i love doing requests

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Can we get some jealous Keith?

decided to make this one kinda go along with the “beauty chat” from earlier lmao 

(p.s. i’m so glad jealous!keef is getting more love because honestly it’s super fun to do… don’t get me wrong i’ll always be a jealous!lance girl but this is a blast lmfao)

Underestimated- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so here we have another Andre one! As mad as I am at the Caps… I still love Andre! So enjoy guys!

Warning: cussing, hitting of sensitive area

Anon Request: I literally love everything you write!!!!! Could you do one where you accidentally hit Andre in the balls??


              You were absolutely sure this was the worst idea Andre had ever had. Period.

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Out of ALL of the songs in the musicals you like, what's your favorite song? Draw something out of that song

“I bet it’s something from Pippin” they say in anticipation, eyes wide as money is passed around the front rows of a mostly empty auditorium.

“Are you sure it’s not Hamilton?” someone pipes up two rows back. Their accomplice shushes them as the curtains open to reveal-

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Do you... Do you take requests? I'd love to say I don't have an endless thirst for Fukase fanart but that'd be a lie

sobs this is two months old im sorry

I’m not taking requests but whenever I’ll feel like drawing fukase I’ll do! (WHENEVER THAT IS……) 

If you don’t know them you can check out tenne_luna@twitter and razzyru573@twitter they draw him from time to time!


Favourite couple: Ben & Sophie


westallen + third time’s the charm

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Can I have some whamilton--for science of course *whispers*andyoudrawthebestwhamiltonso

Ok see, I love this ship so much every time someone ask me to draw I blank out and forget about how to live for a solid 10 mins I really can’t draw this to save my life I