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20 Questions!

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Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Liz, ET

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′5′’

Orientation: Pansexual

Nationality: Born in America with Norwegian heritage

Fav fruit: Oh gosh I have to choose? Well, I really love kiwi but I eat apples nearly every day!

Fav season: Fall for sure! It has the best weather and the best holidays! (Halloween and my birthday lol)

Fav flower: Cornflowers!! I love them so much but they aren’t that popular :(

Fav scent: This one really made me think. I’d have to say coffee though or that first initial smell when you walk into a Starbucks.

Fav color: Blue all the way although Black is a very near second.

Fav animal: Otters! I’d love to own one at some point but I want to make sure it would be happy and I’m not sure how they’d do as pets.

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee and tea are very close but I’d have to go with coffee because that is one drink that is necessary for my survival. I barely go a day without coffee and if I do, it’s a bad day.

Average hours of sleep: Well this depends on whether it is a day with classes or not. If I have class I’ll sleep for about 5 hours at best and if I have no classes the following day well, if I’m left alone I could sleep forever lol.

Fav fictional character: Now this is a truly difficult question. As a massive fangirl I have so, so many that I love to pieces but I’d have to go with Sherlock Holmes because I have loved him in so many different versions whether it be the original books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the countless movies, or BBC’s Sherlock. (There’s a long list of others though including but not limited to characters from shows such as Supernatural, DW, Merlin, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and not to even delve into the world of Comics such as my fave, Umbrella Academy)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3, even in the summer. I love to be bundled up and I always sleep with a fan on to drown out any other possible noises.

Dream trip: I want to travel all through Europe with maybe one or two close friends or family and just take a month or more and try and do as much as possible. I’d love to go to both France and Norway specifically though as I have been speaking French since childhood with my dad and I’ve always wanted to go back to where my family is from.

Blog created: June of 2016 surprisingly. I lurked in the shadows for quite a while and finally decided to make a blog, but didn’t do all too much at first and then this year when the impending doom of finals came around I couldn’t keep up with everything and dropped a lot of social medias and never really came back. I plan on doing a life update post sometime soon because oh boy, has a lot happened since I dropped off the face of the Earth lol, so expect that very soon!! <3

I tag: All of my followers!! (Especially @greenteasstudying , @iris-study , and @learnlittlethings )  I have been gone for such a long time I’m not sure how many of y’all are still active but I’d hope that if anyone sees this that you’ll do this as well and tag me in it so I can get to know y’all again. It’s been a while but I hope y’all can forgive me and we can revive this blog in no time! Love y’all!! I have been gone for such a long time I’m not sure how many of y’all are still active but I’d hope that if anyone sees this that you’ll do this as well and tag me in it so I can get to know y’all again. It’s been a while but I hope y’all can forgive me and we can revive this blog in no time! Love y’all!!

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Name: Magda
Nickname: um i haven’t got one
Zodiac sign: taurus Height: 176(?) cm
Orientation: love is love ❤️💛💚💙💜Nationality + ethnicity: polish
Favorite fruit: nectarine, cherry, blueberry
Favorite season: spring 🌱
Favorite book: fucking everything by Tove Jansson
Favorite flower: omg i can’t choose, i fucking love all flowers! I love cornflowers, forget-me-nots, and poppies, and roses, and orchids, flowers are life
Favorite scent: mown grass, clean bedsheets, summer night
Favorite color: pink
Favorite animal: cat, peacock, lionfish, dog, DINOSAURS 
Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: EVERYTHING
Average hours of sleep: of what???
Cats or dogs: cats
Number of blankets you sleep with: two
Favorite dead celebrity: Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury
Dream trip: long, long trip around the world with a few friends. We visit every place we have ever wanted to see, watch stunning sunsets and laugh a lot
Blog created: more than three years ago
Number of followers: less than 300 but i love u all 😘
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People, be warned that this is not cute and fluffy. It’s pretty dark. Also, there’s a slew of notes on AO3 I’d love you to read. 

In Stalingrad, the beginning of June was the best time of year. The days became exceedingly long with their late sunsets, the climate became warm, and people could be spotted all over the Volga promenading or enjoying the ‘summer’. They would all soon move to the Black Sea for the start of real summer. The best moments would of course be in the first weeks, when people who still believed would sneak out despite the prohibition and dump countless flowers into the river.

The police would close their eyes and ears against that, as long as you pretended not to be doing ‘weird’ worshipping.

After all, bad things happened if you disrespected the River.

Natalia was six, and she loved to dance at the festival. She didn’t really understand any of it, but during these few days, she got to wear beautiful dresses and she’d spend hours with her brothers on the banks of the river, while her parents discreetly dropped flowers in the water.

And so she spent the first few days like that, imitating the dances she saw the adults do, and moving gracefully along the water.

On the third day, there was another kid on the bank.

She didn’t speak much, but was energetic and liked to dance too; Natalia liked her from the first moment. She was nice, if a bit shy around the adults, and she wasn’t weird like that mean and fake Malina said. Well, Natalia allowed, she was a big strange: when she smiled, she showed off a row of pointy, shiny teeth, and always had kelp around her ankles, but Natalia supposed she’d seen weirder things.

Besides, no one who liked to dance could be that weird.

And so the first weeks of June came and went, and only on the last day of the makeshift secret festival did Natalia notice that she didn’t know her friend’s name.

She didn’t see hide nor hair of the girl for a whole year.

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I love Laura Osnes’s beautiful cornflower blue eyes. If you go on her IMDB page one of her trademarks is listed as “Her ice blue eyes”. I don’t think they are ice blue though. Ice blue projects coldness and aloofness, but Laura’s eyes seem very expressive and project this gentleness and intelligence that brings to my mind (at least) the ethereal petals of a cornflower.