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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 597
summary : Kai and Reader’s five year old daughter has a couple of questions , making both her parents freak out a little.
note : (to the anon who requested it) not sure if thats what you wanted but i hope you like it ☺❤
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Kai turned to his side in his sleep reaching his hand for his wife. It had been six years since they had become a couple and a little over five years since their baby daughter had been born. When Y/N and Kai had first met they hadn’t been friends at all , in fact they had barely been able to stand each other. Always teasing and finding a way to annoy the other until one night at the Grill not too long after the merge when some guy had tried to put his hands on Y/N without her consent and Kai had intervened. After that things between them had changed completely and they had finally seen the truth , realising they love each other.
   "D-daddy !“ giggled their daughter. “You are tickling me !”
   "Wh-what ?“ he said sleepily , slowly opening his eyes. “What are you doing here sweetheart ? When did you get here?”
   "I had a nightmare.“ mumbled the little girl almost jumping on top of him. Grace’s small hands wrapped around his neck , dragging along her favourite stuffed toy. “There was a monster under my bed and it came out and tried to hurt us.”
   "Awwh princess.“ he said softly wrapping his arms around her. “It was just a dream. You know daddy would never let anything happen to you or mom. I love you both so much and I will always protect you both , no matter what.”
Grace sighed looking at her dad while holding Mr. Pebbles , her stuffed bear which she took with her literally everywhere. Kai and Y/N had gotten it the day their baby girl had been born. They had been in the toy store when Grace decided it’s time for her to show up and brighten up her parents life. His little girl looked so sad and scared he had to do something to cheer her up and since it was a little too early for cookies or her favourite chocolate chip pancakes , he went with the next best thing he could think of.
   "Bop.“ he said tapping her nose, seeing her smile for a second. “Bop , bop.”
   "Daddy -“ she laughed when he started poking her stomach and tickling her. ”- stop.“
   "You know , laughter scares the monsters away. So if you laugh instead of being scared , the monsters won’t ever get you.”
   "Really ?“
   "Yes and Mr. Pebbles - ” he said , seating her stuffed bear in between them “ - is a superhero. He is here to protect you too.”
Kai hid his face behind the bear and took his paw , blowing a kiss to Grace while changing his voice.
   "That is true. I will protect my Y/N always and forever.“
   "See , told you.”
Grace started laughing , taking Mr. Pebbles from her dad’s arms and hugging him tight while Kai hugged her. He loved listening to her laugh. It was one of his most favourite sounds in the world - along with her mother’s laugh and both their heart beats. Those sounds always gave him hope and he knew as long as he has them - everything will be perfect.
   "I love love love you princess.“ he said kissing her cheek.
Y/N stirred in her sleep hearing laughter around her , unable to separate it from her dream for a moment. Then the sounds became clearer as she started to wake up. Slowly Y/N opened one of her eyes at first , taking a peek. Their daughter was almost sitting on Kai’s chest with her tiny hands on his cheeks pushing them together while he made funny faces to make her laugh.
Grace’s laugh was everything - echoing in the house every minute of every day , never letting sadness or even the hint of it creep inside. Their little girl had become their own personal sun since the moment she had been born and there were no words to describe how much she and her dad loved her.
   "Are you having a hugging party in the middle of the night without me ?” laughed Y/N, snuggling closer to the two most important people in her life. “Because if so - ”
Kai blew his cheeks , bringing his eyes together for a second watching his little girl laugh even louder when he started tickling her and his arms wrapped around her tight. He laughed and Grace rolled onto the bed between her parents. Y/N kissed her cheek and wrapped her arms around her at the same time he wrapped his arms around them from the other side and they all cuddled together. Her dad kept tapping Grace’s nose , tickling her and his wife for a while until Grace somehow fell asleep between them.
