i love dogs a lot okay

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What did humans do to deserve dogs?

Okay so I know this was meant to be a shitpost, but I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot.

I don’t think humans inherently deserve dogs. We really are the lesser species in this relationship. 

I do, however, like to think that if we work hard enough and we try hard to be good to our dogs and include them in our fun adventures, that our dogs will appreciate and love us anyway.

Idk man, I hope Marlo (my dog) loves and appreciates me despite all my flaws as a dog owner. I like to think that, at the end of the day, she’s happy with me.

I think that, most days, she is.

If we keep working hard as a species and keep trying to do right by our dogs, maybe one day humans will deserve them. Thank goodness our dogs love us anyway, eh?


Dan & Phil describing each other for the Summer in the City book

Dan Howell, whose name rhymes with hand towel, bland scowl, and sand owl, was created when a woodland creature had a baby with Liam Payne from one direction. When not procrastinating by eating the entire fridge or staying awake until 6am, he makes youtube videos on the channel danisnotonfire (which was his username back in the lolrandom bebo days.) Before becoming a Youtuber, teenager Dan worked in a DIY shop until one day he sold an axe to an eight year old. Dan’s Greatest Hits include “what not to do at the beach” (where he actually went outside), “sexy internet dating” (where he invited a naked 58 year old man called Manesh to our house), and “what is my life” (where he spent eight minutes pritt-sticking various meat products to his face). I know what you are thinking, “I want some Dan facts!” WELL HERE THEY ARE, JENNY! (I just totally freaked out anyone called Jenny) Dan is scared of trees. Dan eats cinnamon cereal every day (except the days I steal his cereal). I am sat next to Dan now and he said if he could have any dog it would be a Shiba Inu. If you haven’t checked out his videos yet then you are missing out - a LOT. Also you might want to check out his pretty cool friend Phil.

Get his autograph below! or find someone else called Dan and get him to forge it. Just convince yourself it was true.

Ok bye.

- Phil.

Phil Lester is the by-product of two related grandparents and a haircut that was cool in 2006, but that’s okay because he has a lovely personality. His quirky videos and idiosyncratic editing sets him apart from other YouTube vloggers - that and his unique life which seems to attract a worryingly large amount of strange people and situations (which he relives for your enjoyment). If you look at yourself in the mirror and think “wow i am so weird, how do i function?” - Phil’s the guy that teaches you to embrace your individuality.

If you see Phil this weekend, do not be alarmed if his hand is facing backwards towards his pocket in a claw shape, he can’t help it. And he was does not condone irresponsible use of a permanent marker on your face.

Remember, normalness leads to sadness.

- Dan

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Yuuri is up late and he hits the 'everything is funny' part of the night. He tweets a lot about everything he finds hilarious and Victor is baffled in the morning


Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Okay, who linked me to the dumb jokes?

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Because I love you. I think I am going to die of laughter

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Listen to this: A man walks into a zoo. The only animal in the entire zoo is a dog. It’s a shitzhu.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Get it shitzhu? Shit zoo.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I’m crying.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
(photo attached)

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
(photo attached)

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I had to leave the bedroom, @v-nikiforov grumbled at me for being too loud

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
(Video attached)

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
On behalf of Yuuri, I would like to apologie for last night’s spam of bad jokes.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
A mixture of jetlag and lack of sleep left Yuuri extremely tired.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki 
When tired, Yuuri finds things overly funny.

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
Geez, @v-nikiforov, what is with the apologising? Last night was great.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki 
This isn’t @v-nikiforov

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
um… ???

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
I told you @yuri-plisetsky that people wouldn’t be upset by @yuurikatsuki behaviour

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I still can’t believe you kicked your fiancé out of bed @v-nikiforov

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
Okay, why is @yuri-plisetsky on @yuurikatsuki account?

