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i love talking headcanons over ships with partners. even if it’s something that may never happen, i just love the discussion of the ship regardless. literally talking for hours in cap locks over two muses you care for so much is amazing. and it makes you feel good knowing your partner is as dedicated as you are and thinks about your two muses in different situations too.

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Could you tell us about lgbt+ themes in Scandinavian history and/or myth? ♡ I love your blog

Sæl eða sæll!

I am not sure that I could do you justice in such an endeavor, because I simply am not familiar enough with those themes to confidently post about it. I would love to talk about it, and I am perfectly comfortable discussing that topic in general. I feel that I can’t, though, because I don’t really feel qualified enough, if that makes sense. To explain myself, I have not read a lot of material or scholarship on gender and sexual theories when approaching history. As a historian, I cannot step my bounds and talk about things that I cannot give proper attention to. In other words, to discuss those themes, I need to educate myself on what those themes are and the various complexities and sensitivities therein. 

I will say, though, that gender and sexuality were very different in the Viking world than they are in ours (although I am not exactly well versed in that specific understanding, either), but that honestly goes for any time period. Rome, for example, was fine with certain male homosexual behavior, and I believe even female homosexual behavior (I think they were indifferent to that because they did not perceive that sexual behavior in the same way, but my memory has faded in its recollection of this, so I will stop before doing any damage. This is an example of why I can’t write about this subject yet, because I would likely mislead or cause damage due to my poor level of understanding and familiarity with the subject, at the moment).

As for the Viking world, from my reading experience (which is actually quite young still), I would understand their world as being rather flexible on these matters, though, I have not seen a source that explicitly says this. It can’t be ignored though, because lbgt+ people existed in all time periods, although not in the same sense that we understand them today, perhaps. Our sources are a little more complicated and tainted than some, so it is difficult to state anything confidently. Yet, I would say mythology does show a decent leniency on the matter (shapeshifting is a big one, just look at all the crazy things Loki does, for example), although I cannot exactly attest to the contemporary (in a historical sense) motivations for those instances. 

In other words, I definitely find it to be a possibility, but something that should be cautiously read and studied (as everything ought to be). Yet, even so, such a perspective should not be denied its existence, and I am truly glad to see people doing the legwork and studying the matter. As I said before, lbgt+ people existed in all time periods, and therefore we can’t rule them out of history.

I am really glad you love my blog so much, and I am so sorry that I cannot give you a better answer than this, which is more me beating around the bush than actually providing any helpful insight. One day I really do hope to be able to discuss this in a more detailed way. It is definitely a perspective on out past that needs more exploration. Though, there are a ton of people here on Tumblr that have already been making those endeavors. I, unfortunately, am slow getting around to it, and for that I am terribly sorry.

Thank you kindly for asking! I hope my answer wasn’t too disappointing.

Bless bless!

My thoughts

I don’t usually write my personal thoughts here as a general rule I leave myself out of this, but I have read a lot of negative things about the latest episode and I really feel compelled to add something to the discussion.

I loved the episode. I loved it for its story, for its atmosphere, for its context, for its suspense and for its humanity. I felt for the first time ever we are getting to see why Sherlock is the way he is. He is a man who from a very early age learned to associate love with loss. The events from this season have been about coping with loss and learning to love and live in the face of devastating loss. I know that folks are angry because we didn’t get an explicit TJLC style confession, and while I would have been overjoyed to see that come to fruition what we were given in its place was a promise of a long life together side by side which in my opinion is a much more nuanced kind of love story. It speaks to the fact that at one time in each of our lives we have our hearts broken and that extends even to Sherlock. It speaks to the idea that sometimes we do get a second chance. We get to learn from the mistakes of our past and in learning we get to persevere and change the outcome of the future. It speaks to a life of commitment and dedication to those who we chose to make our family and I honestly cannot think of a better ending to a love story than they lived happily ever after solving murders together.

Gatiss and Moffat have left it up to the wonderful creative folks in our fandom to fill in the blanks and I personally can’t wait to see what we come up with.