   "I love watching you like this. Daddy and daddy’s little girl.“ whispered Y/N , intertwining her fingers with her husbands. "Can’t believe what a big goofball you have turned into.”
   "I can’t help it.“ he whispered back. "Grace brings out my goofball side even more than you. Remember that time we were at the Salvatore’s when you didn’t like me yet , or you liked me and acted like you didn’t -”
   "Kai - “
   ” - and you were supposed to watch me for a few hours and I kept following you around the house until you smashed that piece of pie on my face just to get me to stop following you ?“
   "I remember it the other way around. You were the one who smashed pie in my face.”
   "Well , yeah , but only after you smashed a piece in mine.“
   "That never happened.” she laughed.
   "I have the shirt to prove it.“
Y/N’s expression froze on the spot. "Wait , you still keep the shirt I stained that day — stained ? Oh God –”
   "You are going to yell at me aren’t you?“ he whispered. "Look , its an important shirt. That was the first time you actually laughed at something I did. Now that I think back , maybe that was the exact moment I fell for you. How am I not going to keep the shirt ?! Wait — w-where are you going ?”
Carefully Y/N slipped off the bed with Kai’s eyes following her around the room. He watched her kneel down to open the last drawer of the dresser , searching for something in there. About 6 years ago , not too long before the moment at the Grill that changed both their lives , Damon had almost forced her to keep an eye on Kai while he goes to talk to Bonnie in an attempt to get her to forgive Kai. Her husband kept following her around the house , making jokes and trying to get her to laugh while checking out every single thing in the living room and annoying her off the charts. A couple of hours later Y/N had gotten hungry and had gone to the kitchen thinking that maybe she had ditched Kai somewhere on the way. Her fingers had gotten some frosting on them while cutting the pie and he had grabbed her hand , licking her fingers clean. Instead of slapping him , she had smashed her piece with pie in his face. Until that day she could still see Kai’s startled expression seconds before a piece of pie got smashed in her face and they had both started laughing. When Damon had come back , both Kai and Y/N had had pie stains on their shirts and neither of them appeared to care much or wanted to explain what had happened.
   "Y/N ?“ he whispered.
When Y/N didn’t answer he glanced at Grace curled up with Mr. Pebbles on their bed , pulled the covers over her and got off the bed. His wife appeared to be so lost in her thoughts she didn’t even hear him walk behind her until his arms wrapped around her as he knelt on the ground , nearly scaring her to death.
   "What are you looking for?” he whispered. “Sorry, I thought you heard me coming.”
   "I am a witch not a vampire , remember ?“ she teased , reaching her hand to the back of the drawer pulling out a blue plastic bag. A smile spread across her face and she glanced at Kai who already had a suspicion as to what was inside.
   "You kept yours too ? And you never told me ?”
   "I guess we are more in sync than any of us thought.“ she smiled at him. "Why do I think I love coconut cream pie so much ? I always hated it until -”
   ”- I smashed it on your face.“ he laughed. “You remember what I did after that?”
Y/N turned towards him licking his cheek , just like he had that day except back then there had been frosting there. Kai’s arms wrapped tighter around her and he knocked her onto the ground with him on top.
   "I claimed you as mine back then and now - “ he whispered smiling while trying not to wake up their daughter. ” - I can’t imagine where I’d be without you or Grace in my life.“
   "There would’ve been someone else you would’ve fallen for - ”
   "No.“ he said serious. "No , there never would’ve been anyone else. It’s you and only you and it was only ever going to be you.”
Y/N smiled at him pulling him down for a kiss. Six whole years together and Kai still took her breath away every single minute of every single day. That has never changed and it was never going to change.
   "It was only ever going to be you too.“ she whispered gazing into his eyes.


