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Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

@jonxsansaremix Day 5: 102 Dalmatians

Remixed Couple: Kevin Shepherd and Chloe Simon

Jon Snow is a down on his luck owner of the 2nd Chance Animal Shelter who believes everyone deserves a second chance, even the redeemed Cersei Lannister. His companions include his own direwolf Ghost and Rhaegal, a parrot who believes he is a Rottweiler. 

Sansa Stark is the parole office assigned to Cersei’s case, a case that is very personal to her as her direwolf Greywind was one of the original puppies Cersei abducted. Now Greywind and Nymeria have had three new puppies: Summer, Shaggydog and Lady, the odd one of the trio, and she’ll do anything to protect them.

“Lady! Oh Jon I don’t know how to thank you!” Sansa exclaimed

“How about dinner?” Rhaegal called out


“I was inviting you to dinner.” Jon asked sheepishly

“Dinner would be nice.” Sansa said


“Why would I steal direwolves? What possible motive could I?” Jon asked

“The judge’s order… Oh Jon how could you? All this for money?” Cersei said pretending to sound shocked, everything was going along with her plans perfectly 

“Just like you said at the restaurant.” Sansa muttered

“Can anyone acquaint me with the facts?” Inspector Mormont asked

“If I’m caught stealing puppies my entire fortune goes to him. Would that be a motive?” 


“I broke into the lab and freed those dogs, they were being used for experiments.” Jon admitted

“That was your dognapping conviction?” Sansa asked, that was it? That was what she’d been fretting about? 


“That’s all?”



Last time I underestimated a puppy I wound up in the pokey!