i love dylan's mouth and the way his phone is poised by his lips

You Want To Play A Game Of What?? - Part 2

I Just Can’t Help Myself - Sequel to You Want To Play A Game of What??

Author: JamieMac26

Warnings: Smut - Mature Rating

I sat in my living room, on the floor surrounded by mounds of paperwork. A huge project at work had kept me busy and away from my normal social life. I hadn’t even had time to have much contact with Dylan, not since the night of our strip baseball game. I had replayed the moment in my mind several times, a smile always managing to find a way to my face. I squinted at the  large binder propped up in my lap. The words were starting to blur and I was having a hard time maintaining my focus. I needed to take a break but I knew that it would be a long time coming. Giving up hope, I settled for an additional cup of coffee instead.  Unburying myself, I padded into the kitchen. The overused and beloved Keurig machine gleamed in the bright lights above the sink. I sighed, leaning against the counter, as I waited for the dark liquid to finish brewing. The quiet the evening, was disrupted by the trill of the phone, as it sounded from the other room. I groaned, wondering which one of my bosses was about to bring further torture into my life by the additional information that needed to urgently be added before tomorrow morning’s meeting. I pushed paper after paper aside, digging through the piles, frantically trying to find the small device. The glow of the screen created enough light, that I managed to spy it out of the corner of my eye.  A huge grin broke on my face as I saw the name on the screen.  I quickly unlocked it, reading the message that he had sent….

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