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batmovingon replied to your post “^^ I hope that you feel better soon. I am kinda in the same state as…”

Oh and I’m also looking forward to Black Panther, Wakanda will look Majestic <3

batmovingon replied to your post “^^ I hope that you feel better soon. I am kinda in the same state as…”

Yeah, I also mostly look forward to their scenes together and Tessa Thompson’s valkerie (sp?) I also want to see more of space. I hope this one doesn’t have too many annoying human characters.

Oh yes I’m here for Tessa’s Valkyrie! Oh but they said they’re not giving us Thor/Valkyrie which means I’ma have to write a fic for them (uggggh writing :’() just so I can see one of my faves loving a black girl. Smh. 

But I do hope they cut back on the humans as well. I love Kat Dennings but Darcy was annoying af in TDW. And I hope they don’t sideline Sif & the Warriors 3 like they did in the last movie. B/c I’ma be pissed AS. FUCK!

And yes you know Wakanda will be fucking gorgeous! I’m here for it. All of it and then some. I need it more than air tbqh.


It’s finally finished! I’ve been working on this for a week and I’ve loved every second of it.
I needed a good excuse to really get the hang of Clip Studio Paint and I wanted to make a big background-heavy piece again. This setting worked perfectly for that.

I recently saw this video by @hewhois and I got instantly inspired. It made me want to draw a modern male witch in his private den. I loved the peace and comfort that the video emitted and I did my very best to create a similar feeling. It’s so difficult to capture a very specific mood, but I hope I succeeded!

Golden (M)

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Yoongi x Reader

For our precious Admin Desire

Warnings: Choking, mild ass play, kinda rough, SMUT

Word Count: 2,431

Summary: Birthdays are supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be lazy days where you do nothing or everything or whatever you want. But when you’re an “adult” it doesn’t always work out that way, and Yoongi seems more bummed than you are about it.

Warm sun hit your face as you stirred awake, the soft sheets wrapped around your frame as you turned away from the light. You slowly blinked your eyes open to find another pair staring back at you. The warm feline like eyes caused you to smile, a rush of warmth filling your body as he smiled back at you.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said, his voice deep and husky. His smiled widened to your favourite gummy smile as he spoke, and he reached for you, wrapping his arms around you to tug you closer to his body, “happy birthday baby, do you really have to go to work? Just say home with me.”

You laughed at his antics, burying your face in his chest and savouring the warmth and familiar scent before you had to get ready for another day of work. You had tried to get today off, knowing how much of a big deal Yoongi makes it even though you insist on doing nothing, but he liked to spoil you and your birthday gave him every excuse he needed to do so. Seeing as how your birthday was so close to Christmas you were unable to get the day off, due to the busyness of the store. Yoongi was unhappy but he had told you that he’d make it up to you tenfold when the busy season was over.

Moving back, you watched as the rays of sun streaked onto his freshly dyed black hair, your favourite colour on him by far. You still loved the crazy colours he came home with, but there was something about black that made your heart flutter. It was possibly the fact that it’s his natural colour, and seeing it on him made him seem more like your Yoongi, more him than the idol he has to be outside of your home.

Threading a hand through his soft locks, you watched him bask in the warmth of the sun and the soft touches of you hand, letting his eyes close with a content smile now playing on his plump lips.

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Happy Birthday to my favorite Canadian Soulmate Admin Rogue! I love you so so so so so much and I hope your birthday is the bestest one ever. I can’t wait until we are living it up in Korea taking funny snaps with Jimin and Wonho lol

-Admin Desire 

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Ich weiß noch ganz genau wie und wann wir uns kennengelernt haben. Anfangs dachte ich mir nichts dabei. Doch schnell wurdest du mir so wichtig wie sonst niemand auf dieser Welt. Du hast mir gezeigt wie es ist glücklich zu sein. Du warst immer für mich da. Du hast mir bei all meinen Problemen geholfen, ganz egal wie es dir ging. Ich bin so froh dich kennengelernt zu haben. Ohne dich wäre ich nicht vollständig. Ich bin dir einfach so dankbar für die schöne Zeit die wir zusammen hatten. Es war so schön jeden tag bis in die Nacht mit dir zu telefonieren. Bei dir hab ich mich immer wohl gefühlt, hab alle meine Ängste vergessen, und war glücklich. Ich bin froh dich meine beste Freundin nennen zu dürfen. Alles ist so perfekt zwischen uns. Weißt du noch wie wir beide zusammen geweint haben oder die ganze Nacht durchgetanzt und gesungen haben? Das war so schön. Es ist die schönste Zeit in meinem Leben, weil ich sie mit dir verbringe. Ich weiß nicht wie ich ohne dich Leben sollte. Glaub mir, ich kann ohne dich nicht. Ich liebe unsere gemeinsame Zeit. "Du und ich. Wir beide gegen den Rest der Welt. Nichts kann uns trennen. Für immer und Ewig" die schöne Zeit hat erst angefangen. Wir haben schon so viel erlebt und haben noch so viel vor uns. Ich liebe dich so sehr. Du warst, bist, und wirst auch immer meine perfekte beste Freundin bleiben. Was auch kommt. Du bist und bleibst meine beste Freundin. Falls du das hier liest, vergiss eins nie.. Ich liebe dich!

Female Fronted Metal: 1 big family

I made a new version of this set because of one particular reason.
Alissa wasn’t included in the previous one, and so some concluded that she isn’t liked. So here she is, as a part of the family. I only used pictures of my personal favorite singers, so if a particular singer isn’t in here, it’s not because she isn’t liked by the others.


“‘We’ll all take turns as den mothers!’ Batman said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ Batman said.” –Black Canary, done with all her colleagues and these crazy little punks.

Based off of this fantastic text post by incorrectyjquotes. I’ve been giggling about it for a couple days…