based on attraction of each other and a heavy dosage of lust and love. i mean even with this upcoming episode there’s still hesitation, fear, and a mild acceptance. hell jon snow said 'there’s no time for that’ when he was called out on staring at daenerys beauty but sometimes you can’t help how you feel no matter how much you deny.

slow build isn’t in the equation here. they don’t have the time and attraction and feelings doesn’t have a time stamp and expiration date for the next move. what they have right now is a nice steady pace of the beginnings of a relationship which will continue to build and evolve in season 8. those are the facts.

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I thought of an idea for another Spidey fic: Y/N forgets their headphones on the subway and Peter offers them one of his earbuds and lets them pick a song. I made it vague so you can choose what direction the story will go. Please don't feel like you have to write this if you don't want to!

This idea is so damn cute!! Yes!
I really love writing for the new spider-man. He’s just so dang cute! I really can’t wait to see more from him.

Sorry for any mistakes and sorry for not being very long!

With the subway car packed full of early morning commuters, each on their own way to school or work, Peter is left to stand in the center of the aisle and hold onto the sticky metal pole as the car steadily rumbles through the city. The headphones and blasting music in his ears block out any conversations in the car, leaving him to his own thoughts. He only comes back to reality as the car slows to another stop and more people begin to push their way on to already cramped metal tube.

Peter suddenly feels something warm rest against his hand on the pole and is quick to snap his attention to it. And to his delighted surprise, it’s you. You give him a sheepish smile as you hurriedly remove your hand from his, saying something with a gorgeous smile as you grab for the pole one more time.

It takes Peter a moment longer than he’d like to admit to realize that he hadn’t heard a single thing you’ve said because of the music blaring in his ears. He takes out an earbud and stumbles out a, “hu-what?”

You chuckle adorably and his cheeks burn bright red.

“I said sorry! There’s just a lot of people here today.”

“Oh, it’s okay,” he’s says, shrugging, trying to seem nonchalant and that he’s not at all thinking about how soft your hand was on his and how sweet your smile can be.

As you look down to check your phone, it’s then that Peter suddenly notices something is missing from your normal attire.

“What happened to your headphones?” He feels like that comes out a bit too creepy, so he fumbles out more, “Ah, I just mean that-that I’ve always seen you with those bright rainbow headphones and-and you’re not wearing them today…not that that I’m like constantly watching you or anything, we’ve just been riding the same train since freshmen year and I just…” he drones out.

Peter wants nothing more than to hit his head against the pole he’s holding as you give a soft laugh at his awkwardness.

“I woke up late and forgot them on my bed.” You scrunch your nose up in displeasure. “Riding the train kind of sucks with my music, though. A sign to the start of bad day.”

“Well.” He’s fiddling with the white headphone cord as an idea crosses him and he offers you the forgotten earbud. “If you want to, you’re welcome to listen with me.”

“Ya know, I think I’ll take you up on that offer.”

You push in the free earbud as Peter pulls out his phone, offering it to you. “Why don’t you pick the first song, since you’re already having a bad day.”

“What a gentleman,” you jokingly say.

You pick a song that you know from his playlist and then boldly slip the phone back into his jacket pocket. He and you don’t talk much for rest of the ride, occasionally you’ll comment on his song choice or playlist, but it’s all smiles and comfortable silence.

“Looks like our ride is over,” you say as the subway comes your stop and the two of you nudge your way off the car. “I still have to ride the subway back home, after school, but it’s going to be kind of boring without any music, like I said. Maybe…we can share headphones on the way back?” You smile while nervously biting your lip, making Peter’s heart flutter. “Same time? Same place?”

The young hero is too stunned of all words and is only able to weakly nod in agreement, muttering a soft, “uh huh.”

“I’ll see you after school, Peter.” And with that, race off to join your group of friends waiting at the end of the terminal entrance for you.

The Teachers AU

so this is an Au developed by the Nutmobile chat and I would love if they’d add onto this post

-Dolokhov is a math teacher who’s super depressing and funny and people either love him or hate him as a teacher and he’s also super fuckin passive aggressive in his lessons like “so if Pie- Peter, if PETER took up 4/13 of the break room fridge with his technically illegal alcohol…”

-Helene is the PE teacher and she’s savage AF and RIPPED and every student who’s attracted to women has had a crush on her at some point

-Marya is the librarian who’s “secretly” dating Helene (even though everyone knows that they’re together) and she runs a D&D campaign and loves nerdy stuff and will SCREAM at you if you rip a book

