i love drawing levi in profile

Levi's confession - V-Day gift from Cody) and Michaela
Levi's confession - V-Day gift from Cody) and Michaela

OMG! So, I have been meaning to share this with you guys for a while now, but I kept forgetting to ask permission to Michaela (who wrote the script and mixed this).

Michaela is the bestest best BEST waifu I could ever ask for. She wrote this and asked Cody to voice it for me. They got in call with me when I listened to it. and OH MY GODS! My face was a tomato. The blush on my face was ridiculous.

So, a HUUUUGE thank you to these two for making my Valentine’s Day amazing. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special <3

So now for some backstory:

Anita Hines is my AoT OC (character art to come soon because I love drawing her)

She met Levi when he saved her and her younger sister from a titan. (I can post her character profile in a text doc if people ask me to)

He inspired her to become a soldier in order to protect her family.

This audio takes place about 4 and a half years after Anita has joined the military and became part of the Survey Corps.

I hope you enjoy it!