i love cinder

Jacin: I’m only loyal to my princess.

Me, innocent, pure and reading Cress for the first time: Awwn that’s so sweet! Cinder has a new ally! :)


you know that soulmate au where you have your true love on one wrist and your worst enemy on the other, but you dont know which one is which?

That would be such chaos for the characters in tlc.
Kai with Cinder on one wrist, and Levana on the other, so that he’s never quite sure who’s manipulating him and who’s actually in love with him.
Winter with Jacin on one wrist and Aimery Park on the other, so she thinks that her and Aimery are meant to be because Jacin doesn’t love her back.
idk about the other characters but those two sure would be interesting


linh cinder + carswell thorne

It was a few seconds before Cinder found her voice and she had to grip the door frame to keep standing.
His head jerked around. “Cinder?”
“Wh—what are you—how? Where have you been? What’s going on? Why are you wearing that stupid bandanna?”
He laughed. Gripping a wooden cane, he stumbled toward her, waving one hand until it landed on her shoulder. Then he was hugging her, suffocating her against his chest. “I missed you too.”
“You jerk,” she hissed, even as she returned the hug. “We thought you were dead!”
“Oh, please. It’d take a lot more than a satellite plummeting to Earth to kill me.”


I just really wanted to draw little Winter… I think she’d be the sweetest little girl ever  ❤


Volume 4, Chapter 11: Taking Control


Don’t lie to your mom, she’ll always find out in the end

I havent been able to stop thinking about this joke so here you go
(a collection of brand new high-quality headcanons including “evil lair doorbell” and “pajama oz”) (signing cinder is legitimately good though youre welcome)

Ok but I really want Neopolitian to come back in Volume Four.

I could imagine Ruby just kind of walking around in the woods by herself, just lost in thought, and then the camera looks over her shoulder and we just see Neo just standing behind her, their face just completely deadpan. Ruby does that anime thing where she knows someone is behind her and heel turns to face them.

And Neo is just. Standing there. Her parasol isn’t even on her shoulder, it’s just kind of dangling from her hand, the spike digging a little into the dirt. Ruby, not trusting this at all, draws her weapon, but Neo still doesn’t move.

And then, Neo reaches into her pocket and takes out her Scroll before extending it forward for Ruby to take. Ruby, after a moment hesitation, carefully takes it and looks at the screen.

It’s open on a messenger app, and in the typing field is this message:

“He’s dead because of her. I want in.”

And when Ruby looks back up at her, Neo is clearly holding back tears. “You mean Cinder?”

Neo’s face shifts into a deep scowl as she nods.

“I guess we need all the help we can get…”


Lunar Investigations

This is from my one of my story idea in which Cinder and Cress are private investigators in the crime-ridden city of Artemisia. While there’s no space travel or moon kingdom, the story still has a futuristic setting and I love drawing the both of them in clothes that reflect it. And since they are working togther, I try to match their clothes a little bit while still retaining their personal styles.

(Read the summary of the plot here)

silly little post-Winter headcannons

• Iko takes selfies with Cinder in every reunion. Even if Cinder doesn’t really want to be in the picture.

• One time, Kai was also included in the picture (It was a smiling Kai, a very serious Cinder and Iko doing a duckface. It got viral)

• Iko and Thorne started a dubmash battle and soon the whole crew was participating.

• Cress’s taste for 2nd era music got her to find “Hotline bling” and send it to the whole crew. Everyone ended up learning the lyrics (Even Jacin, though he reaaaaally hates it)

• They make plans to take Cress to the beach for the first time. No one is entirely sure if Cinder can swim, but Thorne brings a bag of rice anyway.

• In the beach, they start to play some kind of drinking game and everyone gets drunk except for Scarlet and Thorne.

• Cinder falls during an important celebration. Kai picks her up and soon, their fanbase goes wild and they’re most shipped couple of the century.

• Everytime someone has a birthday, Scarlet bakes the cakes. Also, they make a tradition of not bringing cutlery.

• The crew has a private d-comm link where they talk throughout the day and it was made by Iko and Cress.

• Also, Iko takes lots of photos, especially of Cinder (when she obviously isn’t paying attention) and most of them are hideous. She also has photos of Jacin and has been trying to take a photo of him smiling

• Iko hasn’t been able to take a photo where Winter looks bad.


  • Iko: *loses Kai in a crowd*
  • Iko: *sighs* *pulls out megaphone* HAS ANYONE SEEN LINH CINDER?!?!
  • Kai: WHO IS THIS LINH CINDER YOU SPEAK OF? HA WHAT A CRIMINAL THIEF! SHE DESERVES TO BE EXECUTED AND ROT IN JAIL- unless you found any news about her is she hurt is she okay oh my gosh cinder i love you
  • Iko: found him