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8.5.17 // 1:00pm // guide to getting back in to school

requested by @meg-is-studying (thanks for the request!)

sooooooo school is quickly approaching and (if you’re anything like me) you’re not ready or excited. unfortunately, school is a rather important part of life that is also unavoidable. here’s how to brace yourself for the onslaught of assignments, lectures, and exams. and, just maybe, get a little excited? yeah right m, that’s not happening… anyway, i’ll stop rambling and give you some real advice (under the cut, that is)!

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Title: Extraterrestrial

Request: Omg can you do a josh x reader based of E.T by Katy perry I’m really feeling alien!josh TBH

Characters: Alien!Josh Dun x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, violence

A/N: It might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but it’ll make sense once you get into it.

Part 2
E.T. // Katy Perry

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Play With Me (Vernon/Hansol Smut)

Summary: It’s not your fault that he was just so pretty. And that he begged so prettily. And that he looked so damn pretty with a piece of leather wrapped around his throat. Why did being Seventeen’s stylist mean he was off limits? And to think, this all started on a boring night with a gifted bottle of wine a pile of jenga blocks. Smut.

(A/N: I must say that I got a little carried away. The original request from @ciels-parents did not entail anywhere near as much shit as this. But I’m pleased with the outcome. I guess the reason I added all the other stuff is because one of my favourite things about dom/sub relationships is all the pretty things, like the toys and the lingerie and shit. I could be a little just for that. But that’s waaay off topic. There’s so many warnings here; anal play, rimming mention, noona kink, sex toy(s), collaring, lingerie, subspace, praise kink, if that even counts as a warning?? but okay this is ten thousand words of impure filth so please back down if you’re not ready. I would also like to put forth now that I’m not responsible for any of the after effects of this fic, and happy valentine’s day, this is my present to you. -Tanisha<3)

You were, at best, a glorified babysitter. It was the only way to describe the current state of your job without leaving out any of the details. Somehow, you had started out as what you fully intended to be - a stylist. Straight out of high school you jumped head first into a fashion program, gaining all the sewing, finance, pattern making, fabric skills and whatever else you could have ever dreamed of.

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college boyfriend!hyungwon;

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • somehow, someway… the frog prince has become a new lowkey bias of mine,,,, totally on accident
  • no accidents here we stan like men
  • so this post is for this request!! i feel like all i ever do is college boyfriend aus but they’re like… so much fun
  • now, hyungwon… no one knows what he does in college

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anonymous asked:

Whats your opinion on the headcanon that bakugou is hard of hearing because of how loud his explosions are? If you dont mind my asking

I think I answered this q on this blog already? Maybe? But anyway, I don’t exactly mind it, but I can’t say I share the headcanon myself - for one, because I’m of the opinion that their bodies are built to withstand a safe use of their quirks (a bit like you can’t break a leg by simply walking, you know), so in general I’m not a fan of headcanons that include damages caused by simply doing what their bodies were born to do? 

But also because generally, even under the assumption that his body isn’t made to hold up with his explosions, isn’t it awfully convenient how only his ears take damage in these scenarios? What about his eyes? How come he can still see with no problems even with the continuous exposure to the explosions’ light? How about his hair? How come he can stand so close to fire without it ever being damaged by it? His palms have thicker skin and we know that thanks to his UA file, but what about the rest of his body? How come he can stand smack in the middle of an Howitzer Impact without getting even slightly burnt? When you say “only his ears aren’t made to withstand his explosions” what you’re telling me is that his whole body is tailord to deal with his quirk but his ears, and that just feels unrealistic to me - by which I mean, when this is the scenario we’re talking about, you can’t give the fault of the damage to Bakugou’s quirk. It’s a problem his body has, not a natural consequence of having that sort of quirk. And imho with those premises you sort of end up with a different kind of story, you’re supposed to write it differently - that’s what I think, at least

Anon said: Maybe the reason Baku raises his voice so often is because he can’t hear very well, which isn’t due to his explosions, rather, he was born with bad hearing to protect him from taking damage by them.. and then his other senses are sharper to even it out, and his body can even subconsciously notice air vibrations, resulting in really fast reflexes.

Ah, this is also another reason why I’m not a huge fan of the headcanon - don’t get me wrong! If you like it then go on, I’m not trying to stop anyone from enjoying ideas and possibilities!! But personally I like Bakugou not having any reason to be loud-mouthed and rude, that’s just his personality and how the environment he grew up in made him, and lately I’ve seen the hc used to justify his behaviour more than I like? Bakugou being an asshole is just who he is, and I love it! I love that his life made him like that and I love that he’s working hard to fix that flaw, giving him an external reason, something he has no control over, to justify his personality changes the core of his character too much, and that’s not something I’d ever want to do tbh

And it’s also cool to think that he was somewhat genetically engineered to be better in a fight to compensate for a lack of earing (though again, why only his ears and not his eyes or his sense of tact too), but that goes to cut on all the hard work he put in becoming as good as he is, right? If that’s what you like than who am I to stop you! But Bakugou’s hardworking nature is one of the things I love about him, I don’t really feel like taking away from him all the effort and work he put through the years in becoming as good as he is now

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loveisalaserquest17  asked:

It feels a bit silly to come to your inbox since we're actually chatting but you're good and you're indulging me in this, so. I'd like to have a comparison between songs harry wrote, like a timeline of his writing characteristics, something that shows how he's grown in term of songwriting, and maybe a little flash forward to his solo album? I know you've already made posts about SG, IICW and WITW, but maybe you could sum them all up and starting from the origins? And including Don't let me go?

Thank you for this ask, Julie!

I looked through the list of songs available to the public for which Harry shares writing credit. 

2011: Taken, Everything About You, Same Mistakes

2012: They Don’t Know About Us, Summer Love, Still the One Irresistible, Don’t Let Me Go

2013: Story of My Life, Happily, Right Now, Something Great

2014: Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (for Ariana Grande), I Love You (for Alex and Sierra), Not Our Fault (for Gavin Degraw)

2014: Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Fool’s Gold, Night Changes, Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket

2015: Perfect, If I Could Fly, Olivia, Walking in the Wind, AM

2016: Someday (for Michael Buble)

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Out in the Town - Sam Holland x Reader

Oh my gosh I am running late!!!! So, so far this has not been your day. You had been late to you zero period, and got yelled at for carving something wrong on your ceramics project. Good lord!!! Couldn’t you catch a break. You stuck your earbuds in and pressed play on your High School Musical Radio station on pandora. You got to work on your project. You had drawn this nice floral design in your sketchbook. Writing and drawing was a way that you expressed yourself. You continued working on your sculptured tile. Stick to the Status Quo came on. You had never really liked it, you liked all the other songs but just not that one…why cuz’ it’s telling people to stick to one thing. You have never really liked the barriers put on people. You were always looking for different outlets to express yourself but sometimes were too shy to actually go for it. You were usually out going but when you had the opportunity to do something you freeze…something you wished you didn’t do.

The next hour passed by and it was the end of the ceramics class. You were stuck next to these girls that wouldn’t stop talking about their gymnastics like they were the coolest cats in town. (teen beach movie reference…hahaha get it no? Moving on) You met your best friend Alexia at her locker so you could go to the computer center and work on some homework. You met and our conversation started. She was the one person who you felt like you could talk to without being judged and be painfully sarcastic and she would still love you for the crazy kid you were. We had met during soccer… it was the funnest you have ever had!!

“Hey are you going to soccer practice later” you asked.

“Nah got cross country” “EWW!!”

“Your so funny (Y/n).””Thank you I pride myself…hahaha.”

Our playful banter lasting a bit while we did our work. But soon after the bell rung and you went to class. You were working on some lab in chemistry with your new found junior friends. You were smart enough to keep up with their math and stuff, as a sophomore. You had silently prided yourself in the fact that they trusted you with their thoughts and such. They were good people who  got caught in the wrong crowd sometimes. They would occasionally ask you for help on some stuff in math but you usually sat there and quietly listened as they shared their thoughts and feelings on everything.

Your week passed by slowly like this with playful banter with your best bud, and your in depth conversations with others. You waited for Saturday to approach. You were able to go to Downtown with your friends Alexia, America, and Kimberly.

You’ve have been waiting for your girls night out on the town. Your mom doesn’t like when you go out and do things by yourselves there there always is and adult present, which you didn’t really mind, because you aren’t going to do anything bad. We liked to admire different styles and art and expressions. We were kinda like the hippies of campus but 500xs cooler. You had taken your wallet and your mom dropped you off to meet Alexia at America’s house, and Kimberly’s mom was going to drive you guys.

You were talking pictures to make my aesthetic collages for your photography account. You went and enjoyed ourselves. It was one of those stress free days that you wished would never end. Everything was going great until he showed up. You were just sitting there minding your own business until this group of really attractive guys showed up.

“Excuse me miss are you using that seat?” one of the guys with nice dark brown hair asked. He had a british accent.
“Oh no we are not go ahead and take it.” you said with a smile.
“Thanks” said the other one with gorgeous light brown hair flashing me a killer smile.

“Why do you always leave me to do the talking?”
“Come on (Y/n) you are the more outgoing one of us”
“Yeah and look at you…you’ve got an admirer”
”No I don’t”

Sure enough when you look over at their table you see the one with the nice smile and freckles looking at you and smile. There was no way of you denying, he was good looking. But the sad fact was that you would probably only see him today and never again. Little did you know that was our first encounter with the boy.

Later while you were walking by the train station you see a rush of girls waving spider man merch so you can’t help but evade the area. In your little walk around the group of screaming girls you happen to run into someone.
”Oh my holy cheese-its I am so sorry” you start but were cut off by new yet familiar voice. “It’s perfectly fine love, aren’t you the pretty dane from the cafe earlier”
”Umm…hi” good lord my awkwardness is showing…..
“Love you are fine your are not as awkward as me believe me…I’m Sam” he said with a smile.

You spoke your thoughts oh lord cheese-it protect you

“Nice to meet you” and as he said that his voice seemed to double in volume. “And this is Harry…my twin” he said with a sigh.
“That’s cool…I kind of have a twin everyone says that my friend Alexia look alike but we are not.”

He chuckled my goodness he is cute. “Hey would you mind taking a picture of us?” some random girl came up and asked “Umm sure…” you took the picture and she said a quick thank you and left. You struck up a small conversation with them and they said they were visiting the states for a few weeks and this was their night out on the town. They talked about how they were visiting their brother who was out here working. Sam mentioned going back to finish school in 3 weeks which is a bummer because he was so sweet. Harry said he was into photography and film and that he writes. They were some talented boys and they were so nice. After about 15 minutes the girls all came back to see you talking to the boys.

“(Y/n) we have been looking for you, we saw Tom Holland and he so nice we got a few pictures with him”

Harry and Sam suddenly went a little pale. They were referring to their older brother…they kinda avoided talking about him because girls would try to use them to get with their big brother.

“Oh well I am sure he was but I was with these guys and we were just chillin’. I think I had some more fun talking to them rather than mobbing the poor guy, he has a life too. I am pretty sure that he wanted a little bit of space to enjoy life like we do. I would have just let him be either way.” All eyes were on you after that statement. Sam and Harry had their signature smirk on. The girls looked down slightly ashamed but still happy they got to meet a celebrity.

