i love cinnamon toast crunch

themessafterthemarty  asked:

some wonder why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. meanwhile, I ask thee the question: why does phil lester love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch - but apparently only when it's dan's, the thieving fiend??

relationships are wild. 3spook5me

anonymous asked:

Some people may be the same height as the average Latino but can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Man, I wish that cereal existed over here, I’ve been dying to taste it since I was introduced to the meme.

are there really people who don’t drink the leftover milk after eating a bowl of cereal?

I always thought drinking it was the norm. Why waste it? Milk ain’t cheap, son.


The milk fucking tastes like your cereal! That’s fucking AWESOME! Why the hell wouldn’t you drink it?!

Cinnamon sugar-flavored milk is fantastic