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I didn’t reach a follower goal or anything *insert cricket noise* but I’ve been seeing a lot of people expressing their feelings that they think their work is not appreciated and I want everyone to feel that they are very very very appreciated in this fandom and know that they are really important to all of us! I haven’t had this blog for very long so I don’t follow many people yet sorry~ but regardless I love all of you guys (mutuals and non-mutuals) super duper very much lots💕


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| • and before the clock tolls midnight, I would love to wish my desi crew, my family, my beloved friends and darling a happy diwali! may the upcoming year be prosperous, less anxiety ridden and laughter filled ❤ • |

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

This is the last Bunker Reads I will be doing. From now on, my fic recommendations will only be taking place as reblogs, mostly because it takes a lot of time to compile the fics and add my comments. I might come back to this habit next summer, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve loved doing these!


  • Lame by @writingthingsisdifficult (Reader x Sam) - The ending of this was absolutely perfect! I mean, the whole thing was perfect, but Sam was so sweet and the reader’s embarrassment/flustered-ness was something I think that all Sam!girls can relate to.
  • Untitled Fluffy Sam Drabble by @trexrambling (Reader x Sam) - If there was an emoji for a dreamy sigh, I’d put it here. This was adorable from start to finish, and the little repetition at the ending was super duper cute and ugh I just loved this one a whole lot!!
  • A No-Win Situation by @winchesterprincessbride (Reader x Dean) - Ha! This one made me laugh aloud, and I can totally picture this kind of thing happening between the reader and the boys.
  • Imagine Calling Sam to Kill a Spider on the Ceiling by @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious (Reader x Sam) - This would so totally be me. (I had to call my boss to come kill a spider for me just the other week.) The reader’s little rant made me laugh because I relate to it on a very spiritual level, and I’m so very glad that Sam is there to kill spiders for damsels in distress!
  • The Klutz Curse by @idreamofhazel (Reader x Dean) - I loved this so, so much! It kept making me laugh, partially because Dean’s clumsiness is just so laughable, but partially because the whole idea of a klutz curse is definitely something that would happen on the show, and I think that Dean is the perfect character to write for it. Great job!
  • It by @seenashwrite (Reader x Dean) - It is such an interesting concept, and I would highly recommend that those of you who read this read through the description of It that’s linked at the end of the story, but this was so full of fluff and intrigue and humor as well! Your writing is beautiful, and I loved all the description that was linked in among the vagueness of it all.
  • Imagine… Listening to Classical Music by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dean) - Dean was so sweet in this! It was short and just the perfect amount of fluff where it was sweet and sappy, yet also believeable and something that Dean woud definitely consider doing for someone he loved. You write a very thoughtful side of Dean, and I love it! Plus, I love the detail about them not using the reader’s car anymore since they typically drive Baby!
  • Silences by @percywinchester27 (Reader x Dean) - This was so, so sweet, and you write really well without dialogue! (Not that I don’t also enjoy your stories with dialogue, but you get what I mean.) I was just thinking last night about how the reader and Dean would definitely have peaceful, silent moments between them in their relationship, and I think you portrayed it really well!


  • Tape Hiss by @lipstickandwhiskey (Reader x Dean) - This was so amazing, and I think one of my favorite little parts is how you described Sam as giving Dean a “dry ‘f*** you’ look.” I also really, really loved the reader showing up. Sam’s line there was so cute and ugh, I love reunions.
  • Useful by @revwinchester (No Pair) - I loved this for many reasons, but partially because it literally could have been an episode! Your characterization of both the BMOL and the American hunters was so spot-on, and I loved the ending with Jody!


  • Scare by @bambinovak (Reader x Sam) - This was so, so good! You’re such an amazing writer and I was head over heels for this story from the moment it began. Their arguing and actions were so real life, it’s almost as if this was an episode! I loved how you wrote Sam, especially the part where he admits why he’s so mad.
  • Don’t Think, Don’t Speak by @wideawakeandwriting (Reader x Sam) - I loved this, despite that there was no happy ending! It was short but you managed to pack such a punch in those words.
  • He Should Be Here by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing (Reader x Sam) - This made my heart hurt! There’s nothing I hate more than the stories of daddies and mommies who left their kids behind, and I just can’t handle it when it’s either one of the boys!! (On the other hand, I would totally read more if this was a sequel, because the ending made my blood run cold. Yikes.)
  • Pieces of Us - You Found Me by @torn-and-frayed (Reader x Dean) - I was so, so hopeful that this was going to be fluffy. And then you broke my heart. So, I’m not even sure what to do because I’m kinda mad after re-reading this, but yeah. It was great and if you want your heart broken then 10/10 would recommend you read this because it’s angsty and it’ll kill you.

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • The Darkside by @growningupgeek (Reader x Sam) - I love this series! It’s the perfect mix of darkness from Lucifer, plus the little bit of hope that Sam will find Y/N! I was really excited when I saw that this was a series after I went to add the first part to this list, and I can’t wait to see what Lucifer has planned for Y/N, as well as seeing how/when Sam will get to her once again!
  • World’s Best Dad by @luci-in-trenchcoats (Reader x Dad!Dean) - I am such a sucker for dad!Dean, and you write him so well! I love his interactions both with the reader and with Gracie. She’s an adorable kid. Also, the crazy plot twists are my favorite! I loved the proposal, and her parents’ acceptance and willingness to love Dean and Gracie just made my heart melt. Plus, **SPOILERS** the reader wanting to adopt Gracie just killed me! Ugh. This is definitely one of my most favorite series recently!