    "Daddy , can I get a ride ?” said Grace jumping up and down on the bed , making the feathers from one of the ripped pillows on the floor float in the air. “Please please -”
   "Of course baby girl.“ Kai laughed , walking to the bed turning his back towards her. Grace hooked her hands around his neck and her legs around him with his help. Mr. Pebbles was lucky enough to get a piggy back ride downstairs too and Y/N couldn’t resist taking a picture of them laughing. Her dad let her sit on one of the chairs and started on the pancakes.
   "You are spoiling her.” she said wrapping her arms around him from behind. “What about me ?”
   "Awwh is someone jealous ?“ he turned towards her with an amused look on his face. "You do know you can get a ride whenever you want right ?”
Y/N shot him a warning glance and started laughing, glancing at their daughter while pouring herself a cup with coffee. Grace was sitting on the table playing with Mr. Pebbles – and by the looks if it they were having a tea party. It was absolutely incredible how big their baby girl’s imagination was. Sometimes she’d play all by herself for hours , doing puzzles or just having tea parties with all her toys.
   "Emily said that she is going to have a sister to play with soon.“ said Grace , looking up at her parents. "Can I get a sister too ?”
Y/N and Kai glanced at each other for a second while he kept flipping chocolate chip pancakes in the air. How do you explain a five year old that technically her father is not exactly alive and even if they wanted to - there was no way for her to have a brother or a sister. Their daughter was just starting to show her magical powers. That was hard enough to explain to her — and her kinder garden teachers.
A couple of days ago , a kid had tried to take Mr. Pebbles from her hands and Grace had somehow managed to send the kid flying across the playground. Kid had been fine , only a little startled but the teachers who had been watching them had to have their memories modified. Not to mention the floating in the air pencils or how Grace had somehow made her drawings move. Even Kai had hard time understanding how she had done that.
   "Um … We um – “ said Kai glancing at his wife shaking his head in confusion.
   "Some day maybe.” said Y/N smiling as she knelt on the ground next to their daughter. “We are just not ready to have a baby again just yet.”
   "Mommy ? How do you make a baby ?“ asked the little girl.
Y/N nearly dropped her coffee cup on the ground. Kai looked just as startled at her wondering what they are going to tell her. Surely kids her age start being curious but you can’t exactly explain them how mommy and daddy do all those naughty things and that’s how a bundle of joy shows up on this world.
   "We are dead.” whispered Kai quietly in Y/N’s ear. “What do we do ? What do we do ?”
   "Grab the peanut butter and jelly. I’ll think of something.“ she whispered back , failing in her attempt not to panic like Kai obviously had. Y/N tried to think back to the time her parents had that talk with her. Wait - had they had it or had it been more like learn as you go process ?
A sigh left her lips and she kept smiling at Grace.
Damn it. she thought. In that moment she regretted not having that talk with her parents, though considering how awkward she felt in that moment maybe it had been best that she hadn’t.
Kai quickly made Grace’s favourite PB&J sandwich , cutting out the crusts just like their daughter loved it and cutting it in two halves right after. Y/N rubbed her forehead with her thumb and index finger finishing on the pancakes as her mind kept spinning trying to find the answer.
   "C-can I borrow your phone?”  whispered Y/N , not taking her eyes off their daughter.
   "What for ?“ whispered Kai.
   "Just — give it.”
A sigh left his lips and he gave her his phone while playing with Grace to distract her. Their baby girl took a small bite from her PB&J , watching her dad with wide curious eyes , glowing like never before. Grace had the same blue eyes as him , except in every other aspect she was like her mother. Smart , perceptive and really really curious about things.
   "Can you have a baby now?“ she asked , her dad wiping some jelly off her chin with his thumb. Kai could hear his wife’s heart race increasing while trying hard to figure out what they are going to tell their daughter. He glanced at Y/N , almost able to see her mind churning and a smile spread across her face for a second when he reached for the crusts of the sandwich.
Thank you Google. she thought , glancing at Kai who was eating the crusts of the PB&J was one of the most adorable things ever. Somehow he always managed to get jam on his chin — and his fingers. Even after all those years he kept eating it as a finger food and there was no changing his mind about it.
   "Well , it takes months for a baby to grow from a seed from daddy and an egg from mommy joined together in a very special place called ‘womb’.That’s where the baby grows for 9 months before coming to this world.” said Y/N trying to look calm while her heart was trying to fight her way out of her chest. Kai wrapped his arms around her from behind , smiling at Grace who seemed a bit more interested in her PB&J now than in how to make babies. “So we can’t have a baby right now…”
   "Where are you going with this?“ he whispered.
   "I have no idea. You try it if you think its so easy.” she whispered back.
   "Um no.“
   "Sure , now you don’t want to -”
   "Where do you get the seeds and the eggs ?“
   "Your turn.” said Y/N taking a step away to get some pancakes. “What ?”
Kai sighed. “There is this special place in both mommy and daddy’s bodies and when mommy and daddy love each other very very much , they um — play a game and the rest happens as if by magic.”
Y/N closed her eyes unsure if she should laugh or glare at him. Technically the night they had made Grace they had played a game. Kai loved playing hide and seek with her and what they had done afterwards had been so magical , it was quite possible things had happened by magic.
   "Magic ?“ their daughter’s eyes lit up.
   "Yeah , it’s a very special , very magical game that mommy and daddy play -”
   "What kind of a game ?“ asked Grace taking another bite from her PB&J.
Y/N slipped down the kitchen counter almost chocking on her pancakes. Kai turned towards her and almost grinned at her shocked face. He was just about to toss the ball back to her when the phone rang from the other room.
   "I um – I’ll go get that.” she muttered leaving Kai to explain the ‘game’  to their daughter.
Kai tried to protest but it was too late - Y/N was already in the next room. How was he going to explain that to her ? There really wasn’t a way , not at this age anyways. He sighed , got his daughter her favourite pancakes and sat on the chair next to her.
   "It’s a special game you will figure out when you get older. Much older.“ he smiled at her. "C'mon , open your mouth. You will need lots of energy to play with your cousins.”