-Natasha teaches Art and she’s the Chill Teacher who lets kids listen to music and has really very few rules but people respect her. there’s tons of speculations about her love life tho like: “ooh Ms. Rostova looked at Mr. Bolkonsky in the break room today!” “Which Rostova?” “The art teacher!” “ooh, Ms. R accidentally touched Pierre’s hand today, they’re totally in love!” “I saw that Ms. Rostova got a text from Andrei! They’re getting “coffee” after school ;)“
and at the end of the year someone asks her "all right, Natasha, I’m probably never going to see you again- are you dating Andrei, or Pierre?” and she just raises her hand which has 2 rings on it and says “yeah”
and then she goes "and who said you could call me Natasha”

-Mary is the English teacher and every year without fail she introduces herself as “my name is Mary, but call me Ishmael” and if someone laughs at the joke That’s Her New Fav Student and plus she has a unit every year where she teaches the kids about Sappho and Emily Dickinson and Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy and Lord Byron and how literature is super gay yall and she pushes for it to become an elective
She also has a Strange Obsession with Arabian Nights and Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories and can quote some of them from memory (wink wonk I wonder which ones)
she also has 50 shades of grey in her classroom and whenever someone notices she blushes like a tomateo

-Sonya teaches music and she and Mary are married and always going into each other’s classrooms during their free periods to flirt with each other and also there are rumors that Sonya has a treble clef tattooed on her ankle and she does but she only shows it to the members of Honors Band
Mary loves Moby Dick more than a reasonable person should and Sonya teases her about this
And one time for April Fools Mary just hides in the music closet and whenever Sonya gets the band to finally stop talking and start playing she SCREAMS and everyone keeps stopping and looking around and going “WHO THE FUCK IS THAT”

-Balaga is the bus driver but also sometimes subs for classes. Everyone loves him and he’s occasionally high in class.

-Anatole teaches Home Ec and Health and Theater and random humanities and everyone makes fun of his fashion sense and wonders about him and Natasha and he has an Anonymous Question Box in health but he has to stop using it because every single one of the questions is either “do you have a foot fetish” (he will, of course, SCREAM at the class because that is NOT APPROPRIATE FOR SCHOOL), “are u crushing on Ms. Rostova (the straight one)”, or “what is a vulva”

-Pierre is the sad history teacher and he has all these weird conspiracy theories and he tries his best not to let them bleed into his teaching but he fails especially when they learn about Napoleon

-one time pierre was talking about Napoleon and writing on the blackboard and he just fuckin crushed the chalk in his hand

-Pierre throws stuff at stuff all the time like desks and chairs when someone can’t open their locker he’ll go “Helene get the plank”

@quicksilver-ace @andisthatnatasha @anatol-kuragiin @whzzrbrwn @caven—malore @killingmars @melchirits please yall tag anyone I left out

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headcanon that Zelda is absolute T R A S H for the Sheikah outfit on Link cause she's just checking him out the entire time and he can't help but get a lil embarrassed but he loves it tbh

this is 100% canon and no one can convince me otherwise

also for your consideration: Link gets Zelda a Sheikah outfit too because why should she get to have all the fun

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I love how you inverted the welcome home scene from the novel in the Cassian Erso plot. I also think option 2 is the one that makes sense the most. Cass and Jyn thinking the other dead and finding each again through their son, who's named after his dad. That's beautiful and poetic.

Thanks, anon! It seemed to fit so well for the here–how home has never been a place but a person, but here, inverted. I kinda started to fall in love with the idea of option 2 today. There seems so much inherent drama in them just finding each other once again with all the sort of messiness of concealment, especially after so much time. But anyway–I ended up writing like a 1k follow-up to the piece I wrote earlier. It’s a little “for mature audiences” so it’s under a cut, but not that mature because apparently writing smut makes my brain freeze up, so I’m not even sure if it’s any good, but being me, I’m just gonna barf it up here anyway!

[PART 1 for context]

Jyn invites Cassian to her table and seats him next to her son (their son, the ghost of time whispers, look at the way his face is sculpted, your cheekbones and her eyes) and breaks bread with him for the first time since they were last on Echo Base together. The conversation is light: a recap of how her son found him, saved him, talk of the weather, questions that only touched and did not probe at how in the stars Jyn Erso found herself living on a small farm on Maridun.

The boy is too bright not to notice something is up and bright enough accept, for now, the answer of “during the war” to his question of “how do you know each other?”

“This is very good,” Cassian tells her about the stew, and it is, and almost misses his mouth with the spoon because he cannot stop looking at her. His eyes have thirsted for a sight of her for so long, and he wants to get drunk with it now.

The meal winds down and Jyn says lightly to her son, “Aren’t you going over to Ceryl’s house to study tonight?” The boy nods and grabs his satchel of books–though not before giving them both a look. “My friend and I have a lot of catching up to do,” Jyn says as a reply, which gets her a curious eyebrow in return.

He would have made a good spy, Cassian thinks to himself as he watches the boy with his name run off down the hill. The neutral face, but the eyes, always looking, taking in information.