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
(photo attached of Yuri sitting in a sleeping Yuuri’s lap while typing away on the older man’s phone, a blanket thrown over them both)

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki 

Twitter War AU

i should have written this goddamn show
  • it’d be on hbo so swearing and topless people,,,, the anti game of thrones
  • confirmed gay merlin + morgana
  • bisexual gwaine + arthur
  • at some point gaius has a bong on his table and no one says anything about it
  • uther married morgana off to some nobleman and they’re best friends!! they love each other in a super platonic way and high five a lot and he helps with the nightmares and they just love each other okay
  • he’s also a knight in arthur’s inner circle
  • a little of gwen and merlin talking about boys
  • servants can read/write, but it’s at least explained
  • eric the stable boy™ (merlins ex boyfriend, season 2)
  • also merlin taught morgana magic and she’s not evil; she works closely with her brother as an advisor and a knight
  • there are dogs
  • a lot of platonic hugs and “i love you’s”
  • a different antagonist
  • gwaine kisses merlin at sometime like its normal (they’ve been seeing each other)
  • leon marries some awesome noblewoman sometime during season 3 and arthur is the best man and everyone loves her
  • ancient rome gets at least a mention
  • leon and his wife get pregnant
  • lowkey percival and gwaine are together
  • arthur and gwen talk after lancelot is in camelot for good and decide they don’t work
  • “wine and cheese club” they get drunk and talk about their problems; basically just gwaine and percival giving relationship advice to merlin and whomever
  • gwaine knows™
  • morgana blushes and smiles at cute girls
  • merlin has the mouth of a sailor
  • roman catholic church
  • mithian gets married and he’s a perfect gentleman who loves her and she’s so happy, (they stay in camelot for a few episodes)
  • sometime during season 4 they do monty python and the holy grail
  • sometime also during season 4, they’re in the woods and arthur is split from the group for some reason and bandits attack and he watches the whole thing and sees merlin using magic; he’s not angry, just hurt
  • arthur gives merlin ygraine’s ring + merlin is seen with it around his neck
  • “i bet you’d look cute grasping at the sheets of my bed” “no matter how many times you ask im not making your bed asshole”
  • arthur and gwen still get married and are best friends; although arthur is with merlin and gwen is with lance
  • gwen and lance have triplets!! and the triplets have four parents: the king, the queen, first knight and the king’s servant
  • sometimes merlin falls asleep in front of the fire and arthur has to carry him to bed
  • colin morgan in skinny jeans
  • ban on magic repealed
  • arthur suggests appointing merlin as court sorcerer and royal consort but merlin just smiles and says all he wants to be is his servant
  • epilogue where arthur/merlin and morgana and gwen/lance + all their kids!!! are having a picnic

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Can i please have a warren worthington imagine where he acts very macho in front of his friends but when he is with the reader he is like putty in their hands. Just a lot of fluff and shy and in love warren 😭😭

Of course!!!!!!! I’m sorry it’s taken me fourteen years to get to this (sometimes I forget I have a side blog) but I hope this is okay!

I’m using s/o (and y/n instead of an actual name, but that’s a normal thing I think) instead of girlfriend/boyfriend because I try to keep things gender neutral! I hope that’s okay, because that’s how I like to write!

Warnings? Maybe some cursing but that’s about it (also mentions of dogs getting their lil baby paws stepped on and peter getting beat up?)

“Scott, don’t even try to act like you didn’t cry when you stepped on that dogs foot.” Peter said, crossing his arms.

Warren, Peter, Kurt, and Scott were sat in a circle. A bro circle, of course.

“Of course I cried, Peter. I have a soul. You nearly cried when Kurt bamfed in front of you and your pizza slice almost dropped onto the floor.” Scott snapped back, frowning.

“It was quite amusing, Peter.” Kurt smiled gently at him, causing Peter to smile to.

“Well, Warren cried last night when his-”

“I did what now, speedy?” Warren cut him off, his wings flicking out as a warning.

“You almost cried last night, when y/n started tearing up because Scott stepped on the dogs foot.” Peter said, raising his eyebrows at him.

“No,” Warren scoffed, his wings tightening up “I did not. I don’t have enough emotion for that, Petey.”

“Yes, you literally did. I saw the tears in your eyes. Warren’s a crier.” Peter grinned at him and dived when Warren launched his boot at his head.

“Shut it, speedo.” He snapped, glaring at him “I could, like, beat you up. So, fuck off with that shit.”

“Who’re we beating up?”

Warren sat up immediately, blushing “Hey baby”

He smiled, his arm wrapping around you gently, his wings fluffing up as you kissed his cheek in a greeting.

“We’re beating up Peter.” He said, softly.

“Awh, hell yeah. I’ve been waiting forever for a reason to beat up banana hammock.” You said, grinning at him.

“Banana hammock?”

