i love ciaran


Katana. A demo from back on top. Or a version of West Virginia we’ve never heard before.


GUYS I MET @thefrontbottoms saw them unloading at 1, I got there at 9:30/10 and Brian I guess saw me, I saw him but I didn’t make eye contact. I gave tom the cookies, and then on stage right after he told me to wait and he brought me a pick and his stage hand brought me a drum head. I met mat and CiaRAN right after; and then like at 12:30 he finally came out and he was talking and he saw me and he was like YOU and I was like me??? And he was like yeah oh my gosh I’m sorry for not saying hi earlier I wanted to come talk, thank you for coming I appreciate you, and he signed all my vinyl and he was like thank you for buying all of this shit ;’) @thefreakingfrontbottoms @thefrontcheeseballs @thefrontbuttz @thefrntbottms @talonofthehawkk