“You should rest here tonight,” she says, her hand on the door as she closes it shut behind her. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Nothing too bad,” he says, though his shoulder aches from where he was struck before the boy had intervened. His reflexes weren’t what they once were, and the injuries of the past made him ache in different ways in different weather on different planets.

“Let me check you out. I have a med kit in the ‘fresher.”

Jyn betrays very little emotion in her voice as she leads him down the hall. Her fingers play against the gray wall, tracing a line that he follows. He doesn’t know what any of this means. His tongue itches to ask if she thought of him much or at all. She hasn’t blamed or accused or questioned. She’s been cordial since the initial surprise, the flush of rediscovery. It’s possible that she could be feeling a million things and still be in the middle of processing it. He’s thought about this moment a lot himself. Dreamed of it when he’s been asleep and awake. There’s a story of almost twenty years to untangle, but he has to believe that they have time. She’s alive. He’s alive. That’s all that matters.

As they near the lit room at the end of the hall where he can see the ceramic sink and the metal shower, Jyn turns and pushes him against the wall, her greedy hands pulling his mouth toward hers, one hand on his jaw, the other tangled into his dark hair. Instinct and memory make him wrap his arms around her waist and he hoists her off of her feet and fully into his embrace.

“Where have you been?” she cries, her lips finding his again to muffle the answer. She tastes bitter as caf, sweet as summer fruit, and Cassian can only think that he has lived far too long without her as they stumble sideways into her bedroom and collapse onto her bed.

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Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Pt.16

The next few weeks are a blur with a dose of recurring nightmares. Not only for you, but more so for B/N. 

You don’t go home. You’ve been staying with him since the incident, afraid to leave him by himself. He barely eats, his body imprint on the bed signals that he hardly leaves it. 

And right now he’s standing in the kitchen, eyes glazed over as his mind wanders. He doesn’t notice you standing there, he’s hardly noticed you since Jesse was buried. 

Guilt, grief, and rage is all he’s suffering from and it’s eating him alive. He’s lost so much of himself.

You stand beside him, looking at his face. It’s been days since he’s said more than five words to you. 

Placing your hand on his cheek, you softly say, “Come back to me,” 

He turns his head to you, blinks twice as he returns to the present. A look of pity crosses his features. 

“I’m gonna shower. My parents will be here soon,” he says, walking around you.

You stand there, forcing your emotions down. A habit you’ve started doing while you tried caring for B/N. You both weren’t official yet, recent events preventing you both from talking about it. You sort of just…stayed with him. 

In truth, you liked him a lot. But you felt incredibly overwhelmed. He was so caught up in his own pain that he seemed to have forgotten you both were in the same battle that day. 

You wipe your tear-stained face. When did your life take such a turn? Sitting in the stool Jesse once sat in to eat your breakfast. Can’t have two distraught people trying to make it through the day, right? 

You don’t have much of an appetite but you know you need to eat. Tracing your fork through your food, you realize you’ve been spaced out for over twenty minutes, doing the same thing B/N was doing. 


You drop your fork, feeling uneasy. Heading to the bathroom, you realize B/N is still in there. He didn’t lock the door, but you knock. 

“B/N, you okay?” you can still hear the shower running but he doesn’t answer you. You let yourself in. Your heart is pounding at what you’re unprepared to see once you pull the shower curtains aside.

He’s sitting in the corner, his knees to his chest and staring at nothing. 

The sight of him like this is the tipping point of your emotions and you sink to the floor. You sit on the ground outside of the tub, holding your face in your hands. 

“I wish I could go back,” he says and you look at him. This is the most he’s admitted to feeling since the incident took place. His eyes and nose are red, “I wish for nothing more than to go back,”

He pushes his hair back, sniffing. His eyes focus on you, “I need you to do something for me,” 

You nod, “What?” 

He takes a moment to reply, his voice breaking, “I need you to take this pain away,” you know where he’s going with this, and you shake your head, “I need you to make me forget,” 

“No…” you say in the middle of his request. 

His face switches from pleading to anger very quickly. He gets out of the shower and you follow him. 

“It’s one request, Y/N!” he snaps as he pulls his boxers on. He’s taking his anger and depression out on you now. 

“I won’t do that,” you tell him.


“You cannot forget Jesse!” he doesn’t want to hear what you’re saying, “No matter how bad you feel, forgetting him would make his entire life meaningless.”

He roughly pushes his wet hair from his face, flinging the nearest thing, that happens to be his laptop, across the room. 

“I want to die, Y/N! Do you understand that? You almost died saving me. My best friend is dead because I’m so fucking stupid. He didn’t want to do this. All he wanted to do was run a stupid realtor company,” as he says the final part, he presses his palms against his eyes, his voice breaking. 

