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Andy Biersack imagine (bc my feelings are through the roof)
I should be working on my fanfic but *sighs* I’ll probably start uploading it sometime next week…? Depending on if I have time because I’m going to a band camp for 2 weeks and it’s all day stuff so…
Anyways, here’s a emotional imagine!

You lay in bed, scrolling through tumblr.
Sometimes when you’re bored, you go on Andy’s tag, just to see what’s up.
Imagines, pictures, confessions, smut, more imagines, more smut, kinky smut, smut-
Maybe that’s enough for today.
You couldn’t help but see a lot of Warped tour pictures, many beautiful fans and other artists posing with Andy.
One being the beautiful Juliet Simms. (I love Juliet guys she’s like one of the sweetest girls I’m not dissing her aha)
You couldn’t help but admire her. I mean, she makes great music, she’s drop dead beautiful, sweet.
Also really close to Andy. For everything.
They having a past together didn’t really help your confidence at this point.
You get up and look at yourself in the mirror.
You start questioning your looks.
Andy have literally millions of girls who would sell their soul to be in your spot, girls that he could have in one action or word.
Why did he pick you? Out of every other pretty girl out there.
You sigh, running a hand through your hair.
Why do you do this to yourself? You always end up making yourself feel like shit about something you shouldn’t even think about.
You decide to try and drop it, going on your way to the kitchen, passing Andy who’s sitting on the couch.
“Hey babe, how was the nap?” He says, looking up from his laptop.
You shrug. “Okay, I didn’t sleep long.”
“Oh, okay.”
“I’m getting something to drink, want anything?”
You nod, going to the fridge, getting a bottle of water for Andy and making tea for yourself.
You bite your lip, returning to the living room.
This was eating your insides and you couldn’t stop thinking about Andy’s choice of you.
You hand him the water, thinking.
“You alright?” He asks, sitting his laptop on the coffee table.
“Hmm?” You say, returning back to earth.
“You seem distracted by something.”
“Oh, I’m fine. Just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about that has you zoned out?” He takes a sip of his water, eyes not leaving you.
You pull your legs underneath you.
“You… It’s nothing. I… You wouldn’t understand it. It’s a dumb thought anyway.” You mumble, sipping your tea.
He frowns. “You’re worrying me babe, what’s up?” He turns his body to you, giving you his full attention.
You sigh, sitting your mug down.
“I’ve… Been thinking a lot and just… I… It’s really stupid.” You chuckle, shaking your head.
Andy grabs your hands, interwinding his fingers with yours.
“It’s okay, you can tell me anything.” You look him in the eyes.
“I…. Andy, why did you pick me?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, like to have a relationship with. Why me? Why not any others prettier girl who is wrapped around your finger and would be with you in a heartbeat? Why someone so boring and… Just me?”
He smiles slightly, taking one of his hands, cupping your cheek lightly.
“Is this why you’ve been so distracted lately? You’ve been questioning why I wanted a relationship with you? And not just any girl?”
You nod. “I told you it was stupid.”
“Not at all Y/N. I thought you were breaking up with me at first. No, no, no. And why did I want something with you? Because love, when I first saw you… Well, it’s hard to describe love at first sight. I saw you and… My heart beater faster, all the people around you, but I couldn’t see them. All I saw was your beautiful self. My stomach had this ache, not a painful one but… A funny one. My head was foggy and clear at the same time and all I wanted to do was admire you, talk to you, get to know you. I just knew that you were special. I knew you were going to be a part of my life. I was going to make it happen. As for the other girls, I don’t see them like I do you. I love you for all the unique things only you do. How you steal my shirts to wear to bed when I’m not here, using my shampoo in the shower because you say I smell good, cutting off the crust of your toast because it’s too crunchy. Getting tshirts a size too big because you say you want to be stylish yet comfy, when you’re at our concerts and still cheer and scream like you don’t know me personally. It’s adorable and it’s just only a few reasons I love you with all my heart. Sure, there are other girls out there, but I only want you.”
He presses a light kiss to your lips and you smile.
“Oh Andy, I’m sorry I doubted it.”
He shakes his head, pulling you almost into his lap.
“No, you didn’t. You just don’t know, and never will know how much I love you. You have became my world- fuck it, you’ve became my universe. Without you…. Is something I don’t want to imagine. I love you so much Y/N, it almost hurts. But it’s worth the pain to have the most beautiful, funny, adorable girlfriend and hopefully wife someday.”
You can’t help but smile as you wrap your arms around Andy and kiss him.

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