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A toast to the groom

Request: @xxcecexo​ asked “Can you do prompt #18 and #21 with Jefferson? LOVE you by the way. =)”

Pairing: Jefferson x reader

Warnings: Swearing in french

Word count: 565

A/N: I’ll note that historical Jefferson was a dick and no one should idolise him. On the other hand, Daveed Diggs’ musical Jefferson is totally fic material so. Also I changed this to “engaged” bc I want to expand it into a verse.

18. “Bring your pretty little butt over here.”

21. “We have to pretend to be married.”

Washington was hosting a party. You weren’t sure what for, or even exactly how you’d ended up there- probably because of Eliza, if you were honest. But she’d quickly disappeared off with her sisters, leaving you to a room of politicians. Great.

You barely knew anyone- only Eliza, Peggy and Jefferson, who was arguing in the corner. You sipped at a glass of wine someone had given you and, despite yourself, started to listen.

“And then Hamilton said I had commitment issues! Me! He flirts with anything with legs, never mind whether or not his wife is around-” Jefferson was getting a bit carried away, you noted. 

One of the guys standing with Jefferson raised an eyebrow. When he spoke, you noticed a heavy french accent. “Is Hamilton not right, Thomas? You have never had a girlfriend for more than a few weeks- myself and Adrienne would be more than happy to help you find someone-”

“No!” Jefferson interrupted. You looked over and were surprised to see he looked panic. He caught your eye and seemed to get an idea. “No!” he repeated, “I’m- I’m already engaged.”

The french guy dropped his cup. “Merde! To whom?”

To your utter astonishment, Jefferson pointed to you. His friend turned and looked too. “Darling,” Jefferson called, giving you a pleading look, “bring your pretty little butt over here and meet Lafayette.”

I might as well, you reasoned, this is going to be a really boring evening if I just stand here. You wandered over, doing your best to plaster a loving grin on your face. Jefferson looked astonished when he saw you actually making your way over, but quickly schooled his features.

You stood beside Jefferson and tentatively slid an arm around his waist. You extended your other hand to Lafayette. “I’m Y/N,” you smiled, “nice to meet you.”

Lafayette bent and kissed your hand. “Enchanté. I cannot believe that Thomas did not introduce us sooner.”

You blushed. At your side, Jefferson inclined his head to Lafayette, who grinned. “I shall, how you say, take my leave,”

The moment Lafayette was out of sight, Jefferson turned to you. “We have to pretend to be engaged-”

“I know, Thomas,” you pointed out, “I did hear what you said.”

“No,” he shook his head, “Lafayette will tell everyone.”

So?” you asked, “We can just tell them it was a joke-”

But Jefferson was already shaking his head. “Please, Y/N.” You raised an eyebrow. “They will all be so happy to hear I’m settling down- I can’t ruin that!”

“You’ll have to eventually,” you pointed out, “I can’t actually marry you.”

He looked desperate. “Pretend until Christmas,” he begged, “then we can stage a breakup or something-”

You bit your lip, unsure. Admittedly, your family had been asking when you were going to bring someone home for them to meet- it could be worth it just to shut them up. And, it wasn’t like you disliked Jefferson- it couldn’t be that bad.

“Alright,” you decided, setting down your glass, “I’ll do it- but you owe me, okay?” 

Jefferson nodded frantically, a relieved smile spreading across his face. “Of course.”

You reached for Jefferson’s hand. He let you take it, looking surprised. “Lafayette was right,” you said grimly, looking out on the party. If Jefferson was serious, you’d need to fool them all- at least for a little while. 

“About what?” 


Artist (Lin X Reader)

tyntathefangurl said:

Hi! Can I have Linxreader who’s artist. They don’t talk but keep meeting. He sees her drawing at subway, in coffee shop, on a bench somewhere. And one day he approach her and they talk and its fluffy. She never heard of him, but loves the idea of Ham

Notes: I’m working on a bunch of stuff so I wanted to get something out quick, part 2 will be coming soon.

Words: 456

Pairing: LinX Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, and Bad writing.