Your voice is soft, hoping it will lessen the blow, “That’s why you can’t forget him,” saying that makes him even more upset because you won’t give him what he wants.

“You’re practically Wonder Woman. You don’t understand what this feels like,” he scoffs. His words shock you, the look in his eyes spiteful, “Have you lost someone close to you?” he asks cynically. 

You slap him in the face hard, purposefully. 

Wet strands of hair spread across the side of his face, cheek slowly reddening. He doesn’t look surprised, almost like he wanted you to retaliate. 

“I don’t understand?” Your body is shaking in anger, tears springing into your eyes, “Jesse was my friend too. Not as close as you guys, but he was a friend,” he rolls his eyes and you shove him hard in the chest. He wants to fight.

“You know what? Fuck you,” You’re pained that he thinks so little of what you could actually feel, after all you’ve done. You turn from him, grabbing your stuff. You can’t take this anymore. 

“What are you doing?” 

“I’m leaving. Obviously,” 

Walking to the living room, he follows you, “I’ve been babysitting you because you’re so damn sad that you can’t help yourself. I’ve been neglecting myself and for what? Are we even friends? We’re not even officially together,”


“And how dare you? You think just because you feel pain, you have a right to say those things to me?” his expression lets you know he realizes his mistake, “Not once have you asked how I felt. Do you just assume I feel nothing? Wonder Woman felt pain too.” he presses his lips together, remembering what he said, “Honestly, did you not think of me once?” 

“I did… I just didn’t think-” 

“No, you didn’t think,” you push your hair from your face, “I killed people, B/N. Did you forget that?” 

He pauses, watching you carefully now, as if the pain in your own voice made him snap out of his own, “That shit keeps me up at night. A man is braindead because of me. I accidentally killed a girl who ran into my force field. I put a bullet through a woman’s brain without a second thought. And I’m not entirely sorry, and that scares me. And you wanna forget? I want to forget.”  

His image is blurring before you, but you see him coming near you. 

You back away from him, “I tried to save Jesse, but I didn’t see her gun. I wasn’t fast enough. I hate myself for that and sometimes I think that you hate me because I didn’t do any better,” you finally admit all of this to him.

You cover your face because you’re crying harder than you have before, your own guilt overflowing. He’s so quiet you’re not even sure he’s listening or even there. But you feel his arms come around you quickly and you’re pushing him off because you haven’t forgiven him. You don’t want your tears to seem like a weakness that you need him.  

But he’s persistent and you can hardly stand up on your own. 

He’s never held you this tight, as if he’s trying to keep you from crumbling to pieces, “I can’t forgive myself,” you whisper. 

“I never blamed you,” he says, “Not once,” 

You pull away to wipe your face, holding your bag tighter on your shoulder.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t save him for you,” 

She was leaving him and he didn’t even blame her. 

B/N didn’t mean to snap as he did but he’s almost glad he did, because he wouldn’t have known how much Y/N was keeping in. 

Yes, he was being spiteful, an action he regretted as soon as he did it to her, but she was releasing so much. He didn’t know how hard she took Jesse’s death. Didn’t know she actually blamed herself. He even forgot about the people that died or were injured by Y/N’s hands. Her guilt greatly outdid his, yet she was being so strong for him. 

Feeling like shit didn’t even cover it. 

“I think it’s time we part ways,” she says and his throat is tight. He caused all of this.

He didn’t want her to leave, but he knew it would be the best if she did. She lost pieces of herself caring for him, her clothes fit her body looser than before. Her skin was dull and her eyes didn’t have that spark like before. On top of her own turmoil, did he drain her that much? 

“I’m sorry,” is all he can say. He’s sorry he did this to her; neglected the only person he had left. He’s sorry he threw everything she did for him back in her face. He felt such shame looking at her, additional to the fact that he only had his boxers on. 

“Keep in touch with your parents. Share your grief with them, because they loved Jesse too,” her final words. As she’s about to turn for the door, she pauses, looking at him. 

He can’t let her leave this way. He meets her where she is, embracing her. He holds her tightly, his hand resting on the back of her head. Her tears cascade down his chest, his own disappearing in her hair. 

She steps back, patting her cheeks. When she looks at him, he almost can’t hold her gaze. 

“I can’t make you forget, but I can do something else for you,” she says softly. 

She holds his face, looking into his eyes, “You will heal. You will get past this. You will be happy again. And you will forgive yourself,” 

His body relaxes, his thoughts flashing gray as her words reconstruct his mind. 

When he comes to, he realizes he is alone. His cat sits at the door, waiting for her to come back, not realizing she won’t. 

He wasn’t sure how he’d face his parents when they arrived at his house. He couldn’t even look them in the eyes at the funeral. 

He opens the door once they arrive, his stomach tight. 

