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Please? I Can’t.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader (x Pippa Soo ?)

Warning: Mentions of dead soulmate, but that’s about it. 

Prompt: Soulmate AU - You have a tattoo of the first words they say to you. Here’s the catch, you met your soulmate while you’re still in a relationship with someone else. 

Word Count: 2,352

Note: I made this back in February but I never posted it bc i’m not ?? good ?? at writing but anyway, here it is. Will post part 2 soon. Also! Reader here is bisexual, just a heads up. All comments are appreciated! Enjoy reading!



Third time you had to witnessed a girl meeting her soulmate today and all you can do is give out a loud audible sigh. Your eyes continued to linger on the couple as the brunette woman cried before cradling the other girl’s face with her hand. Your gaze shifted to their wrists, squinting to see the words etched on the brunette’s skin.

– I’ll have a large coffee and a cinnamon roll, please. –

You chuckle at the line as you tended to your own cup of coffee. A hand suddenly waved in front of your face, snapping you out of your trance.

“Were you listening to anything I said?” Renee asked, slightly irritated.

You look down. “You were saying something about crappy local government?”

“That was ten minutes ago, Y/N. Jeez, you can’t even spare me an hour for my political rant.”

You held up your hands in surrender, your gaze shifting towards the couple. “In my defense, I just got distracted. That’s all.”

Renee chortled, rolling her eyes. She grabbed your face, forcing you to stare at her.

“You are literally the most hopeless romantic I have ever met.”

You escaped from her grasp. “You can’t blame me! There are couples everywhere and it’s almost Valentine’s Day,”


“And thing aren’t going well, you know.” You mumbled at the end.

“What did I tell you, Y/N? You shouldn’t force these things. Your tattoo is romantic enough, don’t stress out too much.”

Right, the tattoo.

No one knows where it began or where exactly it came from but that’s how things came around today. You’ve heard about it from your parents, from your teachers back in elementary school, and even in the local library where Jasmine worked in.

It was all everyone could ever talk about nowadays. The days of chancing romance ended and the age of determined soulmates began.

You just have to remember one thing; the words etched on your skin are the first words your soulmate will ever say to you.

You glance at your own wrist, rereading the words you have never heard from anyone:

– Dainty fingers. I’m going to guess. Pianist? –

“It seems pretty damn beautiful if you ask me,” Renee said as you smiled down to your wrist. “Unlike my ever-so-wonderful tattoo.” She brought her wrist to your face and you laughed as you reread the words:

– This is the last roll of tissue paper and I am taking it. –

You rolled your eyes. “Beautiful, sure. Yet everyone found their soulmate but me. Heck, you found yours.”

“So? It doesn’t mean ‘he’ wouldn’t come soon.”

“Or she.” You say, giving her a cheeky grin.

She gasped with an amused smile on her face. “My, my, Y/N. I never suspected that.”

You chuckle. “Who knows? I am dating a girl right now.”

Renee’s eyes widened. “You’re what?”

You nodded nonchalantly. “Remember, Pippa? Phillipa Soo?”

“Yeah, I remember her. From the play we watched a month ago, right?”

“That’s her. I’m dating her now. What’s so shocking about that? You know I’m attracted to girls too.”

“That’s not the shocking part. It’s the fact that you’re dating someone who’s not your soulmate. What are you doing, Y/N?”

You took a sip from your coffee, shrugging your shoulders. “I got tired of waiting.”

“That’s it?”

You sighed as you placed your mug on the table. “Listen, I don’t even get why we have these pre-determined people we’re required to love. Why can’t I choose who to fall in love with?”

“Y/N..” You continued to talk.

“Why does it have to be based from some tattoo we’re born with? Can’t I be the one to make that decision?”

She looked down. “You know I can’t answer that for you. But, it’s still going to be different if you are with the person you are really meant to be with.”

“Renee, it’s not that-”

“Can you tell me right now that things are doing well between you and Pippa?” Her words shut you up.

“Things are just okay. That’s the problem, I guess. It’s just okay.”

“It is a problem. You can’t settle for just some shallow love. How do you think this is affecting her?”

“Her original soulmate died,” Another fact in this world – once your soulmate dies, you can’t replace them. You are left alone to look for someone else.

“To her, this is everything.”

“But to you, it isn’t. You can’t force her to be the one and she can’t force you to be her-”

“Can we just not talk about it?” You interrupt her, getting tired of all this talk.

She nodded, letting the silence fill between the two of you before speaking up again.

Renee dipped a biscuit into the coffee. “I still bet it’s going to be a ‘he’ for you.”

“Oh my god, Renee.”

“What? More than often, you fawn over guys more than you do with girls. Especially those into theater and arts.”


“And you told me yourself before that you’re more inclined to men. Remember when we watched Singing In The Rain?” She laughed at the memory.

“What can I say? Gene Kelly stole my heart.” You giggle, clutching your chest.

Laughter filled the space between you two. She faced you. “Be patient, Y/N. Your soulmate will come.”

