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Can you please write a headcanon scenario where kiba's s\o is sick and akamaru and him are always bugging her to see if she's alright also I really love your blog!!! ^^~~

This isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I hope you enjoy it all the same~
Thanks for reading (´ε` )♡

A harsh cough left your body as you popped two pills out from your medicine packet, tossing them back followed by a large sip of water. You grimaced as you felt them go down your inflamed throat. You were about to make your way back to your bedroom, intent on trying to get some sleep when you heard a loud banging noise at your front door, followed by a bark.

Smiling slightly, you shuffled towards your front door, opening it slowly. You felt no shame opening the door clad in only your pyjamas, and you didn’t bother attempting to flatten your hair to look presentable, you already knew who was there.

“Kiba, I told you that you didn’t have to come round. I’m okay-“ 

"You don’t look okay,” Kiba’s eyes were looking you up and down, assessing how bad your illness was, you shuffled from one leg to the other as you tried to look less sick than what you were feeling.

“I’m fine, honestly. I don’t want to make you sick,” You smiled slightly as Akamaru nudged his nose under your hand in an attempt to get you to pat him on the head. You reached down and ruffled both his ears before moving round to squeeze his cheeks gently. Akamaru’s tongue flopped out happily as he enjoyed your attention, his tail wagging rapidly. You had to pull away to cover your mouth in a harsh cough, your shoulders shaking as you tried to stop it.

“That’s it, we’re coming in,” Kiba barged passed you into your home, making his way towards your kitchen. You were nearly knocked over as Akamaru bounded in behind him, your body pressed against the wall.

“Kiba, I’m fine. Honestly-” Your voice was raspy as you followed the pair into the kitchen, watching Kiba as he moved straight for your mug, placing it down beside your kettle as he chucked a tea-bag into it.

“Like hell you’re fine. You’re sick.” He gave you a pointed look while leaning back against your kitchen counter, crossing his arms, “I’m not gonna leave you like this.”

“Kiba, I can make myself tea.” You mused, smiling slightly as he waited for your kettle to boil.

“The point is you shouldn’t have to make it yourself, you’re sick. Akamaru and I will look after you." 

Your mind wandered back to the last time Kiba and Akamaru looked after you when you were unwell, and the amount of time it took you to clean your entire house, wincing slightly at the memory. You were pulled from your thoughts by Kiba wrapping an arm around you loosely and guiding you towards your living room. The TV was playing quietly in the background, and there was a large box of tissues on the coffee table.

"Akamaru, go and get Y/N’s blanket from her bed,” Akamaru barked happily as he bounded towards your stairs, making his way towards your bedroom.
You smiled slightly as Kiba brought you towards the couch, sitting you down on it and forcing the mug of tea into your hands. He watched you carefully as you held it between your hands, cherishing the warm feeling of it between your fingers.

“It’s too hot to drink now,” You reasoned when he looked down at you expectantly.

Kiba sat down beside you and wrapped an arm around you gently, watching as you sipped the warm liquid, being careful not to burn your tongue. 

“You’re gonna get sick, again.” You rolled your eyes as Kiba pressed a kiss to your temple.

“I’ll be fine-”

“You always say that, and you always get sick after.” You laughed slightly, although making no effort to move from Kiba’s warm embrace, Kiba shrugged his shoulders and held you to his side tightly. 

“Have you been sleeping?” Kiba noticed the slight bags underneath your eyes and he brushed his calloused finger across one gently.

“Not really, it’s hard to breathe.” You murmured, sniffing for emphasis. 

Kiba took the mug of tea out of your hands and placed it on the table beside your couch, before laying back on it, resting his head on the arm. He tugged you down beside him, so you were resting with your head on his chest. Akamaru returned from your room moments later, tugging your large duvet along with him in his mouth.

“Thanks, boy~” Kiba took it from him, flinging it over you both before settling down, his breathing evening out as he let himself relax beside you. Akamaru ambled over you clumsily as he settled himself on the couch on top of your duvet. The three of you ended up being a mess of limbs as you felt your eyes become heavy, sleep threatening to take over you. You felt Kiba press a gentle kiss on your forehead as you drifted to sleep. 