He feels better after what Y/N did to him. But her absence created another void that he would have to live with. 

“Hi Mom,” is all he is able to say before she pulls him in for a hug. 

“My baby. You’re so thin,” she sniffs, squeezing his arms and face for emphasis. She takes the food she brought from his father’s hands. She rushes to the kitchen.

“Dad,” B/N finally says. 

His father sighs at the sight of his son, his stiff aura softening. He pats his neck, pulling him in for a hug, “Make sure you eat, or she’ll nag until you do,”  

He gives a small smile, nodding. 

Within minutes, his mother notices something isn’t right. 

“Where’s Y/N?” she asks. 

He’s not sure how to answer but says the truth, “She’s gone,” 

His parents are quiet, glancing at each other before looking at their son again.

“Sharing burdens is only effective if it’s shared equally,” his mother says, seeming to know what he didn’t have to explain. 

“I liked her for you,” is all his father says.

They eat together, his mother speaking the most and he’s grateful because he has no words to contribute to the conversation. She even manages to make him laugh despite the fact that there’s two chairs empty at the table. He felt happy for that split second and the rush of guilt that overtook him was insufferable. 

He places his fork down, excusing himself from the table. 

He clutches the counter in his bathroom, taking deep breaths. 

“Pull yourself together,” he tells himself. Once he steps into his room, he pauses seeing his mother sitting on his bed, the book she had given him in her hands. 

“Did you finish it?” she asks. 

He shakes his head, “No. Haven’t gotten around to it,” 

She nods, flipping through the pages, “You should,” 

“Why? Some message on life lessons or something?” 

“Something like that,” 

“I don’t want to read it,” 

“You will,” 


“Read it,” she says firmly, holding the open book towards him. Even at his age, he knew when to pay attention to his mothers tone of voice. 

With an exasperated sigh, he takes the book from her hand, standing as he reads the written words. 

The gifts that we’ve been given has brought us more pain than we anticipated. To forget is a gift. A gift I cannot give myself,” 

“Not much encouragement from her here,” he says, closing the book.

“You accept what’s happened and move on. That’s the way it goes,” 

He knows why his mother had him read this but he’s too stubborn to accept it. He’s feeling a mix of emotions. He already poured his soul out to Y/N, must he do it again? 

But then he remembers what she said, to grieve with parents.

“He’s gone, B/N,” his mother says as gently as she can, “Jesse is gone,”  

He pauses, biting the inner flesh of his cheek, “I know that,” 

He feels her hand on his back, “Stop blaming yourself. You must live again,” 

Her words cause tears to spring into his eyes and he fights them. He clenches his teeth so tightly to prevent himself from cracking. 

“I’m sorry,” he finally says.

“I know,” she wipes his tears even though hers are glistening on her cheeks as well, “But I can’t lose another son. You might think you don’t deserve to enjoy life right now, but Jesse would’ve cursed you for leaving your plate full just now,” 

The truth in her words cause him to laugh despite his tears, “He really loved food,” 

A hard pang to his chest at using past-tense. His mother notices, taking his hand. 

“I love you and I always will,” she says to him. Loving him despite what he did, a form of healing he didn’t expect. 

His father steps in the doorway, looking his son in the eyes. An action he’s been doing lately, no longer fearing what his son could do. 

He does a double take, noticing the broken laptop in the corner that he through, during his fight with Y/N. 

“You and your temper,” he father chastises him as he picks up the broken pieces. 

“I’ve been curious about something,” his father says, “You mentioned Y/N saved you? How?”

“She’s kind of like me,” 

“How so? What can she do?” his mother asks. 

He gives a knowing smile, remembering how ethereal and badass she looked as she fought. How before she knew of her gift, she pulled him towards her by simply being who she was, “Everything I can’t.”

Amortentia || The Batboys||

A/n: IDK man..I’m been in this huge Harry Potter mood lately, and it got me thinking about my favorite characters would smell if near the Amorentia.

So this will have three scents and a little blurb of them smelling the potion { one will be of the s/o }

A/n-2: be prepared to see more characters.

Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. It is distinctive for its mother-of-pearl sheen, and steam rises from the potion in spirals. Amortentia smells different to each person, according to what attracts them.

Dick Grayson: Caramel corn {reminds him of his days living in the circus}, Fresh earth…the scents you would find in a cave and Pumpkin spice.

Dick glanced around the class though running his fingers through his hair, why did he have to be one to smell the damn thing. Swallowing thickly he adjusted his robes then walked over to the cauldron. Taking a deep he was suddenly hit with the scents of caramel corn, something that he was used to. The feeling of his mother buying him the sweet treat brought a smile to his face, getting hit with another scent he wasn’t to surprised to smell the earthy scent, he loved the outdoors but the last scent…that one was new and boy did he know what it came from. Glancing at you from the corner of your eyes you looked rather bored but the familiar pumpkin spice hitting his nose, well he could thank you for that. 