Your smile faltered and you rubbed your face with your palm, reiterating what you said earlier. “I’m tired of waiting.”

“He or she might be just right around a corner.”

Before you could even reply to her, a loud bunch entered the cafe, laughing away.

One of them nudged his head towards the table beside yours, all five of them settling down on the seats.

Their loud laughter immediately started to irritate you. You stood up and just before you could ask Renee to move to another table, her phone rang.

“I have to take this. I’ll be back.” She spoke, quickly making her way out of the cafe.

You sighed as you plop back down to your seat. With no one to talk to, you couldn’t help but listen in to the conversation among the men beside you.


“With huge hands like that, playing the bass guitar wouldn’t be so hard.”

“Goddammit, Lac. You have to stop him. Seriously.”

The curly-haired man just chuckled, patting the other man’s back.

“I’m sorry, Daveed. I really do need a new bassist and well, Lin just wants to help.”

Daveed rolled his eyes, glaring at Lin.

“The one day we agreed on to have a reunion and you decided to bombard me with this. Just because you’ve got a new Lafayette and Jefferson.”

Lin laughed at his friend. “Technically, we aren’t complete yet. Leslie is on his way.”

Daveed sighed. “Man, I love you but please. Bother someone else.”

Lin raises his palms. “Your hangover must be so bad.”

“Very.” Daveed says, burying his face in his palms. Everyone in the group chuckled at him.

A tan boy with light brown hair stood up. “Okay, Lin. Since you’re so great, what can I play?” He said, squishing his palms towards Lin’s face.

“Calloused fingertips. Probably guitar. You seem like a guitar guy, Anthony.”

The boy, Anthony, let out a low whistle. “Pretty stereotypical but I’ll take it. How about Oak?”

A muscled man raises his palms. Lin stared closely. “With those palms, drums. Definitely drums.”

Lac looked at Lin, eyeing him up and down. “I’m still confused as to why you do this hobby of yours.”

Lin chuckled. “Come on, I can find musicians just by looking at their hands.” He says jokingly, leaning back into his seat.


Suddenly curious, your eyes shifted to your own hands. The man beside you cleared his throat.

You turn your head up, only to see Lin staring at you and your raised palms.

You quickly dropped your hands, wrapping your fingers around the mug of coffee set in front of you.

You face front, trying to ignore him as if you weren’t listening in to their conversation.

“Miss. Hey, miss.” You close your eyes as you silently wished for Renee to come back from her phone call.

The man from the other table wouldn’t stop grabbing your attention until one of his friends tapped your shoulder.

You faced him. “Hi, I’m Anthony,” He extended his hand for you to shake.

“And I’m Y/N.” You say slowly, still hearing the other man’s attempts in calling for you.

“Introduction’s out of the way, good. Now moving on. Lin, that man right there,” He spoke, pointing towards the man calling for you. “Will not stop until you talk to him.”

You sigh. “He wouldn’t?”

“Not a chance.”

You let another sigh as Anthony started pointing at the other man with his eyes. Slowly, you faced Lin. You gave him a short wave, with the mug still tight around your other hand.

Lin smiled at you as he quickly pointed to you then towards your palms. With a loud voice, he spoke.

Dainty fingers. I’m going to guess. Pianist?

You let out a gasp. Your hands covered your mouth, letting the mug fall to the ground in pieces. As tears flooded your vision, you take a quick glance to your wrist.

He said it. The words that have long been etched onto your skin, he spoke them. You’ve been waiting for so long to the point that you have given up on the idea of ever meeting your soulmate.

Your teary eyes watched as Lin jumped from his seat and made his way towards you.

He kneeled down to pick up the pieces of ceramic on the floor. “I’m sorry, Miss. I didn’t mean to scare you there. Was it something I said?”

You stared at the man by your feet as you mumbled something.

He looked up to you, watching as tears continue to well up your eyes. “What did you say? I didn’t catch that.” You let out a shaky breathe.

Writer, actually.

You watched as his own eyes widened, tears glossing over his brown orbs as he looked at his wrist. “It’s you,”

He stood up. “I’m Lin.” Words couldn’t explain how happy he was to hear the words that appeared on his skin since he was born, to find the one his heart has longed for.

“I’m Y/N.” You slowly extended your hand for him to shake.

You suddenly found yourself smiling at him with him reciprocating with a grin. He reached for your hand. With this, your mind snapped back to Pippa. As his hand brushed against your fingertips, you retracted your hand. His face contorted with confusion and the next thing you knew, you ran off.

At this point, everything was just happening all at once. Tears started falling from your face as you passed by Angelica, Lin running behind you, Angelica and Lin’s friends watching from the cafe.

It was when you reached an an empty alley when you stopped running, listening to your own sobs and the sound of the busy streets bouncing off the walls.

Why did you have to be with someone else? You were angry. You were angry at the fact that you didn’t wait longer, that you became impatient a bit too soon, that you felt goosebumps at the feel of his fingertips against your hand, that you felt a zap in your stomach, and that the zap you felt made you feel safe, that it made you feel at ease.

