i love doodling this guy

You guys really helped me… Epecially you @ravings1 with how you handled that guy.

I don’t know why they thought that was okay, or why it even happened… But that person had made me uncomfortable with some things they said and really upset me with others… I hadn’t been planning on posting anything about it but…

I was ready to give up my art.

Art has always been a big part of my life and.. Part of me can’t believe I almost gave it up for something like that. And you guys…you helped me calm down. There isn’t a way for me to thank you enough.

I’m starting doodle commissions! They’ll look like what’s in the picture above for style, and should only cost $3-10! All the prices are negotiable, though! This is just supposed to be something fun! Basically you’ll send me a reference of the character(s) you want a doodle page of, then I make one for you with however many doodles you paid for! Just message me if you want to know more, but that’s really all there is to it!


It’s 2:30am and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow that I really don’t want to go to and doodling is how I cope.


I know I’m a couple of days late (Irma knocked out my Internet!), but I really wanted to post a doodle celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s release in the US.

Celebrating 15 years of my favorite sunshine dorkupine in his many forms! 

\o\ \o/ /o/



UpTheHill campaign for tolerance and friendship between Draco/Hermione and Draco/Harry shippers!