Jason Todd: Ammo/gunpowder, The Ocean/salt air and bubble gum.

Grumbling under his breath Jason made his way over to the cauldron, pink smoke slowly rising up from the thing. Glancing around the glass room he noticed you give him a large smile and that made him confidant. Leaning in he sighed smelling the gunpowder and the young man felt his body relax then soon it was the smell of the ocean hitting his scenes, the salt air was nice and he could have sworn he was back home watching the boats leave the pier but the last one, the last scent made his heart race. Bubble gum, the sweet scent was overpowering and it was an odd thing since he never chewed gum. Biting his lip he made his way back to his seat and on his way he noticed you blowing a small bubble.

Tim Drake:  Fresh coffee, Freshly clean clothes/sheets, and chocolate.

{Shout out to my amazing friend who came up with Tim’s- fanboyheadcanons }

Yawning Tim slowly made his way to the front of the class where the potion was already brewing. Shaking his head he just shoved his hands in his pockets though he noticed you were nearly asleep, chuckling he had to admit it was cute. Taking a breath in he sighed as the scent of freshly brewed coffee hit him like a train, he could almost taste it. The next thing that came to mind was the scent of freshly clean clothes and sheets, he could feel the warmth of them, how good it felt then slowly moving in was the scent of…chocolate. Blinking a few times he had to make sure that was right. Taking another whiff he could smell the chocolate even better and the one person that came to find was you, cheeks darkened as he glanced over and the boy made his way quickly to his seat trying to sort his feelings. 

Damian Wayne{Teen Damian }: New & Old books, fresh baked cookies and cherry lip balm.

Damian had to hide the scowl on his face,boy he was not happy at all. Couldn’t they pick someone else for this…it was stupid.Walking past you, he noticed you place some of that stupid lip balm over your lips. Scoffing the young man glared at the bubbling liquid then took a deep whiff and suddenly he was hit with the scent of books, new and old. He could feel his body relax and it almost felt like home though the next scent was what hit him hard. Chewing his lip he had to fight back the smile, it was the scent of Alfred’s cookies. Biting it tongue he sighed softly, that was home.Though just as he was about to leave he stopped in his tracks and he was now smelling that damn cherry lip balm. Heart hammering in his chest he whipped his head around seeing your glossy lips and of course in the palm of your hand spotted the cherry lip balm.


Bruce Wayne: Fireplace, freshly mowed grass and a flora scent.

Running his fingers through his hair, Bruce was tired. Sitting in his office heard the sound of heels followed by the familiar floral scent hitting his nose, standing up the man smoothed out his robes and greeted you with a smile. Giving him a wink you then placed a small golden bottle on his desk. Nodding at him you cleared out your throat.

“Here ,its Amortentia. I snatched it off on of the students that snatched it from that cauldron where the kids were studying it. I mean i figured you might know what to do with it.” Giving him one last smile you waved him off then walked out of his office.

Sighing he sat back down in his chair, the floral scent of your perfume already gone.Hit with curiosity, the man opened the cap then took a small whiff of the scent in. Closing his eyes he smelt the scent of a fire, home and he could almost hear the wood crackling in the fireplace, feel the warmth. He then got hit with the scent of freshly mowed grass and Bruce could already picture Alfred though much like Damian he had to smell it again and for a moment he thought you were in the room with him.Biting his lip, when he smelt that familiar floral scent it felt like love.

Corking the bottle he put the potion away to rush after you, he wanted you to know how important you were to him.

Witcher Headcanons - 5 (Yennefer and Geralt)

41.      Even though Geralt always refuses Yennefer’s help on a contract, because he wants to keep her safe, she never fails to offer her assistance, because she doesn’t want to lose him.

42.      If Yennefer wants to conceal that fact she is hurt from Geralt she has to mask both the sight and the scent of her blood because he knows what her blood smells like, she’s still not sure what to think about that.

43.      Sometimes Yennefer and Geralt like to leave the estate in BB’s capable hands and go out travelling because although they’ve both been all over, they’ve never had the luxury of truly enjoying the sights or each other’s company.

44.      During his search for Ciri and their battle against the Wild Hunt, Geralt used to have nightmares so bad that he’d thrash out in his sleep, sometimes hurting Yennefer, even drawing blood, but not remember doing it when he woke in the morning.

  • She never told him about it and tried to hide the marks from him, it was only by accident that he found out. He tried to sleep elsewhere but she refused to let him and since then he’s never had agitated nightmares if he sleeps with her, but he’s never forgiven himself for hurting her and sometimes when he wakes up from particularly bad dreams he sees her blood staining his hands and it’s one of the reasons why he always checks to see if she’ s hurt after he’s had a nightmare.