“Hey (y/n), Alexia, America, my mom is going to pick us up by the coffee shop she finished her errands.”

“Well I guess we got to go…I hope you have fun visiting the states boys, don’t forget to check out those shops I recommended.” you said.

“Oh love I will for sure… let us at least walk you to the café.”
You guys chatted it for a bit taking you time walking. As you approached where you would say goodbye Sam pulled you aside and said ”Today was fun I hope I will see you again, though the chances of that happening is very unlikely I hope you had fun today because I know I certainly did” and then he started walking away but not without leaving a lingering kiss on your cheek.

Oh man lord cheese-it protect you because this wouldn’t the last time you saw this mesmerizing boy.

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A/N pt. 2 lemme know and also if you like the edit lemme know I take requests


Request: could you do an imagine based on the song friends by ed sheeran? i feel like it could be interesting

Word count: 799

Warnings: Angst?? Definite fluff

I’m sorry its late out, but I have been doing drama performances all week, and school work, whilst coping with serious school drama so you’ll have to forgive me. I should have another request out today! Love y’all, enjoy!

Song: Friends by Ed Sheeran

Originally posted by alienphaan

We’re not, no we’re not friends, nor have we ever been.

We just try to keep those secrets in a lie,

And if they find out, will it all go wrong?

And Heaven knows, no one wants it to.

You sat on your bed and sniff, wiping away tears that have spilled from your eyes. You knew being with Dan would always be difficult due to his fame on the internet, but not that difficult. You had a photo clutched in your hand, memories built around it. You are grinning at the camera, Dan staring at you lovingly, both of you standing next to the Eiffel Tower. You had gone on a trip, Phil coming along to make it seem less suspicious if anyone found out. Your fingers were laced together. Only a few hours after the photo was taken, you shared your first kiss with each other. You wished people could know, that the Phandom knew, but it was too risky.

So I could take the back road

But your eyes will lead me straight back home.

And if you know me like I know you

You should love me, you should know.

You placed down the photo and leaned back, wrapping your arms around yourself like you wished Dan was. You had tried to be ‘just friends’ so many times, even tried not talking to each other at all, but it just didn’t work. You always ended up the same, in his arms, whispering apologies and sweet nothings. God knows, you just had such a deep connection it was impossible not to be together. You knew you probably loved him, truly, and that he probably loved you too.

Friends just sleep in another bed,

And friends don’t treat me like you do.

Well I know that there’s a limit to everything,

But my friends won’t love me like you.

No, my friends won’t love me like you.

You never actually made it official. You were always ‘friends’, but you shared kisses, moments of intimacy, so much love. But obviously, you were only friends, nothing more, nothing less. Anyone else would call you both stupid, it was obvious you couldn’t just stay like this, in a constant circle, that you should just give in and let it happen. You wished you could.

We’re not friends, we could be anything.

If we try to keep those secrets safe.

No one will find out if it all went wrong.

They’ll never know what we’ve been through.

If you tried to be together, it wouldn’t be you or Dan being the problem, it would be in the internet. If anything happened, anything went wrong, anyone found out something, everything would be so much worse than it would be if it was just the two of you. When your love life becomes the worlds too, anything could happen. You must be careful, and you didn’t want to be careful. You wanted to be free with him.

But then again, if we’re not friends,

Someone else might love you too.

And then again, if we’re not friends,

There’d be nothing I could do, and that’s why

You wouldn’t be able to cope with Dan being with someone else, seeing him look at them like he should be looking at you. You didn’t want to let him go, but at the same time you needed to. Either option was terrifying for both of you. You wanted him to carry on loving you, only have eyes for you, but who were you to say otherwise?

Friends should sleep in other beds.

And friends shouldn’t kiss me like you do.

And I know that there’s a limit to everything.

But my friends won’t love me like you.

You jumped as your phone pinged quietly, and you picked it up, spotting the notification: Danisnotonfire tagged you in a photo. You frowned and opened it up, letting out a gasp of shock as you saw the photo. It was another one from Paris – this time you were kissing Dan on the cheek as he smirked at the camera. Another photo was next to it, in a collage style, taken just after the first. This time you were both kissing each other, Dan’s hand brushing your cheek. It was caption with simple but sweet words.

Friends won’t love me like you.

You threw down your phone, running out of your apartment and grabbing a taxi. You sat impatiently in the back, paying and throwing open the door when you arrived. You ran to the door, unlocking it with a spare key you had, slamming it shut and sprinting up the stairs. Dan flew towards you, your lips colliding into a kiss.

No, my friends won’t love me like you do.

Oh, my friends will never love me like you.

Creating Visual References for Your Character

A visual reference is a picture of a person, place, or thing that an artist can refer to while drawing to ensure that they’re portraying something accurately. Often, a visual reference doesn’t represent everything in a given piece of artwork, but just one or two aspects of it; for example, an artist who is commissioned to draw someone else’s fictional character might have one reference for the character’s body type, a different reference for their hairstyle, and a third reference for their outfit - and often even more than that! While not every artist uses visual references for their work (and even those who do probably don’t use them for every single thing they draw), they can be an extremely useful creative tool…and as a writer, they can help you, too!

I often find that I struggle to describe something in words if I can’t see what it looks like first. Even if I’ve imagined it over and over again, sometimes the right words just won’t come. If you struggle with the same problem, using visual references can help you, too. They give you a picture to look at so that your brain can connect your mental image with the words to describe it. Even if you can’t draw, you can create and use visual references. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the resources I use for creating, finding, and saving visual resources to work from, and tips for how to use them.


  • Dollmaker websites: I know, I know. It can be so hard to find the right skin tone or the right body type or the right whatever, because a lot of dollmaker sites default to very slender models with exaggeratedly feminine features, and there are so few out there for men. However, a dollmaker can be a good start when you’re just trying to get a feel for a new character’s style. Need ideas for how they might wear their hair or what kind of clothing they like? Maybe a dollmaker is for you! I like Azalea’s Dress-Up Dolls, Doll Divine, and Rinmaru Games.
  • Polyvore: Okay, so you have a pretty clear idea of your character’s style, but you just can’t find any outfits that fit their look! That’s okay, friend - Polyvore has your back. On Polyvore, you can find TONS of different pieces of clothing, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and more, and you can use those things to create unique looks that suit your character’s style. You can save your outfits to your profile and go back to them whenever you want, and you can even automatically pin them to a Pinterest board so that they’re right there with all of your other visual references. I also use Polyvore to give me an idea of what brands or types of clothing my characters can afford; the self-made millionaire might be able to afford a $2,000 designer dress, but the college student working her way through school probably can’t afford to splurge on that. Since I have a tendency to give my characters ridiculously elaborate outfits, Polyvore makes for a useful reality check!
  • Video games with character customization: These days, there are a lot of games out there that allow you to decide what your character looks like. I’ve always preferred using games from the Sims franchise, but I’ve also used various MMORPGs. The upside to this is that, depending on the limitations of the game, a lot of the time you can get a character who looks exactly like what you want. The downside? Games cost money, and a lot of them have a LOT of limitations - finding curly hair, for example, might be night impossible, and a lot of so-called ethnic hairstyles aren’t executed well (or don’t exist).
  • Real-world pictures and projects: Sometimes you just want to get crafty, or you need something to do that doesn’t involve staring at a computer screen. I hear you. Listen, a visual reference can be just about anything you can look at that helps you with your descriptions, so if you want to draw a stick figure, make a collage out of magazine pictures, or make macaroni art of your character, you go for it. These are all valid ways of figuring out the right words to use!


  • Google: The Old Faithful of finding what you’re looking for. You don’t even need to know exactly what you want: you can search for words like “short hairstyle” or “pink dress” and come up with a ton of images. Google can also help you find sites that collect images of what you’re interested in, like the ones I’ve listed at the bottom of this article. If you don’t want Pinterest results, make sure you add ‘-Pinterest’ (minus the quotes) at the end of your search to lock them out. I know they annoy some people because you can’t view them without a Pinterest account.
  • Pinterest: Speaking of, Pinterest really is one of the best places to find a lot of images really quickly. You can search for almost anything on Pinterest, and you’ll probably find it. You can also find infographics that can show you different varieties of the same thing. I use these a lot for things like describing the neckline of a shirt or the way a tie is knotted.
  • Stock photos: Yeah, I know, most of them are ridiculous…and those watermarks! But there are free stock photo sites out there - you just have to look around a little to find one you really like. The biggest downside to stock images is that when it comes to people, it can be hard to find pictures that aren’t cheesy, insulting, or just plain weird, but sometimes it can be worth the effort to check.
  • deviantArt (and other art sites): There are LOADS of people on dA who take pictures just for people to use as visual references, especially poses or facial expressions. Again, it can take some work figuring out exactly what to search for, and you will have to scroll through a bunch of irrelevant results, but it can really be worth it. Make sure you have safe search on, though, or you might end up seeing more than you bargained for.
  • Real life: You probably have a camera or a camera phone, right? Get out there and use it! Go to the mall and snap pictures of clothing your character would wear, or places you’d like to write about, or that amazing sunset you saw driving home, or whatever else you think might be useful. Take pictures of your own face to practice describing facial expressions. Get friends to act out the scene you’re trying to write, or make a gesture you’ve been struggling to capture in words, and take video. The whole world is out there, so don’t be afraid to take inspiration from it! Just be sure to ask before you take pictures of anyone, okay? It’s important to be polite!


  • Pinterest: This is absolutely my favorite way to save references. If you love pictures, Pinterest may be the place for you. Make a board for your character and use it to pin facial features, hairstyles, clothing, body types, expressions, aesthetics, you name it! If you can find it in an picture, you can pin it to your Pinterest board. Just make sure you label the things you pin so that you know why you saved them - more than once I’ve pinned something and then gone back and couldn’t figure out what I wanted it for. Pinterest is great when you want to be able to see all of your visual references at a glance, or when there are a lot of them. It’s also good for people who create on the go - I have it on my phone and use it when I’m out of the house and waiting around for things to happen. I honestly can’t recommend Pinterest enough for this purpose.
  • Tumblr sideblogs: Use a theme that allows you to have multiple columns of posts visible and you’ll be able to see everything at once! Of course, if you want things you find elsewhere on the Internet to show up as pictures, you have to download them to your computer first and then re-post them (don’t forget to add your source!) so that they’ll show up. Honestly, that can be pretty inconvenient, so I’d say this one is best for those who find most of what they want to use as references on Tumblr.
  • Browser bookmarks: If you only have a few references, you might just want to bookmark them in a folder on your browser! You won’t be able to use them if you swap computers (unless you have something that synchronizes your bookmarks) but every browser out there has a bookmark feature, so you’re not required to sign up for anything or purchase anything to use it.
  • Download them: I kind of think of this as an “if all else fails” suggestion, like if you’re afraid that a certain image will be taken down or you can’t save it any other way. You can usually right click on an image and click “save as” to save it, or copy it into a program like Microsoft Paint and save it that way. Just make sure you know where you saved it to!

Remember, there are lots of other ways to create, find, and save visual references, so you have to find the ways that work for you. Don’t limit yourself to this list - dig around and see what you can find! I hope this serves as a good jumping-off point for you, and maybe inspires you to see what using visual references can do for your writing. Good luck!



A/N: This chapter is more about family as you soon will tell. And you get to see a sneak peek into Finns head.



“He did what!”