Warren ignores Peter and smiled again, rubbing your cheek with his thumb, humming “We can tag team him.”

“I’m gonna go find Jean, I wanna show her the dog we found yesterday.” Scott left the room, dragging Peter behind him, who was pulling Kurt with him.

“Why do we wanna beat him up?” You asked, giggling as he said “He was telling everyone how I cried yesterday because you started crying and for some reason I couldn’t help it but start crying with you.”

“It was precious, really.” You said, smiling as he placed his forehead against yours. “You’re a very doting boyfriend. Very emotional… Very empathetic? That’s a better word. Empathetic.”

“It’s only because I love you.”

You could feel your heart stutter, thinking in the back of your mind that’s not healthy, grinning as you responded “I love you, Warren. My angel.”

“I love you, doll. Cupcake. Honey. My sweet baby love. Love of my life. Darling. Pumpkin.” He pressed little kisses to your cheeks as he went on, leaving you in fits of giggles.

“Are you done?” You asked, looking up at him.

“With loving you?” He asked, smiling “Never.”

“Get a room, you nasties!”

“Oh fuck off Peter!”

“Do We Have To?”

Summary: Bucky keeps ripping your panties. You take him to Victoria`s Secret to buy some more.

Word Count: 460

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluffiness, illusions to smut

A/N: okay, my first fic got a lot of love, so i wrote this fluffy drabble! please leave feedback! drop a request in my ask box if you want! ill tag a few of my favorite blogs at the bottom. *Part 2 is posted*

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

“Bucky! C’mon you know that was my last pair!”

 “I’m sorry baby. I just couldn’t wait. I will buy you all new pairs. I promise!” Bucky used his classic puppy dog eyes and signature pout. He knew you could never say to him when he made that face.

 “Fine. But we are going now. Let’s go, get your pants back on. I`ll be in the car.”

 “B-but y/n, if you can’t tell I gotta little problem. Just please we can have a quickie then we can go.”

 “No Bucky, we are leaving now, if you`re good then I might make it up to you in the new lingerie I will be buying!”

“Oh Doll, now you`re speakin` my language! Let’s go!”    

One Car Ride Later…

               Bucky walked in to Victoria`s secret not realizing what he had just gotten himself into. He was overwhelmed with the amount of lace and silk in every corner of the store. He had no idea that there were that many styles of panties! He didn’t understand how girls could walk around with strings up their asses all day. He was scared, confused, and intrigued all at once.

 “Bucky, baby, this way. I need to pick out the ones over here. You can help me if you want.”

You spoke with a smirk on your face. You knew he was going to go crazy over the styles you picked. His favorite pair you have ever owned were the lace cheekies he ripped on your first time being intimate together.

  “D-doll, there are so many colors and styles. Just pick whatever you want, y/n. I will gladly buy them. Maybe you should get this.”

He picked up a lacey black corset that went with a silk robe. You knew the exact reason he picked the outfit. Your two-year anniversary was coming up and he had planned on a fancy dinner and not leaving the bed for the rest of the night and the following day.

You giggled quietly, pulling the outfit from his hands to add to your haul. You had picked out some boy shorts, cheeky panties you knew he already loved, a couple lace thongs knowing he would be very much into them, and of course panties just for your period. No one wears fancy panties on their period!

 “Okay babe, you ready to go? I think I have everything I need.”

You started walking over to the cashier when Bucky stopped you to whisper into your ear,

 “Maybe you should try them on first. I mean we have to see if they fit.”

You could feel the smirk on his lips. You quickly grabbed his hand and led him to the fitting rooms. You knew you would have to buy everything in your bag.


