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Not only was [Lily] a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves.

*Lottie Tolhurst as Lily Evans.


This is so cute I love her

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julie,, the team took a hard L today...... cheer me up with some headcanons about annabeth and estelle's future sisterly relationship please and thanks

first of all I’m sorry your team lost I’m sure you’ll win the next game bc you definitely deserve it❤️

second aNNABETH AND ESTELLE (who I’m from now on referring to as Stella) HAVE THE BEST RELATIONSHIP EVER

- so Annabeth wasn’t there when Stella was born because she was busy visiting her dad in California and helping him with something
- But Percy called her from the hospital waiting room and he’s like, talking so fast because he’s kind of freaking out because his mom is having a baby and he just has to sit and wait and he’s BORED and he wants to talk to Annabeth and he’s rambling on and on
- And she just lets him and then after a little bit he finds out she was born and he like has to hang up and go meet her
- And Annabeth rushes to finish her stuff with her dad and basically gets on the next plane to New York and she gets there two days after Stella’s born and meets them at the apartment (which she absolutely has a key to) when they get home from the hospital and of course Sally lets Annabeth hold her and she’s so small and Stella smiles at her and Annabeth just like melts a little inside because she’s so cUTE
- and you know Stella’s favorite babysitter (aside from her big brother) is Annabeth
- They read together a lot. The kids books are easier on Annabeth’s dyslexia and Stella loves hearing them so much
- Annabeth actually is the one who takes Stella to get her ears pierced for the first time when she’s eight. Sally was going to buy something came up and she was busy, so Annabeth took her
- Annabeth bought her a pair of owl earring just like her own so they could match and they’re Stella’s favorite pair of earrings
- Stella got Annabeth into Harry Potter. Nothing’s been the same since.
- Annabeth asked Stella to be the flower girl at their wedding and Stella was ecstatic
- Annabeth and Stella watch a Disney movie once a month every month for four years straight with no breaks. They’ve got a streak going and they’re not going to break it (there are many repeats but hey, they’re good movies. And they watch all the Pixar movies too.)
- When Stella’s little, she practically begs Sally and Paul to buy her tons of wooden blocks to play with. She and Annabeth build huge castles that fill Stella’s entire room and go into the hallway
- She has to write an essay in school on who her role model is. Guess who she picks.


CiaraI BET (Acoustic)

“ but you took advantage . oh , you took advantage . oh , you took advantage .

i cannot understand , i cannot understand , i cannot understand it . ”

this acoustic version just made me fall even more in love with this song . ciara’s vocals have grown tremendously !