I was currently at my parents house in Hoboken, New Jersey lounging out in the family room with my eldest brother Robert. My parents were playing in the backyard with the grandkids except my eldest nephew Tomas who was in the kitchen with his mother Maria- Robert’s wife of 20 years.

Robert was the only one of my three brothers that still resided in New York, as a Family Lawyer he took his job very seriously. He help me with my divorce and the custody battle I had to endure during Finn and I’s separation. He was (and still is) overly protective of me. He and Finn had been great friends, and over the years we took family vacations together. But the moment I finally revealed what happened between Finn and I, he became even more overbearing, and even vengeful towards a certain someone. I guess he was hurt, a friendship destroyed and a little sister broken. It was a beautiful disaster.

Julian the second oldest is currently living in San Francisco with his four year old son Parker. He went through a nasty breakup from his ex-wife Becca 6 months ago after finding out she was embezzling money into an off sore account of her estranged lover. His small doctors practice nearly went bankrupt due to the money loss but our parents stepped in and helped him financially to stay afloat. Becca was currently serving an 8 Year sentence in prison and her mysterious lover disappeared with nearly $500,000. He decided to stay in San Francisco and continue on with the life he built with his son, but frequently visited New York.

Mark, the youngest of my brothers was also over the other side of America as well, pursuing his dream in Los Angeles. He packed up and left straight after high-school with the families support to become an actor. Over the years he has done well for himself, after staring in small commercials, then he moved on to TV drama, before getting his big break at 26. He stared as the supporting roll in one of Hollywood’s greatest movies. He got noticed, then got famous. He kept to his bachelor life style, and I didn’t ask him about the different women he was photographed with.

I had just explained to Robert what had happened this morning over breakfast and what Olivia had said to me. To say he was mad was an understatement, he had practically choked on his beer the moment I told him about my uninvited guests.

“Yeah well I can’t stop him from seeing Josh on his birthday can I? But did he really need to bring her?” Robert understood my emotions. He was the only one out of my entire family that knew what really happened, between Finn and I.

“Yes you damn well can Rae! That is your house, your property and if you don’t want someone there you can tell them to leave. Invite Finn in sure but kindly remind him to leave his baggage at the door” Robert fumed and I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips.

“I’m seriously Rae, don’t let him walk all over you! That asshole needs to be taken down a peg or two” I sighed knowing that the more I talked about the situation, the more angry my brother would get. So in true Rae fashion I changed the subject.

“So anyways! Are you excited about Tomas starting collage next year?” My eighteen year old nephew was a prodigy of his old man. I knew one day he would be a brilliant lawyer and husband, it was just a matter of time.

Robert beamed and the mention of his eldest boy. “Of course! The kid got into Harvard for fuck sakes” he laughed, “not even I did that well. I tell you what, I can’t wait to see him successfully one day”. That was just typical Robert, he was the kindest man you would ever meet but if you messed with his family he would back hand you quicker then a women at a black Friday sale.

“You know Elissa and Emery are going to be artist just like there momma” his daughters Elissa, 15, and Emery, 10, were splitting images of there beautiful mother Maria. Both had dark chocolate hair and golden brown eyes, they could never do anything wrong in Robert’s eyes because they looked to much like their mother. Who was a pretty well known artist in New York, both girls had talent but in different areas.

Elissa enjoyed painting faces and was brilliant at it, she has won numerous awards at school. And Emery loves mixing colour, some would call it abstract but to her it was just pure fun.

“I’ve got my work cut out with them don’t I?” Robert mused taking a long swig from his beer bottle before sitting it down on the coffee table.

“No, more like you’ve got your work cut out with Robert junior over there” I pointed wards the glass doors that looked out into the backyard just as the Feisty little 7 year old crash tackled his grandpa with the help of Ruby who was laughing along.

“Military school” he mumbled. I laughed, little Robert had always been upto no good, but he did it in the most innocent way.

“Come on” I slapped Robert’s leg then stood up to stretch, “we better go join the others instead of having our bitch and moan session. I’m sure mom is running around out there with her new camera trying to take photos”.

Laughing, we reminst about the first few weeks after Karim had brought her the camera, let’s just say she went through two 16 gig memory cards, and hundreds of dollars worth of prints.

I kissed the top of ruby’s head, her eyes were already fluttering shut which didn’t surprise me. Flicking off the light, then walked out of the room. Goodnight my princess.

I walked down the hallway to Josh’s room and poked my head in. He had already passed out, soft snores echoed in the room. I quickly tucked him in, kissing his soft brown hair. Goodnight my little man.

Today was a big day, after the little spat I had with Finn the rest of the day went off without a hitch. Ice skating was a blast with Chloe, and her kids, Harry and Stephen. It was the first time in years I had stepped foot on ice and having two little humans depend on me to keep them upright was quite amusing.

After that we had a nice long walk through central park before dinner and cake at mom and Karim’s house. They kids had enjoyed the company of their 4 cousins, and I couldn’t help but smile at how close they were. It made me wonder if they were as close with Finn’s family as they were mine, especially Finn’s 4 year old neice Sophia.

I grabbed an ice cold beer out of the refrigerator and possistioned my rear end nicely on my plush couch. I chose to leave on whatever TV show that was already on, and continued watching without paying attention to what was happening.

As the credits rolled by I heard a loud knock on the door. Sighing, I took the last few sips of my beer and shuffled towards the door.

Gregory was standing there with a dopey smile on his face and a large blue box in his hand. He bent over and gave me a peck on the lips. A smile curved on my face the moment he wrapped his arms around me. We walked back toward the couch, not leaving an inch of space between us.

He bent forward placing the blue box on the table quickly and wound is arms back around me. “How was your day beautiful?” Gregory whispered nibbling on my ear lobe.

“It was good! Joshua had a great day and passed out as soon as he got back home. How was your day?” I replied choosing to keep my encounter with Finn out of it.

“Oh it was fine, sold a penthouse in Manhattan today. It came with a nice fat commission to which I plan on spending on you. Maybe a weekend to Hawaii?” He continued to kiss my neck.

“Oohh… well maybe one day we can enjoy that lovely vacation. And thank you again for today! I know you wanted to enjoy Joshua’s birthday with us but thank you for letting me have this time with th-”.

He kissed me softly on the lips to shut me up, no doubt I was rambling on once again. “Its fine sweetheart. I got a sale and you got time with your kids, Plus we have tomorrow. And tonight…” he wiggled his eyebrows and licked his lips. My body was dragged upon his and our lips crashed together. It had been weeks since we had last had sex and I was more then ready for him. I needed him right now, I needed to forget for a moment, I needed to feel that earth shattering orgasm.

I needed to feel human again.


I had dragged myself from the comfort of my silk sheets at 5am this morning. Olivia had managed to stick to her side of the bed last night thank God, I hated waking up with her short blonde hair tickling my face.

Putting on my joggers and a t-shirt I laced up my sneakers and walked towards the kitchen to have a quick shake before heading to the gym down stairs in my apartment. This was my Daily accurance, I needed to exercise before I sat in my office all day behind paper work and my laptop.

Running my own company was hard work, long hours and no sleep. I had been living this way since I graduated college, the only balance I once had in my life were my kids and wife. But now that had all changed because of Rachel.

We had just gotten back from Aspen Monday night after I had taken Olivia and her God awful family away for her birthday. I had nearly cancelled after the ruckus Olivia had caused with Rae in front of my kids on my son’s birthday, but I knew if I did that the nagging would increase and i wasn’t in the mood for that.

I stepped onto the treadmill and started off at a walking pace, letting my muscles warm. Her beautiful face flashed though my head, her creamy skin, the hairpin curve of her plump lips, her button nose, her silk like hair- fuck!

My body tumbled to the ground hard, I had missed a step which caused me to trip all because I was thinking about her. Not my girlfriend that laid asleep in my sheets, but my ex-wife.

Pulling my legs to my body in frustration and leading my elbows on my knees I looked to the ceiling still thinking about her.

Over two years since I had touched her intimately, kissed her lips… My heart still ached everytime I saw her, but I couldn’t show her how much she ruined me. No, instead I channelled that built up frustration into pure hate towards Rae. I couldn’t help it, she took away my kids, my life, my fucking air.

I groaned picking myself up of the hard floor and turned off the treadmill. I made my way over towards the boxing bag, forgoing the gloves I collided my fist hard into the bag.

Memories of the night my world came apart washed over me, it was a disease I couldn’t fight.

‘Rae, honey. I’m home’

Smack! My fist collided with the solid leather. I felt nothing.





'Hello? Anyone home?’




Then I distinctly remember the words scribbled on a yellow post-it note in Rae’s hand writing, along with the divorce papers.

'Fuck you’


Grimacing I looked at the paperwork that had piled up in front of me, red tags with sign here scribbled across them poked out. It would take me all day just to read all the new contracts I was taking on in the new year and according to Olivia my deadline was only 4 hours away.

“Olivia” I buzzed through the intercom. “Can you ring Archie and tell him to come to my office immediately”.

“Of course Finny” she replied. A grimace shuttered through me. It was a nickname she had picked up just after we started dating, it was a habit I thought she would break but I was beginning to loose hope.

No more then 15 minutes later Archie lazily strolled through the door not even bothering to knock.

“I was summoned” he announced grinning.

“Yeah, clear your schedule. I need you to help me read through these contracts so I can sign them off. Apparently Liv decided to leave this to the last minute and I have-” I looked towards my watch. “3 hours and 44 minutes to get them done before they are sent to your department to be organised into financial groups” I signed.

It was only 9am and I was already exhausted, I had no idea how I was going to finish this in the time frame I had. There was atleast 40 small business contracts to sort through, but if there was anyone I knew that could help me it would be my brother, Archie.

“Fuck man! Why do you let her do this shit?” He groaned typing away on his phone, no doubt messaging his assistant Charleene about the turn of events.

“Don’t start” I growled flipping a page before signing.

“I’m just sayin-”

“Enough!” I yelled slamming my hands down on my desk. “Christ Arch, I know Ohkay… I know”.

“Look I’m sorry I shouldn’t of said it, but your not happy man. You haven’t been since-” he stopped before he finished, no doubt he saw the pain flash through my eyes. Archie picked up a contract and started to flick through it, awkward tension permeated the air.

To say my family where welcoming of Olivia was an understatement. They had all adored Rae, especially my parents who treated her like a daughter. When they asked me what caused the divorce all I could do was shrug, I had no fucking idea so what was I to tell them. They took my silence as an admission that I had fucked up somewhere, that I had wronged her but all I did was love and cherish that women.

Of course Ma and Archie had tried to contact Rae but she had obviously blocked their numbers, after 4 months they gave up trying just like I did, when bent Olivia over my desk and fucked her. That was the night I finally understood that my marriage was over, the life I knew before was gone and the women I loved more then life itself had left.

“Since my wife left me?”

“Finn” my brother sighed, rubbing his hand through his hair. “Have you even asked her why she left?”.

I shook my head in honesty. I had tried to talk to her but my pain turned into misery, my grief turned into anger and the only way i could express myself was by yelling at her.

“Maybe you should” Archie replied, picking up another contract.

“You don’t think I have? I tried for months to get her to talk to me. The most I got was a slap to the face and her repeating how vile I am. Fuck, I don’t know what happened. I-… It been 2 years and I still love her…”

“You have the kids tonight right?” I nodded. “Well when you drop them off talk to her…”

Thats better said then done I thought.

