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Bias selfie tag

I’ve been tag by my hermit twin @nochu-jungshook (why did you make me do that T.T)
Y’all thought it’d be Yoongi, huh? SURPRISE!!!!
Don’t you worry, Yoongi is still my UB, but Youngjae-bae is heart.

I tag @mimibtsghost (you’re always the first choice Tumblr offers me, I wonder why? ^^) @ofhairandthighs (because you will have fun!) @bangdansonyeondan (let’s ruin myself, cause I know who will be next to your face ;) )

i want to write poems about you, about your strength and the scars laid on your back. i want to fill journals with words comparing your smile to the radiating sun, about how it outshines it. i want to love you forever, my warrior, my soldier, my protector. i love you.

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Pregnant!jimin being super cute and jungkook loving how chubby Jimin has gotten

+ “I like this shirt.” Jimin says looking down at his shirt. It’s a plain white shirt with a now on the side of his baby bump. It’s cute and reminds him of their little girl.

+ “I like it too.” Jungkook says walking over towards his husband and kisses Jimin’s lips before bending over to kiss the baby bump. “I also like you my little princess.” Jungkook coos as he places a on the bump. The baby kicks and Jungkook coos.

+ “You’re a dork. I love you.” Jimin says rubbing his tummy and Jungkook swoons before kissing Jimin’s cheek.

+ “I love you more.” Jungkook pulls back to cup Jimin’s face “I love you chubby God you’re so adorable. Can you be chubby forever?”

+ “Get lost you loser.” Jimin says swatting at Jungkook playfully. “Once she’s out I’m losing it all.” Jungkook pouts.

+ “Then I guess we should ger another one.” “I will chop your cock off. And you get to carry the next one.”

+ Jungkook laughs then kisses Jimin again. “Ok.”

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Have you seen Enzo's instagram story? Finns in it and Enzo asks "what do wrestlers do on their days off?" And Finn says "I dunno I don't take days off" and proceeds to lift his weights and ugh.

Oh my god, really? ☺️ Those two are just huuuge dorks, I love them 💜

Okay, update. I’ve watched it and they are soooo adorable, and dorks, I die! 😍💚