Part 1

You had a craving for hot chocolate that day, you don’t know why, after years of doing the role of struggling artist working at a coffee house nearly put you off any hot drink for your life. But today was different, maybe it was the little chill in the air, the happiness of finally getting to wear your favourite scarf, the overwhelming feeling that autumn was upon us. Whatever the unexpected mood was, your parched mouth couldn’t take it any longer. You quickly wandering through the chilly air, dodging tourists and native alike, to find to nearest café, you were bewitched by a small book shop, with a coffee machine inside. You gracefully wandering inside, order a small hot chocolate, and a brownie that caught your eye, you puffed as you took your seat in-between the books. Slowly taking your notebook, out with a few your pencils out of your bag. One rolled and drop to the floor making a rather loud and dramatic thump. You swallowed your embarrassment as heads began to turn. Quickly reaching under the table snatching the pencil and bringing yourself back to the table, you connected eyes with a smirking man on the other side of the shop, looking through the book shelves, you smile to him, he quickly ducks away from the shelf and turns around. Confused by this, you decided to get back to the drawing you have been putting off for a while, as you took a sip of your newly placed hot chocolate.

You try to draw everywhere, the two things that make an artist is creative and practice. You drew on the way to work, you drew during in your lunch, and you drew on your way home. Free time can be hard to come a crossed when you live in New York, everyone’s rent is amazingly high, so everyone works all the time, and then everyone has their true passion outside of work. So on your free days where normally people would stay in, you explore. You go past so many houses, statues and shops, that are so rich with history and culture, you feel almost guilty, this doesn’t mean you get a free pass on drawing, though. You see it as a challenge as you sit down in central park and bring out your notebook and pencils, to try and capture the beauty of the browning trees. You felt a provoking stare coming from next to you, as a man sits on the bench with you. You look up to smile at your new neighbour, to your surprise you recognise him, he sits down with hands in his jeans pockets, and a grey sweater with a turtleneck covering his upper body. You felt warm.

David’s Statement:

I love David with all my heart. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and he’ll always be special and important to me.

If you don’t feel like reading this whole thing, Dave basically said that he knew he needed a lifestyle change after abusing drugs and alcohol. Something happened at the Rise Records tour in Japan that caused Hawaii Metalfest to be his final tour. He only had contact with his manager in which he said he can’t be involved with any activities with CTE.
After he got home from Hawaii, he decided to step down from CTE. After that, he hasn’t heard from any of the 4 remainders, meaning they cut him off completely.
He was also unhappy with the creation of Retrograde. He didn’t have any creative control and “no contribution” was certainly not the case.

David deserves the whole world and I wish him every bit of success.


So they’ve settled on Earth C.

Karkat is trying to somehow chart out the complicated entanglement of flushed and pale feelings all three of them have for each other (also known as what humans call “love”), wondering if he should take into account him and Jade’s ashen history.

Jade attempts to explain human polyamory to him, like, we can all just love each other at once and it’s okay, it’s not a conflict. Not everything is a romcom.

Dave interrupts like “no jade” “i mean i feel you” “but you gotta explain it on his terms” “you see karkat” “you are in my karkat quadrant” “and jade is in my jade quadrant” “so there isnt a conflict” “you dont need to chart anything out” “in fact please dont” “it will be better for everyone”

So Jade says “what about me and karkat?”

Dave thinks about this for about a microsecond before blurting out the first thing that comes to mind “hmm I see what youre saying there jade” “you think theyll be a jade or karkat quadrant conflict” “but obviously you two are in the dave quadrant”

Jade laughs.

Karkat complains about “DISRESPECTING THE QUADRANT SYSTEM”, but that actually helped him understand a bit and he secretly finds it endearing.

The story of Jade{Dave}Kat gets around to their friends and soon “I Dave you” becomes a meme. Dave is content to, as always, be the reigning Meme King.


One day Dave gets bombarded by Rose with pictures, all in various romantic poses with Kanaya, with captions like “When you really Dave someone.” and “True Dave.” Dave love can be appreciated by most and be the best thing ever, but when it’s his sister and her wife, it’s suddenly unacceptable.

He comes into a room with Jade and Karkat.

“hey dave!” Jade greets him “as much fun as we were having just being in dave with each other, you should definitely join us now!” She’s smiling. This sort of greeting has earned her a positive response the entire time since the Dave meme’s inception.

But not today.

“i cant believe im saying this” “never thought this day would come” “but im gonna have to break up with both yall over a fucking meme” “thats it”

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY?” Karkat tries to protest.

Dave’s mouth doesn’t stop “its over” “theres a meme obstruction in front of this romance train”


Dave has never stopped talking through these protests “youd think maybe you could just remove it” “but it damaged the track” “everything could derail” “its the end for us” “the fucking end” “thanks obama”

“no” Jade says and looks at Karkat. Karkat looks back. They have a rare moment of absolute and complete understanding and clarity and they say in unison:

“thanks dave!” “THANKS DAVE”

And so a new meme comes to be, and of course Dave doesn’t actually break up with either of them, because he was never serious about that in the first place. It’s possible he makes a “youre welcome” stamp.

