i love drawing people blushing



Another ship between me and @skribbleprince, which is between our Underfell Papyruses, hers is the one with the scarf nicknamed Cran and mine is the other Edge, though he has gotten nicknamed LT as this ship happens in a big ass au me and my discord bae’s have, and there is already another fell paps nicknamed Edge so has to give mine another one which ended up as LT, and it does not stand for Lieutenant but for something else which I will keep secret for now because I can :D

These two are so fucking ridiculous and cute and this ship is way too fucking pure it hurts, like it took them prolly over a year until they stopped schreeching and fluster like fuck whenever they even did something as simple as hold hands or compliment each other because these two are tsundere af and ultimate fluster boys xD

Also if you can’t read, so do Edge/LT say in the tiny shitty comic: “OH STARS I WASN’T TOO DIRECT NOW WAS I?”

アドサキ〜大雪の日〜 by 甘露

from Adosaki ~Snowstorm day~ by 甘露, [1]


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