“Y/N! Please! Listen to me, where are you?” You heard him shout, the sound of speedy footsteps following suit.

You had nowhere to run to anymore, your back against the wall of the alley. You closed your eyes and prayed to the heavens that he wouldn’t find you. You didn’t want to complicate things. You prayed that soon, you can just be with Pippa and forget that you ever met Lin.

The footsteps started getting louder and all you could do was close your eyes.

In just a few seconds, he was in front of you with his hands on either side of your body.

“Y/N, I’m begging you. Please open your eyes and talk to me.” He spoke with a shaky breathe.

You slowly opened your eyes, your cheek facing him as you refused to face Lin.

“Fine, I’ll talk.” He sighed.

“I know this is scary. I’ve been waiting for a long time too and I have been on the brink of giving up, believe me. But, it’s okay now. I’m here. You’re here. We can stop waiting.”

I gave up.”

“What?” He said, sadness looped around his voice.

You winced. “I-I thought I wouldn’t meet you. I gave up. I started dating someone else.”

“Is it not possible for you to just break-”

“I can’t just do that, Lin. What I have with this other person, it’s important to her. I can’t just drop her like that.” Tears started to form again.

You feel his fingers grabbing your chin, making you face him. His breathing turned shaky as his teeth captured his bottom lip in attempt to keep his tears from falling.

“I see.” You place your hand against his face, closing your eyes.

Your heart fell when he nuzzled his cheek against your palm. This felt like home. For once in your life, you finally knew how it felt to be with someone you’re meant to be with.

You tried to think about Pippa but quickly after that, your mind started to drift back to the man in front of you.

“I’m so sorry, Lin.”

“I’m not asking you to break up with her all of a sudden, I’m asking for you to give me a chance. I know this is scary but give me the opportunity to make you fall for me,”

“Lin, I-”

“I will treat you well. We can drink coffee together, watch movies, read books, we can do anything that you want. Just please.”

You had to admit to yourself, that’s what you wanted. But still, you couldn’t just drop Pippa so suddenly. You promised her. 

“I can’t.” You started to retract your hand from his face but Lin held placed his palm over yours, holding tightly onto your fingers.

“Why not?” He choked out.

“If I do,” You look up to meet his eyes.

“I know I’ll fall in love with you in an instant.”



WATCH THIS TO THE VERY END!!! Especially if you are LGBTQ+

This made me cry like a fucking baby (sorry for the language but this is serious) My heart hurts so much from just how much I resonate with this game and specifically this video!! I am in a very similar situation as the main character Samara is in. I am a biromantic asexual and identify as Agender so I’m kind of alone in the small town I live in. NONE of my family knows about this and I’m scared shit-less to tell them cause I was raised in a religious family. Not extremely religious but enough that this isn’t anyone in the family that would understand what this would really mean. I’ve given up chances for potential girlfriends because I’m so scared my family wont look at me for who I am if I brought them to family dinners or holidays. I rarely dress androgynous cause I always get asked “why so dressed up?” or “you look like a boy” from my mom and brother. Gay relationships were practically frowned upon in my high school to the point when one of my Bisexual friends asked me out I panicked and said I dont like girls. I’ve hid this for so long I’m scared its too late to change the damage. I want to change my name to something gender fluid but everyone knows me by my female name that changing it would be a hassle and confuse so many people. To the point when I got a joke nickname of ‘dave’ I loved it and wanted to be addressed by it. Not to mention I dont know a name that would fit me that in gender neutral…would that be interesting to you guys if I posted a picture of myself and you guys send me names? 

Sorry for the un-needed backstory of the person behind the screen but this is something I hold close to my heart

Jack in this video shed a lot of light on a subject that means so much to me and he handled it with so much maturity that I’m not used to seeing from growing up. 

Thank you @therealjacksepticeye this really means a lot to me

So, living in Germany has its perks, but not when you have to get up at 4:00am because you want and need to watch a livestream of one of your all-time favorite bands paying tribute to their singer. Crying from 4:30-7:30am, both from sadness and heartbreak but also from joy isn‘t how I thought my weekend would begin in this saturday morning. But it was worth it. Oh, was it worth it.

I‘m stupidly proud to be a soldier. Proud to be part of this fanbase, part of the LP family. Seeing Mike, Brad, Joe, Phoenix and Rob together on stage but without Chester broke my heart and put the pieces back together from start to finish. It was heartbreaking listening to Mike struggeling to sing some of the songs, hearing his voice crack every once in a while but being so incredibly positive at the same time. In my opinion he did a fantastic job in singing some of Chester‘s parts, and his version of „One More Light“ just killed me. Plus, „Looking For An Answer“ was the most beautiful song I ever had the privilege to listen to, and I still can‘t listen to it without getting teary-eyed 7 hours later.

