i love deep voice

me, loving my friends: *doesn’t voice the deep appreciation i have for their love and my desire to reciprocate it which is stunted by my inability to express affection comfortably*

When you miss someone, days feel like years and weeks feel like centuries and you can’t do anything about it.
—  moonstone-girl

In this endless world, I was searching for you… 

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Inktober Day 24 | Mr. Trust Fund Kid | Done with the bowtie quartet! Finally I’m taking deep story now <3 Aiming for Jumin’s route but Seven is being flirty all the time I can’t– hurt him– ;; v ;; I really love Jumin’s deep voice btw. Like. Gawd.

Anyway, sorry for the dark picture– the electricity is down right now so it’s the brightest photo I can take :/


- their performances were on point
- they played “guess the item in the box” and mark’s team got tapioca.. when it was Mark’s turn to touch it he was just caressing it LMAO
- jinyoung and yugyeom had cute af moments
- bambam dabbed
- JB got called a giraffe and he pretended to get mad
- youngjae’s singing was great!!!!! THE TONE, THE HIGH NOTES YAAAS
- they played charades in pairs with the fans and everyone was so sweet
- jackson was an angel to the girl he was partnered with HE HELD HER HAND THE WHOLE TIME AND THEIR ARMS WERE LINKED AND THEY EVEN HAD A COUPLE NAME LMAO
- jinyoung’s voice was deep af
- he said “i love you” and everyone died
- when jackson’s partner got picked to go on stage he said “come here baby” WTF way to slay everyone’s hearts omg
- yugyeom’s english was the cutest thing in the world
- at one point youngjae started interviewing one of the fans on stage cuz she was a little shy HAHAHA “What’s your name! how old are you! how do you feel!” LOL IT WAS GREAT
- sassy jackson was great he said “excuse me”/“ok stop” cuz people were cheering after every sentence HAHAHAHAHA

OK I can’t think of any more but it was seriously so amazing I love them SO MUCH

New they might be giants song leaked!

*boing!* *spring sound*
*deep voice* I love pussy
♪I was in a car but I’m dead and I’m not and my name is Kent why did my cat kinkshame me♪
*deep voice again* I love firewood