A couple of minutes later Grace ran out of the kitchen and Kai leaned against the door frame watching his wife talk on the phone with Caroline about the play date with his sister’s twinsies. Y/N turned around finding him there checking her out head to toe and he innocently pointed down at his boxers taking a slow step towards her.
   "Yeah so when are you coming to get her ? Ah-uh – “ she tried to focus but could barely utter a word.
   "Come on Y/N , lets play a game.” he pressed his lips against hers. “Lets go upstairs and make heretic babies - ”
  ‘No.’ she mouthed. “Yeah , I’ll tell her. Oh-kay , bye.”
Kai snatched her phone from her hands , tossing it on the couch near by while slowly backing her against the wall. His eyes were fixed on hers while his hands snaked from her waist to her ass pulling her towards him. He bit his lip leaning in closer to her , noticing how her heart rate had increased dangerously.
   "Fifteen minutes.“ she whispered. "Hold on for fifteen minutes until Caroline comes to pick up Grace for the play date at the Boarding School… and Kai , you know we can’t actually – you know.”
   "What if we can?“ he thought out loud. "You saw Grace’s face - she wants a sibling and there is Klaus… What if we have the same loophole ? I am part witch , you are a witch - ”
   "I am all in for another kid -“ she said watching Kai’s eyes lit up.” - but if we had that loophole , don’t you think we would’ve found out by now?“
Kai sighed. Thought had crossed his mind but right now he was even more determined to find out if maybe things could work out in their favour. There was a chance , however small and as always he wanted to give his little girl what she wanted. He couldn’t help but always wanting her to have everything.
   "You want this , I want this and Grace – I think she wants it more than both of us together. Did you see her eyes when she asked?”
   "Yeah , I did. They were literally glowing.“
   "Yes ! They were brighter than the sun - ” he smiled taking a step back a few seconds before Grace ran downstairs jumping directly into Y/N’s arms.
   "When are Lizzy and Josie coming ?“ asked their little daughter.
   "In 10 minutes. Come on , let’s go get you ready.” replied Y/N kissing her cheek.
Kai watched the two most important people walk upstairs and a smile spread across his face. He still couldn’t believe how lucky he had been to have not one but two people in his life who love him unconditionally and except every part of him.
Not too long after that , Caroline showed up almost at the same time Y/N and Grace got downstairs. Kai hugged his little girl , making Caroline promise to take good care of his daughter during the day or else. Surprisingly after Kai and Y/N had gotten married and their daughter had been brought into the world , her friends had finally started seeing good in him. He wrapped his arms around his wife while both of them watched Caroline drive down the street for a few moments.
As soon as they walked inside and the front door closed , Kai placed his hands on either side of her head pressing his body against hers from behind. They were going to have the entire day all to themselves and he could barely wait. With Grace in the house they couldn’t really do what they wanted to do and now-
   "Come on Y/N.“ he whispered in her ear , his breath tickling her skin. "Let’s play hide and seek. You hide , I’ll seek.”
   "Five minute head start ?“
   "You can have 10 , I will still find you in 15 seconds.” he grinned , placing a wet kiss on her neck. “Go -”
Kai closed her eyes do he doesn’t see where she goes , listening to her footsteps going away and above. No , bellow. What would she be doing hiding in the wine cellar? He waited , listening in to her walking , semi running and a few moments later he heard her whisper.
   "Come and get me.“