The thing I‘m most impressed by was Talinda‘s speech. Chester‘s wife is an unbelievably strong and inspiring woman. Taking her loss and her pain and turning it into the power to stand up and speak up for mental health so shortly after losing her husband is incredible. She’s always there for people on Twitter and put a ton of force in the hashtags #MakeChesterProud and #fuckdepression. She‘s so strong. Oh damn, I love that she became part of the family, too.

What kinda left me speechless in the end was that no one really came close to being able to sing Chester‘s parts, and they invited some really talented people to sing with them. Jonathan Davis, M. Shadows and even Oliver Sykes didn‘t even come close when it comes to Chester‘s singing which made me realize once again that Chester‘s voice really was unique, one in a million, and no one will ever come close to deliver the power and the passion he always sang with. I‘ll eternally miss his voice and I will cherish every single Linkin Park song even more than before.

Whatever LP decide to do, I‘ll stand with them. Personally, I hope they continue. They did lay a good foundation for Mike to take over the singing with One More Light, and with a bit of practice he‘d become really good with this. But we‘ll see. In the meantime I will continue to be inspired by all the fans are doing right now to help the band and help each other. Chester would be proud of all of this. We‘re a family, we‘re in this together. I love you guys <3

cruddyart  asked:

Hey this question might seem stupid but who is that guy with an H on the head ? He seems to be from a series and it looks interesting so I wonder if it's worth checking out?

!!! i love this question so much !!

he’s from a still running british sitcom called RED DWARF :D :D

Originally posted by sittingonalog

it’s about a total slob (Dave Lister) who’s trapped 3 million years in the future in a space ship 3 million light years away from earth - all alone (more or less)

Originally posted by angeldeverell

his only companions are a holographic representation of Arnold Rimmer (Lister’s dead bunkmate) (the “H” stands for hologram), and the Cat (a humanoid creature who evolved from Lister’s pregnant cat) (and later on Kryten, the robot)

and together they have wacky adventures and sometimes they feel an emotion together and it’s actually pRETTY MOVING, AND it’s REALLY worth checking out if you 

–> love old sci fi stuff
–> love british sitcoms
–> love goofy special effects
–> love silly sci fi tropes 

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More commentary on GOTG Vol 2

  • Omg this scene has so much emotion in it, FANTASTIC JOB POM AND DAVE
  • Wow, Mantis could’ve just said Ego’s plan then and there if Gamora never appeared
  • Rocket’s a douche, I love him
  • Yondu’s backstory I’m crying
  • “That was mostly Drax” This guy…i swear to god
  • Rocket: *steps into the light* Me: COME INTO THE SPOTLIGHT WHOO
  • I’m gonna kill every single one of these assholes for hurting Groot, HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS NO DON’T POUR ALCOHOL ON HIM FUCKER NO DONT KICK ME AHHHHH MY CHILD
  • Rocket’s face when he sees Groot like this hnnnnnnn my heart
  • Rocket’s cringe face is a+++
  • That one guy sucking his thumb though, and there’s also two guys hugging each other while they sleep
  • Babies are stupid
  • That running gag with the eye is the best, ALSO ROCKET’S LAUGH
  • The innocence Groot has on his face when he’s holding the severed toe is the best
  • Yondu and Rocket the whole time when Groot is trying to get the fin “OHHH MY GODD I SWEAR TO G”
  • Groot getting the candy instead of the fin is so relatable
  • Rocket loves that music
  • Okay but like why weren’t the guards there before???
  • When they’re walking out of the cell, Rocket looks at Groot and his expression is like “look at my son go”
  • BADASS SLOW MO HALLWAY WALK SCENE other than the one from the first movie
  • Groot grabbing on to Yondu’s ear though
  • They’re having such a good time shooting people, Rocket really enjoys killing people
  • Rocket’s so determined to save his friends, he cares about them so much even though he acts like a fucking jerk
  • I love how it goes from everybody screaming and chaos to a peaceful scene with some nice soul music
  • Peter and his Earth references, yes
  • Woah, this conversation went from like 1 to 50000 like wow that escalated quickly
  • “I thought you already had” OHHHHHH MY HEARTTTTTT
  • Gamora slicing the piece of wheat grass is me when I’m on my period
  • Oh shit it’s a cyborg
  • Gamora’s face when Nebula shows up is like “shit she escaped, shit I’m gonna die, shit something probably happened to rocket and Groot, ah fuck I might die”
  • “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” same Gamora, same
  • “And I just wanted a sister!” Oh god, there goes my tears
  • All the shit thanos did to her makes me wanna kill the purple grape even more
  • James Gunn’s song choices for this movie is sooo well chosen, you are a genius
  • Okay but Peter wanting to make 80 foot statues of pacman, Skeletor, and Heather Locklear is me
  • Peter’s face after he says “I’m gonna make some weird shit”
  • That must be a comfy ass bed, I want a bed like that
  • I can’t believe that this dork that calls himself “Starlord” was immortal and a god this whole time
  • The music that plays when Ego touches Peter’s forehead is amazing, excellent job Tyler Bates
  • “We need to get off of this planet……….AHHHHHHHHHH”
  • Groot throwing up is me
  • Holy hell, I wonder what Gamora thought when Mantis made her scared…
  • Ego has an ego
  • Yondu’s face while walking is like “I’m gonna kill this planet motherfucker”
  • “You’re right, we’re family, we leave no one behind” OH MY LORD I LOVE THESE SPACE ASSHOLES SO MUCH
  • Ego, you done fucked up, asshole
  • Peter’s face when Ego turns into Hasselhoff though…
  • Groot falls on his bottom while trying to be like his dad, falling down instead of climbing down the ladder
  • So what is the blue blob made out of, hot magma?
  • HEY THERE, JACKASS *smash*
  • Groot waving at them though, precious child
  • “Uh, thank you, Rocket?”
  • “I AM GROOT!” “I’m not a raboon either!” “I am Groot!” “Raccoon whatever”
  • “You people have issues” Same rocket
  • But all the crazy control work that Rocket is doing while getting excited that their prices are gonna go up for being two time galaxy savers is amazing
  • “SOUP SOUP!” Why is kraglin me while listening to music
  • Kraglin’s looking at the Sovereign ships coming in like “oh fuck”
  • Damn, Mantis is powerful as hell
  • Groot playing with the leaf on his arm is so cute
  • Groot is me whenever my dad tries to explain stuff to me
  • I like how Rocket tries to baby proof the darn bomb for his stupid child
  • THE FACE GROOT MAKES AFTER HE TAKES THE BOMB IS SO CUTE HE’S LIKE “I’m gonna do it and make my dad proud!”
  • The face Yondu makes when Nebula says “promises, promises” Though
  • Ayesha’s hair is so pretty in this scene what
  • Gamer’s general concern for Peter is so high, ADMIT THAT YOU LOVE HIMMM
  • Nebula wipes her nose during the 360 shot, just like the first movie when they’re walking down that hallway
  • The fact that Nebula probably jumped after Gamora to save her makes my heart sing

