i love drawing flower crowns

Based on a personal headcanon of mine that Kunimi is Kyoutani’s favourite kouhai, so he gets away with some things. (But it helps that Kyoutani’s always secretly kinda wanted to wear a flower crown)


I’m not sure I can describe in words how much I need more of Hawke, Merrill, and Isabela getting together to steal Anders’ dirty spell book. Because you know they’d be super immature about it and that’s really all I need in life right now.

Honestly, what I am really sick of is the fandom’s treatment of Rey.  That she is this beacon of light and flowers that can’t make mistakes or get her hands dirty (which, she literally does in the 10 minutes of the film).  

Strong female characters doesn’t mean perfect female characters.  It can mean conflicted, vulnerable, imperfect female characters.   It means characters that have strong character arcs in which we see growth, conflict, and development.  What we should want in cinema is real characters.  Not just a standard hero arc and a girl with a gun because that makes her ‘tough’.

I, for one, am tired of seeing woman constantly represent purity, and am very excited to see Rey go through some tough inner battles in the future movies.  For her to get this beautiful, fully fledged and dimensional character journey that we rarely get to see explored, but I am afraid of the ‘fandoms’ reaction because so many people have put her in this cookie cutter innocent box that won’t allow her to go off the beaten path.  That if she makes a wrong decision people will call her a “weak” character because they no longer let her make mistakes, or make difficult choices.   

Trust me, I love drawing Rey with flower crowns in sunshine fields more than anyone else.   But we have to accept the darkness in her character arc.  It’s there.  She’s been through a hellish life, and the unfairness of it is bound to catch up with her.   I’m not saying she will end up on the darkside, or that I want that, she is clearly bound with the light.  But I’m saying be ready for this girl to be angry, and maybe make some strange decisions because of it. 

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i want to be friends with you but you're v intimidating oops and i'm sad trash(ps i love your art and it's helped me draw flower crowns better and like? thenk)

boi i’m the least intimidating person you’ll ever meet once you get to know me believe me anyone who knows me irl can confirm this + im glad, flower crowns are fun to draw