Soooo, after discussing it with the lovely @simsomedia I have decided that I am going to up my queue for a little while. Just by three posts a day, so nothing too drastic. But there is a lot more coming up than it probably seems like right now. You all know me, I like to have a little calm before the storm. And also, I am just plain impatient and want you all to see what is coming up! ;)

Just an FYI. ♥

Sunday Funday

So @holding-on-to-francis and I have been discussing our deep love of one SSA Aaron Hotchner. This got me thinking that today I would flood you lovely people with preferences and NSFW alphabet drabbles (I know I have tons more requests, but I need to step away from them for a while or they’ll all start to sound the same). Any suggestions or thoughts? Give me a shout!

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truthfuly speaking here...putting aside all ships. tell me that C wasnt sidelined in her own SL in 3A ! she almost did nothing, she was there....

Did I say that? I though I carefully did not say that in my discussion of the “love interest” issue. 

Truth is though, that both Clarke and Bellamy were sidelined and I think that was intentional. Bellamy was sidelined as a “lieutenant” or even an apprentice. Clarke was sidelined as a love interest  or “ambassador.”

Oops. There it is. I said it. 

But I do think there was a reason for it in regards to the character development of Bellamy and Clarke. Just like their relationship/partnership needed to be tested by nearly insurmountable challenges, to prove itself strong enough to make it through, so did each of their characters.

They both freaking lost it. And in being lost, they gave themselves over to the stronger, more confident characters, they abdicated their power and instead fought for this person who took them both down dangerous, deadly paths that led to the destruction of their people. 

I’ve never made a secret that I don’t find CL to be a healthy relationship. It’s not an equal relationship. The power imbalance is too extreme and there are too many threats hanging over Clarke’s head, no matter what pretty promises are made. And yes, Clarke’s mental health is compromised by the very person who loves her. 

I can’t think this is a flaw in the story. Her mental breakdown and kidnap is QUITE clear. I think it’s intentional. Clarke is reduced from the fearless, responsible hero, to the fearful love interest who is running away from her responsibility into the arms of the person who hurt her, so they can protect her. This happens to abuse victims. 

Sorry. I know a lot of people hate it when I come back to abuse and mental illness, but it explains all the weakness in her character and it explains how Clarke could let herself fall for the person who betrayed her and it explains how she got sidelined in her own story. It’s her breakdown. It’s dark. It’s her working through her trauma. It’s not bad writing, it is hard writing on a difficult topic. It is NOT the way we want to see our heroes, but I think it was a authorial choice, no matter how many people tell me I can’t say what the writers meant. 

If you look at this “love interest” side-lining, abdication of power as a journey through her mental struggles, then it doesn’t seem nearly as OOC, or forced, or confusing, or irrational. Well, it’s still irrational, because CLARKE is irrational. Man, people want to say it’s bad writing, but I think it’s just writing about Clarke’s mental breakdown, which removed her from her own story and destroyed her agency. And yes. That means the relationship is not beautiful and epic, love to end all loves, but is perhaps the love she needed to experience then at that moment in order to work through her issues of self hate, guilt, anger, betrayal and fear.  Polis was ALWAYS about Clarke and so was CL, because Clarke is the hero of The 100, and she was being tested in herself.

Near the start of the year (first week of January at least), I had a dream. It involved a bunch of random things, but something that stood out was a part that involved a conversation with my friend @hyacinth-halcyon (how are you btw, are you OK? I haven’t talked to you in a while, message me because I love you). We discussed me potentially worshipping or working with Hati and Skoll, some Norse wolves of legend. I haven’t done much follow up on that but I have been thinking about something else: namely that the dream also included Kali.

