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In the "DaeJae or JaeDae?" ask I think the person was talking about "who you prefer as the dominant". Cuz some people change the ship name according to the dominant. So, following this logic, in DaeJae Daehyun is the Dom and in JaeDae Youngjae is the Dom. (I don't like this need for Dom/Sub division in ships, but it's my opinion) (I hope this made sense)

Ah yeah I thought that’s what they meant too but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to answer. Anyway, I’m just gonna say this:

A ship name shouldn’t have to change just because of the dynamics of the relationship. It’s still the same ship. And also, why does there always have to be a dom/sub division? It doesn’t make sense and I hate it. I actually love the daejae ship so much, but the way some people treat it is actually disgusting. 

I’m going to go off topic here a bit but I just want this to be said. Too often people write daejae fics that are completely wrong from who they are as people. Youngjae is almost always written as a shy, embarrassed nerd akin to a shy school girl and that annoys me so much! He’s still written as chubby (wtf guys seriously stop that) and as someone who is unsociable with little to no friends. In reality he isn’t these things? He’s a hyper ball of fluff and sunshine. Sometimes Youngjae practically serves as a filler for authors to self-insert themselves into a fic, and they use the daejae ship for it because it’s a popular ship and people are more likely to read it than a reader x daehyun fic. Don’t get me wrong, this happens with Daehyun too, but in most cases it’s Youngjae who is treated like this. I would also like to say, stop bringing heteronormativity into the daejae ship. A lot of authors throw them into these yaoi dynamics and it’s just?????? Please stop???? 

People don’t view Youngjae as his own person sometimes, and only view him as an accessory to Daehyun. Some people generally don’t like Youngjae (how could they?) unless he is interacting with Daehyun????? And I’ve seen people comment things like ‘I don’t like it when Youngjae interacts with other members. He should only interact with Daehyun’. And it’s so baffling because firstly, that’s disgusting and he should be allowed to have relations with other members. Secondly, if they were actually together as a couple, it’s wrong and that’s actually signs of a mentally abusive relationship if one only pays attention and interacts with the one they are dating so???? Stop saying it???? Both of them are allowed to have relations and interactions outside of the daejae ship?

Going back to the whole dom/sub thing. I honestly hate how often people view/write Youngjae as being submissive when he isn’t. It’s so out of character, in my opinion. And you know what, the amount of people who actually literally hate the though of top!jae is disgusting to me??? Like, in most gay relationships, people switch positions. So why is Daehyun always written as a top, and why is Youngjae always written as a bottom? Positions should not be exclusive at all. I’m going to take a comment from this post now: “By all means, write Youngjae as a bottom but don’t make it exclusive. A good portrayal would include position switching, which is rarely found in fanfiction these days. To have exclusive positions almost seems heteronormative, in my opinion. So switching it would be great. And in general I guess it would be nice to see Youngjae top more, because it feels like every time I read a fanfic its Daehyun who tops.” 

Like I said earlier, the ship is still the same so there isn’t really a point changing the name. DaeJae is still Youngjae and Daehyun, JaeDae is still Youngjae and Daehyun. YoungDae is still Youngjae and Daehyun. It’s the same. So changing it based on who is dominant and who is submissive just seems strange? I’ve seen fic writers who write top!jae and they tag it as daejae because it is daejae, right? That’s the ship, so they tag it with the ship name. But people attack them for it? They say its wrong to “mislead” readers and that it shouldn’t be tagged as daejae. But….it’s still….Youngjae and Daehyun….it’s still…..daejae? The author….shouldn’t need….to tag it otherwise……because its still the ship?? 

Wow this post got really long. But yeah, I have a lot of feelings about this. The portrayal of them in fics is just strange sometimes. The way people view their interactions sometimes is just gross. And the whole changing the ship name baffles me. Also please stop bringing heteronormativity to fics. But lowkey I call it JaeDae sometimes but literally only because Youngjae is my ultimate lmao I’m kidding. 

p.s I would like to see a rise in top!jae fics and anyone who is anti top!jae baffles me.