You’re welcome.


Anonimo ha detto: omg so I remembered how dave in the comics would keep saying he isn’t a hero… and since Jade is the only one who can capture the akuma he would probably have a similar mentality in the AU and so I thought of him saying something like that to her and Jade just rambling and trying to reassure him that he’s super important and he shouldn’t ever think he’s unimportant and it makes him fall in love with her more

absolutely YES!!!!
Dave really needed some nice words, with all the pressure he has at home

plus, nice words from his crush? A+ self esteem boost

Lin : Anthony Ramos x Reader

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

“How’s your day going today Y/N?” Anthony asks me flashing that sweet smile of his. He’s in his John Laurens costume since the show starts in about an hour.

“My days going okay. Same as usual I guess.” I tell him.

“Well maybe after the show you would want to get a drink or something.” Anthony shyly says right as Daveed walks in. I work with them in Hamilton. I’m the Bullet but nothing very special besides being Lin’s younger sister. Daveed raised his eyebrows from hearing Anthony’s proposal but all he did was walk out of the room like nothing happened.

“I’d love to Anthony. I have to run and make sure everything is ready for tonights show.” I smile at Anthony as he does back.

“I can’t wait.” he says and I walk out of the room to chat with the rest of the cast.

About 20 minutes go by of talking to everyone else and I go to get some water passing by Lin’s room. I stop when I hear arguing.

“I won’t hurt her I swear!” a voice said sounding like Anthony’s. Oh no.

“It’s just.” there was a pause and I could tell it was Lin talking to Anthony. I bet Daveed told him about what Anthony asked. I’m gonna have to get him back later.

“I think your a great person Anthony, I do. I just don’t know if you are right for her.” My brother said. I got a little bit mad at him saying that. It’s not like he doesn’t know Anthony.

“Lin. Just think about it. You know Anthony and who knows. They may be perfect for each other.” I hear Jonathan intervene. It’s silent again.

“Please Lin.” Anthony pleads breaking the silence.

There’s a sigh then I hear music to my ears,“Don’t hurt her.” Lin says. My face grows into a wide smile and all I feel is joy.

“Yes!!!” Anthony yells and before I know it he opens the door to leave. We both stumble a bit before falling over. Lin looks at both of us blankly for a moment.

“How much of that did you hear?” Lin asks.

“Thank you.” I smile at him then Anthony helps me off the floor. I walk over to hug Lin as he smiles back.

“Your welcome.” he smiles. After pulling back from the hug I see Anthony smiling in the door way.

“I better get ready for the show.” I say to Lin. I walk over to Anthony.

“Let’s go.” He says then waits for Lin’s approval. He nods smiling.

After seven long years of wanting to cut my hair, I finally did it! You should have seen me in the chair yesterday. Every time Dave came near it, I let out a little whimper but I eventually got past the traumatic events of my childhood and let him snip, snip, snip. I love it. I feel so much lighter. I’m going to miss my pink streaks but I think it’s the perfect length and it’s just in time for this auction too! I won’t be surprised if I get zero bids because, same, but I promise I can be a really great date for a night. I’ll buy you pizza. Everybody loves pizza, right? 

trashfandom14  asked:

Hey, I'm Bri. I wrote the legendary Vegas and it's sequels. I have an adorable dog named Bronx and Temps only comes on my dash for him. I also love Daveed Diggs but sadly can't have him because he's two decades older than me. -Nicole impersonating Bri (loveyabri)


nail care

Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Dave Strider/Karkat Vantas
Word count: 1,173
Warnings: mentions of past abuse and traumas
Summary: Trolls have a thing for nail polish.
Notes: I wanted to write some trans boy Dave dealing with Alternian costumes. Also, some safe and healthy davekats!! Hope you guys enjoy!

(read on Ao3)

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problematicdaveeddiggs  asked:

Was Daveed as tall as we all thought? Did you talk to him? Is he warm? I have so many questions please satisfy my obsession

Daveed was a little taller than me so I’m gonna say he’s around 6 feet tall. We did talk quite a bit and he is extremely kind and also very warm! His hugs are great as well. He’s an engaged listener and you can tell he genuinely loves interacting with fans. I had an incredible time during and after the show

I need more rose going in for awkward sibling hugs with dave only to have dave freak out and push her away, apologize, and run off.