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In Italy we call this SPUTTANAMENTO TIME.
Since I finished school (not high school, but the Academy of Fine Arts) I wanted to focus my life as an artist, just to understand which choices are better for my future life.
Anyway….. I felt a bit lost after watching this “evolution“: it seems so chaotic.
Just so you know, I started attending an art school after high school (2012). Before, I attended an Agricultural Istitute (don’t know how to call it…).

During the five years of Academy I experimented a looooot. Everyone in class had his own style and I did my best to create my own one too. I stopped watching anime&cartoons/reading manga because lots of people (parents, teachers, friends) were saying my style was too much manga-like and I should had find a more european way to do my illustrations…. and I believed them. Since I wasn’t able to force my hand to draw in a total different way, I tried to change techniques.
I fell in love with collage and papercut (2014-2015) and stopped doing fanarts, I was trying to change, but it wasn’t fun tbh :T
During the last two years I started thinking on what I really like and if it was fair for me to limit my hand like this, just because in this country my style doesn’t fit canon children’s book illustrations. I’m not saying I hate what I’ve done -I love  papercut -, but I knew I wasn’t completely satisfied.
That’s why I re-started watching/reading what I want and drawing in the way I want (even animations!). Of course Steven Universe helped me a lot in this :) I sketch every day since I started watching it! My sketchbook is always full <3

So yeah.
…I feel like I have a big improvement margin, I’m so excited! :)  


• your first impression of him was woW HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND SO COOL AND HE DANCES SO WELL OMG
• and the second he saw you he had the sudden urge to go up to you and cuddle bc u were cuTE but no, that’s weird minghao.
• when it came to asking you out he missioned himself to choreograph a dance for you and he refused ANY help from hoshi hyung bc tHIS NEEDED TO COME FROM HIS BRAIN AND HIS HEART OK OTHERWISE HOSHI HYUNG WAS ASKING U OUT ORETTY MUCH
• and he’s like ok ok chill
• legit for the period of time, the chill minghao that everyone knew and loved was gone and was replaced with savagehao lol
• then when the time came the members like dragged you to this empty room with a stage and u legit thought u were being kidnapped and u were about to call the police when the stage lit up and there was cool cutie minghao standing in the middle and he began to dance.
• like he started dancing and moving at the same time and at the end of it all he ended up in front of you and he took a rose out and was like, ‘will you go out with me’
• and he gets sooooooooo happy that he just picks u up right there and hugs u so tight
• took you to china town for ur first date bc u needed to have a taste of how great it was to be chinese
• went to every shop and stall there was even if it was boring bc u were with Minghao and he makes everyThing fun and exciting aw. ate in every stall and restaurant and pretty much ate and ate the whole day bc Minghao constantly insisted that one more bite wouldn’t hurt what a cutie
• and bought everything you looked at bc 'it was a souvenir’ and u were like 'we can always come back next time’ and he just got so happy bc THERE WAS GONNA BE A NEXT TIME U WANTED FO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!!1!1!11!!!!
• it was a really fun fun day and it was even better bc u were with him :))))
• calls u babe and all those cool as names and when u look at him he doesn’t look fazed by it at all and ur like WUD ?? ur a mess on the ground and he’s so chill ??????
• ooo first kiss !!!111!1! pretty much was teaching you some martial arts move and u fell and he caught u so swiftly and smoothly and ur faces were sO CLOSE AND THEY JUST GOT CLOSER UNTIL MWAHHHHH
• ^^ smoothhao
• is all for skinship yall, likes to hug u from behind and rest his head on ur head and wrap his arm around ur shoulders and everyone’s like oo minghao u good bf
• but u just stand there, as red as a tomato
• has a habit of rambling in chinese, whether it’s out of frustration or excitement he wil start to ramble in Chinese and ur like bABE I DONT KNO WHAT UR SAYING and he’s like oH OOPSIES
• but loves every hug bc he’s that cuddly sorta person
• starts to pout like a freaking puppy when u don’t give him the attention and affection he needs, will probably start to whine and tug on ur arm until I finally give in and love him yay
• likes (more like loves) the number 7, when he gets asked to pick something he’d pick the one that lines up with number 7. like there’s no other special significance, it’s just COZ he likes the number seven
• ^^ sweethao
• likes to shop, a lot.
• “jagi, let’s go shopping!”
• “but we just went yesterday?”
• “one can never get enough of shopping.”
• dislikes the feeling of being hungry, like nobody does but minghao takes it to the extreme. one missed snack time and he’ll start whining and saying he’s gonna die, and starts saying his dying speech and everyone’s just like stOP OVERREACRING and they chuck food at his face.
• will also get v v v v v grumpy if he’s ignored after whining non stop and will like pout hardcore until you give in bc everyone else doesn’t care if he’s mad they ain’t buying food.
• “this, is why I love you.”
• secretly sneaks down to the kitchen in like 2 in the morning to have a midnight snack and every morning you wake up and is like where’s all the cereal gone and minghaos just sitting there with this innocent face and is like “i dunnoooo”
• ^^sneakyhao
• has an addiction to bboying, he will bboy to any song that’s playing. even if it’s a slow dance song he will somehow make it work and even if you turn off the music it won’t stop him, he’ll just keep going without a care in the world and ur just like wow
• but like at the same time he loves couple items he thinks they’re adorable, especially w u ;;_;;
• when it comes to jealousy, he is all seriousness guys. like for reals, no adorablehao in this one. he doesn’t like the feeling of jealousy, and he certainly doesn’t like the sight of anyone trying to get with you. he’ll go up to the person and tell him square in the face that he doesn’t like the way they’re acting towards you and suggest they stop if they do want any trouble from him aw
• ^^herohao
• your phone background is a collage of the two of you the time you guys went into one of those photo booths where you can decorate the pictures in the end and at first you two were just pulling funny faces at the camera but then he kissed you on the cheek and you were red and flustered and you looked so surprised when the photo came out aw
• but he literally told you to go away bc he can decorate the pictures thank u v much
• his phone background is a photo of you with his parents. it was one of the times hat they visited, why wouldn’t he take a photo of it? it was the three people he loved most out of the world in one picture!!!
• sometimes wakes u up so early in the morning bc he’s hungry and he can’t miss a meal and ur just like WTH DO U WANT ME FOR??!!!1! and he’s like “i want company.”
• refuses to teach you bboy moves bc he doesn’t want you getting hurt and he literally scolded you when he saw you try and attempt a move he did (although he does admit you looked adorable trying) and you got all pouty but MINGHAO WAS LIKE NOPE NOT EVEN THAT BEAUTIFUL FACE CAN CHANGE MY MIND SRRY NOT SRRY
• but u know it’s bc he cares about u :))))
• sends you to sleep by picking you up and dropping you on the bed and burying his face in your neck and cuddling u til you sleep
• wakes u up by pulling the curtains open and jumping on the bed, this boy is literally a ball of energy in the morning and ur like ?? get down from the ceiling Spider-Man
• being a dancer for seventeen, especially the dancer that does all the flips and such, is very dangerous and very worrying for you. you often make trips to the hospital bc Minghao had been injured, or had overworked his body and had fainted from fatigue. it makes u rlly sad but it makes u even sadder when the second he’s better or the second he can walk he’s right back to dancing and practicing and u know he shouldn’t be training this hard :(((
• but he says he needs to get better all the time
• but he’s already amazing as he is ;;_;;
• first argument with minghao? not quite sure what the topic would be tbh, but it’s gonna be a pretty bad argument if it got him mad since he rarely ever feels that way. however the second he sees your eyes water he knows he’s gone too far and immediately say sorry
• “iloveyouiloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.”
• xu minghao, your cuddly boyfriend. your cuddly sweet boyfriend. your cuddly, sweet boyfriend who could kick someone’s ass if they’re bothering you. your cuddly, sweet, kickass boyfriend who cares and looks out for you and whom your ever so lucky to have gotten. your cuddly, sweet, kickass boyfriend who is constantly wondering how in the world did he get lucky enough to have you, the boyfriend that will be by your side forever, no matter what, the boyfriend who you love and who damn well loves you back.
• “ //sends finger heart, hand heart, foot heart//” -minghao~

Pinocchio Drama Review

I watched this in one sitting. That alone should’ve given you the big picture. I absolutely love the casts, so I’d like to focus on that.

Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po / Ki Ha Myeong

He, and Park Hye Run (the screenwriter) were my reasons to watch this drama at the first place. Amazing act, as usual. I like his character; bad past, revenge, crying, screaming, trying to find the real meaning of justice *cough* Soo Ha-ya *cough*. Not to mention he had one of the best make-over sessions in kdramaland. 

From this:

To this:

And of course this make-over was done by none other than… the dad.

One look at fashion magazine, and this abeoji turns into Cinderella’s fairy godmother. *hail abeoji*

Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha

This is where I started to get mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong; I like Shin Hye. She’s pretty, talented and has great chemistry with all of her counterparts. Thing is, she cries. She cries A LOT. She tends to play similar characters in all of her dramas: damsel-in-distress, that one pretty caring girl who doesn’t realise her beauty and its effect on men. Although I like how brave and honest In Ha is, I really wish Shin Hye would play different kind of character on her next project. 

I was tempted to make a collage with screenshots of her crying. But then I realized, I wouldn’t be able to finish it by tonight. Even when she doesn’t cry, she gets teary-eyed and it almost seems like she’s ready to weep anytime anywhere. I don’t even know how she does that. Well done, Shin Hye.

Kim Young Kwang as Seo Bum Ju

Ah, my ‘Good Doctor’ crush. He is an absolute delight here. Loyal, hardworking, a bit flirtatious, but always honest. His bromance with Lee Jong Suk can easily make Kim Woo Bin jealous too. I like his character, although I feel his love to In Ha is forced at times. It seems like the writer really wants Bum Ju and Yoo Rae to become a hurdle in Dal Po - In Ha relationship; although it’s really unnecessary, since Dal Po - In Ha is solid even from the start. 

His crying act though..

Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yoo Rae

Where to start I LOVE HER WOHOO! 

An ex-sasaeng who became a reporter?! I’M BUYING IT. She’s perfect for her role. I love her style, her screaming and of course her relationship with Hwang Gyo Dong sunbae. It’s so cute, so pure, so … AAAACK

Jin Kyung as Song Cha Ok

One of the best villains out there. I don’t know why but she reminds me of Snape. It’s really worth to spend 20+ hrs just to watch her.

Yoon Gyun Sang as Ki Jae Myeong

I only have wishes for this particular gentleman. I wish he had more scenes, I wish he didn’t end up that way,  I wish I would be able to see him more on screen in near future. 

I really feel the urge to list down every actors / actresses that make this drama exceptional, but I’m lazy that would be too much of spoilers. I will recommend this drama, especially to those who love 'I Can Hear Your Voice’ (they came from the same writer, had the same male lead, and even Lee Bo Young & Yoon Sang Hyun made cameo appearances). Personally If I have to compare, I like 'I Can Hear Your Voice’ more because it’s less corny, and I prefer strong female character. But after all it’s still a great drama. I could easily rate it 8.5/10.

