i love ciaran

and if I stop writing her letters,
I want her to know that it’s because
I have someone that makes me feel the same exact way that she does


Katana. A demo from back on top. Or a version of West Virginia we’ve never heard before.

anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if Jason met Veronica or if JD met Ronnie? (Idk if someone else has already asked this)

I have a lot of answers for this question ranging from “Ronnie and musical JD would be best friends forever and would get into so much trouble” to “Jason and Veronica would awkwardly go through school together and have a mutual understanding of how much they hate their friends but would never really interact because of the Jocks-Heathers disconnect.”

Might as well throw in the other two main options:
Musical Veronica and Jason would have a good mutual support thing going because jocks don’t really care about popularity past what would likely be some teasing. They bully others, but I doubt that they’d have a problem with Jason having a “loser friend.”

JD and Ronnie would have a weird mutual “our moralities kind of line up” relationship. Maybe they’d bang, I don’t know.

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GUYS I MET @thefrontbottoms saw them unloading at 1, I got there at 9:30/10 and Brian I guess saw me, I saw him but I didn’t make eye contact. I gave tom the cookies, and then on stage right after he told me to wait and he brought me a pick and his stage hand brought me a drum head. I met mat and CiaRAN right after; and then like at 12:30 he finally came out and he was talking and he saw me and he was like YOU and I was like me??? And he was like yeah oh my gosh I’m sorry for not saying hi earlier I wanted to come talk, thank you for coming I appreciate you, and he signed all my vinyl and he was like thank you for buying all of this shit ;’) @thefreakingfrontbottoms @thefrontcheeseballs @thefrontbuttz @thefrntbottms @talonofthehawkk