“Look, I know I’m good looking but I can’t really do this.”
I nervously laughed. “Wh-What?”
“Aren’t you Apricot?”
I frowned, “Uhm, no? I’m…Hana..?”
“Oh, okay. You’re…huh. Sage never mentioned you actually. How many are there of you guys?”
“Of us? What?”

“Yeah, sisters.”
“I-I don’t have any-”
“I think, I’m not supposed to be talking to you.”
“Look, thanks for checking me out but I should go.”

“No, a-actually I-I wasn’t. I-I panicked. I have a-a girlfriend, and you were on fire, all I had in my pockets were, were petals!”
“Nice. You’re the worst in emergencies.”
“Yeah, my girlfriend’s told me that too.”
He chuckled. “Well, you want to hear a joke?”

“What kind of bagel can fly?”
I shrugged. 
“A plain bagel. Wait! I have a few more, why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?”
“Because the ‘P’ is silent!”
He was laughing so hard it was hard not to laugh along with him.
“What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college?…Bison!”
“Yeah okay, I think I’m going to go.”
“I have a ton more!”
“Ha-Have a good day!” 
I ran off as he took another bite of his food. Whew, I run into the weirdest people out on the street. I guess I should listen to Nia, Kali and all my friends. Stop talking to strangers. 

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i feel like im floating thru the void with this new layout but instead of the void representing a state of depression she wants 2 give me flowers n bake me a coconut cream pie. (translation : this is a gr8 layout.)

I realized I forgot to reply to this like a day ago SORRy! 

But LOL Choco your description of things is as vibrant as ever, bless you xD <3 Lovely translation, honestly! I’m loving the language of Choco~

I’d gladly bake you some coconut cream pie, only my oven ain’t functioning properly rn … Here are some flowers from Woozi (baby) instead :3

ANGGLE || editing allowed with credit, do not crop logo.]


A few days after Plum and Coconut exchanged numbers, Coconut received a phone call from her new Purple friend. She had been in the midst of washing the dishes when it buzzed unceremoniously on the counter.

Plum: Hello darling, I’m going out for a wee nightcap, do you want to join me?

Coconut-Cream: I would love that. What time would you like to meet up? I have nothing going on tonight. Get some inspiration for my new pieces.

Plum: How about some time around seven? Down at the waterfront?

Coconut-Cream: Sounds like a plan, I’ll see you there.

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hii! my name is Amisha and I was wondering if you could write a peter drabble? my fav ice cream flavor is vegan coconut! and i love listening to rap music and one direction, I love going to the gym and lifting weights, I'm shy at first but once you get to know me i literally can't shut up. and for the scenario plssss base it off this 5 word promt “great. perfect. nice. fuck this.”

hey, we’re libra twins!! and omg i love one direction too. it’s a bit silly, but i hope you enjoy this :)))

want a drabble?

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⭐⭐⭐ ~ ?

woaah! i thought nobody would bother with that anymore haha

⭐ aight so… i really really like coconut okay? i have bath soup which smells incredibly like coconut, i had shampoo which smelled like it and i also had shower gel which smelled like it. i really love the taste of coconut. i love coconut ice cream, the coconut itself, chocolate + coconut, coconut milk shake. whatever as long as its with coconut (yes, also curry with coconut milk. its the best)
         basically, im a huge coconut fanatic

⭐ i also seeeeeriously love strawberry, banana.. and lemon. like, boy, no summer is gonna be without these 3 things. ah, maybe add vanilla sauce to it too.

⭐ i really dont like being out in the sun, its okay if its not that hot.. but summer itself gives me headache (but mostly only when it changes from mid-spring to summer)


After Luna left, Coconut hung around.

“Are you sure about this, Matcha?  What if he’s, y'know, not interested in you?”

“What do you mean, not interested?  Of course he’ll be interested in me.”

“Well… I mean, everyone knows you and Watermelon–you know–and Starfruit’s always been really bitter about it, even though they’re okay now.  She’s not above trying to ruin a relationship for you, you know.  I love her, she’s my cousin, but–how do you know he hasn’t already made up his mind about you?”

“Loony said–”

“First, stop calling her Loony, because her name is Luna.  It’s not nice, and she’s being extra nice, helping you out when you’re such a jerk to her.  And second, Luna said that he was quiet.  Not that he wasn’t aware.”

“I’ll just have to change his mind about me, then.  Starfruit hasn’t been around lately anyway, since she got… whatever the hell she’s so sick with.  She won’t be able to meddle.”

Listening to the song Vanilla Ice Cream from She Loves Me is hard because it makes me simultaneously want to eat a bowl full of creamy dairy ice cream and sing high mini cadenzas and there is no way I can do both at once. 

We'll Travel Down Memory Lane - Part 2


Matt’s POV 

“ Please, come on, please pick up the phone!,” this is my fifth time calling Y/N. I called everyone, asking if she might have passed by but they said they haven’t seen her at all. She’s been gone for almost 2 hours, i panicked, i didn’t mean to hook up with Veronica….it just happened. We were just supposed to run through lines and….things got out of hand and i didnt stop it. “ I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!,” i shouted, I punched into the wall, leaving a big dent. “ That’s it, I’m going to find her,” i grabbed my coat off the coat hanger, i was about to open the door when i recieved a phone call. I picked it up,“ Hello?" 