Let me present you the famous toast kiss:

I really need to sleep.

anonymous asked:

I am about to be an IB junior and I chose art for my 6th subject. All of us going into IB art were given a packet explaining our summer assignment which is to make 40 high quality IWB pages. But I still have no idea what an IWB page is supposed to be and none of my friends could explain to me what it is because most of them don't know either. I looked through the IWB tag on here and your account popped up so I was wondering if you could explain what exactly an IWB page is 😁

Hello anon! Kudos to you for doing the IB Program and chosing visual arts! Visual Arts has been one of my favorite classes of all time, and I’m grown so much as an artist from taking that class. Good luck to you and your classmates as well!

So your IWB is your investigative workbook, where all your planning for projects, research, and documentation of projects goes. (That’s how I see it, others may define it some other way.) 

NOTE: almost all of these steps should be done in your IWB, and if you try to work hard and thoughtfully about your work, you’ll definitely get 40 quality pages, or more! If you’re not enjoying your work and the process, my general rule of thumb is that you’re doing it wrong.

  1. Brainstorm ideas. Ask yourself: what do I want to achieve with this project? Set realistic goals for yourself. Is your project going to be something technical or more conceptual?
  2. Do preliminary research. Make sure when you do this you insert images and text and reference your sources. Research as in something that is relevant to your idea. Your research should have two components: an art history reference (artist, movement, style, etc.) and a cultural reference. For finding an art history reference I recommend asking yourself: has any artist dealt with the ideas/issues I’m trying to portray in my artwork? Is there an artist that I can learn a certain technique from? Is there an art movement that dealt with the ideas/issues I’m trying to portray in my artwork? Is there any artist I like, and want to know more about? For example: I wanted to work on my technical ability so I planned to do a still life. (Brainstorm) I then began to research famous still life painters, and found myself writing more than three pages on dutch still life painters. (Preliminary esearch) Often your research begins to lead you down a different path than your original idea, which is always a good thing. By the end of Year II (Senior Year) your work should be able to be technically, visually, and conceptually strong, along with it having personal relevance and cultural relevance. Much of the “culture” aspect comes from researching other artists/art movements. If you’re American, examiners love to see non-western art influences. As for a cultural reference this one is a little more tricky because it depends on how you (and the IB) define culture as. Maybe a good starting point for you would be to figure out what culture means to you, and what culture you may want to explore and how. Culture can mean an actual culture such as: consumer culture, Asian/African/Indian culture, or it can be a context in which your art is effected by. My “focus” or “theme” (which I’ll get to) ended up being “Intimacy” and what I found was that there are different forms of intimacy, and today’s definition of “intimacy” and the means by which we become intimate with others is changing due to technology. The IB is looking for you to reach out and look at large world issues, or concerns, and see how your artwork fits into that context.
  3. Start sketching and creating thumbnails. Your first idea/compositional sketch will not be the best, I guarantee you. My rule of thumb is to do a minimum of 3-5 thumbnail sketches, or more until I create a composition that isn’t: boring, typical, and enhances my idea. Some general tips to help you at this stage: 1.) Avoid completely frontal portraits: they’re very typical, and it shows creativity/skill if you show the face from a different angle. 2.) Don’t forget the background! If backgrounds are your weakness, work on them first. Simple colored or patterned backgrounds are very typical, and show that you didn’t really think much about the background. Think about it this way: your subject exists in what environment? I wish I had started out knowing that! 3.) Look at different compositions. If you’re doing a scene, look at how other artists have tried to portray the same thing (write about it with full documentation).
  4. Medium exploration. Depending on what your art background is, you may be confident in a certain medium, such as paint, or you may not be that experienced and have never tried paints before. For me, I had taken many art classes in school but wasn’t very comfortable with any medium. I started out first using ink and digital (such as Photoshop) then making a natural progression with: watercolors, photography, colored pencil, chalk pastels, acrylic paint, and oil pastels. If you’re really strong with using watercolors or collage, USE THEM. If not, take time to explore different mediums, and make projects centralized about trying to use that medium to the best of your ability. As time goes on you will be doing less medium exploration.
  5. The actual project. Make sure to pace yourself. Set reasonable goals for yourself too. Say: I’m going to finish drawing the face today, and tomorrow I’m going to start coloring. Watch out for due dates because crunching things in is really bad for your mental health and more often than not produces bad artwork. Make sure to take work in progress photo’s to print out and paste in your workbook later to show how you progressed.
  6. Documentation: Once a project is done, I document it in my IWB. A documentation page often looks like this:

    I put the title over the photo of the finished product, I write the date when I started and ended, what mediums I uses, the size in both inches and centimeters and the numbers of pages relating to the project. On average you should have AT LEAST 10 pages, more is always good for a project. I then write about the idea behind the project, and talk about my strengths/goals achieved with this project. NEVER EVER WRITE: “I don’t like it.” Be thoughtful about what you write in your IWB and your artwork, and if you don’t like the way it came out, why? What could you have done better? I also write about the process, including work in progress photos. At the end of each documentation, if not written earlier I write about what I could improve on and what I plan on doing next. My documentation is usually 1-2 full pages front to back.

That was probably a lot of information and if a lot of it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry! Hopefully it will! I don’t know how your IB Visual Art’s class in run where you are, but for me I was given a lot of freedom to choose my projects, along with some mandatory things we were assigned.

Some other helpful tips/things to be mindful of:

  • Make sure to print out clear pictures of whatever artist/movement/ reference photo/ etc and paste them into your book. Also, REFERENCE YOUR SOURCES. One great source for finding artists, movement, and cultural things is http://www.metmuseum.org/
  • Number all of your pages in the bottom right hand corner, and make sure you numbered them correctly. This will help when you begin to reference pages later.
  • Write the date in the upper hand right corner.
  • NEVER tear, rip out, skip, or cross out pages. Some pages might be really awful, but at the end of Year II you selected only your best, so don’t worry about anyone seeing those.
  • Don’t skip pages thinking you’ll go back to them and fill them in. Just do everything chronologically.

I hope my information was helpful. In order to get your 40 pages, this summer try to create at least 2-3 pieces of artwork! Good-luck to you! If you have any more questions feel free to ask!

Vicky Fucking Slutty Sister Meera - I

Fucking is hard to resist when your sister look so good! As it can be assumed from the title and from the first line this is about me being a dog with my elder sister Meera Didi who was nevertheless then a bitch. Yes…I have fucked my real sister…main apni saggi bahan ko Chod chuka hun aur wo bhi kai baar aur poori poori raat.

I am sure most readers won’t believe that it’s a true incident still I would say everything written here has happened as is, even the words we spoke to each other are almost word to word true. Introducing myself; I am Vicky, living in renowned city of eastern U.P. with my mom, dad and elder sister.

I am almost up with my graduation and my sister Meera Didi who is nearly two years elder than me is perusing her masters. As such I don’t have anything special to describe my past relation with Meera DidI, like most siblings we use to tease and fight with each other over tiny matters and as she was a girl child my parents were always partial to her.

Apart from this fact that we never got coincided over anything and she was always reason for me getting scolded by our Parents I was madly attracted to her. Being a virgin guy I was the kind who looks for sex in every girl and Meera Didi was exceptional among all my fantasy girls.

Must be Standing 5'3" or bit more, fair in color with good looking face Meera Didi has very seductive body. Flat belly, nice juicy tits; quite big in proportion of rest of her body, lovely ass mounds; plump, erotically spread and significantly protruding out from her back and very tempting thighs; silky smooth with lot of extra flesh.

Now while coming to the real experience I would say it all started when on one lucky day I came back home in the early evening I found my dad at home. He was sitting in the living room with a very serious gesture and then suddenly I heard mom screaming in anger in the other room.

I was shocked and tried to rush to the bedroom but Dad stopped me and after a minute he himself went into the bedroom and locked the door from inside. I stood outside and tried hearing whatever was running in the room and heard mom screaming over Meera Didi repeatedly and then suddenly I heard noise of 2-3 slaps in a row.

It was shocking, my dad has never scolded Meera Didi and he was hitting her and I heard mom was trying stopping dad. Initially I could not make out what all has actually happened but from mom’s spoken words like “tujhe sharm nahi aai ye sab karte hue” it was clear that Meera Didi has done some blunder which was unethical.

After a while I felt that Mom and Dad are about to come out and I moved from the door and sat down silently on the couch. They locked Meera Didi in the room and later while being behind the wall of their bedroom I silently heard dad saying mom that she has to take Meera Didi to the gynecologist to confirm and I got a clue that there is something related to sex

and next instant in response of dad’s thought of going to the specific consultant mom denied to take Meera Didi there and said that she is sure that she has done it and she will just give her medicine “rahne do…mujhe confirmed hai…isske bag mein Condoms mile hain isska matlab hai ye kar chuki hai…main bus issko dawai la kar khila dungi”

and my heart skipped a beat with a thought that Meera Didi has done real fucking. What next? Jealous, resentful and I went through lot of such feelings just with that thought. Like I said earlier Meera Didi was always my favorite fantasy, don’t know from how many years I was lusting over her;

Sala jab se lund khada hona shuru hua hai tab se Meera Didi ko dekhkar mooth mar raha tha aur ye apni chut kisi aur se marwa ke aa gayi hai! Seriously guys I was feeling so pissed off that I did not have meal in the night. That night mom slept with Meera Didi and me with Dad and throughout the night; till four, scene of Meera Didi getting fucked floated in front of my eyes.

I fantesized her getting fucked in all possible postures and masturbated thrice but my restlessness did not seem ending. Now what? I asked myself and decided that now somehow I too have to fuck her; ab Kuch bhi ho jaaye mujhe bhi Meera Didi ki Chut ke andar apna Lund daalna hi hai and I started planning for that.

Next day began as usual but not for Meera Didi, no mobile phone, no access to the computer and no collage, she was somewhat house arrested and when I moved out of the house to attend my collage she was yet not out of the room. Throughout the day in the collage I was restless; her face with fucking expressions were continuesly floating in front of my eyes.

I was dying to fuck her but I could not see the way to reach to her cunt, obviously how could I? Mom was having continues eye over her. Whatever at my end that day passed in day dreaming and finally somewhere around dinner time I got glimpse of my slutty sister and I was instantly hard like Iron rod.

Didi was wearing casual pajama with a t-shirt ending few inches below her waist and looking at her big round, plump ass I presumed that she has been fucked in doggy style that is why she has gone so wide at her bottom. Well finally dinner time also ended and once again we slept in same pattern, Mom with Meera Didi and me with Dad and once again I masturbated thrice till next morning.

By now my passion was bit subsided and I could see it will not be easy for me to fuck Meera Didi so easily but I was having some real nasty things to speak to her. Since beginning Meera Didi was brilliant in studies and she has always embarrassed me for my low grades and now I was thinking about getting even with her by embarrassing her over what she has done.

I wanted to speak out dirty with her but for that I had to alone with her, which was looking difficult to happen at the moment and two days passed just like that. In my parents presence I did not even talked to Meera Didi, actually over all environment of the house was gone so intense that nobody was talking to anybody casually and in that sequence Sunday came

and went and looking at her lovely ass and big breasts I did nothing except masturbating. I was thinking I will get solitude with her after few days when we will retain our actual sleeping pattern; Mom back to Dad and me with Meera Didi but to my good fortune I got that isolation with her on the very next day.