Non-Reader Works

  • Transplant by @zepppie (Dean) - I loved this! I think I’ve read a book where a similar thing happened, and I’m wondering if it’s the same book you read! **SPOILERS**  This is something you don’t normally read about in fanfiction, and I loved it because my dad is on the heart transplant list. I love getting to read things that are real-life situations similar to my own (kinda), so I’m glad I found this!
  • Homesick by @mrswhozeewhatsis (SamJess) - This was so cute, but it also made my heart hurt. Poor Sam has no idea what’s coming for him. My poor babies! Some part of me wishes that they could’ve just stopped at the Pilot and had a happy life together. Jess was so good for my Sammy.

Happy Birthday to my most lovely bby Annie!!  。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚ °・
Major Shinya at your service~ ♥ ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) /winks

Art portion of @the-shewolf-den ‘s art raffle prize~!

I hope you like it =D 

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hiiii love your blog i was wondering if you have any recent fics you can rec? i need more jikook after going through 300+ pages of ao3 lmao (and all your fics too btw love your hickey fic omg it was Great)

i gotchu lil starbub!!!!! ⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝✨ (and thank u so much!!!! omg ;;;) 

also, i recommend checking out Forever Boys (kookmin festa that recently ended) for many new and wonderful fics as well!! 

nothing’s somethings by adequater [oneshot 5k, rated T, high school and college au, friends to lovers, fluff, homophobic language] (i love adequater’s fics a lot and this was super duper cute but also reflective of one’s own sexuality and honestly, just a great read!!

competency at its highest potency by MauveTarte [oneshot 10k, rated T, a/b/o dynamics, omega!jimin, alpha!kook, plot driven, super fluffy] (a teen rated abo fic with no smut???? GREATEST THING EVER i loved this soso much omg and even tho kook was an alpha he was the sweetest and softest boy ever and jimin was a freakin badass this is one of my new fave fics amekfajwlj

if the waves belong to the sea by teecysh [oneshot 6k, unrated, established relationship, mutual pining, angst w/ happy ending, teacher!kook, sailor!jimin] (this was so poignant omg i loved it so much ;__; the way the author weaves her words is just so beautiful)

Up The River, Down With You by PinkBTS [oneshot 17k, rated E, prison!au, childhood friends, religious symbolism, prison culture, attempted non-con] (read the tags first ok!!! since it’s a prison au there are some sensitive topics in the fic but overall it was such a well-written and detailed, dark story about prison life and their relationship;;)

Tonight, The Line Blurs by DeadpanSnarker [oneshot 7k, rated G, modern royalty!au, prince!jimin, knight!kook, mutual pining, fluff] (I LOVE ROYALTY AUS and this was so wholesome and cute omg

you came to me out of nowhere by buttonjimin [oneshot 5k, rated T, hurt/comfort, fluff!!!, failed dates, one night stands w/ happy end] (of course i have to rec this omg this was super cute and awesomely well written esp. when the author had such limited time??? amazing AND IT WAS FOR ME AMWEFJALKJ i love it soso much

1 2 b my bb (busan boyfriend)? by jeonify [oneshot 5k, rated T, mutual pining, fluff!!!!, college au, life is beautiful (this is beautiful), lapslock] (this was so freaking cute and fluffy omg all the tooth-rotting fluff made me cry rainbows ;;;; srsly i love this and her fics so much!! totally cute and a day brightener)

the lines between us (hold us together) by thecityofgold [ongoing 1/?, rated T, soulmates au, spy/secret agent au, dystopia au, agents! vmin, light angst, action adventure] (one of my new faves everyone omg i mean look!! at the tags ok it’s such an interesting and fascinating plot and a very unique take on soulmates wHICH I LOVE

international playboy (don’t answer) by blt_prf [ongoing 8/?, unrated, social media au, college au, enemies to friends, model!kook, dancer!jimin] (THIS IS SO CUTE i love this so much omg especially from one of my fav authors all her fics are great mawefhalj this is such an enjoyable read and makes me laugh ;w;

this spiderman headcanon by @nochupig (IT WAS SO CUTE AMWELKFJALKJ I LOVE SUPERHEROES AU all of her headcanons are amazing omg

this is all i have for now bub and i hope this was helpful!!!! read on!ヾ(*´∇`*)ノ✨💞

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Hii, I just wanna say that I really really like and admire your art, every single piece of your artwork is always super duper good and I love it, I think you have a lot of talent and it is noticeable in what you do. PS your OC's are perfect and so are you.

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aaaaaah thank you my lovely friend ToT

PS I’m glad you like them!!

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BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD โ™กโœง( เฅ•โŒ„• ) once you get this award, you’re supposed to paste it in the ask box of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s nice to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out ( โ—œโ—’โ— )โ™ก♥

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I don’t know, why you think I deserve one, but I’m super, duper, mushy happy!

Lots of love 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Hi guys! Apparently itโ€™s been a year since I first joined tumblr,ย how did this happened?ย so I guess itโ€™s time for a follow forever, YAAAY!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has ever interacted with me, either by talking to me, occasional messages or just reblogging my stuff. you guys are what makes me keep going with this mess of a blog.ย 

Wow, I got too chessy too fast.ย Anyways, this year Iโ€™ve come acrossย a lot of amazing blogs and people, so Iโ€™m really sorry if I forget anyone.ย ๐Ÿ†—๐Ÿ†’ย 

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I just wanted to say I've reblogged so many of your posts that remind me of my boyfriend (I love him a lot okay I'm super duper happy idk) and he follows my blog so I'm waiting on him to see them all and thank you so much for this blog โคโค

This is adorable kejsjsnsjsns