Needless to say, Kiba’s coughing woke you up the next morning as you lifted your head from his chest to see him rubbing his eyes, his nose slightly red. 

“Don’t even say it,” He sniffled.

“I told you so~”

Birthday - 200 Followers Celebration - Request

This is from my 200 Followers Celebration.

Requested by @oaisara:  can u do #21 (birthday) where tfw is celebrating her birthday? and as for the answer to the question, my birthday is january 2nd :)

Characters: Dean x reader (kind of), Sam, Cas.

Word count: 2,285

Warnings: None.

A/N: I added a bit of Dean x reader moments because I know you’re as in love with him as I am. This made me feel all kinds of things, and I loved it and I hope you love it too. Enjoy!

For the first time in ages, she woke up past 7 am. Being a hunter included being wide awake at 3 am, sleeping only for a couple hours every other day, etc. So when she opened her eyes and read on the “7:45” on the clock, she felt both rested and highly concerned.

Usually, if she slept too much, Sam or Dean would get to her room and wake her up. That morning, not even the boy’s snores could be heard, and as the paranoid huntress she was, it could only mean that they were either dead or in trouble.

She jumped out of bed, hiding a knife on her pyjama pants and a hand gun on her sleeve. She walked out of her room with all of her senses at maximum, not even caring if she was walking with bare feet on the cold floor.

The bunker was as silent as it was when they first got there. It felt like a ghost town, because not even the usual smell of coffee and bacon was there. For a second she prayed that that was just a dream; that she would wake up by Dean tickling her or Sam playfully sitting over her stomach. But it was real, and she knew it.

She checked Dean’s room. It was empty, and so was Sam’s. She checked the garage, only to find that Baby and every other car were still there. She started getting anxious, and prayed to Chuck that none of the boys were dead.

Suddenly, she heard a noise. She held the gun in both hands and walked over to the place where she had heard it. She was very careful with her steps, and she checked her surrounding every so often, just like the boys had taught her.

“Shh… You’re going to wake her up.” She heard Sam whispering.

“It’s not my fault this bunker echoes every freaking sound!” Dean whispered back.

“That’s why you have to be careful!” Sam hissed.

“I don’t understand why…” Cas began, but was immediately shushed by the Winchesters for speaking too loudly, “Sorry… I don’t understand why you don’t want to wake her up.”

“I’ve told you, it’s a surprise for her.” Dean sighed, and (Y/N) could see him rolling his eyes on her mind, “If she wakes up, she finds out before we finish and the surprise is ruined.” Well, it was already ruined, but the boys didn’t know that.

(Y/N) considered her options and decided it would be better to run back to her room before the boys found out she was awake. After all, the Winchesters weren’t really the kind of guys that worried about birthdays, so having them plan a surprise for her was way too awesome to ruin it.

She walked back as silently as possible. She sat on her bed, under the blankets and grabbed her phone. She tried to play some games and do some research, but her excitement had begun to grow and it was far too distracting for her to focus on anything else.

Instead, she decided to sit there in silence, wondering what kind of strange surprise the brothers had planned for her and even practicing her surprising look, as well as her thank you speech.

It felt like ages, but right in the middle of another fantasy, Sam knocked on her door. (Y/N) messed her hair even more and tried to look like she had recently woken up. “Come in.” She said with her best morning voice.

Sam’s face appeared at the door. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah I… I think I over-slept.” She chuckled, fidgeting her fingers in excitement.

“I think you did.” Sam breathed out a laugh as he finally entered the room. He had a big smile on his face, and he was fully dress. Also, he had brushed his hair, which was far too cute not to notice.

“Is everything okay?” (Y/N) asked, trying not to act like she knew.

“Yeah I… I found something in one of the book and…” Sam stuttered, not knowing what to say. He and Dean had planned everything except that.

