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I have been listening to the Diabolik Lovers: Lost Eden opening song, “常夜 KNOW UNDERSKIN” for quite awhile now, and I always think it’s so cheesy when the Sakamaki boys say “Whoaoaoaoa! Bloody Splash!” in the beginning. 

It’s one of their best songs that they’ve recorded yet, in my opinion. And the best part is that Ayato is not dominating over the rest of his brothers for the singing parts. (I mean, I usually don’t mind it because I love Midorikawa Hikaru, but I want to hear the other boys sing too!) They did such a good job with it. Reiji’s singing parts always give me an eargasm, ugh. Such a deep and enchanting voice.

If the DL series is over in the future, I want all the seiyuus to come together and form a band. Don’t let my babies and their talents die like that! I’m more invested into them than I am with other boy bands in the U.S. or other countries LMAO

I’m an adult. And because i’m an adult i went and enrolled on a tango and folklore dance school.


“Love actually” + 13 years later


Happy Minnie Day!! | Brighter than the Sun~


I recently started playing Stardew Valley and BOY I did not expect to fall for three guys at once. It’s year 2 and I still can’t decide who to woo. They’re all just so precious <3


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