45.      Geralt is the only one who has ever called Yennefer ‘Yen’ and never calls her anything else, she loves it (even I only ever refer to her as Yennefer…it’s their special thing guys!)

  • Okay, so technically this is canon in the books, but for some reason not in the games…

46.      In his retirement Geralt has tried out some new hobbies, so far, his favourite has been sketching and he has an entire notebook dedicated to Yennefer who is more than happy to pose for him.

47.      Geralt thinks it’s adorable how short Yennefer is which is why she never wears shoes that don’t have very high heels, she doesn’t want to be adorable.

48.      Yennefer re-opened her shop in Vengerberg and also sells products in Toussaint, Geralt loves watching her make all the cosmetics even if it does mean he constantly smells rather feminine, or like Dandelion.

49.      Geralt and Yennefer sometimes exchange stories about their training, their childhood, it’s very difficult for the pair of them to do so, which is why it means so much for them that they are finally able to share these stories.

50.  Yennefer used to hate showing affection in public because of the way mages used to judge love but each year she becomes more and more open and now shows no concern about displaying her love for her family outside of closed doors. She regrets how long it took her to get there.

Hello, hope you enjoyed my latest headcanons, feel free to comment and share your own as well as suggesting which ones I might try to write fanfiction about :)

Next Wednesday I might have a momentary break from the Witcher and try headcanons from a different game, which ones would you like to hear, I mostly play RPG.


  1. Yennefer and Geralt
  2. Yennefer, Geralt and Ciri
  3. Yennefer and Geralt 
  4. Yennefer and Geralt 

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tbh.... At this point I don't even care if 1D ever gets back together. They're all doing great on their own, and while a band reunion would be great. I just want them free, happy, and interacting with one another.

Well, that’s exactly why I think there will be an OT5 reunion (and there’s the contractual obligation for it to happen). The only genuine thing about 1D over the last 7 years is their (onstage/live) dynamic and how they clearly love each other.

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Cheating is the Worst Thing You Can Do To A Person

Ok, so there are so many many scenarios and imagines in which someone cheats on you (it doesnt even have to be your fave member or character in a book or movie) or you cheat on them and how they react to them.

One thing: I like a happy ending and yes, I like people forgiving each other.

Another Thing: I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if when I’m dating a member and they cheat. (I’m not going to cheat. Heh, lol, who will I cheat with on perfection themselves?) I’m afraid that I will forgive them too, just to keep their love, no matter how fake or hollow it becomes. If it’s a one time thing and it never happens again, I win but if it does, who’s the bigger fool?

Like your significant other in a fit of drunken haze or with full cognition does this and you somehow find out. Well, at first, you won’t even process it.

Let’s say they have the guts to tell you face to face. You’re going to just sit on that sofa, watching their face as they tell you that somehow, even for a night, you were not enough, your company, your love was not enough to satisfy them. When will you get up from that couch? When will you accept that they are not lying, not playing a not funny joke on you. If they are the crying sort, if they are afraid to lose you, will you comfort them or will you try to find your heart that has somehow gotten lost somewhere inside you, even if you STILL haven’t processed the fact that your existence to them meant nothing in those few frantic moments, a long week or month or as long as it took for them to tell you.

Will you take a walk, maybe late at night, because hey, who cares anymore, will you wonder what you did wrong? Or will you wonder why, why, if you were so perfect to them in the first place were you worth nothing at that particular moment when the thought even crossed their mind?

Forget love, were you not even worth as a person anymore? Cue a existential crisis.

In the end, your legs won’t carry you far enough from that person who wrecked your relationship. Who felt nothing while he was adoring someone else’s body.

You will cry, of course, everyone cries, even if tears don’t come or no noise escape you. You will claw at your heart, trying to pry it out of your chest because, you want to make sure that it is still there and not just some myth you stopped believing in the moment the one person who was supposed to protect it forsake his job.

You won’t be able to pull your heart out. If you cry, will you wipe your tears? Or will you be petty and go home to show what he/she did to you?Or will you be strong, or pretend to anyway, wipe them away and go to a friend, to vent, to cry, because someone is there to help, to listen. Will you go home at all? Or will you wonder if you ever had a home with this person at all?

It will pass eventually.

You will come back. They will be there, begging you to listen, to forget and forgive. You still love this person, you don’t even know how to stop. You will want to stay…are you being foolish?

Who knows? Maybe they do genuinely love you and the thought of losing you has shaken something loose in them. They won’t do it again. You can try to build yourselves up again.

I don’t know how your story will end. I hope this never happens to you.

Sorry for the long post.

@rapmonluv; this is the result of late-night binge reading of CIE. Love you!