Gonna continue in another posts whoops

James Franco’s younger brother Dave dodges screaming teenage girls to talk Neighbors movie

This must be what being a Beatle felt like. In one of the more interesting interview scenarios I’ve encountered, the reps for Neighbors tossed Dave Franco and myself in the back of an SUV to circle the neighbourhood around their makeshift frat house at SXSW so that we could talk in peace. See, the screaming girls who’d been following Franco and co-star Zac Efron around had found the house. So into the SUV we went to talk fraternities, hazing and homoeroticism.

Animal House aside, you don’t normally see frat guys depicted in a positive light.

What I love about this movie is you get to choose sides, and there’s not a clear villain or hero. At the beginning of the movie, my character is … a little similar to parts I’ve played in the past in terms of being a little more villainous and kind of douchey. And then as the movie progresses, you get to see me interacting with my frat brothers more, and you get to see the human side, some vulnerability and that this guy is a good person, deep down. And I give [director Nick] Stoller credit for making these well-rounded characters and for making it something where the audience is going to probably flip-flop in terms of who they’re rooting for.

You were never in a frat, right?

I wasn’t, but I went to USC, where the Greek system is huge. I had friends who were in fraternities so I’d go to their parties, but it would always be awkward for me because my friends would invite me, but then the rest of the fraternity brothers who didn’t really know me always questioned why I was there, because the rest of them went through this crazy pledge semester and Hell Week, and I didn’t earn that. But I did experience to some degree similar party atmospheres to those you see in the movie. For example, I remember at USC there were parties where they filled the entire house with foam, and you’d find people by the end of the night naked running around in the foam. I mean, it’s disgusting. It’s one of those things where I look back and I can’t believe that I participated in any of it, but at the time it was incredible.

There are screaming fans everywhere here. In fact, we’re doing this interview in the back of an SUV to avoid them. How do you get used to this?

To be honest, it’s nice because Zac takes a lot of the attention (laughs). Whenever I’m travelling around with him, I’ll let him take the lead and kind of distract everyone, and then I’ll run out the back door. Like, no pun intended.

I'll Make It Up To You (Dave Escamilla imagine)

David Escamilla Imagine Can you please write a David Escamilla one where you surprise him on tour. (Y/N) = Your Name


Today was the day. Your boyfriend, David, and his band are in your state.
You told him that you couldn’t make it to the concert because you are ‘sick’.

You had drove to the venue, and parked your car. The concert had started about 30 minutes ago. So, they were playing.

You told everyone, but Dave that you were coming. You walked in the place trying to find their dressing room. Once you found it, you quickly turned off the lights, waiting for them to walk in.

About 20 minutes later, their set was over. The light was off, so it was pitch black. But while it was their set you were on your phone. You heard loud voices coming down the hallway, so you quickly turned off your phone and sat back. Someone opened the door.

“I swear we kept the light on.” Benn said, turning on the light.

“Y/N!” They all screamed running to you, in a group hug.

“Hey guys, get off my woman.” Dave laughed and hugged you.

