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For the kiss meme: 14 with Ereri :)

Thank you so much, I had so much fun with this! =)

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Prompt: Kiss along the hips

Pairing: Eren/Levi

Rating: T+

Eren stretched out across the length of his and Levi’s bed, giving a warm groan at the feeling. He settled back in, his right arm going to pillow the back of his head while his left idly played with this hem of the pale yellow bed sheets.

 “Are you going to come back up yet?” he sighed after a moment, his green-gold flecked eyes looking to the left side of the bed where he could just make out the top of Levi’s head near the foot of their bed.

 “I have resigned myself to the floor,” came the man’s reply. He hummed as he rolled over, flopping to lie on his back. His left hand shot up, going to grasp at the top sheet and begin to pull it off.

 “Hey,” Eren burst, tugging the sheet back up his body as Levi pulled it off the bed. He gave a little sound as the sheet was removed and his naked form was exposed to the cold air of the room. “It wasn’t my fault you rolled off the bed. Give me the sheet back.” He sat up and held out his hand to the man on the floor.

 “No,” Levi answered, “go find the blanket you insisted on throwing off the bed last night.” Eren glanced around, finding the quilt strewn across the floor at the bottom of the dresser.

 “Levi,” he whined, still looking at the patched cover Eren’s mother had made for them both three winters ago. At the silence he got in return, Eren sighed and flopped back onto his pillow, hoping that the warmth that clung to the sheets would warm his lazy ass up. He curled into a comfortable little ball on his side, a pillow cuddled to his chest when he heard Levi rustling around on the floor. He peeped an eye open and watched as Levi stood up, the sheet wrapped around him like some kind of Roman toga. He lazily went to the middle of the room and reached up (possibly on his tippy toes) to pull on the chain on the ceiling fan. Once it was on low, he padded back to the bed, flopping down on it from the end of the mattress.

 Eren uncurled, but was still on his side, looking down at Levi as the other looked up at him. From how Levi was lying, his was barely level with Eren’s hip.  Eren reached down, tugging the sheets from under Levi and pulled it back around him, shielding himself from the chilly air - and Levi, who was now covered by the blanket.

 Eren lied on his back, nearly asleep once again when he was jolted awake. A breathy laugh passed through him as Levi peppered kisses on and around his hip bone.

 “No, Levi - Levi. Stop!” He let loose a full laugh at the probing around his ticklish skin. Levi had his forearm across his waist to prevent him from bucking him away, or rolling over. Eren was giggling uncontrollably as Levi pressed kisses into his skin and occasionally sucked tiny patches of flesh around the hip bone. Eren lifted the sheet to find Levi glancing up at him with a lopsided smile in between pecks. “I hate you,” Eren told him unevenly.

Levi’s eyebrows shot up and his smile grew wider. He kept his eyes on Eren as he racked his front teeth against his skin, ending in a small nip. “No you don’t sweetheart.”