Now, I’ve brushed with Kali before. She actually tried to reach out to me when I first started paganism but I was both dense and scared, so I dodged her. She shows up from time to time to say hi and nudge me, but I’ve generally been sticking with the netjer so it wasn’t a priority. I wondered about her presence, especially at the start of a new year. One of her aspects, if I’ve done my research correctly, is that of clearing away and renewal. It’s certainly one of strength. I’ve mulled over why she might be making a pointed appearance nearly every day since. It could be that it’s just time for me to move on from Kemeticism. It’s not that I don’t love my gods, I do, but they’re not available in the way I need and I’ve been stagnant for a while. That’s not really their fault, shit’s been going on in their end and mine, but it’s just not productive. I’ll likely still give them homage but I could probably stand to try something else. At the very least Anpu and Aset have made it clear they’re here regardless, so I won’t be abandoned if anything new doesn’t take.

In light of that, I’ve offered up a request to Kali. The worst she can say is no right? And it was thus: if she can provide a stable, full time job with benefits that can support my burgeoning family for my husband, and enable me to get successfully treated for this atrocious pain condition, I will get a statue of her. Even if it’s just a lonely water and candle offering I will do it. As a chronically ill new mom I don’t want to promise something I can’t maintain, but I’ll damn sure try. I just need my finances able to support us, to get us a home and healthcare and food and pay all our bills, even our loans and credit cards, without panicking every month. And working treatment for my pain, because quite frankly I’d rather be in labor again.

I guess we’ll see what happens.


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There was always something that bothered me about the Secret Ends. Saeran says that after Saeyoung left, he was left with his mother for months while she abused and starved him. But... what the hell were V and Rika doing? They promised Saeyoung to save him but they ended up waiting months before acting and I'm just like why? There's no explanation and it's never addressed and I'm so confused. Like are they just terrible people who decided Saeran wasn't important enough or am I missing something?


Warning! Super long post! Spoilers for Mystic Messenger!

Very well nonnie! Let’s try to find out what happened using some analysis and a lot of canon-compliant speculation, as there is no explanation given to us easily just like you said! This is going to get a bit long too, sorry about that!

I did try to base myself solely on the canon information provided, so here we go!

The first issue we have to tackle is Rika and V’s age. V is only 5 years older than the twins and we assume Rika is around his age (since her age in her profile is around the time she ‘died’). Saeyoung affirms that V has been his sort-of father figure for about 10 years, so Saeyoung was around 10-11 and V was only 15-16 when they first met each other.

According to 707′s Route, 10th Day, VNM after the ‘Please Remember’ Chat, Saeyoung ran away from home to become a Secret Agent around 7 years ago, that means, when he was 13-14 years old. This means that when this happened V was only around 18-19 years old, Rika perhaps even younger. They were barely legal adults at this point, but… Come on, being 18-19 is still being a child.

The second issue to tackle is the legal issues with Saeran’s custody. Despite the abuse Saeran had been subjected to, his mother was still his legal guardian and, by law, V and Rika wouldn’t be able to take custody away from her, as he was still a minor, they were extremely young and unmarried, and just overall no fit to take custody. The other option was to get social services and the government involved… Which was also a no-go, considering that keeping Saeran under radar and away from his all-powerful father was a top priority, and getting the government and official services involved would put Saeran in the spotlight.

The third issue to tackle is Saeran’s mother herself. The woman was unstable, unfit, and after Saeyoung left her, her only ticket to keep a hold on the Prime Minister and his money was Saeran. Any wrong move (Forcefully taking Saeran away from her, kidnapping him, trying to be anything but diplomatic…) could potentially make her yell, call the media and tell them everything about the Prime Minister’s affair and illegitimate child, and the issue would explode, taking down Saeran with it. It was in general a very, very delicate situation that they had to handle with gloves to ensure Saeran’s safety.

All these issues mean that they had to act very carefully and move their pieces silently in order to take Saeran out of that place, and it took them a month since Saeyoung left (according to Secret 2) to put it in motion:

They approached the woman, scared her by telling her they’d been watching her for 2 months, gathering evidence about child abuse (evidence that they probably DID get in order to make their claims more believable and scare her into agreeing) and that if she doesn’t stop and allow Saeran to go to school she’d face legal issues and take custody away from her.