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Tae as your bf;
  • okay but first of all
  • he’d be the cutest boyfriend ever like
  • so caring and lovely and touchy
  • yes touchy
  • pda would be a must as much as skinship in general
  • he won’t care who’s around, if he wants to kiss you, hold you; hug you
  • he would most definitely
  • expensive boi means expensive gifts
  • even tho you would basically beg him to stop buying you stuff
  • he would never listen to you and would spoil you
  • gucci matching shoes/jewels how cute
  • I think his fave skinship would be hand holding or back hugs
  • because he would love the way your hand fits in his
  • he would also love toying with your hand like 
  • “omg your hand is so small ! that’s so cute!”
  • or so horny whoops
  • okay but just imagine waking up next to him
  • the first thing you’d see is his beautiful sleepy smile
  • “good morning beautiful” 
  • with that raspy morning voiceeeeeeee
  • he would love restaurants dates
  • just because he would be able to feed you
  • ALSO
  • sometimes he would randomly stare at you and just smile
  • thinking about how lucky he is to have you
  • when he would feel comfortable enough with you
  • and that you would have been together for a long time
  • he’d have THE talk with you
  • “Baby you know that I want 4 kids ?”
  • and then you’d both just imagine your future together 
  • in a huge house with a lot of kids and a dog 
  • rough
  • with lots of grunts and biting and panting
  • probably a bit of dirty talk
  • he’d always be up to take you here and there and try new things
  • he would always turn into the most caring human being once you’re done
  • like cleaning you up
  • kissing you gently
  • bringing you food if you were hungry
  • or just hugging you to sleep
  • he’d love seeing you wearing his Tshirt/shirt, that are way too big for you
  • he’d talk about you a lot to the members
  • he would also love to send you cute pics of him like
  • extra close ups and DERPS
  • whenever he’d have to cancel the plans he had with you because of work
  • he would always make sure to buy you flowers and write you a cute note explaining everything and how he would make it up to you
  • srsly Taehyung would be such a sweetheart and a gentleman
  • and he would do anything to make you smile and happy all the time

Admin K

  • Sansa: I want to lock Ramsey in the kennels-
  • Jon: Okay.
  • Sansa: and feed him to his dogs.
  • Jon: Sansa, no.
  • Tormund: SANSA, YES!
  • Jon: Wait-
  • Sansa: Really?!
  • Tormund: I love it! But do you think his dogs will go for it?
  • Jon: No-
  • Sansa: He hasn't fed them in a week.
  • Tormund: Brilliant! I hope they wait long enough for you to monologue a bit to get in the last word.
  • Jon: Both of you enough!
  • Sansa:
  • Tormund:
  • Jon: Now I know we've been through a lot and that he is a fucking prick, but we are not feeding him to his own dogs. We won't stoop to his level. Now, we'll deal with him in the morning. *walks away*
  • Tormund:
  • Sansa:
  • Tormund: Promise to hook me up with your lady knight and I'll make sure he wakes up in the kennels.
  • Sansa: Deal.
  • Tormund: Sweet! *starts running off* I want the details later!
Smile Always

Summary: The reader is going to a meet up to see Mark, Ethan, and Tyler. 

Word Count: 660

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

Originally posted by markiprince

My nerves were really getting to me. The sight of the three men were exciting yet it was also enough to make me want to throw up on the sidewalk. I stared ahead at them as they stood in the park, fans crowded around them in anticipation. My friend lightly pushed me forward and I clenched my jaw. It was taking every thing I had in me to keep my cool because all I wanted to do was cry and maybe even scream a little. I could feel my chest getting heavy as I walked closer to where Ethan and Mark were getting some fans lined up in a conga line as Tyler filmed them.

I gripped my right wrist briefly, trying to find something to calm my nerves, but the action only caused me to flinch. The dark ink on my skin was still fresh and scarred. “Smile Always” was permanently etched into my arm and although it still hurt, seeing it made me feel a little better. 

It was when my friend snapped her fingers in front of my face that I realized that I had stopped walking. My eyes were still glued in front of me but I could feel my breath coming in short gasps and something warm dripped down my cheek. I brought my hand up and wiped it off, only for more to fall. 

Suddenly someone took my shoulders and pulled me into their chest as I began to sob, soaking their shirt. They rubbed my back and they were joined my more hands but all I could do was cling to the stranger for dear life. This went on until I could finally breath normally and my eyes were red and puffy. I pulled my head up and gasped when I saw that the people holding me were the same people who had unknowingly supported me through the most difficult times of my life. 

Tyler, who was the one that was hugging me from the front, said something but I was still in too much shock to say anything. I could feel more tears breaking through but as Tyler put his hands on each side of my face, the weight on my chest got a lot lighter. 

“Are you okay?”

It must have been weird for some random person to just show up to their meet up and start crying like their dog had died. My cheeks heated up and I nodded. 

“Yeah! Um, sorry…sorry. I just-” I could feel my bottom lip start to quiver and Tyler brought me into his arms once again. Mark and Ethan moved behind Tyler so that I could see them and the sight of them made me lose my shit all over again.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Everything’s alright. We love you so much.”

