i love dave actually

i was being dumb earlier so this happened

things daveed diggs could do that i would thank him for

• hug me
• sing to me
• kiss me
• compliment me
• insult me
• punch me in the face
• kick me in the knee
• push me off a cliff
• throw me in the ocean
• fling me into the sun

things daveed diggs could do that i would not thank him for

tbh though can I just talk for a second about how much I love that even though karkat has about a thousand things about himself he dislikes and is embarrassed about, his taste in movies and media isn’t one of them?? like damn the boy likes romance and he one hundred percent doesn’t give a fuck what people think about it. I love that he actually got dave to watch a bunch of fucking romcoms like the sheer inertia there, I love that dave just gave up and sat his ass down and watched those movies with him because it doesn’t matter who tries to drag him for it, karkat stone cold does not give a fuck what anyone thinks about him enjoying love stories.

and you know, I like imagining dave just thinking about that, turning that over in his head, he’s dealing with trying to figure out who he is now without bro enforcing all these twisted ideas about masculinity and coolkid conduct on him, right? And his best friend is sitting next to him on a couch with his cheeks all flushed leaning forward slightly while some movie couple declares their undying love for each other, and when dave opens his mouth to give him shit for this all karkat does is emphatically tell him to shut the fuck up without ever taking his eyes off the screen. 

I actually have a lot of feelings about our dave raising kids since he’d be absolutely Terrified to be in charge of a child; terrified that he’d end up hurting his kid the way he was hurt; terrified that he wouldn’t be able to help becoming his bro since that’s all he knew for so long. It would take him a long time (and a lot of therapy honestly) to be willing to consider it at all and he’d only really do it because hed be able to tell that karkat wants kids so badly
But he’d be such an amazing dad!! He’s so gentle and would listen to kids and take them seriously in ways adults rarely do. and he’d be super protective and so doting but would leave them alone when they need it. He’d be so silly and fun; he’d make up all kinds of games and stories with them and just he’d Love to be around his kids all the time he’d be the best and proudest househusband ever.

anonymous asked:

Help I have a huge (platonic) crush on you! What do?

O shit!! Platonic crushes are a lot easier to deal with than like, romantic ones. If you want, you can message me! I’m a pretty fucked up person and sometimes have trouble communicating but I love making friends! What kind of platonic crush is it?

Also I’m hella flattered omg

And if we’ve already talked before, and you’re willing, you can just tell me! I don’t mind!

This was really an excuse to do two things: Draw Dave with a different hairstyle than how I normally draw him, and imply Davekat shenanigans.

I diffidently have my priorities sorted out correctly.

i needed a  new phone background.

here are my kids.

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okay but I’ve gotten to the point where I actually love the idea of Dave and Karkat knowing right away that they’re gonna build a home (hive) together but then also deciding to ask Jade if she wants to be their roommate because she spent so much time alone without anyone that they know she doesn’t want to live alone and they don’t want that for her so they’re like “okay obvi she can room with us”, but what I can’t  decide on is if they both right away bring it up casually like “Yo Karkat, my dude my love, we should ask Jade if she wants to room with us, yeah?” “Dave, I could not agree more.” OR if they both think they should ask Jade to room with them, but they’re also both worried the other won’t be on board so they don’t bring it up directly they just kind of skirt around the idea while they’re building the hive like “So we should definitely build a guest bedroom, in case we have guests.” “Dude good call. A guest room, in case, someone needs to stay with us, you know, hypothetically.” and these conversations go on for awhile until finally they both can’t deal and one of them just shouts “I THINK WE SHOULD ASK JADE TO BE OUR ROOMMATE!!” and the other is just like “OH THANK GOD!!!!” “YOU THINK WE SHOULD ASK JADE TO BE OUR ROOMMATE??” “YES!!!!!” and they’re both so happy and relieved that they’re on the same page the the conversation quickly devolves into them talking about how much they love each other, and now they’re both crying for some reason