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Hi! How are you? I love your headcanon and scenarios, you are awesome at it! May I request a headcanon where s/o of Levi and Eren ask them if he/she can draw them? ( With S/o being an amazing artist,specially with faces or profiles. With Levi/ Eren dressed up, nothing naughty haha) Thanks you very much ! PD: sorry if my English isn't perfect, it isn't my first language.

Aw, thank-you so much! Your English is wonderful! And I got you, fam. Everyone’s been asking about artistic! s/o’s lately and it’s p gr8. 


  • His s/o is probably better off drawing him discreetly over straight-up asking at first and they come to find this out the hard way.
  • Drawing Levi’s perfect profile while he’s doing paperwork or drinking tea is great because he is still for a bit and his s/o is able to capture all the details of his face from the heavy tension of his brow, to the slope of his nose, down to the twitch of his lips.
  • Granted, he’ll catch his s/o’s eyes on him and turn, eyebrow lifted in a silent question of what they were staring at. Eventually, his s/o would work up the nerve to hand over their sketches of him and Levi is silent for a bit because oh–that’s what they were up to. 

  • He’d appreciate his s/o’s talents and let them know that their work is nice, but having Levi sit still on purpose for the intent of drawing him probably doesn’t happen often. He’s a busy man and doesn’t want to spend his free-time sitting around when he could be doing other things with his s/o, but he indulges them every once in a while. 
  • All in all, not the best muse but it could be worse. 

  • Remember how I said it could be worse?

  • Catching Eren sitting still is a miracle. If he’s not animatedly talking with someone, he’s preforming chores or experiments or something that renders his s/o from drawing him to completion. Which is a shame because he makes the most lively facial expressions and his s/o wants to capture them on paper.
  • When Eren comes across his s/o’s sketches of himself, he turns beet-red and waves the book at them because he’s totally and completely flattered and embarrassed at the same time. Eren doesn’t get why they’d want to draw him so badly, but he can’t deny the quality of the sketches because his s/o is super talented.

  • Would be the type to ask what his s/o was drawing from over their shoulder if he caught them in the act. When they’d shyly flip the book over to reveal his half-sketched profile, Eren flushes bright pink because oh.

  • If there was ever any down time and his s/o asked him to sit still to draw him, Eren would try his best. Really, he would, but this boy cannot sit still for longer than fifteen minutes without getting restless. He’d start to jiggle his leg subconsciously and his s/o just lets him go because he tried. 
Levi's confession - V-Day gift from Cody) and Michaela
Levi's confession - V-Day gift from Cody) and Michaela

OMG! So, I have been meaning to share this with you guys for a while now, but I kept forgetting to ask permission to Michaela (who wrote the script and mixed this).

Michaela is the bestest best BEST waifu I could ever ask for. She wrote this and asked Cody to voice it for me. They got in call with me when I listened to it. and OH MY GODS! My face was a tomato. The blush on my face was ridiculous.

So, a HUUUUGE thank you to these two for making my Valentine’s Day amazing. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special <3

So now for some backstory:

Anita Hines is my AoT OC (character art to come soon because I love drawing her)

She met Levi when he saved her and her younger sister from a titan. (I can post her character profile in a text doc if people ask me to)

He inspired her to become a soldier in order to protect her family.

This audio takes place about 4 and a half years after Anita has joined the military and became part of the Survey Corps.

I hope you enjoy it!