“Oh god I love you too. So much you have no idea. You guys have helped me so much. I went through so much shit in the past couple months and watching you three be idiots helped me to stay grounded. I love you guys so much I can never thank you enough, I just-I just-thank you.”

At the end of my confession I started crying all over again. After a few more seconds, Tyler grabbed my wrist and brought it up so he could read it. A wide smile covered his face and he pressed his lips to the tattoo and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pressing a small kiss to the top of my head as well.

“That’s good advice, whoever said that must be a genius.”

At first I was confused but when I realized what he was talking about, laughter bubbled out of my chest. Well, more like half laughter/ half sob. I was still sniffling but the smile on Tyler’s face made it impossible for me not to smile, that and the fact that I was surrounded my my three favorite people.  




how the characters would react to you having a nightmare?? like you’re sleeping w/ them and have a nightmare and they notice or something c: if you can’t do them all a least to victor pls haha

you can bet I’m gonna try and do all of them, if I’ve left people out it’s because Im not sure how they’ll react
Also good time to write this because I’ve been having nightmares month

special thanks to @ratchetburgertime who helped me with Seung-Gil


  • he has nightmares too at times and he knows how you feel on a level
  • sometimes he wont wake you up because he knows you can get really stressed and you wont be sure where you are when you wake up so he’ll wake you when you’ve calmed down
  • after he wakes you up he reasures you that you’re okay and where you are
  • you both talk about it 
  • you’ll tell him what the dream was about and he’ll listen to your anxieties and what happened 
  • he’ll listen until you fall asleep again
  • he’ll stay awake for a little longer to make sure that you’re okay


  • okay lets be honest
  • a lot of the time he is away
  • so you sleep alone 
  • when you do have a bad night 
  • and you cant get back to sleep
  • you’ll text him
  • he’ll always reply to your texts even if he is extremly busy 
  • he’s known for pausing answering his interview questions to reply to your texts
  • sometimes leaving the interview to call you
  • hell keep talking to you until you’ve calmed down
  • and if on the odd occasion that he cant answer
  • you can bet he’ll definatly call you back when he’s free and stay on the phone for as long as you want


  • the boy never usually notices 
  • he notices when you suddenly fucking jump in your sleep or hit him
  • one time you slapped him in the face and it scared the shit out of him
  • if you do on the odd occasion wake him up
  • he’ll just wrap an arm around you
  • thatswhatimmeanttodoright????
  • if you still freak out aka he’s still getting hit in that face
  • he’ll wake you up and give you a pillow to hug and a glass of water
  • whatre you talking about i havent done anything go to sleep


  • he’ll sleep through it at times
  • he’s a deep sleeper
  • but if he happens to be awake he’ll just pull you closer and go back to sleep
  • nightmares happen
  • if you were still shook in the morning he’ll help you in whatever way possible
  • need food? babe im on it
  • need blankets???? babe i have a premade blanket fort
  • need me to leave you alone??? first off ouch but if it’s what you want i will give it to you


  • o shit
  • what do I do 
  • help
  • sweetie wake up
  • you had a bad dream
  • are you okay?
  • you sure?
  • okay …
  • you definite?
  • okay
  • do you need a drink
  • “no i’m fine” 
  • i’m gonna get you a drink
  • she just wants to be a good girlfriend
  • “babe its okay”
  • are you sure???
  • “babe lets just go to sleep”


  • she has no idea what she’s doing
  • but she tries
  • sometimes she’ll wake you up because she doesn’t want you to suffer in it
  • and she’ll talk to you about it and reasure you that you’re okay and that it was just a bad dream
  • you’ll both go back to sleep not long after after and she’ll cook for you the next morning
  • she’ll be asking you also in the morning what she should do if it happens next time


  • you okay?
  • yeah just a nightmare 
  • what was it about?
  • its okay love i’m here
  • you feel okay?
  • alright let’s go back to sleep
  • you do this for him as well but shhh dont tell anyone


  • it’s natural to him now
  • he just wraps his arm around whenever you jump in your sleep
  • he’s become top notch pro at it that he know does it in his sleep
  • you wont remember the dream by morning or even that you had it
  • that doesnt mean he wont be a little bit nicer in the morning
  • making you breakfast 
  • making sure you get a little extra sleep in 


