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Not gonna say that I hope JTV gets cancelled over my favourite straight white male because it gives work to so many WOC but I am out tbh. Me quitting won’t affect the ratings since I am not in the US but I love Jane for its clever writing, and putting your main character through trauma before having a time jump so you don’t have to deal with said trauma is the laziest writing in the book and I am not here for it. If they were gonna kill him they should have done so in the S3 premiere and not use him as Jane’s sex toy to make her lose her virginity and then throw him in the bin. Michael Cordero deserved better. Jane Villanueva deserves better. And we, as viewers, deserve better.

I cant wait to play the game! Aloy is such a cool looking character, so strong and clever. I fell in love with her design so much ,her hair and outfit are on point! And the robots look hella amazing and scary I know I will be so tense while playing the game but I will enjoy it throughly for that I’m certain.
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Rest in peace to my favorite character on one of my favorite shows. The one who broke all the stereotypes of Korean men perpetuated in the media. The incredibly brave, selfless, hilarious, clever, strong, dashing, kind character I fell in love with at first sight in the very first episode of the Walking Dead. The character who remained every ounce as human and caring from beginning to end. Rip Glenn Rhee.

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Also speaking of Grog, you remember Ep 72(?) when Grog was trying to empty out the bag of holding? Well Travis had a list that he was reading out a list but think about in-game, Grog can't read, nevermind write a list... that would mean that Grog remembers EVERYTHING that is put in there. And I think that is awesome

omg you’re right! that’s amazing

Grog can’t read or write, but he makes up for it by having a memory like a steel trap, and sometimes that’s “people bleed most when you hit ‘em here” and “I will forever remember the screams of my enemies as I beat them” and sometimes that’s “four months ago we fought some bandits and stole some stuff from them, which is not to be confused with the stuff we stole from bandits four and a half months ago”

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*oh boy*

Hey, yeah, please remember that Kankri’s point as a character is not making fun of triggers or earnest, caring people, but is instead a parody of the self indulgent martyr complex (to contrast his life as the signless on Alternia).

He’s a parody of the concern trolls who use SJ methodology and terminology to bully people, and in the process, get off on feeling superior. In actuality he has a very poor understanding of what he’s talking about and very limited understanding that he’s talking over the people he claims to stick up for and ally himself with (porrim, mituna, etc.), not a joke aimed at making fun of very real caring and empathy.

the whole point of him is that he is supposed to contrast the “real sjw” he was as The Signless. It also plays in with the repeating pattern of Seers getting in too deep in their vices and losing their way, but unlike Terzi and Rose, Kankri has stagnated (as is much of the point of the dancestors in the dream bubbles) and cannot dig out of his Darkest Hour vice, he’s stuck too deep in it.

Kankri is the parody of “Doing it wrong”, while his counterpart on Alternia is the example of “doing it right”

remember that he has the personality type to want to care (he’s a vantas), but he’s spoiled, sheltered, naive and (given the culture of beforus), he’s had special treatment all his life and so DOES think he’s better than everyone. Getting into the social justice movement with those other traits was a disaster waiting to happen.

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Have I mentioned enough times yet how much I love this nerd’s character design? XDD It took some very clever photoshop to get all of the words off, but I got there eventually. I’m trying to get more dynamic with my shading, but I dunno if it’s working. I like how the shadows on the sash thing came out, at least.

Featuring bonus alternate version because I couldn’t decide whether to make the whole background space or not, and because I’m surprisingly attached to the idea of him with bubblegum hair.

(And if anyone has a suggestion of what character to do icons of next, I’m all ears.)

Feedback is love!

Ok, so I know it can be disheartening for creators to not get much positive feedback - so let’s try to support them more! The more positive feedback someone gets, the more likely the person will keep creating and feeling inspired.

So, what to do?
  • Reblog a post - easy and it’s a way to share what you love.
  • Like a post and/or write in the tags - an extra little way to show the creator love.
  • Send the creator a message - positive feedback via the ask box or messaging system is always a welcome surprise.
  • Comment on a post - a positive comment no matter how long or short can be so encouraging.
  • Make a rec post - a really good way to show some love and share creations with people who may not have seen it before.

I know commenting can be hard, sometimes I don’t know what to say but here are some ideas:

For fic -

I love how you wrote [character or ship]

The plot was really [clever/exciting/sad/funny/romantic]

[Line, dialogue or paragraph] really made me [laugh/cry/squee]

I totally didn’t see that [plot twist/cliffhanger] coming

For art/edits/gifs/photosets etc -

I love how you draw [character or ship]

The [colours/setting/style] you used are [beautiful/stunning/interesting]

You are really good at drawing [clothes/hair/body part/body language]

The scenes you chose to [edit/gif] work so well together

Tell them your favourite bits of their work - dialogue/plot/colours/facial expressions/style etc.

Ask them questions - what inspired them? what else are they working on?

I would say - if you can’t think of anything to specific, just tell them you love what they made!

If anyone wants to add any ideas to this post, please do!

The Lies of Locke Lamora
- Scott Lynch

I decided that today was a good day to dress up as Locke and have a little mini one-man photoshoot. Because why not, eh?

If you have not read this book, then I suggest you go and do so now. It is absolutely one of my all time favourite books. It has everything that I love; suspense, con-artistry, witty dialogues, action, extremely clever plots, humor, amazing characters… I could go on, but you will simply have to read it.

Strange Magic Thoughts

I thought I would write out some of my thoughts on this awesome movie Strange Magic, which everyone should see. A warning though, these thoughts are going to have lots of spoilers, so don’t read them until you’ve seen the film (and you should go see the film right away because it’s good). I’m putting my thoughts under the cut due to spoilers and length. Tagging joons because she’s the queen of this fandom, blessed be her name.

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