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I didn’t reach a follower goal or anything *insert cricket noise* but I’ve been seeing a lot of people expressing their feelings that they think their work is not appreciated and I want everyone to feel that they are very very very appreciated in this fandom and know that they are really important to all of us! I haven’t had this blog for very long so I don’t follow many people yet sorry~ but regardless I love all of you guys (mutuals and non-mutuals) super duper very much lots💕


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Art portion of @the-shewolf-den ‘s art raffle prize~!

I hope you like it =D 


Happy Birthday to my most lovely bby Annie!!  。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚ °・
Major Shinya at your service~ ♥ ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ ) /winks

Happy Valentines Day!

dark-siren  asked:

You don't know me, so I'm sorry, this is pretty random, but. I blame you pretty much entirely for my all of a sudden shipping Sam/Bucky like WHOA (it's also slightly possibly Sebastian Stan's fault), and, um. I was wondering if you have any recs? I have a serious craving. :S Thank you very much.

OK, first–I ACCEPT THIS ONEROUS RESPONSIBILITY because it’s sucky to be alone in this and I want to take you all down with me. Also: it is a fucking travesty that I will never get an AMack/Sebstan romcom, it’s seriously all I want for Christmas any year. Every year. Whatever.

Second–there is so so so little of this ship on the ground, it makes angels weep. But you know what there is a goodly amount of? Steve/Sam/Bucky. (And I only mean “goodly amount” in comparison to the shocking dearth of Sam/Bucky. By any other standard, it would also be a shocking dearth, not a goodly amount.) And you know what? I am ok with this. Ain’t no problem a little polyamory can’t solve, amirite?

Here are the only fics I know of that are Sam/Bucky:

So have some wondrous OT3 fics, all amazingly long and feelsy:

AKA The Greater New York PTSD Support Group by triedunture. 12.7k. The fic picks up at the beginning of the healing process, with Steve holding too tight and Sam overwhelmed and Bucky’s not a lizard. (AMAZING. A-MA-ZING.)

On Your Way Up to the Light by Dira Sudis. 11k. Bucky can manage to be Sam’s friend even if he can’t remember how to be Steve’s. (HOLD ON TO YOUR HEARTS, FOLKS, IT’S GONNA BE A BUMPY RIDE.)

I Get By (With a Little Help) by rivlee. 8k. (OK SO I SUPER DUPER LOVE THIS ONE. LIKE….A LOT. I HAVE CONSIDERED PROPOSING TO THIS FIC.) Sam and Steve are together but then Bucky moves into the guest room and maybe Steve’s running away, or maybe it’s just too good to be true.

d a r k k o u ’ s end of summer { 600+ } f o l l o w  f o r e v e r

WOAH. Never had I expected to get more than a few followers when I made this blog. I just wanted to create an original character that people would hopefully find interest in and want to role play with. And now I’ve got two amazing characters, and six hundred people following me.. which is absolutely mind-blowing. I know a lot of people might not find it that grand of a milestone, but it’s so incredible and I could not appreciate every single one of you more! So to celebrate those that I follow, I thought it would be nice to call out the people who are absolutely amazing and who I love seeing on my dash!

the s t a r s; those that shine the brightest, and who’re always there to comfort me. i would not want to stay on this website and continue roleplaying these characters if it weren’t for you guys! whether it was one message/interaction as muns, or a hundred messages, i appreciate every single one of you. 

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the m o o n s; the people who are patient with me, and who take the time out of their day to rp with me! to those that talk to me on the dash, or in the tags of our threads, and make me happy to be roleplaying these characters. and those whose muses have interacted with mine!

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the s u n s; the roleplayers who light up the world of roleplay, and who i admire and love to stalk. generally, just keep being awesome.

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much love to all my followers

Hi guys! Apparently itโ€™s been a year since I first joined tumblr,ย how did this happened?ย so I guess itโ€™s time for a follow forever, YAAAY!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has ever interacted with me, either by talking to me, occasional messages or just reblogging my stuff. you guys are what makes me keep going with this mess of a blog.ย 

Wow, I got too chessy too fast.ย Anyways, this year Iโ€™ve come acrossย a lot of amazing blogs and people, so Iโ€™m really sorry if I forget anyone.ย ๐Ÿ†—๐Ÿ†’ย 

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anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say I've reblogged so many of your posts that remind me of my boyfriend (I love him a lot okay I'm super duper happy idk) and he follows my blog so I'm waiting on him to see them all and thank you so much for this blog โคโค

This is adorable kejsjsnsjsns