i love doc scratch!!!

Man, I sure do LOVE the fact that everyone always forgets that Doc Scratch openly and by his own admission manipulated Vriska into killing Aradia and is implied to have done the same to get her to make Tavros run off that cliff (fucking comparing manipulating her to sicking a swarm of insects on someone even) probably meaning that without his intervention odds are Vriska wouldn’t have done either of those things but noooo let’s keep pretending that everything she did or has ever done that was bad is just out of malice, on a whim because that is such a good and interesting characterization that takes into account all the complicated nuances of her character!!!!!!

I can’t believe that homestuck is about to end. I first read it in March of 2014. Tomorrow’s gonna mark about two years and three 4/13s of me being in the fandom. And then, most likely at least, it’s going to be over.

The comic has just meant so much to me. I remember the experience of reading it the first time, of liveblogging over skype and staying up late to play Openbound and watching Cascade twice before moving on because the first time I forgot to read some of Doc Scratch’s pictures beforehand. I easily fell in love with the vast majority of the characters. Even those that I initially disliked, like Vriska, or John, or even Terezi - yes, there was a period of a few days where I actually didn’t like her, believe it or not - I eventually came to appreciate, to see new sides of, to gain a real emotional attachment to. I know that we always joke about Homestuck being trash and all, and I really enjoy that tbh, but that doesn’t stop it from being something great. The comic is at times weird and random, full of gag jokes and gag characters, but it is also full of emotional moments and wonderful characters and amazing themes about adolescence that really related to me.

The fandom, too, has been absolutely amazing to me. I mean, there’s bad parts, but then again there’s always bad parts. This is also where I’ve interacted with many of my friends, learned a lot about how to write from some of the excellent fanfiction and character analysis, learned how to cosplay and by extension how to sew. There’s always been a sense of homestuck fans being part of some weird inside joke that they nonetheless really really want other people to be a part of, and that’s always made the majority of it feel really welcoming to me. During the periods in which I’ve lost some interest in homestuck, I never felt that it would be hard to get back into it again when I inevitably did.

It looks like homestuck will be ending tomorrow, and though people will undoubtedly still keep talking about it and making stuff for it, and though we still have stuff like Hivebent to hopefully look forward to, I know that there’s this sense of something ending. And there is something ending - homestuck - but there’s this feeling that homestuck ending will somehow make the majority of the conversation surrounding it, the weird, often tangled and mildly embarrassing history of the comic and its fans that we’ve all been reminiscing over for the past few weeks, disappear. To an extent, I can’t help but think this as well - a lot of people are only back posting about it due to the knowledge that the comic is on its last leg, that they want to celebrate it while it lasts, and that people will inevitably move on to newer and more exciting things after a few weeks, months, years. But I also feel that, with this, for most people, there’s always going to be this lingering feeling regarding the comic. I won’t forget the ways in which it affected me, changed fan culture as a whole, changed the ways in which stories are told on the internet. And I’m really glad that I’m here with all of you, waiting for it to end. It really does mean a lot.