i love combeferre with all my heart but can never seem to write him the way i'd like

just another modern ausidharth malhotra as combeferre

If you’ve never been legitimately worried that Combeferre might be the leader of the Mafia and/or an underground drug cartel, you don’t know him well enough. 

On the outside, sure, he seems like your typical, everyday med-student and moth enthusiast, but get to know him and you’ll realize he is so much more. See, as far as the infamous triumvirate goes, Enjolras comes up with the madcap schemes, Courfeyrac convinces other people to get involved, and Combeferre is the one who makes sure they don’t get caught. Combeferre is logic, the calm level-headed reason that gently tells Enjolras maybe painting every statue in the city red as a political statement is not the best idea. So if you ever happen to find yourself standing on a street corner in the middle of the night, in a banana suit and holding a potted cactus, and Combeferre drives up in a car you’ve never seen before and says ‘get in, hurry, and don’t ask questions’, just go with it. It’s probably better you don’t know.

It’s actually what makes Combeferre such a valuable friend; he’s always there to help you out of a crisis, whether it be 'ferre, help, I think I accidentally bought an alpaca’ (marius) to 'ferre, i’ve been arrested for disturbing the peace again’ (three guesses as to who, the first two don’t count). He tries to be a calm, composed, emotionless machine of logic, but he’s really just a big softie who loves all his friends dearly. Even if he does occasionally hang up on them when they call him at midnight, asking to be collected from the Mexican border. 

He believes, first and foremost, in the equality of all people, even the really annoying ones who he may or may not have thrown a book at when they refused to stop blasting Beyoncé at three in the morning.

One last thing about the guide: never get him angry.

He’s well read in pretty much everything, so if you’re his friend and happen to be wrong about something, he’ll dismantle your argument using a few choice words that make you consider something in a new light. But if you’re openly an entitled, insensitive bigot? He will treat you to a complete analysis of exactly why you’re a grade-A asshole, destroy the very foundation of your belief system, and leave you, stunned silent, in the shattered remains of your bigoted ideas.

Fair warning.

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