I need more kanaya running her fingers through dave’s hair, while telling him he might need to get it cut soon, only to have him visibly flinch and pat down the space shyly.

I need more terezi licking his cheek and dave blushing madly because what the fuck, how does he respond to that.

I need more vriska looping her arm around dave’s neck and pulling him closer in an aggressive act of tomfoolery and affection only to have him get really quiet and stare at his shoes until she’s decided to leave him be.

I need more karkat recognizing dave’s awkward, apologetic response to having people care about him and love him and so he plans out cuddlefest movie nights where dave can enjoy the physical expressions of love without it being that big of an issue cause hey everyone is sharing the love right now.


anonymous asked:

'Don't Drop Him!' and 'Dedicating Everyday To You' because: 1. It's literally the only Daveed fic I've read where they have children 2. 'Don't Drop Him!' was the first thing of yours I read (which lead to me reading all your fics ofc) 3. They're so... smooth? I don't know how to describe it, but the way they're written is really clear. Like, in some other fics I have no idea what's going on, but in these I can see it all playing out in my head. (I RAN OUT OF SPACE BUT I LOVE THEM AND YO

I loved writing both of those fics because Daveed with kids is adorable 

Stay (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Request - Can do #33 in list one with Jefferson?

Prompt - “I love you. I fucking love you”

Tw - swearing


“You’re leaving again?” You looked at your best friend Thomas Jefferson with disbelief, standing in the doorway as you watched him pack his belongings into a bag.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I still have unfinished business in France, I have to go back for a while.” He responded to you without looking away from what he was doing, barely acknowledging that you were more than just a voice at the moment.

“How long is a while going to be? Why didn’t you just finish everything before you left? You surely didn’t just figure out that you were leaving so why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I’m sorry,” Thomas repeated, running his hand through his thick, bushy hair before using it once again to cram everything he deemed necessary into his suitcase. He felt guilty for not telling you sooner, but he really did hate it when you were sad. “And I don’t know how long I’ll be, but I will come back.”

You stood there, helpless as you watched Thomas, someone who you had been friends with for as long as you could remember, someone who had been by your side forever until the day he left for France, leave once again. Silently, you watched as he stood, lifting his bag with him, and walked out the door, past you. He began walking down the stairs and you followed, thinking of something to say to possibly get him to stay.

As you saw his hand extend towards the doorknob, you grasped onto his arm without trying, stopping him from opening the door. He turned to face you, your head was down and your eyes were brimmed with tears, struggling to keep them back.

“Please… Don’t leave me…” You murmured, your eyes fixed on the floor.

Thomas looked at you apologetically. “I’m not leaving you for too long, you’ll be fine.”

You shook your head, tears beginning to fall silently. You wanted to believe that you would be fine, but you felt that you wouldn’t. You had what felt like thousands of drafts of letters that you had addressed to Thomas while he was away that you hadn’t sent to him in fear of what me might say in response to them. All of them confessed the feelings you had for him but you were never sure how to word it exactly. It would sound too stupid and cheesy, all this about falling in love with your best friend.

“Thomas,” You began, “I-How do I say this…. I love you. I fucking love you. Almost since the moment I laid my eyes on you. Every waking moment while you were gone you were on my mind. And I almost feel stupid for not saying it before. I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. And it breaks my heart every time I have to watch you go off somewhere, forgetting about me. Selfish, I know, but I can’t help but feel like other people could be throwing themselves at you, getting your love and affection that I’ve wanted for so fucking long. I can’t live without you because I’d be incomplete. Whenever you leave, it’s like a part of me leaves too. And so here I am, tears pouring out of my eyes, begging you to stay, even though it probably doesn’t even matter.” You choked on your last word, breaking into a sob and falling onto your knees.

Thomas stood there a moment, dumbfounded. He knelt down, taking you into his arms as you continued crying. He whispered soothing words into your ear and rocked you back and forth. Once you had calmed enough to stop your tears, you lifted your head to look at Thomas, to be greeted by his lips pressed firmly against yours. You melted into the kiss, but it was short-lived as he pulled away to look you in the eye.

“Y/N, I’ll be back as very soon as I can. I’m not going to forget about you. Ever. I’ll write whenever I have the time.”


Thomas smiled. “I promise.” He rose, offering you a hand to help you stand. You happily accepted the offer, holding his hand for much longer than you should have. You smiled back, still realizing how much you’d miss him.

“Y/N,” Thomas paused before he closed the door, turning to look you in the eye. “I love you too.”