“Right.” (Y/N) giggled at Sam’s dumbfounded look.

“So uh… Want to come and see it?” Sam gave her a boyish grin.

“Sure.” (Y/N) replied nonchalantly. Getting up from bed and following Sam downstairs.

He took her to a room that was usually empty – the one she had heard the noise in – and she couldn’t help but to gasp at the change. The brothers had set a table, which was pressed against a wall. It had a nice table cloth, and it had all kinds of snacks over it. The room had a bunch of (Y/F/C) balloons and it smelled like chocolate.

“Surprise!” Sam, Dean and Cas cheered. Of course it wasn’t the typical surprise-birthday party with a bunch of people because all of their friends were dead; however, it was more than amazing. Dean pushed a button on his phone and her favourite music started playing.

“Guys!” She squealed, “Thank youuuuuu!” And so, her many thank-you speeches went to Hell, because she forgot everything.

Sam chuckled and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly and even lifting her a few inches from the floor for a couple seconds before putting her back down and letting go. By then, Dean was already waiting for his turn, and didn’t lose a single second to hold her tightly against him. His hands around her waist, her face pressed against his chest. He left a kiss on her temple and then let go, allowing Cas to hold her. The angel still didn’t know exactly how to hug, so he just awkwardly wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer. After a while, Dean gestured for him to let go, and the angel obeyed.

(Y/N) smiled at the three men, feeling thankful for having found someone as nice and caring as they were living in the type of life they lived.

“So, are you going to stare at us or do you want me to give you the tour?” Dean joked.

“Give me the tour, D.” (Y/N) encouraged him using the same playful tone.

Dean guided her to the end of the room, where the table was set. It had a whole bowl of bacon – presumably Dean’s idea – a few others with her favourite candies, another one with chopped fruit – that was Sam’s – and a plate with chips. Of course, her favourite non-alcoholic drink was on the menu, and Dean had managed to convince Sam to add some beers there as well.

“Who doesn’t like snacks for breakfast, huh?” Dean wiggled his eyebrows playfully.

“I told Dean it would be a bad idea to get this done in the morning but…” Sam was interrupted.

“Sammy, it’s the best breakfast ever! How dare you?” (Y/N) giggled at the argument, whilst Cas just squinted and alternated his gaze between the brothers.

The Dean showed her how, at the opposite corner, they had improvised a movie room. There were two mattresses on the floor, covered with a bunch of blankets and all kinds of pillows, and Sam had installed his TV right in front of it.

Of course Sam made her eat the fruit, and Dean made her eat the bacon. Both brothers shared the food with her as Cas sat there in silence, smiling at the exchange in front of him. He loved the three hunters in front of him, and he loved to see them happy and at peace just like they were in that exact moment.

After the fruit and bacon was over. The brothers dragged (Y/N) and Castiel to the “movie theatre”. (Y/N) had no shoes already, but the brothers and Cas had to take theirs off before they all huddled together in the two mattresses, with (Y/N) right in the middle.

Sam turned the TV on with the remote controller, opened the Netflix app and immediately searched for her favourite film, playing it without any further words. Dean turned off the music by pressing another button on his phone and Cas moved the candy bowls from the table to the mattresses with the blink of an eye.

They watched (Y/N)’s three favourite movies, and not even Dean complained. It was a once in a lifetime moment, and (Y/N) was enjoying every last bit of it.

“Gift time!” Dean chanted as the last movie’s credits started rolling.

(Y/N) widened her eyes. Not only had they prepared a surprise party, with food, and a movie corner just like the ones in preppy blogs, and watched her favourite films; no, they had also got her gifts. It was surreal.

Dean appeared with three boxes, putting them right in front of her, who was still at the mattresses with Cas and Sam beside her.

“Pick one.” Dean urged her. She looked down at the three boxes: one was red with a silver bow, it was small; the second one was completely black and bigger than the first, but flat. The third was white and it had a (Y/F/C) bow and a little note, it was the biggest.