  • he sleeps through it
  • if it wakes him up he’ll go back to sleep
  • however
  • if it seems like it was seriously bad he will talk with you about it in the morning
  • but if you are still awake after the dream and hes asleep
  • just wake him up
  • he’ll be so sleeply and tell you that its okay and spoon you
  • if youre still stressed in the morning he’ll make you tea before you wake up in the morning
  • he’s gonna bring his dog up too so its extra cuddles


  • hELP
  • (your name)? (your name) are you okay??
  • plesse protect this smol mcnugget 
  • he just tries tp be really supportive 


  • hugs
  • he’s gonna give you a lot of hugs
  • and boy 
  • he’s a professional hugger
  • he just knows
  • idk how he knows how to give the perfect hug
  • but this guy just  k n o w s
  • nightmares don’t really cause that much worry for the two of you
  • but he’ll still hug you
  • i man hugs are great why wouldn’t he


  • MY LOVE 
  • “babe chill it was a nightmare I’m fine.”
  • “yes I know”
  • “please just go back to sleep sweetie”


  • he goes into Big Brother Mode straight away
  • cuddle blanket? check
  • drink? check
  • snack? double check 
  • now sweetie lets chat 
  • lets talk about it 
  • I’ll help you 
  • he wont go to sleep until he’s 100% sure that you’re okay
What I love about each B.A.P member


  • This is going to be long and emotional
  • His stage presence 
  • He’s an entirely different person on stage
  • It’s because he gets angry before each performance
  • His actions during LOE'16 
  • i.e stripping his shirt off during several shows 
  • Then proceeding to drench himself in water 
  • By the end of the tour the other members were pouring water on themselves too 
  • I still haven’t recovered from all of that 
  • But stop the music and he’s just a shy, sweet lil grampa 
  • If you ever need an example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” look no further than Bang Yongguk
  • He’s adorable when he gets shy 
  • He’s actually adorable all the time 
  • Remember how nervous he was during the release of Carnival
  • His smile T-T
  • His laugh 
  • His tattoos
  • *fans self*
  • I come alive when his chest piece peaks out 
  • His love for all things rose gold
  • His love for art 
  • His awareness of what’s going on in the world 
  • How many 20 something people can you name who read a physical newspaper???
  • Watches League of Legends games in bed 
  • Let’s play sometime Bang 
  • Remember that edit he made of “Feel So Good”
  • but he really just slowed it down like 10x
  • Made B.A.B.Y bc someone requested a fan song at a fan sign 
  • His reaction when the other members imitate his deep voice
  • Speaking of…
  • I could listen to him talk until the end of time 
  • His voice is so deep but so beautiful and soft 
  • He never rushes his words
  • Everything he says is thought out 
  • His rapping
  • But I honestly melt when he sings 
  • His singing is heavenly  
  • I hope he sings more in the future 
  • That time he broke an apple in half with his hands but he couldn’t believe he did it 
  • Never in a hurry 
  • Like ever 
  • Snails move faster than him 
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse he would be the first to go
  • Shades TS
  • Loves ramen
  • Give him another ramen cf
  • Used to be a telemarketer 
  • His telemarketer voice lol 
  • The way he runs his hands through his hair 
  • His lying down show on V app
  • I have never screamed and cried so much during a live broadcast 
  • He knew what to do to drive BABYz crazy
  • Ugh he was being so cute then T^T
  • Giving the camera kisses 
  • And telling us to get under the covers with him 
  • Bang pls, my heart 
  • But it was so cute that he asked the members how to work the V app just so he could talk to us 
  • When asked where he would take someone on the first date, he said he’d invite them into his shirt 
  • Ok bye how do I get that date 
  • When he wears glasses 
  • His clothing style 
  • His love for Tigger
  • The character and his dog 
  • He sends videos of Tigger to the members 
  • How pure is that T^T
  • The way he is with children
  • His compassion and charity
  • Wants to make the world better 
  • Influences his members and BABYz to do good deeds
  • Old soul
  • But so beautiful and kind 
  • His birthmark 
  • Failed his driving test not once, but 3 times
  • Like dude I failed mine on the first try bc of a technicality 
  • But 3 times???? 
  • It’s okay there are lots of people who will drive you around :) 
  • Drunkenness 
  • His Instagram is black & white bc color hurts his eyes 
  • “Our team came back”
  • “Yah, Moon Jongup”
  • He works so hard to give us good music 
  • I’m glad he’s resting now 
  • His haNDS
  • They are the most beautiful hands I have ever seen 
  • And they are SO SOFT 
  • I cry when I think about his hands
  • Remember when Himchan posted that picture of Yongguk getting a manicure 
  • What a couple 
  • “Bang” makes for some great ship names
  • Straight up said he loves the other members more than BABYz 
  • The most patient man I have ever seen 
  • If he ever gets angry, he doesn’t curse
  • He just speaks in an even lower tone
  • The time he was playing a game with cups on The Show and almost lost his shit because the cups kept falling down
  • The foundation of B.A.P
  • Kept B.A.P together 
  • “Alone you might be weak, but together we can be strong" 
  • This man if full of great quotes and wisdom
  • Especially: "banana shake”
  • The amount of emotion he puts into every rap 
  • His songs on SoundCloud 
  • He shows his vulnerability through his songs
  • AM 4:44
  • I cannot tell you how many times I played AM 4:44 on repeat during hard times 
  • I remember the first time I heard it I was covered in goosebumps 
  • I still get them
  • When I read the lyrics I cried 
  • He poured every ounce of himself into that song
  • “Everything’s gonna be alright" 
  • A simple yet powerful sentence 
  • I wonder if he realizes that one sentence has been a source of strength for many BABYz
  • I wonder if he realizes that B.A.P has been a huge source of strength for BABYz
  • Thank you, B.A.P, for being our strength

