i love city of angels too tbh in my mind the more movies there are about angels the better

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give me something that's not angst! please!

i’m gonna try but i don’t promise anything. also keep in my mind that i just came up with this, so i’m sorry if it ends up sucking

ok so no powers + vegas + friends to lovers (with a twist) au

kara just got promoted to reporter, so alex and lucy decide to take her to vegas so she can celebrate and also unwind a little bc the poor girl is just a nervous mess all the time and super focused on her work and “honestly kara, now you have no excuse because you’re no longer cat’s assistant”

kara finally relenting after they spend an entire week insisting and annoying her about it. she programs everything and they travel there the following friday. they’re just going to spent the weekend and come back on monday.

they go out on friday. alex robbing everyone blind on poker and using the winnings to pay for their night, kara getting drunk and being a giggling mess and lucy making friends with those very nice girls that tell them about a very nice bar that they plan to go the following day.

on saturday they go to said bar and they get extremely shit faced. like, alex doesn’t need an excuse to drink and lucy is having entirely too much fun getting drunk and plying kara with shot after shot and seeing her being ridiculous cute and totally oblivious to everyone flirting with her.

at some point in the night alex and lucy end up making out for an extremely long while and end up losing sight of kara. it’s at this exact same point that this absolutely positively drop dead gorgeous woman meets kara, after helping her in getting rid of this unnecessary white boy and his advances (“is there a particular reason you’re bothering my girlfriend…?” “mon-el” “well, manuel, you can leave us alone now” “mon-el! and we were just having some fun, beautiful” “i don’t particularly care, mark. leave.”)

kara, beautiful innocent and very drunk bisexual bby, turning to her savior and just blurting “are you an angel?” as soon as she sees lena’s face. lena raising her left eyebrow and smirking in That Way but also laughing because wow this girl is really cute

they go sit together and they end up drinking more and talking and kara is drunk and has no inhibitions and is very touchy feely and at some point she’s basically sitting in lena’s lap and that’s exactly how lucy and alex find them

kara shooting up in her seat and giggling a lot and telling her sister that she met the love of her life and “alex she’s so pretty i did such a good job she’s a literal angel and alex are you listening to me i saw her and i was just wow blown away by her beauty and she changed my life alex” and lucy saying they should get married and everyone thinking this is an extremely good idea

lena is very gay and very extra and they only met hours ago but she already has such a hopeless crush on kara like love at first sight type of shit and she buys goddamn rings for them and kara wants elvis presley to be the one to marry them and she gets upset when she remembers elvis died but they calm her down and they go in search of a church with an elvis look alike

the next day they wake up in a hotel room together but not naked because kara passed out as soon as they got the honeymoon suit (that of course lena got) and “what the frick happened”

kara being extremely confused and horrified and all stages of “oh no” and lena wakes up to kara pacing around the room and trying to call her sister and lucy but neither of them picks up the phone and ugh ugh ugh

lena holds her liquor a little better but still has sort of a hangover and she sort of puts together in her mind what happened in the night before and she just… starts swearing and kara whirls around and honest to go Squeaks when she sees lena is awake

lena taking a deep breath and cautiously talking to kara and they get breakfast and they talk about what happened the night before and soon alex and lucy are interrupting them and almost knocking the room’s door down and “kara!! open this goddamn door or i swear i’ll kick it fucking open!”

overprotective alex danvers already accusing lena of taking advantage of her little sister and lucy just giving the patented lane glare and they all having no idea what to do and “obviously they should get a divorce. it’ll actually be easy, seeing as this happens constantly in vegas”

except!! ex fucking cept!! lena is a luthor and imagine the scandal it’ll be when people find out “Lena Luthor got married after a night of drunk debauchery” and then “Lena Luthor Gets Broken Up With! Click here to see what close friends have to say about this”

and kara is a very nice person and she has a crush on lena too and “it’s only fair i help her out after she helped me last night with that guy! come on, alex, she was so nice to us! it’s a good idea!” and she makes this pathetic puppy dog eyes and That Pout and lucy and alex are wrapped around her little finger and just sigh in unison and agree with her

lena and kara coming back to national city and they’re just… seen together around the city together all the time now because they decided to be friends even if they’re married and soon the paparazzi are taking pictures of them and cat calling kara in her office and kara saying she met lena back in metropolis once when she was visiting her cousin and they kept a long distance relationship and lena proposed and now they’re married and wow

and then they’re just friends that soon turn into best friends and they have movie nights and sleepovers and weekly (that soon turn into daily - if they’re both free) lunches and then they soon have clothes in each others apartments and toothbrushes

at one point they basically already moved in together (at lena’s place because it’s bigger and conveniently closer to both of their jobs)

kara’s birthday comes around and they all get drunk again but this time they actually sleep together and the next day it’s a bit awkward but they’ve been in love for a long time so it’s been a long time coming

turns out everyone (of their friends who knew the truth) thought they were already dating by this point and they made bets on it months ago and everything and they (lena and kara)… decided to stay married anyway