It was Monday and time was barely 11, I was in college and I got a call from my mom that I have to come back home immediately. I tried asking mom reason for that but she did not say anything and told me to do whatever she has said. I reached back home and found dad at home too.

Actually one of my father’s cousin brother was expired and both; mom and dad were going there with a plan of coming back home in the late evening and after giving me this information mom took me to the other room and gave me instruction to keep an eye on Meera Didi; Mom strictly told me that I cannot let her call anybody, also I cannot leave her alone in the house.

Here I must say Mom ko nahi patta tha ki unki beti hi nahi unka beta bhi ek number Harami hai. In last few years I don’t how many times we two have been alone at home but this time I was too excited also confident over whatever I was thinking to do and for next half an hour, till my parents left the home I prepared myself for behaving extremely shameless with my sister

and finally after around ten minutes of my parents exit I came to Meera Didi. Wearing Jeans and top I saw her laying on her bed over her belly. “Wow…what a wide ass she has…Saale ne ulta letta ke peeche se lee hogi…tabhi iski gaand itni chowdi ho gayi hai…..”. and after her ass next my eyes got stuck to her breasts and they too good in size

“Saale ne inko bhi Chus chus ke bada kar diya hai” anyway that was what all ran in my mind as I saw Meera Didi and in the mean time she looked up to see me 2-3 times and eventually to begin I told her that Mom has told me to keep an eye on her. “Mummy ne mujhe tumpar nazar rakhne ke liye kaha hai…” “Patta hai…”

laying over her body belly Meera DIdi was reading her courseware and she replied back without looking at me and I asked her that why that day mom and dad were screaming over her “kya hua ? Us din mummy papa tum per itna kyun chilla rahe the?” “Kuch nahi…bus aise hi chilla rahe the…”

she looked at me while replying but just for a fraction and again emerged her sight in the book and I told her that I know why they were screaming “Mujhe patta hai kyun chilla rahe the…” and she asked me back what do I know “Ok tell me kyun chilla rahe the…?” and suppressing my hesitation I spoke out what I wanted to speak to tease her

“Tum kahin se chudwa ke aai ho..issi liye chilla rahe the” “What??” and like I knew Meera Didi was shocked and before she would have further reacted over that I asked her with whom she has fucked in a same way “Tell me; kis se Chut marwai hai tumne apni…” and hearing that Meera Didi went mad over me.

Since beginning she has tendency to hit me and hearing my slang she instantly got up started hitting me blindly with both the hands. I never hit her back and that time too I did not and I just went away from her and once again teased her by asking “Mummy ko tumhare bag se condom mile hain…Marwane ke liye Condom bhi tum hi lekar jaati ho…?”

and before shutting the bedroom door she screamed over me “You asshole! Get lost from here”. I laughed and laughed and came out to the living room and switched on the television and for next half an hour it was just me and my thoughts. I was aroused because of what I just said to Meera Didi but I was realizing that if I have to fuck her I have to be her friend

and after some time as Meera Didi came out to get something from the fridge I said sorry to her “Didi… I am sorry…let’s be friends” and to my surprise Meera Didi accepted my apology instantly “Ok…let’s be friends…” and next instant when she requested me to let her call once I realized why she forgave me so casually “mujhe ek phone karna hai…please karne de”

Meera Didi requested me to let her make one call and I asked her to whom she would call and as she said she wants to talk to her friend Neeta I denied. Neeta; Meera Didi’s best friend was actually a spoiled girl and since beginning my parents never liked her and Neeta was the one who actually spoiled Meera Didi, that’s what Mom was telling dad.

Anyway as I denied for letting her call her friend Meera Didi looking into my eyes with smile sbe requested me again and my dirty mind came up with an idea of making a deal and I told her that I will let her call if she will reply back to my questions “theek hai per uske baad jo bhi main puchhunga tumko batana padega…”.

I intentionally did not asked her for her cunt straight away because I knew that she will not agree so easily and I was thinking about reaching there after few questions. Anyway like I needed Meera Didi agreed to my condition of answering my questions and I gave her my mobile and she spoke to her friend for around 10-15 minutes in solitude in her bedroom.

Although I tried a lot to listen her but I really failed and after adequate time I insisted her to close the call and Meera Didi closed the call and told me to be quick to ask whatever I want to know and using Hindi slang I once again came out in same way “Ab batao tum such mein kahin se apni Chut marwa ke aai ho?” though with bit of smile once again Meera Didi got crazy with my words

“Batameez…be sharam aise bolta hai apni badi bahan se…??” screaming over me once she once again started hitting me hard and holding her hands this time I reverted back “Haan…main aise hi bolta hun..ab bolo tumne sach mein apni Chut marwai hai…” and trying suppressing her smile she said yes in rude tone “Haan…to..tujhe kya?” and with that she released her wrists from me and got away.

“Tumhara koi boy friend hai…?” I asked her next question and she accepted casually “Haan mera Boy friend hai”. I was bit hard over cock and I was thinking what to ask next but Meera Didi walked out to the living room and sat down in front of television. I too sat down but on the opposite couch and in sarcastic tone she asked me if I want to know anything else

“aur kuch puchhna hai…?” and I shamelessly said yes and asked did it pained when penis was gone inside her cunt for the first time “pahli baar jab tumhari Chut mein Lowda gaya tha to tumhen dard hua tha…?” and once again my question brought undue smile over her face and she threw cushion to hit me.

“Bolo na…! jab tumhare boy friend ne pahli baar apna Lund tumhari Chut mein ghusaya tha to dard hua tha?” I asked same question again and as by now I was very hard over my crotch I adjusted my cock in front of Meera Didi and this time instead of throwing one at me she got up and started beating me with the cushion “Kutte Kamine… Haramjyade… Hua tha dard…”

she abused me but in the end she accepted that she had pain and while getting beaten once again I shamelessly asked did her cunt bleed too “Chut mein se khoon bhi nikala tha…” I was embarrising her and by now Meera Didi was gone bizzare in anger and continuation she accepted that too in same sort of words “Haan…Nikla tha meri Chut se khoon….! Haramkhor…!”

and I asked did she enjoyed too “mazza bhi aaya tha Chut marwane mein?” and she accepted that too “Haan mazza bhi aaya tha….” and with she threw the cushion away with which she was hitting me and turned to go away and I asked her to show me her cunt at least once “mujhe apni Chut ek baar dikha hi do…”

I was somewhat laying over couch and while beating me Meera Didi was standing and hearing that Meera Didi turned back and kicked me hard which fortunately did not injured me much and next instant I lured her by saying that I will also show her my Cock “Main bhi tumhen apna lund dikhaunga” “Bhaad mein jaa…Mujhe nahi dekhna tera Lund…”

saying go to hell she ridiculed my proposal and moved towards her room and I walked behind her and told her that right now I am going to masturbate on her name “Main tumhare naam ki mooth maarne jaa raha hun…” by now Meera Didi was somewhat immune to my vulgar Hindi words and in same fashion she teased me saying that I can only masturbate “tu sirf mooth hi maar sakta hai…!”

and I replied saying that I can fuck her too, she just has to say yes “main tumhen Chod bhi sakta hun…tum bus ek baar haan bol do…” “jaa jaa bada aaya mujhe chodne wala…” and with that she went into her room and locked it from inside. I was restless like never before and I despiratly to do something and I don’t know how it came in my mind, and I took weird step,

standing outside the room I released my lowers down: both jeans and underwear and while jerking my rod I started banging the door. Like I knew within couple of minutes Meera Didi got irritated with continues bang and as she unbolted the door leaving my jeans and underwear outside the room, on the floor I entered in the room.

“Didi Ye dekho mera Lund…” I was totally naked at my lower half and jerking back and forward by now I was gone hardest of my life and looking me in that state for an instant Meera Didi cried in shock, she ran away to the other corner of the room and looking at my huge cock screamed over me “battmeez… bahar nikal…”

and saying that she started throwing things over me and I teased her saying sarcastic that she can take someone else cock in her cunt but she do not want to see her brother’s cock “Wah…tum dusre ka Lund apni Chut mein le sakti ho…aur apne bhai ka Lund dekhna bhi nahi chahti”

and my words enhanced her anger and next instant don’t know from where she found my cricket bat and as she moved ahead to hit me I backed off “tumhara kabhi bhi Chut marwane ka man kare to batta dena…sharmana matt…. main maar dunga…“ saying that with a giggle I moved out of her reach.

Oh God…! I was never so hard and next sitting on the couch I openly started jerking my cock back and forward to masturbate. I was expecting that very soon Meera Didi will once again come out and seeing me masturbating she might get charged but she did not came out and I too did not shagged my load and waited for her on the couch partially naked for long.

One hour passed and after getting back in clothes I started hunting to eat something and knocked Meera Didi for the lunch and she came out. I ate sitting in the living room with a television and she went into the bedroom with her food. Next after 15-20 minutes, after ending her meal Meera Didi came out and told me that she has to make another call.

“Mujhe ek phone aur karna hai…” “Same condition….! You have to answer my questions, par achhe se jwab dena…taaki mera Lund Khada ho jaaye…” “Tu kitna Kamina hai…!” she spoke sarcastic and with a smile I inserted my hand in my lower to please my cock.

“Ok…accepted” Meera Didi agreed and asked me for my phone and I told her that this time she has to answer my question first and she agreed to that too. “pahli baar tumhare friend ne tumhen kaise choda tha…neeche letta ke ya peechhe se…Kutia banna ke…” I took out my cock from my lower and asked her first time in which posture her boy friend fucked her,

while being on her top or from behind in doggy style and looking at my cock with a tiny smile she replied back saying first time she was fucked while laying under and second time she was on the top “pahli baar neche letta ke…fir dusri baar main oopar baith gayi thi…” “Ok…kab se chudwa rahi ho…?” means from how long she is fucking and she said from two months.

By now my cock was at its best and no hesitation I was jerking it back and forward hard and fast in front of Meera Didi. Whatever my next question was does she suck his cock but in same Hindi slang “Tum uska Lund bhi chusti ho….” And Meera Didi accepted that she suck “Haan…Chusti hun”.

I must say this time Meera Didi was replying to my questions without reflecting any annoyance and best part was that her eyes were again and again getting stuck to my cock. “Mere cock ka size achha hai na…?” next I asked if size of my cock is good and for an instant Meera Didi went silent and with a tiny smile she looked into my eyes with arbitrary anger and I insisted her to reply

"Bolo… achha hai ya nahi?” and Meera Didi smiled beautifully. “Haan achha hai” finally she replied in yes and before that I was ready with a next question "Logi apni Chut mein…?” “Nahi…!” means will you take it in your cunt and she came out with a straight No. Next I requested her to suck it little bit and she once again denied “Thoda sa Chus hi do” “Nahi”.

“Achha…sirf apne haath se meri mooth hi maar do” “No…way…with me you can do just sex chat…” I don’t know what do they say in English in Hindi we call it Bhagte bhoot ki langot pakadna, somehow I was trying to make something, if not fucking then sucking and if not even sucking then at least masturbation but Meera Didi said no to all and in the end asked me my mobile, to make a call.

I was thinking that once again she will speak to her best friend but this time she wanted to talk to her boy friend. For an instant I thought about saying no to it but in the end gave her my mobile and she once again moved into the bedroom to speak to her boy friend in solitude.

