i love dice

Lo cercherai ancora, inutile negarlo. E in mezzo alla gente avrai l'ansia di incontrarlo, come la prima volta che l'hai visto. E l'ultima volta che l'hai perso.
Good vesre words; a list
  • yobaca
  • diome
  • chobi
  • lompas
  • ajoba
  • arafue
  • dolobu
  • chabomba
  • garca
  • lorca
  • broli
  • naca
  • joraca
  • rofie
  • langa
  • toor
  • garpar
  • jeropa
  • pelpa
  • zapán
  • sopermi
  • sope
  • bepi
  • sopre
  • bolonqui

Ok, so this was supposed to put this up yesterday, but I just ran out of time.  My boss asked me to stay longer at work and I didn’t have much time before going to the fair.  I regret nothing.  The theme this year is Game On.  I got to go play a bunch of new games.  It was amazing.  ANYWAY.

Dungeons and Dragons 30 Day Challenge

day 5

Favorite Dice Set

Dice are something of a passion (obsession) of mine.  Last time I counted, I had over 500.  That was years ago and I’ve gotten more since then.  Frankly, I’ve gotten more since I took that picture yesterday.  So I really have two answers to the question.

My favorite colors are magma vortex (vortex are some of my favorite dice in general, but magma is my favorite color) and orange borealis (borealis is another very beautiful one).  Unfortunately, these are hard to come by and I don’t have a complete set.

The dice in the bottom picture are the ones I actually play with.  These are the ones I consider to be the luckiest.  Every gamer has their superstitions.  I consider speckles to be the best rollers and fire speckles are my favorite.