Now, I think this was a brilliant strategy for three key reasons.

  1. It was all a bluff. They COULDN’T get the court or the government involved without blowing Saeran’s cover and make him visible to his father. This was just meant to scare the woman and make it believable enough.
  2. It played on the woman’s fear of losing Saeran. She lost Saeyoung already, if Saeran is taken away from her she won’t have any hold on their father, and she’ll lose the source of money she seeks. Thus, she’ll probably agree to the conditions V set. She won’t magically become a good mother and yeah, she’ll still be an abusive bitch but she’ll be much more careful and reduce it substantially.
  3. The condition they added, to let Saeran assist everyday to church school, was amazing on itself. First, that way V and Rika get to see Saeran everyday and keep track on his wellbeing and health. The condition is that he has to return by nightfall, that means he spends MOST of his time out of that hellish house. Second, Saeran is no longer locked away in his home and gets to go out everyday. If he gets to go out everyday, then his mother cannot longer hit him like she used to lest she risks being discovered and have the child taken from her, plus V would notice and scare her once again.

Then, in the following flashback scenes, we see that, indeed, Saeran is going out of the house often (when before he wouldn’t be able to leave at all), hanging out with V (who does his best to try and teach him about the world while keeping Saeyoung’s fate a secret).

I suppose this lasts for about two years, because Saeyoung ran away 7 years ago, V and Rika rescued Saeran a month after that, and then 5 years ago Rika finally kidnapped him and took him for Mint Eye behind V’s back.

My TL;DR opinion is that: V and Rika were barely teenagers when this happened, and didn’t have the means to simply take Saeran away from his mom, as it was too risky, so they spend a month planning a strategy to try and give Saeran as much freedom as they could with the means they had. We know Rika had hidden intentions through all of this, because she started teaching Saeran how to hack behind V’s back, and two years afterwards she kidnapped him to Mint Eye, but it’s very clear to me that V did try his best.


For those of you, who are a bit upset/disappointed about Gillian’s recent social media activities, here is a bit of a reminder what we already got from her this year. 

Honestly, we were spoiled! SPOILED!!! Just scroll through her twitter account and discover it again. She tweeted a lot (like crazy), did Comic Cons, Q&As, and #tbt for most of the part of this year. She was active on facebook, twitter, and on Tumblr!

Now, she is focusing on different projects. She is fighting the good fight, and she is raising awareness on important topics. She is inspiring and an awesome human being, that is why we love her and that is why we support her. 

I know that lately there is not much happening in our little fandom but let’s try to keep it positive and support Gillian. I’m sure she will come back, and it was not the last we heard from her ‘feral side’. She is taking a break. We should let her do that and we should remember that we already had a good year. 

If you feel sad or disappointed, my inbox is always open, message me and I try to cheer you up! I send you a fanfic with all the goodies in it. I send you some fan art. I send you a fanvid. I send you a hug. I send you a feral tweet of Gillian’s from the last couple of years if you want. I talk to you about some interesting head-canon of yours. Or canon. Or something silly Chris Carter came up with. Anything, really. (And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one 😉😉) 

 This is why we are here, let’s focus on these. Holidays are coming up, we have enough stress in our life. Let’s keep this our happy place and spread the love. Because, honestly, this fandom is the best. I love y’all!  

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analysis of Brotherhood: ep 4

a thing i’ve always found interesting about ep four of Brotherhood is how cold Noctis’ and Ignis’ relationship comes off as compared to how it’s portrayed later in game. in game there’s witty banter, inside jokes, loving, nagging, sarcasm, overall you get a very mother/son vibe. this is in stark contrast to the anime where it’s painfully servant/lord with none of the humor and lightheartedness that we’re used to. it’s easy to overlook this as just inconsistent writing and some ppl leave it at that but the Lore Whore in me just won’t go down w out a fight, hence this long tangenty rant about what the hell Ignis(and Noctis but mostly Ignis) is thinking in Brotherhood Episode 4: Bittersweet Memories

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