You two kissed, which made the others hiss in fake disgust.

“We’ll just leave you two love bugs alone.” Taddie said as they all walked out of the room, shutting the door.

“Babe, I thought you were sick?” He asks.

“Nah, I just lied. To surprise you of course. The guys even helped me.” You smile, sitting on the couch.

“Aww, that makes me sad.” He pouts and crosses his arms.

“Want me to kiss you to make it better?” You smirk.

“Yes.” His eyes go wide.

“Mmwah.” You kiss his cheek.

“Nah not like that.” He giggles. He pushes you to the other side of the couch.

“Like this.” He smiles, kissing you all over your face. He starts tickling you.

“Hey get off me. You’re all sweaty.” You giggle pushing him off you.

“You don’t mind me being sweaty when we are having sex.” He smirks.

You hear snickering outside the room.

“Come on, you should let me kiss you more.” Dave said going to kiss your neck.

You get up.
“Wait,” You pause. “Do you hear that?” You ask.

“Hear what?” Dave asks, confused.

You slowly walk to the door. You yank it open. Only to see five nosey boys, who go by the names Hayden, Brandon, Taddie, Benn, and Andy, fall on the floor.

“Oh my gosh. You guys are so nosy.” You say as they get up and run off.
You quickly close the door, and go back to Dave. You sit next to him.

“This tour has been so long without you.” He says.

“Well maybe,” You pause, getting on top of him. “I could come, on the next tour. Besides, it’s only one more week.”

“Tell me you miss me” He says.

“Okay. I miss you.” You point to him.

“No.” He whines. “Tell me, you miss me.” He winks.

Oh. You thought.

“I” *kiss* “Miss” *kiss* “You” *kiss*

“I miss you too.” He says, then kisses your nose.

“Hey. I kissed you three times.” You whine.

“Fine. I’ll make up for it.” He winks.

Let’s just say you two did some hardcore— head banging 😉

♥ Darling Valentine; a cute Valentine's day mix to brighten up your day ♥

∟This playlist is dedicated to my lovely friends. I love you guys a lot!


Track 1: Valentine // Kina Grannis

Track 2: Love is Easy // McFly - for Britta

Track 3: I Do Adore // Mindy Gledhill - for Nicole

Track 4: Cold Coffee // Ed Sheeran - for Sammie

Track 5: Olive You // Dave Days ft. Kimmi Smiles - for Maggie

Track 6: All I Want is You // Barry Louis Polisar

Track 7: La Da Dee // Cody Simpson

Track 8: Anyone Else but You // Moldy Peaches

Track 9: Smile Bright // Letters and Lights - for Maeve

Track 10: When I Go // Slow Club

Track 11: Bloom // The Paper Kites - for Brittany

Track 12: If My Heart Was a House // Owl City - for Steph

Track 13: Happily (acoustic) // One Direction - for Kayla

Track 14: Once in a Lifetime // Landon Austin

Favourite musical moments in Hamilton, Act 1

- Alexander Hamilton: Two things in particular. First, the echoes in “Alexander Hamilton (ALEXANDER HAMILTON!), we are waiting in the wings for you (WAITING IN THE WINGS FOR YOU!)” and second, the whole phrasing of “never back down, never learn to take your TIIIIIIIIME, OHHHH ALEXANDER HAMILTON” - it’s the beat right before “time” and then how it carries straight into the “oh”
- The Schuyler Sisters: When the music stops and everyone pauses to sing “Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now!” because it’s so strong, joyful, inspired. When I dance to this I seriously do feel so lucky to be alive. Most listened to song on the entire album, trufax
Farmer Refuted: I’m always a slut for ¾ time
- Helpless: I know it’s an homage to Countdown but “I am so into you, I am so into you” always reminds me of “You must not know ‘bout me, you must not know ‘bout me” from Irreplaceable.
- Satisfied: What HASN’T been said about this song already? I’ve seen posts pointing out the staggering of the echoes at the beginning as well as the descending bass line when Angelica returns to the “present” so all I’ll add is, YES.
- Story of Tonight (reprise): The harmonies with Oak’s husky voice singing the top line and Daveed’s clear tones on the bottom just kills me each time. It’s so nice from a choir kid’s perspective, and so unique because their vocal timbres are super different. Compare to when Oak sings with Anthony - their voices are more similar so they blend really nicely. Daveed and Oak DON’T blend like at all, but like…it….works!!?!?!! For a guy who avoids the singer tag, Daveed has a wonderful singing voice. SING MORE, DIGGS!!
- Wait For It: Those echoes though. It’s a song for Burr but the ensemble makes it yo
- Ten Duel Commandments: I love that Lin took the direct allusions to Biggie’s 10 Crack Commandments and made them all sung harmonies instead of rap. It’s like, so obviously lifted in terms of cadence but at the same time NOT because of musical delivery. Geeeeenius.
- Guns and Ships: Everyone and their brother has already raved over Lafayette’s rap so I’d just like to shine some light on Chris’s “the world will never be the same, AlexAAAAAANDE-HER-EEEER”!! asdkf;harg;dfjvod don’t touch me
- History Has Its Eyes On You: I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. The music cannot be separated from the lyrics here, when Wash is describing his first military command and how it ended in tragedy my heart figuratively tears itself apart. It’s the first time Chris can really exhibit his acting and singing chops simultaneously and you’re just like, this man is so talented, every word is laden with emotion. And I love that the melody from My Shot creeps in, its’ almost like a dark reprise as the ensemble murmurs it hauntingly in the background, like those devoted soldiers Washington lost oh my god, pass the tissues pls.
- Yorktown: Just like I said in Schuyler Sisters, my ultimate musical theatre choral weakness is when the entire cast stops whatever they’re doing to belt together in triumphant harmony. DOOOOWN, DOOOOWN, DOOOOOWN!!
- Dear Theodosia: What a perfect contrast to all the harder, faster, and stronger (not using ‘better” bc dude you can’t compare different songs from the same show) punches of the previous songs. Leslie and Lin allow their tones to soften and mellow, and their voices work together so beautifully in harmony. Just lovely. Also, A+ use of what I think is harp in the orchestration.
- Non-Stop: Okay, first of all: the four lines at the very beginning have such a seamless rhythm that I find myself mutter-chanting it under my breath at really inopportune moments of my daily life. Second: “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room” - now I’m step-stepping or head-bobbing at really inopportune moments of my daily life. Third: classic musical theatre act 1 finale with mega counterpoint FUCK YEAH!