“I don’t know which one to pick first.” She chuckled. Truth is she never expected to get gifts from them, especially because their life didn’t give a cent. But there she was, staring at three different gifs.

“Open mine.” Cas begged. He had been the one to struggle the most while finding a proper present and so he was very nervous – if an angel could be nervous – to see if she liked it. “It’s the red one.”

(Y/N) nodded and held the box. It was quite heavy. She opened it carefully, revealing a beautiful crystal bottle. “Cas, this is…”

“It’s a perfume made in Heaven…” Cas explained, smiling shyly at her.

“It’s… Thanks.” She carefully put the bottle aside and hugged him tightly. “I love it.”

“It’s the same perfume they use on flowers.” Cas smiled proudly, receiving a kiss on the cheek.

“Now open mine!” Sam begged once (Y/N) finished with Cas. “It’s the white one… The bigger.” Sam wiggled his eyebrows.

Of course that was Sam’s. He was careful enough to get her the right bow colour, and it sure as hell had something she had mentioned wanting and had already forgotten it. Sam was good with remembering details.

She grabbed the white box and opened it. A silky fabric was on top, and she had to move it to reveal the most gorgeous dress she had ever seen.

“You always complain about not having clothes to go out so I figured you’d like it.” He explained.

“It’s just what I had in mind, thank you!” She kissed Sam’s cheek as well. She was about to hug her when Dean cleared his throat to get her attention.

“You’ll love mine, sweetheart.” He spoke, “You should open it.”

(Y/N) laughed at his behaviour and grabbed the black box. Of course Dean wouldn’t mind in getting a nice wrapper or a bow, but that was his style and (Y/N) didn’t have a single issue about it. She removed the lid, showing her a shiny silver necklace with a charm that was way too similar to the boys’ anti-possession tattoo.

“Dean, I can’t…”

“Yes you can.” Dean winked at her. He sat beside her, taking the necklace from the box and putting it on her. His fingers stroked the back of her neck as he made sure that her hair didn’t tangle with the chain and then, the three men admired how she looked with it.

“I think that necklace would look awesome with the dress.” Sam commented as he alternated his gaze between the dress and the necklace.

“I think (Y/N) deserves to go get a few drinks while wearing her new dress and her super-awesome protective charm.” Dean winked at her once more.

“She should also use the perfume.” Cas suggested and the brothers nodded in agreement.

“Boys, I…”

“I nothing.” Sam stated, “Go get changed and we’ll wait for you at the car.”

(Y/N) ended up giving up. The angel followed her to her room, carrying the boxes for her whilst the brothers cleaned everything up before leaving. She got changed, fixed her hair and used just a few drops of the perfume. It smelled just like fresh flowers.

She took a final look of herself in the mirror before walking out of her room.

“Alright, Cas I…” But the angel was no longer there. Instead, Dean was leaning against the wall beside her door. His eyes travelled from her head to toes, whistling in admiration.

“You look gorgeous, sweetheart.” He smiled at her flirtingly.

“Thanks.” She blushed.

“Sam and Cas are waiting at the car, and uh…” He got closer, “I was thinking, why did Cas and Sam got a kiss on the cheek and I didn’t?”

(Y/N) giggled, “Maybe because Sam literally pushed me to get changed.”

“Well, you’re changed and Sam isn’t here.” Dean wiggled his eyebrows, ripping a soft laugh from her lips.

She stood on her tip toes, willing to leave a kiss on his cheek, but Dean was faster and moved just enough for her kiss to land on his lips.

At first, (Y/N) stiffened in shock, but almost instantly after she melted into Dean’s arms. It wasn’t long, and definitely not the kind of kiss to ruin her hair; but it was everything she had ever dream of.

Dean broke the kiss, giving her a wide grin. “So?”

Best birthday ever!” Dean laughed at her statement and then held her hand, guiding her to the garage and off to one of the best nights she had had in years.

It was in fact, the best birthday ever.

My birthday: January 23, aka a day before Dean. We were so close…