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Thatcher, Redbeard, a series of dreadful events, and the love that have yet to speak its name.

Someday the true story may be told – for those of us that have recognized and believed in the romance between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Sherlock has been the adaptation many of us wanted to see it happen. S4 was difficult – I didn’t think it possible to experience grief and loss because of a tv show, yet there I was, sad, disappointed, and moping for weeks. But after going back and reading some ACD canon as a form of therapy, I realized just how much I still love Sherlock. I can’t explain it, it is… what it is. So I watched S4 again quite a few times the last week or so. And guess what? I am here to tell you in all seriousness – love conquers all may still be on its way after all.

We already know the surface narrative of S4: Mary died saving Sherlock, Eurus, the long-lost third Holmes sibling killed Redbeard aka Victor aka Sherlock’s childhood best friend out of jealousy, and was the mastermind behind everything Moriarty ever did. After enduring the Sherrindford Experiment™, Sherlock solved Eurus’ riddles and saved John’s life; Baker Street Boys were back at 221B solving crimes as they always do, with some parenting on the side. The end.

My conclusion after tearing through layers of allusions? Mary probably didn’t die (I can’t make up my mind about this… for now); there was definitely no baby. It was all Mycroft’s fault, Eurus the east wind was a story he made up to conceal Lady Elizabeth Smallwood’s slaughterhouse, where Redbeard came into being and became Sherlock’s Reichenbach cauldron. Sherlock and John finally recognized the hurt, grief, and loss they both endured as a couple since TRF; but for now, they were back in the glass closet, the love they shared remained unspoken – until/if the lost special can be found. The end.

Don’t believe me? Let’s begin with Thatcher because so much of S4 revolves around the darkest moments in the UK during her time as the prime minister. Before I begin, please note that you’ll have to see beyond the suggested time and space presented on screen as the surface narrative unfolds, and instead try and think about allegory and allusion. Yeah, kinda like reading ACD canon, but a bit more difficult – let’s face it, visual media is just as capable of inspiring as deceit as we all know intimately by now.

Ready? Fair warning – this is the longest and saddest meta I’ve ever written, and it’s only the tip of an iceberg. Please be patience and try reading to the end, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

The scene that broke everything wide open for me was the exchange between Mycroft and Lady Smallwood:

Lady Smallwood. Alicia this time. PM – as in prime minister? Nope. Because earlier:

Why use an acronym, then? PM as in night? Darkness? Shadow?

A secret then. What did Mycroft reveal as he removed Alicia Smallwood’s card?

Oh and look what Eurus said in the scene right after:

The other one – Lady Elizabeth Smallwood. Lady…… Sherrinford? 

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12x10 Speculation

What does everyone think about the synopsis? Lily Sunder is seeking revenge on the angels that killed her family. Which possibly includes Cas?

I was thinking about this the other day, and the only way I can imagine that a band of angels would have reason to murder some human woman’s family was if that family was a fallen angel and a Nephilim.

Think about it, we are at the start of a story involving a Nephilim which happens to be Lucifer’s unborn child. We know that angels think Nephilim are abominations. We also know that aside from the Nephilim murdered in 8x22 that there are no Nephilim left on earth. Castiel simply said that he “thought that wasn’t allowed”. If it wasn’t allowed, chances are someone like Zachariah or Naomi ordered the murder of any Nephilim born to humanity. Its not much of a stretch really. Although I would then wonder how the Nephilim from 8x22 slipped through their grasps for so long.

What a poetic and awesome story this could be though? An unknown angel falls in love with a human woman, abandons his kin and stays with her, they marry, and she bears him a child. But the angels find out and order a party of angels to go to earth and slaughter the angel and his Nephilim child. Imagine that Castiel was one of those angels? Imagine that he watched the scene play out, watched this poor woman begging the angels for mercy. to spare her child, but they followed orders. She was spared only because angels don’t care about human lives. They only care about cleaning up the mess of their own. Castiel didn’t like this. He had doubts. So Naomi wiped his memory.

Now imagine that woman, Lily Sunder, drowning in her own sorrow, vowing revenge on every angel who stole her family from her. The angel she loved and her child both dead at their hands. She turns to witchcraft, blood magic, and bides her time…

Imagine then, that Castiel and Dean and Sam have to talk her down, convince her to let go of her anger and hatred and thirst for revenge, and somehow convince her that Castiel isn’t the angel he once was? How would they do that? Well, Castiel has got an awful lot in common with the angel she fell in love with…

I mean yeah okay its only a theory but I think it would tie nicely into the current plot line of the show and the subtextual plot line of the show as well *cough*destiel*cough*.

Anyway, that was where my brain went immediately on reading the synopsis the other day. I just wanted to share that with you all. 

If I am way off the mark here someone please write that fanfic?


Aries: “Hey that is a bird! I have never seen one up close, but this is a bird. May I take your bird back to my camp as my prisoner?”
Taurus: “I can smell you.”
Gemini: “I was hiding under your porch because I love you”
Cancer: “I will stay in the hole!! I….will stay…in the hole….it is dark in the hole.”
Leo: “I will stop the dogs!!” [jumps in front of dogs] “Stop, you dogs!”
Virgo: “Hey I know a joke! A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, "I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I am dead.” Ha! It is funny because the squirrel gets dead!
Libra: “My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you”
Scorpio: [dug fighting with kevin] “I am warning you once again, bird!” “I am jumping on you now, bird”
Sagittarius: “oh! A ball! Oh boy! Oh boy! A ball! I do so ever want the ball!!” [carl throws ball] “Oh boy oh boy! I will go get it and then bring it back!”
Capricorn: {Alpha: “now you must wear the cone of shame!} Dug: [hangs head] "I do not like the cone of shame.”
Aquarius: “Squirrel!”
Pisces: “why yes, Alpha, I am here with the bird and then I will bring it back and then you will like me!”


SURPRISEEEE I dug up a ancient cosplay, I doubt there are people who still remember me costesting him! I wanted to shook you guys ❤💜💙
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failed mastermind kihyun (part 1, 2)


Dug my Ninon out of storage today and did a little styling on her~~

I bought this wig sort of last minute at my local group’s doll meet last week, as it suddenly struck me that my Ninon wanted it. The color looks just lovely against her pink-tan resin, and the length is amazing!

I also made her a bit of jewelry, and while I was doing that I thought, hey, these beads would make awesome eyes! I’m still not sure exactly what sort of Fae she is, but I love the spooky, otherworldly feel these “eyes” give to her.

All in all I’m really happy with her suddenly, even though she doesn’t have a face yet. And no name…….


The part of you that always existed yet never were you willing to allow into the light of day.


going on tippy toes ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