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Hey, I noticed that the experienced Stiles hasn't been updated in 8 months, are there any new ones? If there is can you update it? Thanks in advance, I am forever grateful for the amazing blog you run, thank you. Btw, I love you guys.

thank you <3 love you too

I’ll Make You Believe Again by gabby227 (4/? | 10,673 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski doesn’t do relationships. After several that ended badly, he just doesn’t see the point anymore. But when Derek Hale bets Stiles that he can’t go six months with sleeping with the same person monogamously without falling in love with them, Stiles jumps on that bet. After all, he lives for proving people wrong. However, can he really go the six months of the bet without falling in love with Derek, or will he fall in love anyway?

Boyfriend Levels of Attention by Emela (1/1 | 3,623 | NC17)

“So,” Stiles says. “How do you want to do this?”

“How do I want you to take my virginity?” Derek’s eyes widen. “Gee, I don’t know, Stiles. That’s why I asked you.”

The Ultimate Feeling by TamzStripped (1/1 | 7,970 | NC17)

Derek doesn’t have a lot of experience because of Kate and can count on one hand how many partners he’s had with fingers to spare. He really wants Stiles more than he’s wanted anyone in a long time since Stiles went off to college and discovered his sexuality.


That one time the kitchen rug made them do it.

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd by nameloc_ar_115 (1/1 | 6,368 | NC17)

1. used to indicate that two people, especially lovers, should be left alone together. 2. One companion is better than two.

An alternate ending to 4x01, where the pack finds Derek split into both his adult and sixteen-year-old self at La Iglesia.