He closed the door and you watched him from the window as he stepped into the carriage and rode away. You knew that if he really loved you, he’d come back.

You can’t keep everything you love locked in your arms because things that important to you can’t always stay.

While I love pale gamkar to death, I like to entertain the thought of pale gamdave just because of how interesting the dynamics would be

Like you have Dave who doesn’t get quadrant shit but is also confused about his sexuality and suddenly he has this weird clown who is obviously into him but he can’t really tell in which way the clown is into him so there’s a lot of guess work going on. Like maybe he hit on the clown once trying to be ironic but Gamzee is so obviously desperate for positive attention that he’s just like :oO!!! And Dave is like “fuck i fucked up dude I’m not gay” and gamzee is just like “hahaha what okay wanna smooch” and Dave is like ????

So it all eventually dissolves into a lot of talking and them learning about each other and Gamzee teaching Dave how to accept himself and Dave just being there for Gamzee as a positive individual in his life and maybe learns to not mock his religion and they just become good buds

frankalein  asked:

1, 19, 29!? 💕🙃

Thanks, Franka 💗💖

1. Brandon speaking french or spanish? - French because it’s so rare. I think I’ve only heard him ‘speak’ it in Prize Fighter 

19. Wembley song or Can’t Hell Falling in Love with You cover? - Wembley song! That ‘from Dave’s apartment to Wembley’ never fails to bring me to tears… 

29. Shot at the Night or Just Another Girl? - Oooh this is a tough one! I love them both but have to go with JAG for the nostalgic feelings the video evokes. 

The Killers This or That Asks

  • Me: guess what?
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: I JuST WanT TO reMiNd YoU I LoVE HaMiLtOn aND LiN MAnuEL MiRaNdA iS a cInnAMoN rOlL ThAt mUsT bE PrOtecTeD aT aLl CoSTs
  • Friend: good lord, stop talking about Hamil-

General Washington and those two awkward teenagers he adopted.

History always calls Alex and Lafayette Washington’s “surrogate sons” and I just have this mental image of Washington referring Hamilton and Lafayette as his sons in public and confusing everyone around him.

“Sir, you don’t have any sons in the battalion…?”

Hamilton has family issues but he doesn’t hate this.

Lafayette just loves America. And his adopted family.


/I just spent 5+ hours on a comic that isn’t even done yet, so have my new favorite Dave expression with bonus natural Dave.

I love this kid so much Ugh.

But “Good Form” Though

This whole thing with David and the dreamshade, Killian’s internal monologue is doing something like do not get involved do not involved do not get… DAMMIT. (He and Emma will totally end up adopting four dogs that no one else wants.) And this critical second step seals things.

Anybody on this show can do one good thing. Of the villains, I think only Pan never had anything resembling a humanizing moment; he’s pure trash (and I love him). The bean rescue could easily have been a one-off. Instead we get this, and it’s not a moment of chest-thumping, showboating heroism, but this cut-throat pirate who is 100% annoyed at himself for doing this and would just as soon have kept the entire thing a secret between him and Dave.

It’s because he wasn’t thinking about himself throughout all of this that the kiss had that impact, that all of these interactions gathered into a tipping point.

Bro Strider

You can love someone and still abuse them.

Read that, and then read it again.

You can be loved and still be abused. There are children everywhere that are living proof of that; hell, my parents were fairly abusive because they had no clue what they were doing and I never ever questioned whether or not they loved you. Not all abuse is intentional. In fact, I’d be willing to argue that 90% of it isn’t

More than that, you can love someone and they can still have the perception that you hate them.

 Displaying emotions in the Strider household was taboo as fuck; but - as was noted in Daves intro, and at several other points in the story - Bro wasn’t completely a heartless bastard. Dave was convinced he’d be down with a turntable fort. Bro taught him how to spin. Hell, he fucking died for Dave. The happy moments in Dave’s life were few and far between - and I have no doubt that they diminished as Dave grew up - but there were enough of them that Dave didn’t realize he was being abused until he’d been out of the environment for quite some time. He didn’t spend every second of the day miserable.

I’m not saying Bro wasn’t terrible. Hell, I’m not even saying that Bro must have loved Dave. I’m just saying that it’s a very real possibility that he did.

It doesn’t excuse his actions. There’s nothing that makes how he raised Dave okay. Still, just because Dave is currently convinced Bro never loved him doesn’t mean he didn’t. Bro was fucked up for a variety of reasons and he - obviously - had no clue how to treat a child, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t love Dave.