I wanted to follow her, to listen her talk but I relaxed down on the couch and continued jerking my cock in urge of cumming. I was thinking about shagging my load with my own hands but suddenly my fate changed.

To my surprise Meera Didi came back in hardly five minutes and sitting on three sitter couch called me saying that she will make me happy and after a pause added that she will masturbate me “aaja main tujhe khush kar deti hun…apne haathon se teri mooth maar deti hun…” and I was pleasantly surprised but before moving close to her I asked her what does she want now

“kya hua….?? ab kya kaam hai?” and Meera Didi spoke out that she wants to meet her boy friend “Mujhe apne boy friend se milne jaana hai” “Not possible…” I denied instantly and Meera Didi lured me “Imagine kar main tera Lund apne haathon mein lekar achhe se hilaungi…you will enjoy so much…!” already out of my lower I was holding my cock in my hand and with her words it went harder.

I was dying for something like this to happen with me, still I could not dare to accept her condition, I knew that if anyhow my parents will come to know that I have allowed Meera going out of the house alone and that is to meet her boy friend then I will be killed and I suggested her to speak to her boy friend for as long as she wants

“Tum jitni der chaho uss se phone per baat kar low…” “Nahi…mujhe uss se milna hai…” “No….! bahut risk hai..agar Dad ko pata chal wo mujhe maar daalenge…” “Risk hai per tujhe aisa mauka dobara nahin milega…” and saying that Meera Didi came forward and suddenly touched my bare thighs and I groaned in amazing sensation.

“Didi please karo na…” “Aise nahin…pahle promise kar…ki tu mujhe jaane dega…” “Papa mujhe bahut marenge…” “kisi ko pata bhi nahin chalega….I will be back within an hour” and with that once again Meera Didi touched my thighs and I groaned again. I must say by now for me it was impossible to resist and I agreed to Meera Didi but with a condition that will go along.

Meera Didi gave a thought to my condition for a moment and finally came out with OK and behaving smart next instant I told her that masturbating just once is not enough and asked for do it five times “per sirf ek baar masturbate karne se nahin chalega…total paach baar karna padega” and Meera Didi got annoyed “jyada smart mat bann…sirf ek baar karungi…”

and sensing her desperation I stayed firm over 5 times “Nahi paanch baar” and she agreed for twice “Fine…two times…ek baar abhi…dusri baar wapis aakar” and I tried bargaining for three times but Meera Didi did got rigid and finally I agreed for twice; once just then and next after coming back home after meeting her boy friend.

Next Meera Didi once again took my phone and called her boy friend to fix the time and venue and eventually sat down on the floor in front of me while giving strict instruction that I cannot touch her or she will kill me, “Tu…mujhe touch nahin karega….nahi to main tujhe jaan se maar dungi”. I accepted and my eyes got stuck under her face.

Wow her breasts were too good, while sitting on couch and she on the floor I was getting glimpse of her cleavage and next praising size of her breasts I requested her to show bit of her breasts “Didi tumhare Boobs bahut bade-bade hain…thode se dikhao na…!” and looking at me with smile she opened bit of neck of her top “Le dekh le…”

and now I could clearly see her thick deep cleavage with bit of her white bra cups holding her huge melons tight.“Wow…!” “Kamina..!” I wowed in delight and Meera Didi abused me with a smile. Hardest of my life by now my cock was standing in front of Meera Didi’s eyes and without touching me she asked me if I am ready “Ready…?” and I said yes in desperation “Sure…?”

she teased me and I went further restless “Haan…ab jaldi karo…” and with a chuckle she confirmed again “Pakka…?” “Haan pakka…” I cried over her and she giggled. “Ahhh….” finally I hissed in delight, Meera Didi took my cock in her hand softly while looking at my facial expressions and once again abused me “Haramkhor…apni bahan se mooth marwa raha hai…”

and I smiled over her words while puffing in delight. To begin Meera Didi moved her soft hands all around my crotch and I moaned erotically. Next slowly she grabbed my rod in her fist and started moving up and down and I gasped in delight and to enhance my pleasure she started caressing my balls.

I was going crazy, closing my eyes I was moaning and gasping like a mad and suddenly Meera Didi spoke out so erotic “Mere chhote se bhai ka Lund to bahut bada ho gaya hai…. Ab issko ek Chut Chahiye Chodne ke liye…” “Ahhh……” her words drove me further crazy and while puffing I too spoke out erotic “Aur wo Chut tumhari hai…tum dekhna ek din main tumhari hi Chut Chodunga”.

By now I was highly excited and next instant I asked Meera Didi to jerk me hard and fast and Meera Didi started yanking me faster. “Aur Tez karo….Aur Tez….” just few seconds and I cried desperately while clenching my teeth, I was rising fast and suddenly Meera Didi changed the movement and instead of moving my cock up and down she started twisting my rod hard

and fast between her both the palms and just in few seconds pressure inside me increased tremendously and my moans changed, they got shriller and sharper but Meera Didi did not stopped, she kept on grinding my rod between her palms and suddenly things went beyond my tolerance and I started crying like hell “bus….bus…ruk jao…ruk jaaoo…ho gaya ho gaya…”

by now entire blood of my whole body was running through my penis and I was at the verge of cumming but doing opposite instead of stopping Meera Didi started grinding my Cock faster and with a shudder over my belly I cried in strange sensation. I pushed her and next instant Meera Didi stopped rolling my cock but kept on holding and with a quiver volcano inside me erupted vigorously.

Finally with a husky gasp I spewed out thick shower of my sticky jizz and it was so rapid and so much in quantity that even after trying her best Meera Didi failed to prevent her hands getting dirty. “ Tu kya mujjhe Chodega…Tera to ek hi minute mein paani chhut gaya…” Meera Didi teased me while wiping her hand from my t-shirt and I was not in state to say anything in reply.

Ufff…“ What a shag it was, too good and with a sticky gunk all around I was completely spoiled over my crotch. Anyway next Meera Didi got up and before going to change her clothes told me to get up and get ready to move out to meet her boy friend and soon I was sitting behind while Meera Didi was driving the scooty to reach to the particular mall.


• your first impression of soonyoung was that he was such an amazing dancer and not to mention his sense of humour PERFECT PACKAGE RIGHT THERE
• he asked you out with so much aegyo omg it was insane. he was so cute that you couldn’t say no even if you wanted to! he came up to you with like that small sheepish smile of his and just agh so cute. he seemed like he was cool, calm and collected, but on the inside he was freaking out bc OMG THIS IS IT SOONYOUNG ITS MAKE IT OR BREAK IT.
• he’d bring out a bouquet of flowers and a big teddy bear and bat his eyes and pout
• until you say yes and then he’d smile and pull you into a bone crushing hug bc THIS BOY IS SO HAPPY
• and for your first date, he didn’t take you out anywhere, you two just stayed inside watching movie marathons, pigging out on pizza and playing board games. and you two playfully fought with each other over who got the last slice of pizza and you let him have it bc he did aegyo on you AND GOD DANGIT HIS AEGYO so he got to it first but he split it bc he felt bad and didn’t want to see you frown ;;-;; you two played twister and your body parts were tangled with each other’s then you collapsed on top of him and just stared into each other’s eyes and it was so cute omg
• nicknames with hoshi would consist of really weird embarrassing things like ‘dumpling, blossom, HOT STUFF AHAHA’
• then you have to like cover his mouth with your hand before he said anything else, bc the members already tease u about the nicknames, no need to make it worse !!
• as for your first kiss, he was teaching you the ‘mansae’ choreography one day in the practice room and you fell and he caught you just in time AND IT WAS THE FIRST TIME HOSHI WAS SERIOUS ABOUT KISSING U INSTEAD OF HIS USUAL TEASING. like your faces just got closer and closer until BAM
• then some of the members walked in to practice then saw you two and you got all blushy and hoshi went back to his usual self and laughed away the embarrassment.
• only does skinship to get you flustered bc it makes him laugh and soonyoung loves to laugh.
• “y-yah, soonyoung! why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
• “why? you like it, right? i know you do, look how red your getting!”
• neck kisses yes. you thought he’s only capable of being cute? HAHAHA NO this bOY CAn BE SO SEXY !!
• his favourite hug is hugging you really tight and even wrapping his legs around you and clinging on you like a koala as you waddle around trying to go about your daily business but can’t bc this boy is making it pretty difficult, especially when his face is always trying to get a kiss to go with the hug.
• pouts like a baby and tugs at your arm a lot when he wants your affection bc he knows how much you fall for his aegyo lmao
• o and did I mention he tries to do aegyo on you to get what he wants
• “can we get this jagi?”
• “no.”
• “pleaaaaaaase? *aegyo*”
• “n-… god damn it, fine.”
• “;)))))”
• soonyoung loves to dance with you, he doesn’t care if you suck or your amazing, all he cares about is dancing with you. he feels dancing is a way of conveying words that haven’t been said so he likes to express himself to you through his dancing and you thinks it’s the most amazing thing ever bc he’s doing the thing he loves to do something for you.
• but if he loves dancing with you, he LIVES for pranking you! he’s constantly thinking of new ways to prank you, like one time he did the classic bucket of water in a doorway prank and you got so upset with him bc it got you absolutely drenched and everyone was laughing at you.
pretty much ignored him for most of the day lol
• but you always end up smiling again bc soonyoung cheers you up win his animal hand imitations.
• “soonyoung! stop! I’m trying to be mad at you!”
• also the camera King, he takes photos of anything of interest and sends them to you bc he thinks you need to see dk’s sock.
• dislikes people being upset, it really brings the mood down and is like a virus which really is depressing for him which is why he always tries to keep the mood light and happy.
• secretly gets serious when he looks at you when your not looking and just appreciates the way you converse with other people and the way you do everything you do like he loves you so much and how did he get so lucky ??????? ;;-;;
• but when you look at him he immediately pretends that he hadn’t just been crying bc ur too perfect and goes back to his funny self.
• has an addiction to apples, he’ll try sneak apples to everything he eats like even ice cream.
• “is it really necessary to pair apples with everything?”
• “yah! if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine what’ll happen if I eat 10 apples!”
• would probably buy an entire shop if he isn’t stopped lol
• he gets jealous pretty easily bc he’s v protective of you in both a manly and childish way. how dare someone try flirt with his jagi? HIS jagi???????? sometimes he’d misinterpret the situation and get extremely clingy to show who you were really with but you get confused bc why is he being jealous of someone asking for your McDonalds order?
• but if the event does come where he’d have to protect you, soonyoung would do it all seriousness. although he likes to joke around, your safety is not some joke to him.
• probably scare them with his taekwondo skills omg
• soonyoung took it upon himself to make a very well made collage of his face for your phone background, you would’ve changed it but he threatened you and said that he’d tell the members that you fart in your sleep.
• his phone background his a photo of you but was personally edited by him so that it had hearts all around it and arrows pointing to ur face saying MINE and stuff you started to blush so hard when you first saw it and soonyoung smiled proudly.
• one of his favourite memories with you was the time you two were walking together from the practice room and it was really late but you hadn’t seen soonyoung at all in the passed week and soonyoung felt bad so he forced you out of your couch to have a midnight stroll with him but all of a sudden it started to pour with rain and soonyoung just laughed, took your hand and pulled you close to him and you two just slow danced in the rain it was the most romantic Thi ever omg
• “we’re gonna catch a cold after this.”
• “at least we’ll have one together.”
• he will give you anything you want and be the nicest little bun in the world ONLY if you pay him back with hugs and kisses bc that’s how kwon soonyoung works yall
• despite his happy front that he has, soonyoung does get down at times. especially since his roll as performance team leader, it’s very pressurising. he’d be up till the wee hours of the morning just to finish choreographing, and get little sleep during the day. it’s really worrying but it’s even worse to see him get upset over the fact that his choreography isn’t “the best it can be”. you always stop him and tell him he wouldn’t be the performance team leader of they knew he wasn’t good enough, and that he WAS performance leader which meant that he WAS good enough.
• and he’d just smile tiredly to you and like say what would I do without u OUCH MY HEART ;;-;;
• since he only comes home really late, he’d usually find you sleeping on the couch bc you were trying to stay up for him and he’d just laugh and pick you up bridal style and lay you down in bed and kiss your forehead and stare and stare until he falls asleep.
• fights with soonyoung is kind of frightening, you rarely ever see him mad and when he’s directing the anger to you is really terrifying. so in your first fight you distanced yourself from him bc you were scared of the reaction he gave to you.
• it broke his heart to see that you were scared of him and he apologised almost immediately.
• “please don’t be scared jagiya, I’m still me.”
• you love soonyoung and he damn well loves you back, you guys will go through so many bumps along the road but you know it’s all worth it because being with him is the best reward in the world.

