i love dead island

Me: I fucking love Vaas he’s the best character ever fuck me up pls no one will ever compare I never want him to die 

Jason: *kills Vaas halfway through the game* 


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‘The island of the Dead’ Theory continued 

Part 1 

The soundtrack that was used in Ren’s teaser for ‘Where You At’ is from Rachmaninov’s album “The Isle Of The Dead” 1908 (but in Ren’s teaser it is re-done to be more modern maybe). This piece of music he wrote was inspired by the black and white reproduction of the painting ‘The island of the Dead’ by Arnold Böcklin, which was featured in Ren’s bedroom set. This makes me believe NU’EST W 100% drew inspiration from this painting for ‘Where You At’.

The fact that he was only inspired by the black and white remake of the painting and not the coloured version, makes me remember the lyric “You fill my black and white life with Colour’ From Love Paint. While listening to this piece it fills you with a sense of dread, which is similar to the scary vibe the teasers give, as the members and being hunted down by an unknown force.

 (trans- C)

Softly mentions a human AU that includes Jasper and Lapis falling off a boat during a party and not being found….. also Steven desperately looking for them because it happened when Lapis was stopping Jasper from being mean to him….. also Amethyst being wracked with guilt because she had invited Lapis……. the same for Pearl with Jasper………..

les amis driving
  • Combeferre: textbook great driver, excellent turns and but just straight up sucks at parallel parking. seriously, it takes him like 7 moves to get it mostly straightened out. it's rough. he drives for half the road trips.
  • Feuilly: excellent driver, does the other half of the road trips. flawless parallel parking, much to Combeferre's envy.
  • Bahorel: of course he's a total leadfoot, a bit heavy handed with turns, but no serious problems besides that.
  • Marius: banned by all of his friends from driving. he has his license and everything but this man once spent over half an hour at a stop sign because he just kept waving everyone else on.
  • Cosette: amazing control, always driving minimum 8 mph higher than the speed limit, and somehow not a single traffic violation or ticket. chats animatedly all while wheeling it around corners, effectively scaring the ever-loving shit out of everyone she drives with (besides Marius, who has been completely desensitized after he vomited the first time he drove with her)
  • Courfeyrac: also a speed demon, and less control than Cosette -- no one will drive with him, but he hasn't figured out why, he thinks his driving is just fine. [crashing noises in the distance]
  • Enjolras: literally doesn't know how to drive, just uses public transit; never really wanted to learn.
  • Grantaire: perfectly good driver, very smooth, and knows everything there is to know about cars. probably has an really ugly Saab.
  • Eponine: even better with cars than Grantaire, refuses to even look at people who drive automatics, probably has an ancient, LOUD hot rod.
  • Jehan: does not like driving, but will when they have to. they got their permit, but never actually got their license.
  • Joly: NO NO NO NO NO NO
  • Musichetta: wonderful driver, is the only person besides Feuilly and Grantaire that Joly will get into the car with. also has excellent parallel parking.
  • Bossuet: brakes for anything that moves, total pain to drive with because he's so stop-and-go.