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Flaws and scars (Loki x reader)

Warnings: none, this is just fluff ;)

Summary: You wake up in Loki’s arms

Note: just something quick i wrote. I’ve been out of ideas lately so yeah, there’s that. English is not my first language, so sorry for the mistakes, and i would love feedback! 

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Slowly you woke up by the light from behind the curtains. You breathed in the air. Loki’s arms were wrapped around you, holding you tightly. He breathed into your hair, still asleep. Easily, you turned to face him, trying not to wake him up.

“What are you doing love?” He asked, startling you.

“I wanted to face you.” You said. He opened his eyes, smiling. He let go of you, so that you were able to move.

“You can put your arms around me again.” You whispered when you had moved. He chuckled and pulled you close. You were inches from each other, and Loki completed them by putting his soft, cold lips on yours. You laid a hand on his bare chest, and felt his heart beat fast. The other was on his bicep, and his cold skin had a warm undertone.

You pulled back from the kiss, needing air, and you smiled wider than you thought you could, which made him smile.

“What Darling?” He asked. You leaned in and placed your head on his chest, still smiling.

“I love you Loki. All your flaws and scars are mine.” He placed his hands on your back, and without he realized, tears welled up in his eyes.

“I love you too (Y/N). You are all for me.”


Still Falling for You - Ellie Goulding 






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World: why all your idols are at least ten years older than you? Me:

I fuckin love you - Chris Hemsworth

May I have a Chris Hemsworth x reader where he refuses to admit he has feelings for her because of the age gap between them, but at the same time he can’t stay away from her, maybe some smut at the end?



You marched in firm and angry steps to your dressing room in the same second that the director shouted that would have a 15-minute break. At the time you were so angry that paid no attention to your force, closing the door with an almost violent beat and making people outside look at each other confused. This behavior had begun five months ago, more exactly when Chris Hemsworth was asked to be the older brother of your romantic couple… Which in the end, Chris would be your true romantic couple. It was an intriguing drama film, a family dispute to gain the power of the company and the hand of the maiden in marriage, with death and violence too, something pretty cliché to your eyes but at the same time inviting. And it would be even more perfect and dream being realized if your life had not turned upside down in such a sudden way.

“(Y / N), you can’t let him get into your system that way…” Josh Hutcherson, the younger brother, and your romantic partner in the film and your longtime friend, muttered as he walked into your dressing room without warning, already accustomed to doing such a thing “You know that’s just bad for you.”

“Joshua, don’t start.” you said between teeth, removing the long dress that you had used for the last scene and staying only in underwear, but soon felt the robe cover your back and you laughed weak “Sorry, you can now open eyes.”

“You have to stop doing this, please, I’m still a man… And Jennifer’s already enough acting crazy.” He smiled awkwardly, shaking his head and sitting on the small couch, crossing his arms thoughtfully “But back to the reason I’m here: he has said anything since that scene? ”

You have finished close your robe and sat in the chair opposite the sofa, getting sulky when you remembered what Josh was talking about exactly. After three months of recording, you had your first romantic scene with Hemsworth, the first intimate contact with the characters and the two of you… It was pretty intense. It was a scene after a new year party, where his character takes your character to the deserted beach at the Mansion background, there they discuss, exchange a warm kiss and then gets the clothes off to then enter into the water with only their underwear. You had to pretend to have sex in the night and in the icy water, everything was under control until you started to feel that the scenario was becoming too real. You never thought you could have such an effect on a man like Chris, but you had. And after that, he started acting strange to you, but at the same time, he didn’t get aways from you.

“Nothing, just things about the film.” you sank into the chair, throwing your head back and grunting irritably.

“I think we will resolve it soon enough.” Josh hummed, getting up and tapping on your knee to get your attention, you looked at him confused “You looked the script for today, right? Well, get ready, because we won’t only act out today. ”

You rose sharply, looking for the script of the day and listening to Josh laugh disappear after the door is closed. You squealed while reading and understanding what would happen today. Damn you, Joshua. Or should you say blessed? Anyway, he really deserved a kiss for trying to help you. If after this Chris continue with the idiot thought of “I will not assume what I feel because you are 10 years younger” you really would kick him and finally give up.

Returning to the set, you felt your hands shaking slightly, you were looking forward to the scene. It would be the first where you would have to take half of your clothes in front of several people, with enough lighting and camera… And it was better not to think about it. You just stood in the scene where Josh awaited you, he smiled and winked at you making you laugh, relaxing. You quickly began recording, Josh would appear to discover that your character was engaged and he would demand an explanation, he attempts to seduce you - with plenty of real kisses, thank you Josh - but Chris’s character appears on time. The two brothers fight, Josh’s character goes away and then Chris and you end up having angry sex on the couch, complete with spanking, loud moans, and groans. Of course, all false. But the kisses were more real than the ones you had changed with Josh, they were possessive kisses and Chris hands would leave marks on your skin, you just end up getting into character even more.

“What the hell was that?” Chris muttered, practically invading your dressing room and locking the door so that no one could get in the way.

“Huh?” You looked at him confused, closing the robe in a hurry to hide your clean lingerie “What happened?”

“You and Josh-” he began again, the harsh and angry voice, approaching with big steps to the couch where you were sitting.

“Listen, Hemsworth, you have no right to say anything” you interrupted, pointing your forefinger toward him and scowling “You’ve made it very clear that we will never have anything, so stop getting over me trying to control everything I do!”

You stared at him challenging an answer, you were at the same time angry and horny. You wanted so much hate that man, he was making you go crazy. But the answer did not come, Chris stared at you frowning and heavy breathing, you sighed defeated turning back to open the door and ignore him. But then you felt his hands on your hip and then his body was against yours, holding you against the wall. Oh shit.

“I’ll show you with who you’re talking.” He muttered husky in your ear.

Shoving his hands in your robe and holding your thighs tightly so you could wrap your legs around his hips. He then attacked your lips in a possessive and needy kiss, you corresponded with desire, holding his hair firmly with one hand and using the other to hold on his shoulder. You moaned between the kiss when you felt him grinding against you, making you wiggle in response. Oh, you needed him so much… But then something came to your mind as a cold water bath. You suddenly pushed him from you, standing with the help of the wall and taking a deep breath trying to compose yourself. Chris looked at you confused and when he tried to approach you raised a hand preventing him from getting close.

“I really want to fuck you, I really want to show you my kinks. But first, I demand to know what you want from me. Because you know very well my great interest in you. You know that I fuckin love you.” you said quickly, fixing your hair and then finally going to the door and opening the same “Come back when you have settled with your head that has a brain, and not with your other head.”

“(Y/N)… Don’t be like that…” He ran his hands through his hair in exasperation “Please.”

“I’ve made up my mind.”

“Alright, I’ll show you that I fucking love you and that I’ll not stay away.” Chris yelled for everyone to hear, getting out of your dressing room with long steps and still screaming, leaving you stunned at the door and drawing attention from everyone over the set. “I love this girl, damn it! Why is she driving me crazy? Someone call the press!  I will tell everyone that I’m in love! Someone record me saying I’m in love with (Y / N)!" 

“Oh my God, come back here, Chris!”

if you’re  ever sad, just imagine Wasabi cradling a tiny little baby    ✿◠‿◠

picture how small that tiny little baby would be compared to him    ๑>ᴗ<๑

 imagine how precious a picture that would make    ಥ‿ಥ