“I woke up, even in dreams baby I still dream of chasing you, what should I do? There is no girl/boy like you I can’t control these feelings” -soonyoung~~~

mindyfordave-deactivated2016010  asked:

Pregnant Beth headcanons ♥♥♥♥

yoooooooooooooo das it, das it 

  • She loves maternity clothes more than anything else, she started using them the second she find out she was pregnant.
  • Also, she gets pretty much spoiled by her husband. At first it was kinda weird because Chris is super shy and sometimes, awkward af, but the moment he knew she was pregnant, he decided she should be even more worshipped in his house.
  • Since she can’t drink coffee, she spends her days playing computer games until she can’t because her belly kinda gets in the way.
  • Beth started learning a lot of things during her vacations for motherhood time. She read all Beck’s articles and investigations, she also learned a lot of stuff researching the terms she didn’t get and is pleased to notice she can understand perfectly (or almost perfectly) some of the things Chris tells her about his day.
  • Everyone knows her in the NASA Private Hospital, the nurses are always entering Beck’s office when she is there to ask if she wants something.
  • Usually, her cravings are junk food and Chris has to make sure these things doesn’t have anything that could affect her or the baby.
  • Sometimes, she sends him texts asking if “are those cheetos gonna kill us?” “just don’t eat the entire bag” and then, 30 minutes latter he reads “ups”. He actually doesn’t mind, unless is too much of something that can become a problem.
  • Her mom is a pain in the ass. Don’t get her wrong, she is just trying to help but she is one of those persons that doesn’t know how to say things without sounding mean and Beth is starting to forget how to be polite to her mother. When they got into a fight, Beth told Chris it was because of her hormones and Beck just looked at her but say anything.
  • As a matter of fact, her hormones are not a problem. If she cries watching Pacific Rim because “little Mako just lost her family, It’s so horrible!”, it has nothing to do with her pregnancy. 
  • It has everything to do with it.
  • She lets Vogel’s and Martinez’s (and fine, Mark) kids draw cute doodles on her belly when they reunite to celebrate her pregnancy.
  • Her best friend, an old friend for collage and roomie, make her a baby shower and verbally fight Lewis on how it was going to be. At the end, it went really good and Mark and Marissa won almost all the games.
  • Marissa and Vogel’s wife are always telling her different things about parenting and recovery after the pregnancy, she smiles at them and thanks them for it. But she always ends up asking Chris everything.
  • Chris has become and expert at three things now: 1) Pregnancy and health care for the future mother, 2) Painting (”The baby’s room should be a neutral color!” “Yellow then” “Or let’s paint it pink? No one should judge a pink room, is just a color!” “… I just paint it yellow last week” “LET’S PAINT THE BABY’S ROOM BLACK WITH STARS STICKERS THAT SHINE IN THE DARK!” “BETH, YOU TOLD ME TO PAINT IT BLUE WITH CLOUDS!” “YOUR BABY WANTS A SPACE ROOM!”) and 3) Which stores are open at 2, 3 or 6 am.
  • Her biggest weapon is “your baby wants it!” and Chris is weak, man. He really is weak.
  • Mark makes fun of it. And he has declared he is the baby’s favorite uncle because he felt a kick once while touching Beth’s belly. So he is the only one who doesn’t know they consider his name if the baby is a boy.
  • Beth let her hair grow for years and she cut it pixie style for her pregnancy and there isn’t a day she says she hates it. Chris loves it anyway.
  • She wanted the birth to be natural and show strength while giving birth, she didn’t cry even when it was obvious it hurted like hell. But she cried when Chris put their baby on her chest for a couple of minutes before the cleaning. She just felt incredible happy and full of joy when she felt her baby’s tiny body against her chest and the way the baby fit perfectly with her. 
  • And because he knows she isn’t good talking about feelings, Chris doesn’t say anything when they are alone until she starts talking fast about that sensation and ended crying even more.
  • She cried the first time she saw Chris holding their baby.
  • Then, they discovered she was even more hormonal after the birth than during the pregnancy.

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A More “Effy” Bedroom

Anonymous said:
how would you imagine effy’s bedroom to look if it reflected her personality more?

Anonymous said:
since effys rooms isnt really a good representation of her… how do you think it would be decorated in ways that symbolize effy? I feel that the only things in her rooms through out the show were the sex collages & vodka bottles lol

Anonymous said:
You said ‘Effy’s entire bedroom isn’t very Effy’ and I completely agree. So if you had to design an Effy-esque room (that actually represented her personality) what would it look like? Thanks!

Anonymous said:
hey im sorry if you already got my question and youre just putting an answer together at the moment, im not trying to pester you! :) but incase it didnt send the first time: What would effy’s bedroom look like if it reflected her personality more? xx

While Effy’s generation 1 room is a pretty good reflection of her, her generation 2 bedroom has always looked to me like a bedroom for the daughter Anthea wished she had.  Above are some interiors that I think suit Effy’s personality much better.  I also have a post on bedding for Effy’s style here.

I kind of love the idea of Effy having a room that’s filled with clutter- posters and paintings and books and just stuff everywhere.  Effy’s mind seems to be a cluttered and chaotic place, but she keeps it all bottled up.  I like the idea that maybe her bedroom is a place where she feels safe to let all of those things out into the world, because it’s her space and nobody else will ever see it. 

Crossing Knives, Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining

Here we go again! I know I said I’d try writing shorter chapters and updating more often… but my brain disagreed with that idea, so this chapter is 4000 words long and a couple of weeks late. Oh well…

There are several new characters on this chapter, so later today I’ll do another post with some photo collages and face claims. Just so you know what everybody looks like. I promise less introduction and more action in chapter 3!

Credit note: the tattoos that adorn Tom’s skin in the story, including his trademark knife and fork, belong in real life to Chef Michael Voltaggio. Every time you see a tattooed arm in one of my images, it’s really MV.

Very special thanks to my lovely beta theothercourse. You’re the best.

All kinds of feedback and comments are welcome, positive and negative. Thank you for reading!

Chapter 2: Gourmet Appetizers and Al Fresco Dining    

It was the end of a busy evening at the small but modern kitchen of Band of Brothers. Dinner service was almost over, which meant that the busiest person in the building was Connor, the pastry chef. He assembled with exquisite care the last three desserts of the night, with the assistance of one of the cooks. A moment later, two sets of pistachio financiers and one delicious looking butterscotch pudding were ready to go, and the young man made a sign for the servers to take away the plates.

“You really outdid yourself today, my boy. They look so pretty that the eaters are going to be too gobsmacked to eat them!” said Birdie, the woman who had been helping him with the dessert course. After more than thirty years working as a line cook in several restaurants, she was an expert at her job, despite never having set foot in a culinary school. Her permanent smile and cheerful voice, in her trademark Eastern European accent, had helped her become the most beloved member of the restaurant’s staff. Not even Chef Tom on his bad days (of which he had been having quite a lot lately) dared to utter a bad word when Birdie was in the kitchen.

“Birdie, love, you’ve helped me with these a hundred times… I’m sure I could leave any moment and you’d be able to make all the desserts without any help”, answered Connor, undoing the collar of his chef coat with a tired smile. “But I’m glad we’re finished. Tom has been especially grouchy today, I’ll be glad to leave before he gets out of Luke’s office. I wonder what are they talking about… I swear I heard them shouting at each other a minute ago.”

“Not grouchy, my boy… hungover. I bet that chap has been partying again, and Mr. Windsor is telling him off.” Birdie sighed, with her eyes fixed on her boss’s office door. “I wonder how he can cook like that after getting pissed every night.”

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glendorama  asked:

Hey Alex! I've just started drawing again for the first time since high school, inspired in no small part from stumbling upon your fantastic blog and your lovely style. How did you get started drawing? you can't have just suddenly put pen to paper and come out with such gorgeous drawings. Also, could you recommend any illustration resources, websites, pose reference libraries for a newbie like myself to refine my sense of form and figure for a more cartoonish style? Thanks loads!


Thank you very much! The idea of my work inspiring anyone is truly wonderful to hear! I am happy to hear you have decided to pick up a pencil once more!

As It happens, I didn’t start trying to draw until I was nearly 18. I was in my last year at high school (6th form college) in England studying Physics, Electronics, Biology and Business studies when I saw Spirited Away for the first time and I just had to start drawing, painting and telling stories.

I dropped Physics and Electronics and picked up Art, and promptly almost failed out of school. Not one to be deterred, I managed to get into an Art collage in the USA (Savannah Collage of Art and Design) and continued to be bottom of the class for almost my entire run through school, the other kids just had so much more experience than me, and plenty more natural talent.

It wasn’t until my final year that I managed to make significant gains, and that only happened because I made one fundamental change to my daily routine. Ever since I had started drawing back in my teens, I had kept a sketch book. I was convinced I wouldn’t be any good until I could do one good drawing a page, like many of my art heros could. I finally got sick and tired of being disappointed and frustrated with my inability to do this one ‘simple’ thing and I thought “If I can’t do one good drawing a page, I will do a hundred crappy drawings and maybe one will be half decent”

It was slow going, I really didn’t think i was making any progress for months. It wan’t until I started looking back at my old sketches that I started to see how far I had come. That helped me to stop comparing myself to other artists I had idolized, and start reflecting on my personal gains, where I had been and where I was heading.

So with that long rant in mind, the only real thing I can suggest is to draw. Draw draw draw. I still practice for at least an hour every day before I start work. Either in a coffee shop or by using:


And most importantly, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be as good as the artists you aspire to be like. Just set attainable goals (e.g. I will do 30 mins of gestures 5 days a week) and don’t worry about how your drawings are turning out. The important part is doing them. Then look back after a month, maybe two months and I think you will see a big difference.

I’m sorry that was a bit of a long one, but I really hope that helps!

I wish you the best of luck,

Take care,


p.s. I hope you don’t mind that I respond publicly, I get asked similar questions a lot and think that might help a few others. I am happy to delete this post if you don’t want this question out there.