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Changes - Michael (Requested)

We got a request from the lovely masht0ncak3: Helloo, its me, again :) I hope you don’t mind me asking for another imagine (I’ve asked for 2 before and they were amazing) I was wondering if you could do a Mikey imagine where you get a tattoo& you get your tongue pierced? Thank you x

“Ready?” you plop down next to Michael.

“Ready”, he jumps up and pulls you up.

“Were are you two going to?” Luke looks at you.

“Tattoo shop, wanna come?” you look hem.

“Don’t think so”

“Thought so. You need to ask your mommy first don’t you?” you smirk.

Luke squeezes his eyes and growls: “Not”

“If you say so”, you laugh.

“Enough with the chitchat we have an appointment”, Michael takes your hand and pulls you with him.

“Bye Luke, love you”

“Fuck off”, he says, making you laugh.


“Baby are you sure?”

You are lying in the chair. “Really sure Mickey. I’ve thought about this a lot and a long time”

“Let’s do it than”, he smile at you.

“Can you do me a favor?”

“What’s that?”

“Hold my hand”, he immediately takes you hand in his and gives it a little pinch.


You walk back into your joint hotelsuite. Luke is still sitting in the exact same place, he hasn’t moved an inch. “How was it?” he looks up as soon as you walk through the door.

“It hurt, I’m not going to lie”, you pull a sore face.

“Yeah I noticed”, Michael walks past you, giving you a little tap on your bum.

“Don’t be a baby. I didn’t pinch that hard in your hand”, you fake glare at him.

“Let me see”, Calum jumps off the couch.

“You can’t see it good, it’s all covert with a bandage”, you pull your top up and let him see.


“You got the tat?!” Ashton walks out of his room into the livingroom area.

“Uhu”, you smile big and you let go of your top.

“When do we get to see it?”

“He said to leave the bandage on for at least four hours but maximum for twenty-four hours. So I guess tomorrow evening”, you look at Michael who nods, “It’s a breathing bandage, so he rather had me leaving it on for a long time”

“So you’ll show it tomorrow?”

“Yes Cal”, you laugh giving him a little pinch in his cheek.

“Guys, before we leave to San Francisco tomorrow morning we have an interview. Don’t forget”, Ashton says.

“Yes dad”, Ashton glares at Michael.

“I’m off to bed”, you give Ashton a kiss, then Calum and Luke, “night boys.”

“Wait for me”, Michael follows you into your room.

You get yourself ready for bed. You take of your clothes, put on some pajama’s and walk to the bathroom. “Babe?”

You poke your head out of the bathroom door: “Yeah”

“Are you happy with your tattoo?”

You walk over to him. “Very”, you peck his lips and climb into bed next to him. “Thanks for going with me”

“With pleasure”, he puts his arms around waist, pulls you closer to him and you snuggle up in his arms ready to fall asleep.


You are sitting behind the glass of the radio studio, watching the boys do their interview.

“So Michael, you were seen at a tattoo place last night”, Matt the interviewer says.

“Yeah, that’s possible Matt”

“Got a new tattoo?”

“No, got tempted but it was for my girlfriend. She got her first tat”, you feel your jaw drop.

“I think you are in trouble”, Luke points at you, making Michael look at you.

“By the look on her face, I think I am”, he looks with question in his eyes at you, but you continue looking mad at him.