Feel free to add some of your favorite Yongguk things! Our precious gummy leader.

YG | HC | DH | YJ | JU | ZL

A Few More Concepts/HCs
  • Kiku can do the u l t i m a t e anime character impressions
  • Alfred hosts a childish slumber party so he can put everyone’s hands in warm water while they sleep
  • Feliciano has collections of notebooks with drawings of each country in them (what a dork)
  • Lovino speaking in rapid, frustrated Italian when angry ft. the many hand gestures
  • Ludwig baby talking to his dogs
  • BONUS if Gilbert baby talks them as well
  • BONUS AGAIN if they do it together, what a bonding activity
  • Toris is scary when mad (it’s actually canon but I love the idea of my gentle boi gettin amgery ??)
  • Gilbert runs a lot of ask blogs of anime characters, refuses to admit it
  • BONUS if Kiku co owns one with him because Gilbert can’t draw
  • Friendly reminder that Ludwig can actually draw in manga style. You’re welcome.
  • They stopped letting Ludwig (and Gilbert) go to dog shelters because they either cry and/or try to adopt every dog
  • Ludwig has one of those cheesy “A house isn’t a home without (dog breed)” signs on his door, b y e I’m deceased
  • Eduard is the popular nerd that has probably been a male cheerleader at least once in his life okay guys
  • Yao likes to annoy Alfred but telling him to “get your white ass out this bitch” in the calmest voice
  • BONUS if he screams it every time Al tries to visit (off business)
  • Emil is a child of (rap) God
  • Kiku’s bedhead could rival that of Sam Winchester. This perfect hair ain’t effortless, my dudes
  • Feliciano doesn’t like big dogs very well, but if a cat were that size he would gladly accpet five into his home, b y e
  • Heracles is often taunted by Sadik because his last name looks like it would be pronounced car pussy (I actually thought of car pussy as soon as I saw it)
  • BONUS if Sadik greets him as “hello, Hercules Car Pussy” to piss him off
  • Heracles gets salty when people spell his name Hercules. Like really salty. 
At the Same Level.

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Choi Youngjae x Reader

Rating: PG (but who wants their parents to read this with them tho, just read at your own risk lmao)

Genre: Smutty-Fluff


Part: One-Shot

a/n okay, so this is actually requested by @fannyfransiscaaa. I don’t know if she’d like this as much as i do, but let’s just hope this is also her cup of tea x

Saturday, 9pm.

Nothing much different than any other weekends. The apartment is quiet. You, reading a book you haven’t got the chance to finish it since last month and Youngjae, your flat-mate, busy clicking mouse and torturing the keypad with eyes locked on bright computer screen.

You and him are not fond of going out on weekends, because both of you share the same thought; why would one go out on weekend when they were out everyday on weekdays? Were those 5 days not enough?