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Well shit, I thought today's video would explain the previous ones but it just created more questions. Like, who's alive and who died? Who's in love with whom? Will they meet each other again? Who hurt them so bad? Why are they in such pain? Why does it have to be so complicated?

i wish i had the answers to at least one of those questions but-

You’re so sweet you give me cavities

Summary: Tom Holland soulamte Au

Warnings: None

Word count: 1k

Notes: For the weekend and half of next week I’m going to be completly busy, so the masterlist wont be updated until Probably Wednesday.


Soulmate. That one word alone would bring a cold shiver down my back, while my friends talked non stop about theirs, I didn’t believe in them. The thought of having one person who you were destined to fall in love with, sounded unbelievable to me. Everyone had a symbol, drawing, location, or phrase on their body and their soulmate had the same one.

I looked up at the large section of books, admiring each one and picking which one I’d read next. After I picked a book that caught my eye I sat at one of the tables in the center of the library. “Place closes in 10!” I heard the Janitor say, sighing as I closed the books, heading back to where I found it in the first place. As I walked through the aisles looking for where I found the put I saw someone else looking through the same shelf I had gotten the book.

“You know the library closes in now.. 5 minutes?” He looked startled at my voice, making it clear he hadn’t expected anyone. “Yeah, I was just looking for a book on something.” Since it was almost closing time and he seemed to be in a rush I decided to help him.

“Well what are you looking for stranger?” I walked next him, slipping my book back into one of the empty slots between some of the books. I watched the stranger as he looked down nervously. He looked familiar, like I had seen him somewhere but it was stuck on the tip of my tongue. “A book on soulmates.”

I nodded, soulmate stuff was something I avoided. I never believed there was that one perfect person out in the world that was perfect or you, it seemed almost impossible. That why when my friends asked me about my soulmate tattoo I changed the subject, wanting to hide the fact that I had a spider imprinted on my wrist.

“If you don’t mind me asking why about soulmates?” I looked through the bookshelf and took out a book labeled ‘Our other Half’ and rolled my yes, passing the book to him.

He shrugged and looked the the book shelves in front of us. “Just wondering why I haven’t met my soulmate yet, all my friends have met theirs and it sucks.” We stood there in silence until the lights went out and we heard the door shut. I looked at him in panic as he turned to me.

“Did we just get locked in a library?” I whispered excitedly. He looked at me strangely and grabbed his phone, turning on his flashlight. “Yes, where it’s only us two and possibly a little demon hiding in one of the shelves.” I rolled my eyes and placed my hand on one of the book shelves.

“Follow me.” I lead him towards the light switch and flicked it on, lighting up the library. We walked around the library talking about random subjects when we had realized that the doors were locked and we couldn’t get out.

I walked aimlessly around one of the isles when I heard crunching and turned my head quickly. I hadn’t eaten and didn’t really plan on getting locked in a library.

Ran over to where the sound was coming from and stared at the stranger who was eating skittles and a granola bar , while sitting on one the the tables. When he realized I had been staring he smiled and raised his hand with some of the skittles in it as an offer.

I joined him taking some of the skittles and ate them one by one, eating my favorite color first. “You know we’ve been in here for 2 hours and I never got your name.” He looked at me questionably then realized that we hand’ actually shared any information about ourselves. “I’m Y/N L/N, pleasure to meet you stranger.” I put out my hand without the skittles and he shook it, tell me his name in response.

“Well Y/N, My name is Tom Holland.” I stared at him recognizing how he looked familiar. “I would slap you if you hadn’t given me skittles.” I felt pain shoot through my arm as I heard him laugh and looked at my Soulmate tattoo. I lifted my sleeves up and stared at the now golden tattoo then looked at Tom, then back at the tattoo.

“Did you feel that too or did you put something in these skittles?” There was no way I met my soulmate in a library at night, what a lame way to meet. I traced the outline of my spider tattoo staring at the now gold design.

“S-so does that mean we’re….?” I looked up at Tom and finished his sentence, wondering the same thing. “I guess so?”

“What now?” I stepped closer to him and let him take the next step, if he was wanted to. He took another step and leaned about to kiss me when I grabbed his skittle pack and devoured it instead. When he realized what I had done he laughed and stole one the last one from my hand as I was about to eat it.

He ran around laughing as I chased him, until he tripped over one of the legs of a table and as fell he grabbed my hand pulling me down with him.

I fell on him, both of us laughing, when we suddenly both stopped and stared into each other’s eyes. I leaned closer to the ground, closing my eyes ready to kiss him when he ruined the moment.

“Since you like skittles so much, wanna taste my rainbow.” Tom blurted out, he then groaned and covered his face. “I was nervous.” I started breaking down laughing at his pick up line and winked at him.

“Your so sweet you give me cavities.”