” Hello, is this Matthew Espinosa?“ 

” Yes, who am I speaking to,“ I asked the woman. 

” This is doctor Amber, I’m so sorry to tell you that Y/N….has been in a serious car accident…..she’s in surgery at the moment but would like you to please come to the hospital,“ my heart dropped…..I can’t lose her, i can’t, i won’t let her slip away. 

I hung up, ran out the door and into the car. I raced to the hospital in less than 30 mintues. I ran up to the reception,” I-I’m here for Mrs. Y/N Y/L/N,“ i told the lady behind the desk. She went on the computer, looking for information,” Matt?,“ i heard a familaur voice say. I turned around to face Cameron,” Cam?, w-what are you doing here?,“ I asked him. ” We heard the news….so we all rushed down here for support, Y/N’s parents are still on the way,“ he told me. ” Dude, its all my fault, she’s here because of me, i wish…I-I wish…,“ I ran my fingers through my hair with frustation, tears were rolling down and i didnt realise it. ” Matt….don’t beat yourself up, it was an accident,“ He pulled me in for a hug. ” Cameron, I messed up big,“ I whispered while we hugged. We pulled away,” Sir?,“ called the lady behind the desk, i turned around to face her,” she’s still in surgery, please go take a seat and we will inform you when she comes out,“ she expalined to me. I nodded, Cameron guided me to where everyone was sitting, the guys and the girls were here. They all embraced me in a group hug, the tears poured even more, everyone kept telling me its not my fault, it was an accident….but i knew, if i didnt cheat…if i didnt let her out that door….she could have been in my arms, in my embrace where no one could hurt her.


We were still waiting, Y/N’s parents arrived, they were waiting with us. Some of the guys went home, they needed to call it a night but I didnt want to go, until i knew that Y/N was gonna make it.

” The Y/L/N’s?,“ called the doctor, we all stood up, she made her way to us,” are you the Y/L/N’s?“ she asked. Y/N’s parents nodded their heads. ” Y/N made it out of surgery successfully, we were able to repair the most damaged parts but, unfortunately, she slipped into a coma,“ she told us, part of me was happy she made it but the other half was depressed that she still isnt here with me. ” If you would like to see her, you can,“ she told us. Y/N’s parents looked at me,” go in Matt, we’ll come after,“ said her dad,” no, you should go in first, you’re her parents,“ ” but you’re one of the most important people she cares about, you should go in,“ said her mom. I gave them a weak smile and made my way to her room, i opened the door, to see her bandaged up, cuts and bruises all over and a drip connected to her. It pained me to see her in this state, to know that i put her in this postion. I took a chair and sat next to her bed, i took her hand and held it,” baby….I’m so sorry…i never meant to hurt you..I-I wasnt thinking, and now your in a coma, i bet you can’t even hear me either…and,and,“ i was crying hard at this moment,” I can’t lose you Y/N, I can’t….“ 

3 Months Later 

I was on my way to the hospital, I always went to the hospital, to fill in Y/N what’s been happening. I arrived at the hospital, I went to her room. I added another bouquet of flowers to her collection, from friends and family all around. The doctor says she’s doing really good, she could wake up but until then, I’ll fill her in. I told her that the movie i had been working on is almost done, I went to Chicago for a function, everyone misses you terribly, espically Bernie and our little pup, Joy. The doctor told me she could proberly hear me, just not respond back. 

I kissed her on top of the head,” I love you princess,“ I started to make my way to the door. ” Hello?,“ i heard a faint voice. I turned around, my eyes widened,” Y/N?“ 

” W-where am I?“ she asked, looking around confused,” j-just wait, alright,“ i said. I ran into the hall,” Hey! Can i get some assisstance here! She’s awake! She’s awake!,“ nurses and doctors came to my assisstance. I ran back inside, I ran towards her and gave her a hug,” Baby, i missed you so much, oh my gosh, please never leave again.“ Tears of joy rolled down, i pulled away, she gave me a confused look,” I’m sorry but…..have we met before?“


ALRIGHT! Part 2 IS Done 

Part 3 will arrive Soon 

but I love ya coconut cream pies!