“Youngjae!” You shouted from your room. You always let your door open. Except when you are showering or sleeping, of course.

“Hm?” He hummed, without taking his eyes off the screen.

“I am hungry.” He kept quiet, waiting for your next chain of words. “Want to order some chicken?”

“No, shit!”

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Annoyed by other dogs at the dog park? Let me inconvenience you on your way out

I recently started taking my dog to a new dog park. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s worth it because it’s way smaller and less crowded than most of the other ones in my area.

I’m very respectful of dog park etiquette, and compared to a lot, my dog is extremely well behaved.  He comes when called the majority of the time, he doesn’t jump on people or other dogs, he doesn’t bark or growl, and he’s very gentle when he plays. If another dog doesn’t want him near them, he gets the hint and leaves it alone. I also understand that dogs are dogs. They like to sniff other dogs and get in their close personal space, they’re not always going to listen to you the first time and they’re going to want to play with each other. To me, it’s fine as long as you look for the warning signs that one dog may not be having fun anymore. I firmly believe if you are not okay with your dog interacting with other dogs or if your dog is not well behaved around other dogs you should not go to a dog park.

So yesterday, my girlfriend and I brought him to the dog park and we’re the only ones there. After maybe 5-10 minutes another lady shows up with her dog. One thing to know about my dog is he LOVES other dogs. He won’t play with toys unless we’re the only ones there, and even then he just chases but won’t bring them back. He’s also only about a year old so still has a lot of energy (but like I said, it’s not overwhelming, no jumping or barking, he could just run for hours on end).

So it is obvious when this lady goes through the gate that she is PISSED we are there. But she saw we were here and still chose to come in so I don’t feel that bad about it. She makes a smart remark about them being “okay to play” and I very politely say he’s a good dog and fine to play with others. So this lady starts throwing a ball for her dog and of course my dog starts chasing too, because he loves to run. She doesn’t say anything to me and I know he won’t try to steal the ball from them because he could care less about toys so I decided to see how it plays out. Again, dogs are dogs and they’re going to want to play, as long as he’s playing nicely I personally don’t see the harm. After a few times of them running back and forth I call my dog away because this lady is very obviously annoyed. He comes immediately and we play by ourselves for a bit. After awhile he is back at the other dog, chasing it and having a great time. At this point the lady starts tell him to get away, basically yelling at him (instead of just politely asking me standing 15 feet away to get him). I take the hint though and and go to grab his harness to put his leash on so we can leave, and she throws the ball again and off he goes after the other dog. So at this point I’m really not feeling too bad about it because to me it was pretty obvious that was going to happen and I kind of chuckle to myself.

So anyways, I grab my dog telling him he’s a good boy and playing so nicely and we leave because it wasn’t too fun with her bad attitude looming over the park anymore, and on my way out I take the bungee cord used to lock the gate shut and I wrap it around the gate in a complex (but easy to undo) knot, you know, to make extra sure the dogs won’t get out. Take that dog park bitch! Have fun with the extra 20 seconds it will take you to leave!

Edit: TL;DR: Lady is annoyed with my dog very nicely playing with hers at the public dog park, I make sure the gate is EXTRA secure when I leave.

nothing compares to you

“So?” Kent asked, following Jeff up the stairs to his apartment. “What’s the deal? Who’s your new best friend?”

“Aw, don’t be jealous, Parse!” Jeff unlocked his front door. “It’s cute, though. Don’t worry. You’ll always be my number two.”

“Whatever,” Kent said.

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Originally posted by dovounq

NCT Boyfriend!Series [Boyfriend!Doyoung]

Time for my favourite member, my world, bunny boy!

*lowercase and under cut x*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • another good boyfie right here
  • doyoung would always text u in the morning..nothing too big just a “hey i had a dream that u got turned into a snail lol”
  • and when u reply later (bc hes waking up at 4/5am for work) he replied with “when did i say that wtf i dont remember”
  • honestly he’s such a sweetheart 
  • probably a lot of nighttime dates after practice 
  • but you nag him about always meeting you at night and how he misses sleep so you compromise
  • so you’d obviously have to go over to the dorms since it’s risky for him to come to you
  • anyway, once you get there it’s practically past midnight and all the members are sleeping
  • he lets you in with a sleepy smile on his face

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