“You are going to have some making-up to do, by the look of it”, Matt jokes, making the other guys laugh. “We are going to listen to a song right now so the guys can set up and then you guys are playing your new single for us right?”

“Yes we are”, Ashton says.

The song starts and Michael rushes over to you.  “Babe, what’s wrong? Why are you mad?”

“You seriously not know?” you hiss at him.

“No”, he shrugs his shoulders.

“You know my mom hates tattoos”


“Are you really that stupid Michael. I know you didn’t finish school, but still”, you can tell by his look that he has no idea. “I wasn’t planning on telling my mom that I got a tattoo and now you are here telling everybody that I got one dumbass. I hope for you that she never hears this interview”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think”


“Babe”, Michael pouts at you.

“It’s fine, go and play”, he quickly kisses your cheek and goes back into the studio.


“I am so damn tired”, you walk into your new hotel room. “Wow this is nice”, you plop down on the bed.

“Are you still mad?” Michael places down the suitcases and sits down next to you.

“So mad”, you look at him with a straight face.

“I knew it, you haven’t said a word to me the entire trip. Baby, I’m so sorry. I’m just fucking stupid”

“Yeah you are”, you smile at him, you see the confusion grow in his eyes. “I already forgave you when you walked back in idiot. And my mom didn’t call so I guess she hasn’t heard of it, which is good for you cause else I had to kill you”

“You are unbelievable”

“I could be an actress right”, you smirk at him.

“You’re fucking annoying”, he starts tickling you.

“No Mickey! No stop!”

“Oh now you are begging”

You lay down on the bed and Michael climbs on top of you. “Mickey! Please Mike”, but your begging doesn’t help. “What about the tattoo?”, you breath out.

He immediately stops. “Can we take the bandage off?” you can hear the excitement in his voice.

“Yeah it’s time”, he jumps of the bed and pulls you up.

“Let’s do it”, you both walk to the bathroom. You take your top off and Michael helps you with bandage. He gently strokes over your tattoo. “It’s so beautiful”, he whispers in your ear. Making you gasp from his hot breathe touching your skin.

“Thank you”, you let yourself fall in his arms. He wraps his arms around your naked waist, fondling your skin with his thumbs. 

You stand there, silent for a couple of minutes in each other’s arms. “Michael?”


“I want to get a piercing”

He lets go of you and holds you on arm’s length. “You want what?”

“A piercing”


“Seriously you are going to ask me that. You’ve got your brows pierced. I want a piercing, just because I want one, think it would be cool”

“Okay. It’s pretty late. So just sleep on it and if you still want it, we’ll go tomorrow”

“Okay fine”


“Mickey,” you whisper, rolling against him, “are you awake?” But he doesn’t respond. “Michael?” you stroke his arm.

“Yeah?”, his voice sounds all groggy.

“I can’t sleep”, moves his body and wraps his arm around you. You can feel his breathing becoming more deep again. “I want the piercing”

“Tomorrow babe”

“I want it now”, you say soft.

“You want it now?” Michael is awake in an instant. “It’s three in the morning”


“So? Nothing is open”

“I’m sure somebody will open up for you”, you say in a complimentary tone.

“Why now?”

“I have these ideas for so long. And I’ve got the tattoo, now I want the piercing too. I want to make the change right now. I’m done with waiting and thinking”

Michael lets go of you and gets out of bed. He puts on his pants and t-shirt and looks back at you: “What are you waiting for?”

You feel your smile grow, you jump out of bed and get dressed.

“So I made some calls and I found a place”, Michael says as you leave your hotel.

“Is it far?”

“No just a ten minute walk”

“You’re the best Michael”, you take his hand and you start walking through the streets of San Francisco.

“I just want my girl to be happy”

“You have no idea how happy you make me”, you lay your head against his shoulder.

“I love you”

“Love you too”, you feel his lips on the top of your head.

You look at the sky as you are walking. The moon is lighting up the sky and the stars are sparkling, making it look magical.

“It’s here”, Michael opens the door to the little shop.

“Hey! You guys must be Michael and (Y/N), nice to meet you I’m Dave”, he shakes your hands. “So we’re piercing tonight”

“Yes”, you say excited”

“And what were you thinking about?”

“Tongue piercing”, you see Michael’s eyes delate. “I didn’t tell you yet didn’t I?” you say innocently to Michael.

“No, think you forgot”

“I’m gonna set up. You know everything?”, Dave looks at you.

“Yeah, think so. But what’s the healing time?”

“Depends, but at least no kissing for two weeks”, he point between you and Michael, before leaving the room.

“You okay with this?” you turn to Michael.

“Yeah, quite a lot of changes in what two days”, he laughs.

“I know, but it will be cool. I thought it throw Mike”

“Yeah you are going to rock it”, he takes both your hands in his.

“You heard him right, two weeks no kissing”

“I’ve heard, this going to be hard”, he pecks your lips. “But I know other things we can do”, he smirks at your.

“Michael”, you roll your eyes at him.

“Can I get one last snog?” you nod yes and without any wait he crashes his lips on yours.